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Lucky's PoV

Chapter Summary

Lucky's Point of View

The Leashed Dogs are going frantic about Daisy. Lucky calms them down and says he will try to sniff her out. Bella and Mickey follow Lucky sniffing out Daisy, still guilty from not helping Alfie.

Lucky smells an bad smell intertwined with Daisy's. It made his stomach turn. He ordered Mickey and Bella to stay away and continued on to Daisy's house. He became very light-headed and almost fell. He found Daisy standing with her eyes very unfocused. Lucky grabs her and runs as fast as he can away from the smell.

He drops Daisy by the group of Leashed Dogs and begins to lick her. Sunshine asks why Daisy is sleeping and why they were running. Bella told Daisy not to die. Her breaths were coming slowly and she had foamed on the corners of her mouth.

Lucky told the dogs to leave her alone and let her be. Before they could leave Daisy began to tremble back to life. Bella licked her face and Daisy woke up. Daisy said she was sorry and she didn't want to listen to the dogs fight.

Daisy told the story of how she wanted to see if her house was alright and smelled something odd. She knew it was coming from the kitchen and thought she could find out about it. She thought she could tell the other dogs what the smell was. Then she felt so dizzy and sick she couldn't go on.

Lucky said that they had to leave right away. Bella became vicious snarling at Lucky. She said that they couldn't leave their Longpaw's things. Lucky said that the Leashed Dog's Longpaws left them. Bella and Lucky continued to argue quite savagely until Lucky pointed out that he helped the Leashed Dogs survived not their Longpaws. This unsettled the Leashed Dogs.

The Leashed Dogs decided to leave but didn't know where to go. Lucky told them they could follow him or let Bella lead them somewhere else. Bella said that they would leave but needed to get something first. Each dog, including Daisy, went into their Longpaw's house and grabbed a Longpaw item.

The dogs set off in a sad silence.








Important Events

The dogs of the Leashed Pack leave their territory.[1]

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