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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky sees the tree coming down on him, hearing the creaking roar and rush of wind. He scrabbles under a rock overhang, cowering in the shelter. He hears the shards of bark exploding around him. A splinter of wood strikes his flank, but he keeps still. He would not jump or run, praying to the Earth-Dog to be merciful. Eventually, the noise ceases and the Earth-Dog stops growling.
Lucky creeps out from his shelter, shuddering at how close he came to death. He licks his leg, but feels the pain fade. He realizes that he was not hurt by the incident, after just recovering from his slashed foot from the last Big Growl. The hillside around him is torn and devastated, as if a giant dog scraped great gashes in it.
In awe, Lucky creeps down the uneven slope carefully. The air is a chaos of scent, wounded earth, blood, dog fear scent, and splintered wood. His ears prick as he glances around, hoping to see one of his own Pack. He had no idea where they were.
He suddenly thinks of Alfie, and the image of the little dog, broken and wounded, comes to his mind. He hears a terrible noise of a hopeless and hurt dog in distress. He catches sight of a crack in the earth. Cold horror surges through him as he remembers the blue of pale fur he had seen fall in the split. Lucky begins to back away from the chasm.
He recognizes the howling dog as one of the enemy Pack, and he doubts he should rescue a stranger. However, he finds out that the mysterious dog is Sweet, his old friend from the City. Shocked, the two gape at each other. After recovering, they both yelp with joy and embrace each other. Lucky says that it was the second Big Growl they had outwitted. Sweet barks that Lucky was lucky. She nibbles on his neck fur, saying that she did not think she would see him again.
Lucky draws back slightly, asking her why her Pack attacked the Leashed Dogs. She gives a yelp of derision, saying they were barely dogs at all. She then asked how dare the disorganized mutts think of invading her Pack’s territory.
Lucky averts his eyes, licking his chops. He says that they did not know how to fight, but that her Pack was hard to them. She snarls that she did not know why they were in their territory, but says that they will know better than to do it now.
She notices Lucky’s shocked expression and insists that it was a necessary lesson. Lucky feels guilty, thinking it was his fault. Sweet begins to talk about it. She gives him a playful nudge with her nose.

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