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The cliffnotes below detail events in the book as they occur.


  • Three pups are abandoned at the Dog-Garden.
  • The female asks why the dead pup is still asleep.
  • The small male asks whether he is sick.
  • The female confirms, thinking it must be sickness like their Mother-Dog.
  • It's revealed that Morningstar, their mother died from a fight and perished under the house, but she told her pups she'd be better soon and to leave her be.
  • The bigger male assures them that Blade and her Pack would return since she was the Alpha and Mother-Dogs never leave their pups.
  • The female begins to howl on why their Mother-Dog was still still and the pup was not moving.
  • The pups all begin to howl pitifully, saying they were abandoned and everyone was all gone.
  • Suddenly, the bigger male alerts them that strange dogs were coming.
  • The pups hide in their soft-hide bed.
  • The female wonders if the dogs would help them, then tells herself that dogs must only want to help each other.
  • As she clings closer to her litter-brothers, she wonders fearfully if the dogs would kill them instead.

Chapter 1

Storm is leading a hunting patrol for the first time, the patrol consists of Snap, Mickey, Arrow and Whisper.

The hunt is not very succesful

Chapter 2

Storm and the hunting patrol comes back to camp with a poor catch. Lucky praises her, saying she did good for her first hunt. She suddenly feels much better

She went to Beetle and Thorn, who ask about her hunt. When she replies, she asks about the patrol. They say they scented fox scents, though it was faint, and if any foxes come, Sweet will have a new fox pelt for her and her new pups.

They begin to joke around, and soon start play-fighting.

Alpha summons the pack for prey-share, and Storm, on her turn, selects a half a rabbit. When it is the Patrol dogs turn, Sweet tells Twitch to eat. The pack dogs argue that either Moon/Twitch should eat first.

Twitch ends up eating before Moon.

After prey-share, Storm once again goes to Beetle and Thorn. She asks if they want to play-fight more, and they decline

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

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Chapter 20

Chapter 21

After Storm, Snap and Lucky return from their hunt of the Golden Deer they hear Sweet howling and learn that Whisper was brutally murdered.

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