"You let us go! Let my friends go! Who says this is your land?"
— Alfie confronting Alpha in A Hidden Enemy, page 13

Forests Beyond[1]
Leashed Dog,[2] Leashed Pack[3]
Names Leashed Dog: Alfie[2]
Member: Alfie[3]
Family Longpaws (formerly)
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[1]
Deceased (Killed by Alpha)[5]
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy
Dead Darkness Falls, Storm of Dogs

Alfie is a short,[3] thickset,[6] squat,[7] stocky,[3] small,[8] deep-chested[9] male[3] Bulldog[10] with dark fur along his back,[11] short,[12] mottled brown and white fur,[3] short legs,[13] a blunt, wrinkly face,[3] a snub nose,[14] sturdy haunches,[15] a stubby tail,[16] and white forepaws.[11]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Alfie's house collapses during the Big Growl. He howls in distress from inside his house. He is saved by Lucky and Bruno, while Bella and the others just mourn for him like he's already dead, and refuse to go in. Alfie is one of the dogs that trains under Lucky to form a Pack.
When the gang see a crack in the earth and think it's a river, they all race towards it. However, Alfie is the only dog not to stop when every other dog smells something wrong with the water, but he is stopped by Lucky who grabs him by his scruff just in time.
When the Leashed Pack organize themselves, Alfie goes with Lucky, Daisy, and Sunshine to patrol. 
After Lucky saves Mickey from choking, Alfie reports to them that he found lots of Dogs with lots of food. He, Lucky, Bella, and Daisy go to explore it. Eventually, he, Bella, and Daisy get captured by the Fierce Dogs. While Lucky distracts the Fierce Dogs, they run away from the Dog-Garden, but wait for Lucky. After the incident with the Fierce Dogs, the Leashed Dogs move on to a new territory, were they bury their longpaw things. All the dogs contribute to prey when Lucky leaves.

A Hidden Enemy

Alfie is in the new territory with the rest of the Leashed Pack when the Wild Pack appears to chase them off. Alfie threatens the half-wolf Alpha. Alfie is suddenly distracted by seeing Lucky, and as if gaining confidence, leaps at the half-wolf, only to be thrown clear, a terrible gash opening on his side, his blood running onto the earth. A Big Growl comes, and both packs flee.
Alfie's friends gather around him after the Growl causes a moment of terror, confusion and earth-breaking cracks. His eyes start to look blank and glassy, and then he dies, prompting Sunshine to wail. The Leashed Pack bury him by the river.

Darkness Falls

When Mickey decides to go back to the city, Lucky sadly thinks of Alfie, who had almost died when his longpaws' house collapsed. He also remembers that he had been killed by Alpha in a fight between the Packs.
When Lucky is banished from the Pack, he sees a fire, and realizes that the longpaws have not returned, and the city will still be deserted. He wonders if Mickey has reaches the city yet, and frets if he will try to enter his longpaw's den, as Alfie had.
When Lucky and Mickey find the Fierce Dog pups, Mickey whines that Fierce Dogs are different, and Lucky remembers the Dog-Garden, with the bowls of meat, and how Bella, Daisy, and Alfie hadn't been able to believe their luck at finding all that food.

Storm of Dogs

During one of Lucky's dreams, where the Big Growl happens again and the ground turns to ice, Alfie appears. The world gets dark, freezing, and misty, and the thickset dog appears from the gloom, earning a startled bark from Lucky who realizes it is Alfie. Alfie turns to Lucky happily, carrying no wounds, and Lucky barks that he is alive, running to his old friend. Alfie takes a step back and slowly shakes his friend, and Lucky freezes, realizing that Alfie's body's outline is blurred against the sky. Lucky understands that he is dreaming, and asks Alfie why he is dreaming him. The Leashed Dog answers that everything changed after his death, as after he died, every dog was set walking on a new path, and Lucky's brought him here. Lucky asks where he is and looks around, but Alfie simply growls that it is almost over, and turns away, asking if he cannot feel it. Lucky is silent and waits for a feeling, but there is nothing. Alfie's voice softens as he tells Lucky that the Pack may still survive if every dog does there duty during the Storm, adding that his will be the most important of all. Lucky asks what his duty will be, but Alfie turns his back to him, and suddenly looks tired and old as his body fades. Lucky springs forward and begs Alfie not to go. The ground shatters beneath Lucky, and he wakes up, thinking that it was just a dream. He sees a thickset dog sulk outside the den, and wonders if it is Alfie, then remembering that the small dog was dead, and this must have been the mysterious dog he had seen before.
During the dream where the Fierce Dogs enslave Lucky's former Leashed Pack, when he is suddenly caved in the Trap House, Alfie appears in the passage between the cages and gazes up at Lucky, softly telling him that he knows what to do. Lucky protests that he doesn't, and he must tell him, though his barks wake up the other dogs, who all start barking. Lucky asks Alfie why he won't help him, and what he has to do.
Later, when Lucky is trapped in the Fierce Dog camp and encounters the half-wolf, Lucky snarls that he has been rotten at heart since he first saw him, as he killed Alfie. The former alpha is confused, and Lucky is enraged that Alfie meant so little to him that he doesn't ever remember his name. The dog-wolf thinks, then asks if he was the tubby little Leashed Dog who was on his territory without permission, along with his Pack who were a threat to Wild Dogs. He adds that it had to be that way. Lucky howls that he killed a good dog but can't even feel guilty.
When Lucky explains the seasons to Beetle and Thorn, Beetle asks if the Endless Lake will freeze too. Lucky answers that he doesn't think so, but thinks that perhaps anything is possibly, distracted as he remembers the memory of Alfie from his dream, where the dog had appeared on ice.
When Lucky offers to take a message to Blade's camp, he wonders if doing that is the duty that Alfie told him about in his dream. When Sweet and Lucky discuss if two dogs should deliver the message, Lucky thinks of Alfie again, and decides that he has to do it by himself.
When Lucky, Sweet, and Whisper pad through the snow, the snow's icy touch reminds Lucky of Alfie, as he is haunted by the deceased dog's words. He remembers how he had said that the Pack may survive if every dog does his duty, but that his will be most important ,and wonders once again what his duty is. After Lucky tells Sunshine that she shouldn't find, and that a dog's duty may come in different forms, he wonders what his duty is and what the role Alfie spoke of is.
When Lucky fights Alpha, he remembers Alfie's killing, where the half wolf slayed him without a second thought.  As the dog-wolf lays on the ice, broken and bleeding, Lucky wonders if when Alfie said that his death put them on this course, that it meant that Alfie's death had caused Lucky's hate for the former Alpha.
After the Storm of Dogs, Alfie is seen running through a forest of lush trees with other deceased dogs.


  • Alfie's longpaw memento was a rubber ball.[17]
  • Alfie is mistakenly called Bruno in an article.[18]
  • He is mistakenly described as having brown-and-white patches.[19]


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