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"It's about survival. I will do whatever it takes to stay alive. If more dogs thought like me, we'd all be better off."
— Alpha to Lucky in Storm of Dogs, page 65
Forests Beyond[1]
Wild Pack,[2] Wolf Pack,[3] Longpaw Fangs,[4] Fierce Dogs[5]
Wolf-Dog,[3] Shepherd mix[6]
Names Pup: Pup[3]

Wolf Pack: Dog[7]
Longpaw Fang: Wolf[4]
Alpha: Alpha[2]
Omega: Omega[8]

Family Mate: Calamity (formerly)

Mother-Wolf: Graceful
Sire-Dog: Unnamed shepherd
Half-Brother: Quick

Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[1]
Deceased (killed by Lucky)[9]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale, Sweet's Journey, Moon's Choice, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided (mentioned), Dead of Night (mentioned), The Final Battle

Alpha was a huge,[2] ragged,[10] lithe,[11] male[2] wolf-shepherd mix[12] with shaggy[13] grey and white fur,[2] that had rippled shades of black, gray and white.[14] He had long forelegs,[15] with a deep,[16] livid scar[17] on his left foreleg,[16] long, muscular limbs, [18] massive,[19] huge, webbed paws,[20] a muscled chest and flanks,[21] a broad, wolfish body,[22] and face,[23] and a massive,[24] bushy tail.[25] He had fierce,[26] baleful,[27] piercing,[28] pale[13] yellow eyes;[2] huge,[29] pointed,[27] savage,[13] shiny,[30] ivory[31] white teeth;[32] wolfish,[33] large, pointed,[34] gray ears,[28] long,[35] vicious,[20] ragged claws,[34] a long snout,[31] nose,[26] and wolfish jaws.[36]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Alpha, known as Pup, is born to Graceful in the Wolf Pack. Pup is often bullied by his fellow pack-mates. He decides to go hunt and finds a weasel. He thinks about his Naming Ceremony, which distracts him. When his prey disappears, Pup runs after it and catches it. Pup takes the prey back to his mother, who is amused and chides him that he should focus on the current hunt instead of his ceremony.

His mother wishes that his father and siblings were going to be there to see his Naming Ceremony. Pup wishes that she would talk less about her lost pups and mate, as it made her melancholy. As the sun sets, the two made their way back to the Wolf Pack camp. Pup gives a whine of happiness when Graceful tells him to drop the prey off at the prey-pile for the other wolves to see he was contributing. He does so, but not before overhearing gossip between Bold and Fleet over his Naming Ceremony. Pup hides in the overhang of the rock below the wolves who lounged above it.

The wolves begin to gossip about how he was a half-breed, and it was a shame that such a good night would be wasted on him and not on a full-breed wolf. One of the wolves state that it would not matter, since Pup would become an Omega anyways. The other mutters that he could not believe Graceful took up with a filthy dog, and could believe that that was why most of the litter died.

Pup feels his heart shrink inside him. He creeps out of the prey-store, his flank pressed against the rock wall until he is out of sight of the two elders. Although he is used to the Pack's opinion about him, each snide remark overheard felt like a claw drawn across his belly by the Great Wolf.

Pup is given the name 'Dog' by his half-brother Quick. The name is given to mock his half-dog heritage. Dog gets very angry at his half-brother, although Graceful tells him he should be proud of his new name.

After winter ends, Dog is shown to have risen up in hierarchy to a rank where he is the leader of the hunting group. Dog had made a plan for the group which would allow them to end up with two deer. Daring and Brave disobey Dog's plan.

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Dog wakes up to find himself in a different place which is actually at a farm area. He tries to escape, but then realizes that he is chained to a post. He keeps on trying to escape until a Fierce Dog known as Calamity appears and tells him to calm down. Calamity tells him her name, Alpha says that is a weird name. When he is asked his name, he does not tell her, and Calamity just calls him Wolf.

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Moon's Choice

Alpha is seen when Moon's Pack confronts the Wild Pack.

More Coming Soon!

Sweet's Journey

Alpha is the leader of the Wild Pack when Sweet went off to find her Swift-Dog Pack. He tells her that he has seen no Swift-Dogs. Alpha then orders Fiery to escort her through the territory.

Alpha is seen when Sweet returns with a rabbit. The current Beta retorts that she shouldn't be on their territory; Alpha then retorts back that she was most likely very hungry, and no ordinary dog could catch a rabbit, and that's the kind of discipline he likes.

When Sweet is in a training session with Fiery, Beta invites Alpha to come watch, and when Sweet gets Fiery to the ground, Alpha says there was no problem, and in fact that some of Sweet's moves were more keen than hers.

When coyotes are attacking the camp, and the battle ends. Alpha asks who was guarding the entrance, it was Sweet. She tries to say that Beta had said that she'd cover for her, which Beta did say, but instead Beta calls her a liar. Alpha says that Sweet has to take responsibility for her actions. Fiery and Moon thank Sweet, as she got in trouble for calling Fiery during Moon's pup-time.

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In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Alpha challenges the Leashed Dogs over his territory. When one of the Leashed Dogs lunges for him, Alpha powerfully swipes him aside, which fatally wounds him. When the Big Growl strikes again, Alpha and his Pack retreat back to their camp, where everyone is howling.

Later, Alpha meets a dog named Lucky, who wants to join his Pack. Alpha doesn't think Lucky should be in his Pack, since his Pack is strong enough. Beta convinces Alpha to let Lucky join and Alpha listens to her. Alpha allows Lucky to join, as long as he proves himself worthy. Alpha then places the newcomer at the bottom of the Pack, but above the rank of Omega.

While the dogs are still gathered, Alpha orders them to keep watch for the Leashed Pack and chase them away or kill them on sight.

Alpha waits in camp for the hunters to return. When prey arrives, he selects a plump bird and the best-tasting rabbit for himself. When Alpha sees Lucky trying to sneak food to Omega, he warns Lucky that he should learn the Wild Pack's customs. After the feast, Alpha and Beta take to their sheltered hollow and go to sleep.

Alpha later finds Dart, Twitch, and Lucky cornered by longpaws in yellow skin. Alpha howls to distract the longpaws and the three dogs escape. Back at camp, Alpha confronts the patrol dogs over what happened. After their explanation, Alpha reprimands them for their carelessness. He then tells them about how longpaws did the same to his former Pack. Lucky thanks him for his help and Alpha tells him it was nothing.

Alpha is amused when he overhears Lucky challenging Snap. After Lucky wins the battle, Alpha is impressed and promotes Lucky to Snap's rank. He also demotes Mulch to patrol dog, who protests. Alpha growls at him and defends his decision.

When Alpha discovers someone had eaten before him from the prey heap, he demands for the dog who had done it. Alpha suspects Lucky at first, then turns to Mulch and swipes him on the muzzle. When Alpha confronts Mulch of his own hairs on the carcass, Mulch denies his crime. Alpha then attacks the dog, joined by his Beta, and together they scar him. Afterward, Alpha demotes Mulch to the rank of Omega for a full moon and promotes Whine to patrol dog.

More Coming Soon!

When the Leashed Dogs return and invade the camp, Alpha stands with his Pack. Alpha is enraged when foxes join the Leashed Dogs in their invasion. During the battle, Alpha realizes the foxes have gone to attack Moon and her pups and both Packs cease fighting. Alpha leads his dogs to fight against the foxes and lose Mulch. Alpha called Mulch by his real name after his death.

Alpha calls both Packs to him, and orders Bella forward. Alpha wishes to kill Bella for her crimes against the Wild Pack, but Moon intervenes. Alpha is told by her that although Bella was responsible for the foxes' attack, Bella fought to save her remaining two pups. Alpha listens to Beta, Fiery, and Moon and decides to let the Leashed Dogs join their Pack, on one condition: Alpha must be in charge of the Leashed Dogs and Bella be Omega to atone for her sins.

After both Packs settle down, Whine reveals to Alpha the truth about Lucky: he had been spying for the Leashed Dogs. Alpha is very angry about this and stalks over to Lucky. Alpha tells Lucky he is going to have a permanent scar, to show he is a traitor.

Darkness Falls

During Lucky's trial, Alpha draws himself up on his rock, towering over the two Packs. Sweet raises her muzzle, saying Lucky was loyal because he fought against the foxes, and he was one of their Pack now. Alpha growls low in his throat and says Lucky may have served their Pack for a time, but it didn't disguise his treachery.

Bella saves her litter-brother, saying he had nothing to do with the Leashed Dogs' invasion. She vows to him that the Leashed Dogs would do as he commanded and listen to his orders. Alpha allows Lucky to stay but decides that Lucky should be punished by attacking. With the help of Sweet, Bruno, and Snap, Alpha was about to give Lucky a scar on his side, according to the Law of Dogs. He stops when they hear loud noises and see dark clouds in the sky. Alpha is terrified and does nothing to help his Pack as Lucky leads them away to safety.

As the Pack leave their old camp, Bella and Lucky see the horrified Alpha, who informs the siblings that it is an evil Sky Dog.

When they are away from the clouds, Alpha stops an argument between Bella and Sweet before it gets out of hand. While all the dogs are around, he decides to make an announcement. He banishes Lucky from the Pack, blaming him because he anticipated that Lucky was the reason of the evil Sky-Dog.  

Later, Lucky returns to the Pack with Mickey and three Fierce Dog pups, Lick, Grunt, and Wiggle.  It is here revealed that when Alpha was a pup, he was attacked by a Fierce Dog. Jutting out his left foreleg, he shows his deep scar that the dogs gave him. He adds that wolves had different names for Fierce Dogs: Longpaw Fangs.

He demands to know how Lucky found the pups. Lucky responds that their Mother-Dog was dead. Alpha gazes toward a cluster of pine trees, saying the Fierce Dogs could be anywhere, roaming the wild. Before he casts the pups out, Martha steps forward, sticking up for the pups. Other dogs start to join in, agreeing with her. Alpha realizes that he is outnumbered. He spats at Martha, allowing her to keep the pups. Turning his gaze on Lucky, he adds how they will be his responsibility.

Lucky questions if that meant that he could stay in the Pack, which Alpha barks that he would be tolerated for the time being. 

When Mickey yelps the loudbirds' arrival, Alpha is seen next to Sweet. The two dogs are on their paws, barking. During Lucky's explanation to the dogs why the longpaws must be in the loudbird, Alpha and Sweet approach the Omega. Their gazes are locked on the great bird above them. As the loudbird begins to sink over the valley, they continue their growling and barking. 

Bruno begins to go after the landing loudbird, and Alpha's eyes darken. Before he is given a chance to speak, Bella speaks first, she speaks reasonably to the older dog, making him stop in his tracks before he is able to reach the loudbird. In agreement to the patrol dog, Alpha growls. 

Lucky later returns back to camp with Bruno. Sweet informs the Omega on how Alpha wished to speak with him. Not waiting for an answer, she leaves him, awaiting for him to meet up with Alpha. As Lucky enters the cave, he sees Sweet in the warmest and farthest corner from the entrance - which is also known as Alpha's corner. Lucky approaches the leader, who rises to his paws and releases a gaping yawn. Lucky notices how some dogs are in the cave, and wonders what was it that his Alpha needed.

Alpha starts speaking about the incident that happen earlier with Grunt attacking Squirm, one of Moon's pups. He adds on how if it was smart to keep potential enemies in their own Pack. In support of their Alpha, Sweet and Moon bark in agreement. Fiery questions what will Grunt do as a full-grown Fierce Dog. Dart adds that the black cloud was an omen. Moon barks in agreement. To silence the dogs' suggestion, Alpha raises his muzzle. He begins to speak on how the pups will soon cause damage, and it would not be long before they grew more powerful, and their fangs grew longer. 

Martha speaks up, sharing on how she thought it was unfair, since the pups were truly sorry about the small quarrel between the two pups. Bella barks in support for her friend. Alpha stretches his forelegs, and replies that they had to figure out the true meaning of their natures. Most of the Pack growls their agreement, including some of the Leashed Dogs.

Lucky says all dogs have the ability to be aggressive, even when they think their lives are in danger. He questions the dogs in the Pack if they've gone to great lengths to ensure their own survival. Alpha snarls, "Survival is one thing. Outright savagery is another. Perhaps all dogs have an inner fighter, even feeble ones." After this declaration, he casts Whine a disdainful look, who in response cowers and averts his gaze. 

Alpha adds on how Fierce Dogs were different, since he thinks they enjoy destroying enemies. Licking the scar on his forepaw, he raises his eyes, and fixes a hard stare on Lucky. He adds that he had to make sure if the pups were truly loyal and obedient to the Wild Pack since they had a right to know the truth about them while they were still small enough to be dealt with.

Martha inquires on what his meaning was when he said 'dealt with'. Alpha's hackles rise and his eyes bare into hers until she looks away. As he speaks again, Lucky notices the note of finality in his voice. He informs his Pack that the pups will be tested, and then he would decide on what would be done. The meeting comes to an end as Alpha sinks down onto his bed of moss and leaves and turns his face away.

Later that night, Sweet fetches Daisy and Lucky. When she brings them to Alpha, Lucky questions if it was about the pups. Alpha steps from the shadows, confirming that it was. Lucky wonders aloud if he is going to test the pups at that moment, but Alpha responds no. He informs the Omega on how he went exploring with Beta and Fiery. Beyond the cave and the forest, he had seen a ridge of white rock. He admits to Lucky about how he was curious of what is further away. Looking down at Daisy, Alpha tells her that she would take the Fierce Dog pups.

Daisy wonders what he meant. Alpha replies that she would take them through the forest, since they needed to know if the pups were loyal. When Lucky objects, Alpha snaps back at him, saying it was necessary. He certifies that Daisy would take them to the ridge to search of any new camps. Lucky continues with his objection, though Alpha snarls dismissively that he wasn't the only dog who could survive alone.

While Daisy takes the pups to the ridge, Lucky and Alpha witness from a distance to remain unseen. As Daisy gives the first order, Alpha gives Lucky a hard stare. 

When Lucky recognizes a dead creature, Alpha points out that it was a mouse. Lucky informs on how it was killed by a dog. Alpha replies indifferently that he knew, adding that it was Twitch. Lucky notes that Twitch might even want to come back, but Alpha says that even if he did, he wouldn't be welcome into the Pack. Later, when Daisy and the pups go to drink, Lucky notices that she purposely moved away so he and Alpha could drink, too. Lucky asks Alpha why he hates Fierce Dogs so much, and how he got his scar. Alpha asks if Lucky enjoys to hear of his pain.

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The Broken Path

Alpha is first seen after Lucky gets called by Fiery. Alpha asks Lucky why he was late. He is told that the bad rain came again. Alpha reluctantly agrees but makes sure they aren't leaving until after the Naming Ceremony. After the ceremony, when Alpha and the other dogs hear Fierce Dog barks, Alpha silences them. After Lucky and Lick come back from their close encounter from Blade, Alpha says that they will leave the next day. When they leave, Alpha instructs the dogs to be in exact lines.

As the Pack journeys from their former camp ground in search of a new home, they come across an abandoned longpaw city that was hit by the Big Growl. When the Leashed Dogs see the bodies of dead longpaw, they all break down in sadness, much to Alpha's disappointment. When the Leashed Dogs finish grieving, the Pack searches for food and shelter inside a longpaw food house. Although the entire Pack are all excited and relieved by the sight and smell of food, Alpha doesn't eat a single piece of food (since he believes that longpaw food is not real prey for dogs).

The next day, Alpha gathers up all the patrol dogs and hunters to go out and search for food; he also allows Daisy and Martha to go with Sweet to search for food in the longpaw homes. After a brief argument with the Pack, the dogs split up into their assigned groups. Afterwards, Fiery and his team come back to the camp to explain the news of Terror and his Pack. Although nervous for a moment, Alpha makes it clear that Terror and his madness are no excuses for why his hunters couldn't bring back any prey. He then announces that tomorrow the Pack will all go back into the forest and challenge Terror's Pack for control over the forest.

The next day, when dogs are setting off for their duties, Lucky suggests to Fiery that Lick should come with the hunting patrol since she could be of some value and use the experience. However Alpha taunts Lick, believing that she is not worthy of being a hunter, knocking her over in the process. Angered by Alpha, Lick lashes out at him, but is stopped by Fiery who challenges Alpha for leadership of the Pack. Alpha willingly accepts Fiery's challenge and Sweet announces that the battle will begin at sundown after the duties of the Pack are completed. During that time period, Fiery is captured by longpaws. Despite knowing that his third in command is in danger and the pleading of the other Pack members, especially Moon, Alpha refuses to help Fiery believing that a rescue mission would risk the lives of the entire Pack. Suddenly, Twitch appears and offers to help his former Pack rescue Fiery. Alpha, however, refuses to listen to Twitch thinking he is nothing but a traitor to his Pack. Lucky is able to convince Alpha to let some Pack members go rescue Fiery while he leads the rest to a new territory. So then Lucky, Martha, Bella, and Moon go off to rescue Fiery while Alpha leads the rest of the Pack away from the forest.

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The Endless Lake

Alpha first appears when Lucky, Bella, Moon, Martha, and Storm return. He asks what happened to Fiery and is told about his death. Alpha pretends to be sad, but deep inside he doesn't care. He asks what else happened. They tell him that the Fierce Dogs are living closer. Alpha turns to leave after Lucky tells him the news of the Fierce Dogs, but Lucky tells him that they had a Naming Ceremony for Lick, now Storm. Alpha gets mad, and barks that it was fake and renames her Savage.

Later, during a battle with the Fierce Dogs at the lighthouse, Alpha supposedly drowns in the Endless Lake. Later, he appears with the Fierce Dogs, revealing he has joined them as Omega.

More Coming Soon!

Storm of Dogs

Alpha, still Omega of the Fierce Dogs, is considered a traitor to the Wild Pack for teaming with the Fierce Dogs, thinking he is on the winning side. During the Storm of Dogs battle, Alpha attempts to kill Storm, but is intercepted by Lucky. Alpha is fighting Lucky. He is thrown by Lucky and snaps his neck on the ice. Lucky first thought it was another of his tricks but he then realizes that the half-wolf alpha is dead.

More Coming Soon!

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Alpha is mentioned by Lucky when he speaks to Storm about his past trickery to get Mulch demoted. Storm is shocked that he would lie to such a cruel ruler at the time, risking his life as an espionage to the Leashed Pack.

Dead of Night

Alpha is mentioned by Lucky who gets the idea to scar Fox Mist the same way Alpha had wanted to scar Lucky so that the Fox Pack knew she carried the mark of their supposed crimes and wrongdoings against the Wild Pack.

The Exile's Journey

Alpha is mentioned in Storm's thoughts multiple times, before she finds Thoughtful.

The Final Battle

At the end of the book Alpha is seen by Storm on the other among the other dogs who have died.


  • Alpha had to free himself from drowning. He only joined the Fierce Dogs so he could save himself.[37]
  • In an earlier draft of A Hidden Enemy, Alpha originally had one blue eye and one yellow eye.[38]
  • On the official Taiwanese Survivors website, art of Alpha has him depicted with one blue eye and one yellow eye.[39]
  • Gillian confirmed that Alpha's Sire-Dog was a German shepherd mix, meaning that Alpha would also be part German Shepherd.[40]
  • Gillian Phillip thinks he was born in Still-Water Pack.[41]
  • Alpha and Calamity were only mates for a few days tops.




Calamity (formerly) [42]:Status Unknown


Graceful:[43] Deceased As of Alpha's Tale[44]


Unnamed shepherd:[9][43] Deceased[45]


Unnamed half-wolf pups:[43] Deceased


Quick:[43] Status Unknown Last seen in Alpha's Tale


Unnamed wolf pups:[43] Status Unknown


Unnamed half-wolf pups
Unnamed wolf pups

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Close up, Alpha looked even bigger and wilder, and his yellow eyes were extraordinarily frightening. His huge paws, with their vicious nails, were webbed like Martha's, but his savage face was nothing like hers. This, thought Lucky, was a true Wild Pack leader."
—Narrator about Alpha A Hidden Enemy, page 99

"If you are so keen to climb the ranks, you should try harder, instead of whining about other dogs."
—Alpha to Mulch A Hidden Enemy, page 175

"Food-thief. Did you think it was your right to eat before Moon's pups? Before ME?"
—Alpha confronting Mulch about the prey he presumably ate A Hidden Enemy, page 215

"The Big Growl is even a greater reason to stick to order and tradition. The world is more dangerous than ever. What we need is discipline, not some lazy group of ill-trained house-pets."
—Alpha to Mickey Darkness Falls, page 17

"What does my bloodline have to do with it? I may be half wolf but I'm also half dog, and I know how to lead my Pack!"
—Alpha to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 172

"Survival is one thing. Outright savagery is another. Perhaps all dogs have an inner fight, even feeble ones."
—Alpha Darkness Falls, page 211

"I'm impressed that you think so highly of the Pack. But the truth is, a dog never changes. I've been around long enough to know that. Look at you - you're a Lone Dog; it's in your blood. Your Lone Dog nature will always get the better of you. First you joined the Leashed Dogs, then the Wild Pack. Now you have taken it upon yourself to foster the Fierce Dogs. I doubt your commitment will last. I'll wake up one morning to discover you've deserted the Pack, including your precious Fierce Dogs. We'll be left to pick up the pieces."
—Alpha to Lucky Darkness Falls, pages 229-230

"Quiet, runt! I am the leader here, in case you hadn't noticed. The giantfur was not part of my original plan, but yes, I did take that opportunity to see how you Fierce Dogs would react to danger. I was protecting my Pack. Such responsibility weighs heavily on me. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure that they're safe."
—Alpha to Grunt Darkness Falls, page 249

Lucky: "Omega. That's your name these days, isn't it?"
Omega: "That's not my name. Neither is Alpha. You will never know my real name."
—Alpha and Lucky Storm of Dogs, page 66

"I can't believe you've grown so fast, and so strong. Tonight will be the finest in your life, Pup, and I already know you'll make me proud. [...] I know your father would be proud, too. I wish he could be here to witness your Naming Ceremony. I wish your littermates could be here."
—Graceful to Pup the day before his Naming Alpha's Tale, page 7

"I'll never be any wolf's Omega."
—Pup's thoughts Alpha's Tale, page 11

Sundance: "That's about all you can hunt, isn't it, Wolf? Food from a sack."
Zorro: "No wonder his Pack abandoned him. He's not much of a wolf at all, is he?"
Sundance: "You will be."
—Dog arguing with the Longpaw Fangs Alpha's Tale, page 36

Dog: "I'm not going to be part of your Pack. My own Pack's coming back for me, with a lot more wolves."
Sundance: "No. They're not. you think they'd risk our jaws for a creature like you?"
Dog: "Even if they don't I'll get away myself."
—Sundance and Dog Alpha's Tale, page 37

"I just... I don't really know how to say this, but..... I've never liked any wolf or dog as much as I like you."
—Wolf to Calamity Alpha's Tale, page 56
Alpha: ""You lost this challenge, Beta. Not that Beta is your name anymore. But you lost more than a fight, and you know it. You've been exposed as a liar and a traitor, and this Pack has no room for dishonorable dogs. Leave now.""
Beta: ""But, Alpha-""
Alpha: ""Leave. Leave now, Packless dog, while you still can.""
—Alpha exiling Beta Sweet's Journey, page chapter nine

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