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"Such responsibility weighs heavily on me."
— The Wild Pack Alpha speaks about his role in Darkness Falls, page 249

Alpha is the highest rank in pack hierarchy.[1]


For any dog, being Alpha is a responsibility. They must keep the Pack in order and make sure that they all follow the Law of Dogs.[2] The Alpha is in partnership with a Beta, who fights for the role.[2] According to the Law of Dogs, the Alpha is allowed to eat first before other dogs.[2] According to rank, all other dogs eat after the Alpha.
If any dog deliberately disobeys their leader, the Alpha has the right to punish them, including attacking,[2] scarring,[2] banishing,[2] demoting,[2] and/or taking away the offending dog's right to eat.[2]

Notable Alphas

The following are all alphas who have occupied this role.


The following are duties that must be performed by the Alpha and are exclusive to that rank:
  • Keeping the Pack together.[2]
  • Keeping the Pack safe.[2]
  • Making important decisions.[2]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky encounters the Leashed Pack for the first time, he notices that his sister Bella was leading the dogs as some sort of leader. Although he is a mentor for the Leashed Dogs, teaching them how to survive in the wild for most of the book, Bella warns him of her rank when he insists they not enter the Dog Garden, where the Fierce Dogs lived.
She snarls at him that she was now the Alpha of the Pack, and he should listen as she commands. Lucky tells her that she had no dog-spirit, which she retorts that he pretended he knew everything. The litter-mates are circling each other, avoiding the whimpers from Alfie and Daisy. She yelps that she ordered him to come with them, which he says she wasn't his Alpha. She points out how she was the Alpha, and he replies coolly that she was welcome to it, scratching his ear with a casual attitude. She, Alfie, and Daisy leave him as they go to eat the kibble.

A Hidden Enemy

Hiding behind bushes, Lucky catches sight for the first time of the Alpha of the Wild Pack, and after observing him for a moment, noted that this was a true Wild Pack Alpha.
When Lucky comes back to the Leashed Dogs and they bury Alfie, Lucky notices how Bella is growing into her role as Alpha.

The Broken Path

In the prologue, when Squeak and Yap are wrestling, Squeak tells Yap that she is his Alpha. Yap protests that she is not his Alpha, but he is her Alpha.
Fiery stops Lick from attacking Alpha, calming her down, and then challenges Alpha for leadership of the pack, saying that though Alpha has been a good leader and respects him, he thinks he will be the better leader now.

The Endless Lake

After collapsing during the Great Howl, Sweet talks with Lucky. Lucky suggests that Sweet challenge Alpha for leadership, as she will be a fair and good leader. 
After the Four Paws system fails, Bella and Sweet fight for leadership. Sweet wins and becomes the new Alpha of the pack.

Storm of Dogs

When Lucky is held captive by the Fierce Dogs, Blade reveals to him her dreams and plans to kill Storm. Lucky responds, saying that Storm does not want leadership of the Fierce Dog pack, and she will be no harm to Blade if she leaves her alone.

In The Gathering Darkness Series

A Pack Divided

A loudbird flies over the pack and the pack panics. Storm tries to calm them down, noticing that Lucky and Sweet are panicking themselves. Once the loudbird goes away, Dart accuses Storm of wanting to be Alpha.




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