"She also wanted to take in the sight of the combined Packs as they all followed Arrow's lead, trusting him absolutely. These were the dogs who had been suspicious of the Fierce Dog for so long, whose hostility had eventually driven him from the Wild Pack. Yet now they padded after him, unquestioning, knowing they were safe to travel under his leadership."
Storm noticing the combined Packs' newfound trust in Arrow in The Final Battle, page 305
Wild Pack[1][2]
Blade's Pack,[3] Lone Dog,[4] Bella and Arrow's Pack[5]
Doberman Pinscher[6]
Names Fierce Dog: Arrow[3]

Member: Arrow[1][7]
Hunter: Arrow[8]
Lone Dog: Arrow[4]
Unknown: Arrow[2]

Family Mate: Bella

Sister: Unnamed female
Daughter: Tufty
Sons: Golden, Tough

Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[2]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, The Exile's Journey
Dead N/A

Arrow is a short-haired,[9] sleek,[10] muscular,[11] black-and-tan male Fierce Dog[3] with brown eyes,[12] a shining coat,[13] firm jaws,[11] and pointed ears,[14] one of which is torn.[15]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Arrow does not formally appear in The Broken Path but is listed in the Pack List.

The Endless Lake

Arrow does not appear in The Endless Lake, but is listed in the Pack List.

Storm of Dogs

Arrow is seen when Lucky is trapped in the cave. Blade calls to him to get driftwood to block all of Lucky's exits. He does as he is told.
Later, he is seen watching the Wild Pack. Lucky sees him and attacks Arrow, and calls for the rest of the Pack to come. Arrow pleads for them not to kill him, and explains that he wants to join their Pack. He says that Blade has gone mad and killed Fang and Wiggle as well. He tells the Pack that Whine told the Fierce Dogs about their plan. The Wild Pack decides not to kill Arrow, and that he can stay with their Pack for now.
When the Fierce Dogs come to fight the Wild Pack, Sweet explains that some dogs were tired of how Blade treated her Pack, and uses Arrow as an example. Blade howls that she will kill Arrow because of his betrayal. Later, as the fight begins, Dagger throws him against a tree and bites Arrow's neck. Lucky tries to help him, but gets interrupted several times by Mace during the process. He ends up getting saved by Bella. Later during the battle, as Storm starts to sink under the ice, Arrow dives down to help her, along with some other dogs of Sweet's and Twitch's Packs.
When the battle ends, Sweet accepts Arrow into her Pack, as he was shown to be loyal to the Wild Pack when the Fierce Dogs arrived.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Arrow is hunting with Storm, Snap, Whisper, and Mickey. As the dogs hunt, he is in position to catch one of the fattest hares. However, him being a Fierce Dog unnerves Whisper and the catch is ruined. He bristles at his Packmates, who tell him they could not trust a Fierce Dog after all that had happened.
Full of resentment, Arrow picks up one of the dead rabbits and paces back to the camp.
More Coming Soon

Dead of Night

Coming Soon

Into the Shadows

Arrow and Bella are horrified by the clear-stone that nearly killed Twitch. Once Twitch is almost calmed down, many dogs turn to stare accusingly at Arrow, and Storm is upset and angry. She feels certain that Arrow would never do such a thing. Bruno growls that they can't trust a Fierce Dog while glaring at Arrow. Storm grows so angry, she lashes out at Bruno as she defends Arrow. Ruff growls that they should have known one Fierce Dog would stand up for another. Dart adds that no one knows about Arrow's past, except that he betrayed his old Pack. Then, Bella jumps in and begins to defend him. When the Pack wants to know how she knew where Arrow was without being distracted once, she admits to being his mate. Then Lucky says that Bella was being honest because she would never love a bad dog. When Sweet orders the Pack to calm down and to stop arguing, Woody complains that Arrow is the most likely culprit. Storm feels furious at the other dogs' attitudes toward Arrow. She then feels happy for Arrow as she sees that instead of sleeping away from Bella to hide their relationship, he was sleeping right next to Bella. Storm pads over and leans on him as she tries to sleep. When Twitch comes, Arrow looks nervous. He is relieved and grateful when Twitch says that he doesn't think Arrow did it. Storm is relieved as well, but thinks that the other dogs should also be able to see his innocence. Arrow says that it's hard to believe, and falls asleep quickly.
That night, Storm hears a group of dogs: Dart, Snap, Bruno, Ruff, and Woody all plotting to follow Arrow around to make sure he doesn't cause any trouble. Arrow is oblivious to the three hunt-dogs creeping back in.
The next morning, Storm feels angry that the Pack trusts Bella more than Arrow, despite the golden dog's foolish mistake with the foxes. Then, as Storm watches the pups, Arrow and Bella leave the camp together, but then Storm realizes that Snap is following them, just as planned. Later, Arrow goes with Storm's hunting patrol. Storm notices that Dart keeps coming back to Bruno, and realizes that they are gossiping about Arrow. Dart is sulky when Storm snaps at her, and Arrow gives Storm a sympathetic look. Storm notes that Arrow is very tolerant about his Pack's behavior. Storm decides to forget about Arrow and all the Fierce Dog troubles. Arrow and Storm work together to drive a rabbit towards Bruno. When the patrol meets a tusknose, Arrow bites its muzzle and begins leading it away from Storm. All of a sudden, the tusknose lunges for Arrow and misses, and Arrow pauses. Then, the tusknose takes its chance and charges. Arrow leaps away at the last moment, causing the tusknose to slam into a pine instead. Then, the patrol begins attacking the tusknose until it is dead. 
When the patrol drags the tusknose back into camp, every dog barks in admiration. Mickey barks that Arrow tired it out, and Arrow humbly replies that every dog helped. When Lucky says that it was fantastic teamwork, Storm howls that it wasn't teamwork. She says that instead of scouting, Dart was gossiping about Arrow with Bruno.  She announces their plan to follow Arrow around. Arrow is bewildered and hurt. Bella stands defiantly with her mate. Then Dart argues that watching Arrow was good for the Pack, and she makes it very clear that she thinks Arrow is the bad dog. After the argument, Storm pads into Alpha's den and demands that she, Beta and Twitch stop the Pack's nonsense about Arrow. They tell her to be patient, and that Arrow is strong and can handle it, though Storm is very doubtful. She is angry that Alpha and Beta are not stopping the rumors. Then when Storm hears Breeze telling the pups how the hunting patrol killed the tusknose, she is surprised that Arrow is not in the story. She feels slightly hurt at first, until she realizes that maybe more dogs would make the story confusing. 
A few days later, a hunting party returns to see Arrow standing stiffly in the middle of a circle of dogs. The dogs howl that he doesn't belong with the Pack. Dart barks at him to find other savages to run with. When Storm demands to know what's going on, Dart blames everything on Arrow. The hostile dogs tell Storm and Bella to stay out of it, and Dart growls to Bella that she "wasn't even right in the head to begin with, if you chose him". Arrow is furious at the insult, and lunges at the scout dog. He growls that she wasn't fit to lick Bella's paws, and looks truly Fierce. When Breeze barks that it was just a misunderstanding and  that the Pack didn't need all the tension, Ruff replies that the tension follows the Fierce Dog around, making Storm bark in protest. When Woody tells a lie as a reply, Storm is shocked as she wonders if Woody hates Arrow so much, he was willing to deceive his Packmates to kick out the Fierce Dog.  Arrow angrily announces that he was leaving. Bella adds that she is going with him. When Lucky howls "no", Bella is almost snarling as she answers. She says that Lucky hasn't fought to keep them and that no dog wants them. Storm realizes that no one but her, Lucky, and Omega wants Arrow and Bella back. When Ruff says that it's not Bella they want gone, Arrow begins to answer, but Bella tells him not to give them the satisfaction. The two mates decide to leave the following day, and says that if the Pack doesn't want them, they didn't want the Pack.
The next morning, Storm feels extremely sad as she realizes that Arrow and Bella are leaving. She and Lucky escort the two dogs through the forest, until they decide to continue on their own.
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Red Moon Rising

Coming Soon

The Exile's Journey

Storm smells a Fierce Dog. She is afraid that it could be a survivor from the Storm of Dogs. But when she ventures closer she realizes that it's Arrow. Arrow then calls out her name and she is overjoyed to see him.
Coming Soon


  • He will have a major role in The Gathering Darkness arc.[16]
  • Gillian would love to know Arrow's back story in a novella, but thinks that it wouldn't be very long. However, she would love to know why he started to have his crisis of conscience about being in Blade's Pack, what happened to him, and what he was told to do.[17]
  • Gillian is fascinated by Arrow and who he will become mates with.[18]
  • Mistakenly shown as a brown-and-tan dog on the cover of A Pack Divided.




Bella:[19] Deceased As of The Final Battle


Unnamed Fierce Dog:[20] Deceased


Nip:[21] Living As of The Final Battle
Scramble:[21] Living As of The Final Battle


Tufty:[21] Deceased As of The Exile's Journey



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Thank you, Alpha. I will do as I am told and make every effort to prove my loyalty to you. You too, Beta."
—Arrow to Sweet and Lucky Storm of Dogs (book), page 264

"I hate betraying the dogs I've grown up with, but I can't go along with Blade. I had my doubts when she spoke about the Growl. I'd heard about what she'd done to Wiggle. But then I saw it-- I saw her kill Fang with my own eyes. After that I couldn't be in her pack anymore."
—Arrow Storm of Dogs (book), page 209

"We're not like Wild Dogs. We're not even like you Leashed Dogs. You're born with your nature, or you grow into it. You decide what you are. Not us Fierce Dogs. Our nature is made for us, by the longpaw Masters. [...] I didn't see much of it. I was born not long before the Big Growl, when the Masters fled and left us. But I do have some memories. I saw Fierce Dogs being marched around the Dog-Garden, over and over again, drilled to be obedient. I didn't understand what the Masters were saying to them, of course, but they were always angry. They never spoke except in an angry bark. They'd strike any dog, too, if they put a paw wrong—even pups."
—Arrow about being a Fierce Dog A Pack Divided, page chapter 9

"But no dog in this Pack will ever understand what it means to be a Fierce Dog. To have all this strength and power, and yet have to hold it down, all the time! That control needs another kind of strength, doesn't it? If the others knew what a struggle you face, and how well you succeed, they'd respect you a lot more."
—Arrow to Storm A Pack Divided, page 154

"Honestly, Bella, I'm not that bothered. Maybe I should worry more, but who cares about them? I don't care what they think or what they say. Not when I'm this happy."
—Arrow to Bella A Pack Divided, page 159

"Wait just a minute! Arrow betrayed the Fierce Dogs to save all of us! You've got no reason to blame him. And he couldn't have sabotaged the prey—I know it! I've been with him the whole time, ever since the hunters brought it back to camp."
—Bella, defending Arrow Into the Shadows, page 13

"I've had enough. The best thing I can do is leave this Pack."
—Arrow deciding to leave the Wild Pack [[Into the Shadows]], page 110

<small>"Sun-Dog!You run freely up there! You lope above the sky without a care.Not a care for anything,not even the dogs below!How do you play like that when there's such pain down there! What use are you,throwing your light when all it shows me is misery and grief?-Arrow,raging at the sun dog The Final Battle,page 294</small>

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