"I will be Beetle. Fast, and hard to see! But my hide is tough and strong!"
— Beetle's name choice in The Broken Path, page 45
Wild Pack[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Border Collie/Mastiff mix[3]
Names Pup: Squirm[2]
Patrol Dog: Beetle[4]
Family Mother: Moon
Father: Fiery
Sister: Thorn
Brother: Fuzz
Rank Positions
Rank Patrol Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Beetle is a large,[5] shaggy-furred[6] male black-and-white[2] Border Collie Mastiff mix[3] with a dark,[7] stubby snout, broad limbs,[8] and a thin tail.[9]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Beetle does not appear in this book. However, Moon announces to Fiery that they are going to have pups, and her mate is surprised, but pleased. Moon explains that she was hopeful yesterday, but now is certain that he will be a Father-Dog, and Fiery promises that he will take good care of her. Moon believes him, and says that he will be a wonderful Father-Dog too.

Sweet's Journey

When Sweet watches guard over the Pack, she hears an agonized howl, and realizes that it is Moon. The swift-dog guesses that Fiery's mate is about to give birth to her pups, but thinks that something must be wrong from her cry, and she races to camp. When Sweet arrives, her guess is confirmed, and she rushes to tell Fiery, who is out on patrol. When she finds the large dog, Sweet tells him that Moon's pup-time has come and that she needs him, and Fiery rushes back to camp.
When Sweet comes back to camp, there are coyotes in there, but Fiery chases them off. Sweet explains to Snap that Beta promised to patrol for her, Snap says that there was no harm done, but that it was good she was there with everyone distracted by Moon's pup-time. There is a sudden quiet, then Fiery howls in joy, joined by Moon, and Snap barks that the pups have been born. Sweet and Snap go to the den, and Fiery announces that there are three fine pups, two males and a female. Alpha, who has suddenly entered camp, also says his congratulations, noting that three fine pups is good news for the Pack.
That night, Moon thanks Sweet for calling Fiery, explaining that he came in time to see the last of his pups born. Fiery also adds his thanks, and says that although their pups haven't been named yet, one day soon they will, and he hopes they grow up to be as loyal and brave as Sweet. Sweet thanks them back, but Fiery tells Moon that they need to get back to the pups.
Later, when Sweet is seen as the Beta of the Wild Pack, she mentions that Moon is still excused from patrol duty because of her pups. Sweet thinks about her new life, but her thoughts are distracted when a small squirming body bumps into her paw and a tiny pup, his eyes still blurry, wobbles his way into the outside world, having escaped from Moon's den. Sweet says that he is an adventurous one and gently picks up the tiny pup and carries him back to his mother, ignoring his protesting. Moon appears at the entrance to her den and woofs gently to her pup, telling Squirm that he is such a wanderer already. Sweet sets the pup down and as soon as he smells his mother, he blunders under her body and nestles there, clearly deciding adventures could wait for a few more hours. Sweet notes that the pups are looking healthy, and Moon agrees that they are already getting lively, but their conversation is interrupted when Snap announces that there are dogs in their territory. Alpha orders the Pack for battle, and Sweet checks over the camp to make sure Moon and her pups are safe and well defended, before leaving them with a reassuring bark.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Though not being mentioned by name, Moon asks the dogs to be quiet because of her pups, Squirm, Nose, and Fuzz, as they are sleeping.
When the Leashed Dogs bring foxes to the camp, they target Moon and Fiery's pups, Squirm, Nose, and Fuzz. After the battle, Nose and Squirm are safe although their brother, Fuzz, is killed by a fox.

Darkness Falls

Moon and Fiery are standing protectively close to Squirm and Nose, mourning for the loss of Fuzz. As Lucky leads the Wild Pack away from a storm, Squirm is carried by Moon while Nose is carried by Fiery.
Squirm asks his Mother-Dog what his Father-Dog, Fiery, was doing with Lucky and Sunshine. Moon tells him that he is helping Lucky carry Sunshine. When the dogs have to jump a crack in the earth, Moon helps Squirm and Nose as Fiery jumps.
When the Wild Pack find their new home, Moon finds a cave for her and her pups, Squirm and Nose. Squirm, Nose, Moon, Martha, Lick, Wiggle, and Grunt go on a patrol where Grunt accidentally hurts Squirm. Squirm hides with Nose as Nose tries to calm him. Moon is furious at the Fierce Dog pups for hurting Squirm, but the Pack settles down once more when Martha and Moon settle things out. Moon takes her pups into the den.
Squirm and Nose are now old enough to eat meat. They play fight over a mouse. Then they run to their Mother-Dog's side to devour the leftovers. Sunshine explains to Lucky that Squirm and Nose would eat after Alpha and Beta until they have their adult names, then they would have to rise in the ranks. The dogs go to sleep, where Squirm and Nose are in the pup den. Fiery and Moon oversee them as their parents. A day or so after, Squirm and Nose are seen at rest in the pup den.
The Wild Pack are attacked by the Fierce Dog Pack. Sweet urges Moon to go to the Pup Den and keep Nose and Squirm safe. Moon nods gratefully and runs to protect her pups from harm. Later on, as Lucky challenges Snap, Moon is nursing Nose and Squirm. Fiery stands by protectively to guard his family. Alpha informs the Pack that the camp is  no longer well to live in and mentions living by the white ridge. Lucky knows that the moving of camps would be hard for small dogs and the pups Squirm and Nose, though it may be worth it.

The Broken Path

Squirm and Nose's Naming Ceremony is prepared for by Fiery, who catches the white rabbit. Squirm and Nose both run up and prompt Alpha on when their ceremony will begin. Squirm is accidentally smacked in the face with Nose's tail when she excitedly asks Moon when the Moon-Dog would rise. He and his sister are told by Alpha to sit down on the Moon Pelt, which is of the white rabbit's skinned fur. Both pups, Squirm and Nose obey with nervousness. Alpha calms them. Squirm proceeds first to choose his name after Alpha asks. Squirm chooses Beetle and it is now his chosen name.
The newly named Beetle and his litter-sister, who had chosen the name Thorn, jump around happily as the others congratulate them. Beetle is looked upon proudly by his father, Fiery. Later on, Beetle is ahead of the others while the Pack moves onward. He is encouraged by Fiery to keep an eye out on the Pack. Beetle, Thorn, and Lick are almost asleep, though still walking with the Pack.
The Pack soon have to cross a dangerous river. Beetle and Thorn walk quickly past, with fright. When the Leashed Dogs whimper at the sight of hurt longpaws, Beetle whispers to Moon that he did not understand why they were scared. Moon tells Beetle that none of them do, but to not hurt the Leashed Dogs' feelings. The Pack agrees to stay in the longpaw town and use a house as a new territory to protect them from the bad rain. Though Beetle announces that he heard a sound, he is assured by Lucky that it was only a rat.
Alpha chooses a big house with a lot of doors. Beetle asks what kind of place was it and is answered by Lucky, who says it was a Food-House. The excited dogs go inside to eat, and use it as their territory to shelter from the bad rain. While Fiery and his hunters return, Alpha growls, asking about their prey. Meanwhile, Beetle and Thorn run up to Fiery to greet him.
Spring, Lucky, Beetle, Thorn, and Lick go on a hunt looking for food in the Longpaw Town. Beetle, Thorn, and Lick sniff around. Thorn and Lick play and Beetle sneakily leaps on her back.
Spring and Lucky say that there are rats in the longest house, and Beetle says that there is a flap at the door, but Spring says that it was to small for any of them.
When Lick says that she may be able to open the door, Beetle and Thorn exchanged glances, Beetle's muzzle is curled a bit. After a minute Lick opens it and Beetle and Thorn yip excitedly. Thorn tells Beetle that she knew she could do it.
A rat jumps on Thorn's shoulder, Beetle races over to her and shakes it violently. After the rat fight,  Beetle says it was fun. Spring thanks Lucky, Beetle, Thorn, and Lick for helping her when a rat was on her.
As they walk back, Beetle, Lick, and Thorn look proud.
Lucky finds Mickey looking at a young longpaw, and Beetle, Thorn, and Lick come to see what Lucky was doing. Beetle looks to Thorn, and Lick tells Lucky that Spring said Lucky heard something and went to check it out.
Beetle adds that they wanted to make sure Lucky was safe. Thorn says that they left their rats close by so they could get them in a minute, Beetle says that they thought it was more important to make sure Lucky was safe.
As Lucky thanks them and tells them that that is good Pack responsibility, Beetle and Thorn's chests swell with pride. Beetle said that they heard Mickey say that he wanted to bury the hurt longpaw that reminded him of his longpaw pup, and Beetle said that they agreed.
Thorn says that if Mickey thinks that he should bury him he should. She nudges Beetle. Beetle, Thorn, and Lick go to stand by Mickey.
After they bury him, Thorn says that Earth-Dog already took him, and Beetle agrees, smelling the smell of the soil.
When the dogs get back to camp, Bella asks Mickey where he had went, Beetle answers, saying he went for a walk and met up with them on the way back. Mickey agrees and gives Beetle a grateful look.
As Fiery bravely challenges Alpha, Beetle and Thorn stand close by Moon, Moon watch him trustfully, Beetle crouches low as if scared, but Thorn is by his side watching Fiery with hope.
Sweet announces to the Pack that Fiery the Hunter challenges Alpha for leadership of the Pack, saying Moon has a right to challenge her as Beta, Sweet tells Moon to step forward, and Beetle and Thorn give Moon anxious looks, but Moon walks to Fiery's side and says that she won't challenge Sweet.
When Lucky, Bruno, Lick, and Snap run to the Pack and say Fiery was captured by longpaws, Beetle growls in disbelief.
The Pack gets in battle lines because they smell a dog, Moon stands in front of Beetle and Thorn. Beetle and Thorn walk by to stand in line with the other dogs, Moon watches them in pride, and the Pack calms down when they find out it is Twitch.
Lucky leads a group that will find Fiery and catch up with the Pack afterwards, Moon walks up and so do Beetle and Thorn. Moon tells Beetle and Thorn that they must stay so she can focus on saving Fiery. Beetle and Thorn agree sadly, but Moon reassures them. Then the rescue party sets off to save Fiery and the Wild Pack to look for a new territory.

The Endless Lake

Beetle and Thorn grow a lot bigger. Beetle travels with the Pack towards the Endless Lake. When the dogs who left to rescue Fiery return, he greets his mother back warmly. Beetle is shocked when he hears of his father's death.
Beetle, Thorn, and Spring fall into the ocean. Beetle and his sister are saved by Martha. When they reach the shore, Lucky helps Beetle and Thorn up.
When the longpaw house howles, Beetle says it soundes sad and starts to howl along.
As Moon and Snap were growling over who had a higher position, Beetle and Thorn stood by them looking fretful.
When Thorn voted in the Four Paws, Beetle nodded to her to show her she was right. When the vote showed Thorn's side had won, Beetle and Thorn yip excitedly
Beetle and Thorn, along with their Pack, eat the candy they found in a longpaw place. The effect of the sweetness makes Beetle and his sister bounce around.
When Fang was fighting Storm, Thorn licks Beetle's snout saying she could not believe a brother would attack his litter-sister. Beetle is there to support Storm with the others when she has to fight in the Trial of Rage.

Storm of Dogs

Beetle is running around Thorn, Storm and Lucky when they bring back their prey. Beetle says that only Lucky could catch such odd creatures, stating that the Spirit Dogs were on his side. Beetle and Thorn's Mother-Dog, Moon, walks over and tells him that they are geese.
Though this does not calm down Beetle. He asks Lucky if his Father-Dog could have been a Spirit Dog.
In Storm's fight lesson, Beetle and Thorn practice with one another. Beetle looks a bit scared that Thorn would hurt him. When it was Thorn's turn she pins him down, but Beetle shakes her off and then leaps on her. He pins her down.
Beetle gets off her and apologizes to Storm, saying he never meant to pin her. Beetle is reassured by Storm that he does not have to feel sorry for having good instincts. She says that they could save him in a fight.
Moon and Dart come back from a patrol, stating that the Fierce Dogs were not in their territory, They said they heard many Longpaws in the town, and Sweet asked what kind and if they were the kind that hurt Fiery, Moon said if they had dared to return, she would get rid of them, and Beetle and Thorn snarl and run in circles in agreement.
Lucky leads a group of Dogs to make the Longpaws leave the Endless Lake before the Big Growl. Lucky, Snap, and all Leashed Dogs except Bruno offer to go. Beetle jumps up to Lucky in admiration and offers to go, but Moon jumps forward and bites him, telling him he cannot go because longpaws killed his Father-Dog, Fiery, and they owe the longpaws nothing.
Sweet tells the dogs who are staying that they should prepare, and asks Bruno and Moon to go hunt. They dip their heads and walk to the forest, and on the way Moon turns around and gives Beetle a warning look. Beetle dips his head and backs away from Lucky to stay with the Pack.
When the Patrol returns, the rest of the Wild Pack take shelter under a big tree. Lucky's group of digs digs them out, and Beetle is the first to jump out. Beetle asked Lucky if it was a great place to hide from the Growl, Lucky agrees.
Beetle proudly stated that it was his idea. Thorn raced to Beetle's side and agreed. Sweet steps out and also agrees.
Whine suggests they kick Storm out of the Pack because she can bring Blade, the mad attack dog, Martha says that Storm is a great dog and they are lucky to have her, Moon agrees, mentioning that she risked her life to help Fiery. Thorn yips in agreement and Beetle says that Storm is part of the Pack and should stay.
Beetle and Thorn are playing, Moon tells them to be careful of the river edge. Beetle and Thorn find ice, and Beetle asks Lucky why River-Dog stopped moving. Thorn asked Lucky if it will stay that way forever, Lucky reassures her that it won't and it will melt soon, Beetle shoves Thorn out of the way and asks Lucky more questions.
He asks if River-Dog is okay, to Martha, Martha says she is just sleeping. Moon tells Beetle and Thorn to stay away from the ice and they go to her.
Snow is falling and Storm asks Moon what it is. Beetle and Thorn run around in it. Beetle asks Moon if the Sky-Dogs are mad. Moon says that it is okay, that the snow is cold, and will soon melt away. Martha agrees.
When Storm challenges Blade, Beetle and Thorn offer to help, but Storm politely states that she has to do it herself.
Beetle and Thorn compliment Storm and the Wild Pack happily.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Beetle and Thorn are seen play-fighting. They stop to talk to Storm. Thorn asks Storm how her first day as hunt leader was. Storm says it was good and asks Beetle and Thorn about the patrol they went on.
Thorn says it also went well, but they smelled fox sent, though it was old and she was not worried about it, Beetle said playfully that no fox would dare to mess with them, or there would be a new fox bed for Alpha and her pups.
Thorn teases Beetle saying that the biggest fox he could kill would be only big enough for one milk pup. She tells Beetle playfully that he is all talk, and Beetle begins to play fight with Thorn again. Thorn pins Beetle down and says that she thinks that she just proved her point, Beetle then gets out of her grip and tells Storm to help him teach Thorn some manners by play-fighting.
Storm barks happily and Beetle and Thorn begin to play fight again.
Sweet tells the Pack to come eat,. Beetle, Thorn, and Storm stop play fighting. Then Thorn snarls that Twitch better not eat before her Mother-Dog, Moon. Beetle nods in agreement.
Storm tells them that Twitch probably won't do that, Beetle growls saying that Twitch had been getting over himself lately, and that his Mother-Dog out ranks him and Twitch better not forget it.
Alpha says that the Patrol Dogs eat next and asks Twitch to eat, some pack mates growl, including Beetle. Beetle says that his Mother-Dog has always lead patrols. Alpha glares at Beetle and Thorn and reminds them that she makes the decisions.
After the dogs eat, Storm walks up to Beetle and Thorn and asks them if they want to play-fight more. Thorn and Beetle say no, and they are still angry that Twitch ate before Moon.
After Alpha tells the Pack a story about the Wind-Dogs, Beetle and Thorn calm down and go to sleep.
As Rake and Ruff snarl at Moon, Beetle growls at them standing by Moon's side. Daisy tells them that they should all respect Moon. Beetle and Thorn bark in agreement. Sweet tells them that they all should respect one another.
After Thorn fights Woody, Twitch becomes Third Dog and Moon is lead Patrol Dog again.Thorn whispers something to Beetle afterwards. Thorn looks mad as she says it, and Beetle has an angry face.
Foxes attack the Pack, one fox is biting Beetle hard. Thorn is hesitant to help, because if she misses the fox, she could hurt Beetle. Storm then runs to save Beetle.
Lucky tells Beetle, Thorn, and Storm to bury a dead fox pup. Beetle is licking his wound from the fight, though he is not badly injured. Thorn thanks Storm for helping Beetle, who also says thanks, but he still believed he could have handled it. Beetle, Thorn, and Storm dig a hole for the fox pup. They bury it and head back to camp.
Beetle, Thorn, and Storm happily return to camp.

Dead of Night

At the mention of Fiery and Fuzz, Moon, Thorn, and Beetle lean their heads together.
During Alpha's pups' birth, Beetle, along with Thorn and Ruff, go on a patrol on Twitch's request.
Beetle and Thorn are dozing together in a patch of sunlight grass near Alpha and Beta's den, when Storm asks them how the pups were doing. Beetle says Thorn was smaller than him as a pup and Thorn kicks him, saying he was smaller. Beetle also adds he thought that they're all asleep now.
Beetle and Thorn come running towards camp, barking that they need Alpha and Beta. Beetle says they saw lots of foxes gathering together and thought they were going to attack. When the group attacking the foxes returns, Beetle greets them and barks that they're there.
In early morning, Beetle returns to camp with Daisy and Thorn from a patrol. Daisy says they should go eat and they take enough food to replenish their strength. Later Moon asks Beetle if he ate the poisoned leftover prey, and it turns out he didn't, but was frightened.
Beetle and Moon take Thorn for a walk to get some fresh air after eating poisoned prey. As they return, they walk slowly, their tails flicking at one another. Storm notices how Beetle and Thorn were a lot like their mother, but she notes that she can see some of Fiery in them too.
Alpha shouts at Storm about how the foxes attacked her pups and the foxes in their old territory that killed Fuzz, Beetle and Thorn's litter-brother, and Storm casts an awkward look to the three Farm Dogs, whose heads are hanging in grief.
Beetle yaps in happiness when Moon is allowed down from the High Watch.
When Twitch gets clearstone in his mouth from the deer, Beetle stares at Arrow and Storm along with the rest of the pack that stare at them either with guilt or accusation in their eyes.

Into the Shadows

When Storm comes back from hunting, bringing a huge animal with her, and she is injured and tells the pack of Dart's irresirresponsibility, as well as the plot against Arrow, Beetle agrees that it isn't right.
When Alpha's pups fall into the Endless Lake, Beetle, Storm, Breeze, and Thorn rescue them. They are seen as heroes.

Red Moon Rising

When Mickey and Storm are on High Watch as punishment, they spot Beetle and Thorn snooping around the longpaw town. 
Thorn and Beetle don't come back from patrol and Storm, Lucky, Breeze as well as a group of other dogs go to rescue them from the longpaw town after Storm and Mickey admit to seeing them snooping around there. Thorn and Beetle are rescued. They receive a harsh scolding from Moon, as well as punishment from Alpha: Thorn and Storm on High Watch and Beetle and Mickey on High Watch together.
When Storm leaves the pack, Thorn and Beetle are seen looking gloomy as she leaves.
The Exile's Journey
Coming Soon


  • There is an inconsistency about Beetle and Thorn's age as compared to Storm's. In The Broken Path, they are mentioned to be older than her[10], but in Storm of Dogs, Moon's pups are mentioned to be a little younger than Storm.[11] In Red Moon Rising, it is again stated that they are older than the Fierce Dog.[12]
  • He has been mistakenly described as a female.[13][14]
  • He will have a larger role in the second arc.[15]




Moon:[3] Living As of The Final Battle


Fiery:[3] Deceased As of The Broken Path[16]


Thorn:[3] Living As of The Final Battle


Fuzz:[3] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[17]


Beta:[18] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[19]
Unnamed Mastiff:[20] Deceased[21]


Alpha:[18] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[22]
Unnamed Mastiff:[20] Deceased[21]


Star:[18] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[19]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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