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A Beta Ceremony is a ceremony in which a member of a Pack becomes the Beta.


When a Beta or Alpha dies, the Alpha must choose a new Beta, a second-in-command for the Pack.[1] When the Alpha selects their Beta, every dog in the Pack, except for the Beta and Alpha, find gifts for the new Beta.[2] The gift can be anything from a piece of prey to a stone, and represents some sort of skill or strength they want the Beta to have or use.[3]

While the dogs are looking for their gifts, the Alpha takes their Beta deep into the territory where they make the Beta promise loyalty as long as they live.[4] The Alpha then sinks their teeth into the Beta's neck, creating a scar that never heals and will never be seen by any Pack member. This part of the ceremony is secret, and only the Alpha and Beta know about it.[5]

Afterwards, the other dogs of the Pack present their gifts to the Beta one at a time, and tells the Beta what their gift represents.[6]


In the Original Series

Storm of Dogs

The only shown Beta ceremony is Lucky's in Storm of Dogs, when Lucky is becoming a Beta. His Alpha and mate, Sweet, makes him promise loyalty before giving him the secret scar. Afterwards, he is given gifts from the Pack. Snap chooses to give him the bones of a small creature, so Lucky could bring back prey from successful hunts. Martha brings over a yellow stone so Lucky could heal any divisions and rifts in the Pack. A sturdy branch from Bruno represents honor and courage. Lucky is then brought other gifts from his Packmates.

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