"This has nothing to do with loyalty. I am saving every dog—you should be grateful! The Spirit Dogs have spoken. The pups born after the Growl came must be put down. Now, all but one of them has. It is time to put an end to this. It is time for the last of the pups to die."
— Blade after she kills Fang in Storm of Dogs, page 78
Fierce Dogs[1]
Fierce Dogs[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Alpha: Blade[2]
Family Mate: Unknown

Son: Unknown

Rank Positions
Rank Alpha[1]
Deceased (drowned by Storm)[4][5]
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead A Pack Divided

Blade is a large, sleek,[6] lean,[1] black-and-brown[7] female[1] Fierce Dog with triangular[8] pricked ears,[9] a blunt,[10] pointed snout,[1] sinewy muscles,[11] an elegant head,[12] with a patch of white fur on one side of her neck in the shape of a fang[11] below her ear,[13] dark eyes,[14] a glossy face,[15] a taut, muscular body,[16] massive jaws,[13] jagged,[17] white teeth,[18] a soft underbelly,[19] and a bulky frame.[20]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Blade, Mace and Dagger find Bella, Alfie and Daisy stealing their food, while Lucky is hidden, watching in secret. Alfie and Daisy do the best thing, going into a submissive posture, but Bella is stubborn, and will not back down. When Bella finally backs down, they take the three dogs prisoner. Lucky tries to figure out how to help his friends, and over hears Blade talking with Mace and Dagger about killing them. In an almost suicidal attempt, he insults Blade and her gang, calling them 'stupid' and spoiled. When he insults their bloodlines, they chase him. Lucky is cornered, but another dog of Blade's gang suddenly says that the prisoners were gone. Lucky attacks Blade, shocking her and allowing for his escape. Blade and her gang are frustrated, and too furious to notice where Lucky ran off to.

A Hidden Enemy

Blade is mentioned when Lucky sees a pawprint next to the Leashed Pack's shelter. Lucky wonders if Blade would have tried to pursue the Leashed Pack all the way here, but thinks that Blade probably wouldn't want to leave her spoiled life in the Dog-Garden.

Darkness Falls

Blade comes into the Wild Pack's territory, accusing them on how they stole her pups. She orders her pack to attack, and demands Alpha for her pups. She attacks Daisy, nearly killing her, but Alpha stops her and returns the pups. Wiggle and Lick want to stay but Mickey sadly tells them that they will be remembered, and Blade was about ready to attack Mickey too. Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle go back to her.
Lick later returns to the Wild Pack, informing them on how Blade kept repeating how they weren't her pups. She had killed Wiggle, and was about to kill Grunt, but he kept telling her how he was loyal. Blade had went to kill Lick next, but fog had come, allowing Lick to escape.

The Broken Path

During a conversation between Lick, Lucky, and Fang, Blade emerges from the shadows, asking Fang what he was doing. Fang tries to explain and talk his way out of it, but Blade doesn't listen. In punishment for him not defending the boundaries, she slices his side. This causes a yelp of agony to come from Fang, and Lucky is shocked at this cruel punishment.
Afterward, Blade demands that Fang goes back to the garden and that Lucky gives Lick over to her, but Lucky refuses saying that a puppy is not something to claim and that she chose to leave Blade's pack. Blade tells Lucky that she is more than just Lick's mother, she is also her true Alpha. Before Lucky can make a run for it Blade charges at him, but not before Lick rams into Blade's side, taking her completely of guard. With Blade injured, Lucky and Lick bolt away back towards the pack's camp.

The Endless Lake

Blade is first mentioned when Lucky thinks about something. She's first seen when Fang lets Storm escape. She lifts up her paw and scratches Fang's ear once again, not knowing that Fang had let his sister escape.
She's seen again, announcing Storm and Fang's Trial. The two are fighting on the stage, when the Wild Pack arrives, everyone starts fighting. Blade is fighting Sweet. Sweet dodges most of her attack, but then is pinned down. All dogs hear a sound, as Storm starts to become hostile, but decides to spare Fang. Sweet and Lucky make a temporary agreement with Blade and leave the place, Storm coming with them.
She is later mentioned when Lucky starts talking about his dreams and the Fierce Dog Pack.

Storm of Dogs

Blade and her Fierce-Dog pack are still tracking down the Wild Pack in the final installment of the Original Series. Lucky recalls Alpha bitterly as the traitor who sided with Blade. Through the book's beginning, the Wild Pack cannot rest while Blade is still out there, thus keeping them in constant danger.
Blade sets up a trap in her attempts to kill Storm. She sends out Fang, who pretends to be injured as if he fled from the Fierce Dog pack. Lucky falls for his trickery, taking pity on the Fierce Dog and allows himself to be led to Fang's supposed shelter. It turns out to be a ruse and Lucky ends up trapped in a cavern. According to Blade's plan, Lucky's pack will come to rescue him, where she will finally kill Storm and the other trapped Wild Pack members. During this talk, Blade reveals the dead pup in the Dog Garden was her pup, and she was the dog who killed him. Blade reveals her set of visions regarding the Storm of Dogs and the Big Growl. It seems startlingly similar to Lucky's. However, Blade seems to have misinterpreted hers to where she believes she's saving the world if she can destroy Storm and any Fierce Dog puppies born after the Big Growl. Lucky narrowly escapes Blade when his pack comes to rescue him, but they witness Fang murdered by Blade before they leave.
Lucky and the others create a plan to ambush Blade and her large army. However, Whine reveals their plans to which Blade creates a counter attack to ambush the Wild Pack. In response, Arrow manages to spill Blade's plans in his desire to leave the pack under the chaotic leadership of Blade. Sweet and Lucky lead a giantfur to intercept the dogs in order to dwindle the size of her pack before the big battle. Blade is furious and even more eager to kill Storm as soon as possible. Storm and Blade end up dueling to the death on the ice above a body of water. The ice cracks under their weight and the two dogs fall under the ice. Blade drowns, weakened by her injuries, while Storm is rescued by Arrow.
The Fierce Dogs flee without the leadership of Blade.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

Blade is briefly mentioned in the prologue when Grunt assures his shaken litter-mates that she and her Pack would return for her pup and their Mother-Dog.
Blade appears in one of Storm's nightmares, keeping stride by her. She laughs at Storm's questioning whether she is the Fear-Dog or not. She says that Storm would know better. She states that the Fear-Dog would be patrolling that night of her nightmare.




Unnamed Fierce Dog:[21] Deceased


Unnamed pup:[22] Deceased


Blade's Mate
Blade's Pup

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Tell me, Street Mutt. Where are they hiding? They can't have gotten out!"
—Blade to Lucky in The Empty City

"You are fortunate that our only interest is in the pups. I might have taken the opportunity to chew out your tongue, mongrel dog, for tricking me in my own camp! I still might if you get in my way."
—Blade to Lucky in Darkness Falls, pages 260-261

"You don't have to find us. We found you."
-Blade to Lick, Grunt, and Wiggle in Darkness Falls, page #

"I have seen it--the end of this world. Just as when the Big Growl came and the lakes of blood poured from the Earth-Dog's wounds; I foresaw that too! Now she is in pain and furious. Only more blood will avenge her wounds!"

-Blade to Lucky in Storm of Dogs, page 59
"I did what I had to do."
-Blade to Lucky about her pup in Storm of Dogs, page #

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