"It's true that I used to hate the Fierce Dogs for their cruelty. I didn't like how they were trained to be the teeth and violence of the longpaws. That's how I'd known them before the Big Growl- as Longpaw Fangs. They're different now. They do not answer to anyone. When my Pack grew to include Leashed Dogs I saw how easily things fell apart between them. The Fierce Dogs stick together. I respect Blade. I admire her clear thinking and authority and the discipline of her Pack."
— Alpha to Lucky about the Fierce Dogs in Storm of Dogs, page 65


The Fierce Dogs, or Blade's Pack, is a Pack of Dobermans, most of them described as having dark,[1] lean,[1] bodies with pricked ears[1] and pointed snouts[1] led by Blade. They are credited as the Wild Pack's main nemesis and the arc's antagonist, hunting them down for most of the Original Series.[2]


According to Lucky's knowledge of the city and Fierce Dogs, these type of dogs normally are guardians of longpaw homes and work-houses, "doing the bidding of longpaws with harsh voices and glowing light-beams and vicious sticks." [1]


The Fierce Dogs originally lived in a facility known as the Dog-Garden, where they were trained by their longpaw Masters.[3] When the longpaw Masters maintained and controlled the Dog-Garden, prior to the Big Growl, they would drill the Fierce Dogs to be obedient and march around the Dog-Garden. The longpaw Masters always sounded angry and never spoke except in a harsh bark. They'd strike any dog to put them in their place - adult and pup alike.[4]
Following the Big Growl, the Fierce Dogs began to actively pursue the Wild Pack to retrieve Storm and had no permanent territory to call home, thus being largely nomadic.[5] In The Empty City, the Fierce Dogs' territory was a training facility for the Fierce Dogs, although abandoned by the longpaws and temporarily self-sufficient.[5] The dogs had automatic food bowls that dispensed pellets of food.[5] In the next book of The Endless Lake, the pack formed a base in the longpaw town by the ocean.[5]In the Storm of Dogs, the Fierce Dogs made their base in a cave.[5] It is not known what their territory would be located following the Storm of Dogs battle and Blade's demise.


In the Original Series

The Empty City

BladeMace and Dagger find BellaAlfie and Daisy  eating their food, while Lucky is hidden, watching in secret. Alfie and Daisy do the best thing, going into a submissive posture, but Bella is stubborn, and will not back down. When Bella finally backs down, they take the three dogs prisoner. Lucky tries to figure out how to help his friends, and over hears Blade talking with Mace and Dagger about killing them. In an almost suicidal attempt, he insults Blade and her gang, calling them stupid and crazy in hopes of creating a distraction. When he insults their bloodlines, they chase him. Lucky is cornered, but another dog of Blade's gang suddenly says that the prisoners were gone. Lucky attacks Blade, and escapes. Blade and her gang are frustrated, and too furious to notice where Lucky ran off to.

A Hidden Enemy

After saving Bruno, Bella shows Lucky a set of fresh prints in the mud nearby the camp, and Lucky thinks that it might be the Fierce Dogs followed them.

Darkness Falls

Blade and her pack come into the Wild Pack's territory, accusing them of stealing her pups. She orders her pack to attack, and demands Alpha for her pups. She attacks Daisy, nearly killing her, but Alpha stops her and returns her claimed pups: Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle back to her.
Lick later returns to the Wild Pack, informing them on how Blade kept repeating how they were not her pups. She kills Wiggle, and is about to kill Grunt, but he is spared when he tells her of his loyalty. Blade proceeds to kill Lick next, but fog rolls in, allowing Lick to escape.

The Broken Path

One of Blade's Pack members, Axe, is captured by longpaws and held against his will, forced to undergo experimentation with strange water given by the longpaws. He is released by the Wild Pack and they urge him to return to his Pack. However, he refuses to do so until he exacts his revenge on his captors. The Wild Pack members retreat, but not before seeing him shot. His fate is unknown.

The Endless Lake

While hunting, Lucky thinks that he sees a Fierce Dog.
The Fierce Dogs attack the pack near the lighthouse, resulting in the death of Spring and supposedly Alpha.
Storm goes to make sure whether the pack is being followed and the Fierce Dogs find her, capturing her and ripping off a piece of her ear.
The Wild Pack and the Fierce Dogs watch Fang and Storm in the Trial of Rage, with Storm as the winner.

Storm of Dogs

Fang spies on the pack, and the Fierce Dogs form a plan to kidnap Lucky, allowing Blade to get Storm in her paws. According to the plan, Lucky gets kidnapped, and as predicted, Sweet, Bella, and Storm come to save him. The Wild Dogs are trapped and Fang is killed. Thanks to a small Growl, the dogs escape.
The Wild Pack forms a plan where Lucky convinces Blade to come fight Storm by the river. The plan backfires when Whine tells Blade the plan, so Sweet leads a giantfur to attack the Fierce Dogs on the way to the battle. Many Fierce Dogs are lost during their struggle against the giantfur. During the Storm of Dogs, the Wild Pack defeats the Fierce Dogs, with Storm killing Blade.

In the The Gathering Darkness

A Pack Divided

The Wild Pack sends a small team of dogs to explore the longpaw town, where the dogs find Ripper, a Fierce Dog, dead.

Dead of Night

The Fierce Dogs do not appear in this book.

Into the Shadows

The Fierce Dogs do not appear in this book.

Red Moon Rising

The Fierce Dogs do not appear in this book.

The Exile's Journey

Dagger and Pistol fight Storm and try to kill her to fill Blade's prophecy. However, Storm is able to trick them and get away.


  • In Blade's Pack, for dogs to prove themselves to their Pack, they must take the Trial of Rage.[5]
Blade's Pack (Fierce Dogs)
Members: Blade, Mace, Dagger, Lance, Ripper, Morningstar, Bullet, Revolver, Cannon, Brute, Musket, Scythe, Fang, Axe, Bludgeon, Pistol

Former Members: Alpha, Storm, Arrow



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