You murdered my Alpha, the only other dog who ever understood the Fear-Dog. I couldn't simply kill you. That wouldn't please the Fear-Dog at all. I promised him that I would tear your Pack apart, make them afraid of their prey, their territory, even each other. For your crime, every dog you care about, and every dog who stood by while my Alpha was murdered, will know terrible suffering. I've been biding my time, working on my next move. I'm looking forward to watching Lucky realize his precious pups are gone forever. The Fear-Dog will be pleased.
— Breeze taunting Storm in The Exile's Journey, page 267

Wild Pack[1] Twitch's Pack,[2] Terror's Pack[3]
Labrador/Collie mix[4]
Names Member: Breeze[2]
Patrol Dog: Breeze[1]
Scout Dog: Breeze[5]
Family None
Rank Positions
Rank Scout Dog[1]
Deceased (killed by Storm)
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead The Final Battle

Breeze is a small,[6] dark,[7] female[8] chocolate Labrador/Collie mix[9] with brown eyes,[8] large ears and short fur.[2]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Breeze appears with Terror's Pack as they confront the trespassing patrol with Fiery, Lucky, Mickey and Bruno. She's slammed by Terror's forepaw, yelping with pain and cowering. At his command, she flings herself at Fiery's head, barking and clawing frantically. She is pinned by him but wiggles free and flies at him again.
Her assault is joined by the rest of her Pack. She and her Pack chase Fiery's patrol away.
Breeze and her Packmates fight Lucky's team and frantically run away when Terror is killed.

The Endless Lake

Although Breeze is not mentioned by name, when Terror's Pack follows Twitch, she, along with five other dogs, creep out from under a bush after Splash greets Twitch. The Wild Pack are wary at seeing Terror's Pack, but Twitch's Packmates throw their forepaws on the ground, wag their tails, and dips their heads submissively. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to theirs, telling the Wild Pack that he wants to stay with those dogs as they are his Pack now. When some of the Wild Pack members protest, Splash tells them that Terror is gone and they might now be a real Pack, and several of his Packmates whine in agreement.
After Twitch becomes Alpha of the Pack, all the dogs surge toward him, congratulating him, nuzzling him, and barking with amusement.
Breeze is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

When Twitch's Pack claim that they want to fight for Storm, Twitch asks his other dogs- Rake, Breeze, Woody, and Omega what they think. Breeze says that it would be an honor to fight beside the dogs who defeated Terror, and Twitch thanks her for speaking. When Twitch announces that they will fight alongside Sweet's Pack, his Pack howls in agreement. After the Wild Pack attacks the Fierce Dog Pack with a giantfur, Sweet tells her Pack and Twitch's Pack that they will fight the Fierce Dogs.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Moon is framed for stealing food. Breeze is the dog that uncovered the food, hidden in Moon's den. 
Storm notices that Breeze does not take part in the Great Howl. When asked about it, Breeze says that she does not want to attract the attention of the Fear Dog.
Lucky's hunting patrol discovers a hilltop where lots of deer scents cross. When approached with the idea that this is the Golden Deer's meeting place, the dogs argue about the existence of the Spirit Dogs, coming down to Bella saying that the Golden Deer is just made up, like the Fear Dog. However, Breeze firmly objects.
Storm who couldn't sleep, takes a walk to see Moon, and is surprised to see Breeze already there. Moon is calming down Breeze who is worried about Lucky and Snap hunting the Golden Deer. Breeze decides to go back down to her den.

Dead of Night

Breeze and Thorn were on patrol the night that Whisper was murdered.
Breeze with the rest of her old pack, get to bid Whisper good bye as they bury him.
Breeze and Thorn go up on High Watch while patrolling to visit Storm. Breeze asks Storm about Fox Mist, whom Storm had had to scar earlier that day. After receiving an answer, Breeze and Thorn continue to patrol.
The foxes attack the pack's camp. When Storm fails to protect the pups due to exhaustion and lack of sleep, Breeze saves the pups, and chases the foxes away from them.

Into the Shadows

Breeze often takes care of the pups and cares about them very much. She tells them many stories to help them fall asleep, making them up as she goes along.
When Rake, Ruff, Dart, and Woody decide to leave the pack, she is asked whether she wants to go with them. Breeze rejects the offer, stating that the Wild Pack has the greatest chances of survival, and that she wants to stay for the pups.
The pups go down to the Endless Lake, believing in a story that Breeze had told them. Breeze, Storm, Thorn, and Beetle save them from the lake, and bring them back to Lucky and Sweet. They are all seen as heroes.

Red Moon Rising

Seeing the way the pack treats Storm, Breeze suggests that she leave the pack for awhile, so that the pack could see how essential Storm is to their survival, and beg her to come back. She says Storm is the Wild Pack's best hunter.

The Exile's Journey

During her exile, Storm thinks about how the other dogs in the Wild Pack grow wary of her as soon as they begin to trust her more. She realizes that the sudden distrust is due to Breeze's words and suspects that Breeze is the traitor and is manipulating the other dogs into thinking that she's behind it. She starts out to hunt when she just left the Pack and along the way, discovered the wolves.
Later on, Arrow mentions that he wouldn't let a dog like Breeze into his pack and is surprised that Lucky and Sweet allow her to play with their pups. He claims Breeze to have a dark side, a fierce side. Arrow reveals to Storm that he caught Breeze carrying a live rabbit that was already injured and Breeze didn't kill it right away but allowed the creature to suffer.
Storm later tells Bella about her mate's accusations of Breeze being twisted and cruel and how she allowed the rabbit to suffer. Bella stats that kind of behaviour isn't unusual in Breeze as she once overheard Breeze telling Rake that "Arrow" was a Dirty longpaw fang and a murderer. When Bella reveals to Storm that Breeze didn't call Arrow by name Storm believes that Breeze was talking about her and not Arrow since Arrow didn't kill Terror.
Storm is still unsure as Breeze was one of the few dogs that wasn't wary of her and acted like her friend, and would commit such things. After some thinking, she realizes that Breeze is, in fact, the traitor.
Storm leaves for the  Wild Pack in order to stop Breeze. On her way there, she stops by Rake's Pack to gather some information about what Breeze was like in Terror's Pack and the dogs reveal that when Terror forced his dogs to attack one another not only was Breeze afraid but thrilled to do so but remained friendly when they weren't forced to attack one another. They also explain that she was the only truly loyal dog to Terror. She soon finds out that Breeze plans to join them after she's finished with the pups. Storm realizes that "finished with the pups" sounds ominously like a death threat to them.
Storm leaves Rake's Pack and goes to the Wild Pack, where she spies on them for a while, hidden out of sight, to make sure that Breeze hasn't harmed the pack. She finds out that the Pack is the same as it had been when she left, but is terrified that Breeze will harm someone at any moment. She caught the scent of Dart and talked with her, along with Woody and Ruff. She spied for a couple of days until Breeze suddenly came. They argued until Breeze bit and scratched her own shoulder, splattered blood on Storm's face and cried out the accusation that Storm had bitten her. The dogs in the Pack still didn't trust Storm and thought Storm was lying when she said that she didn't bite Breeze.
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The Final Battle

The traitor dog eventually realizes she is in trouble when Alpha states that she shouldn't watch the pups alone for while. That day, Breeze rips a hole in the den Storm is being held captive in so she would try and escape. It is later revealed that she did this so the she could blame the murder of Ruff on her. Later on she steals Lucky and Sweet's pups away and takes them somewhere.
After three of the pups, Tumble, Fluff, and Tiny, have been saved, she takes Nibble to the clearing in which Storm had killed Terror. The longpaws had started to create a settlement there, so Breeze hides somewhere and starts to taunt the four dogs, Bella, Arrow, Storm, and Lucky, that had came to rescue Nibble. After they find her, Breeze is on the top of one of the unfinished longpaw dens, and threatens to push Nibble off and onto some stones. Storm tells Bella to find a way up there as she would distract her. She starts speaking of Terror, and distracts her. When Bella reaches the top, Breeze understood what was happening, so they turn and fight. As they fought, Storm rescues Nibble, but Bella turns to them, and Breeze cannons into her haunches and pushes Bella off the unfinished longpaw den onto the stones. Nibble claims that Tufty would help her down, and that Storm can get Breeze. Storm climbs back up and chases her. After Storm chases Breeze out of the longpaw dens, she steps into the white-mud, and whacks Breeze in the head. She tumbles down, and screams, saying the Fear-Dog orders for Storm to die. After Storm sinks her teeth into her throat, she dies, her blood spreading around, her tongue sticking out stiffly, and blood gurgling from her mouth.


  • Despite being listed as a patrol dog,[1] Breeze states she is a hunter.[10]
  • Gillian confirmed that Breeze is a chocolate Labrador Collie mix, mostly of Labrador.[11]
  • Breeze was the traitor, as revealed in The Exile's Journey.


"It would be an honor to fight beside the dogs who defeated Terror."
—Breeze lying to Twitch Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 16

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