"This is my family. The Rancher. Sundance and Zorro and Belle. Whatever else they are, they're my Pack."
— Calamity to Wolf about her life in Alpha's Tale, page 59
Longpaw Fangs[1]
Training Farm[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Member: Calamity[1]
Family Mate: Alpha (formerly)[4]
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Calamity is a slender,[6] black-and-tan female[1] Doberman Pinscher with a scarred paw,[7] a shining coat,[6] a stumped tail,[2] and pointed[8] ears trimmed to an erect point.[9]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Calamity is one of the dogs in the clash of the Longpaw Fangs and a patrol of the Wolf Pack when Dog is caught trying to save Quick.
When Dog is caught and stuck to a metal pole, Calamity is the first of the Longpaw Fangs that he meets. She asks what his name is and he growls saying that he won't tell her. Calamity makes a comment then tells her name, since he won't tell her his name. She decides that she would call him Wolf. Upon telling her name, Dog comments it's a weird one.
When Dog is chained up, the other Longpaw Fangs go to chase off his former Pack. When they return, Dog is angry that Sundance killed his mother. Calamity urges Dog to stop after he tries to attack Sundance, pulling against his choking collar. She does not want to give Sundance the pleasure of seeing Dog hurt himself.
Calamity and Dog start becoming closer, and eventually become friends. When Wolf is finally trusted to guard the grounds, Calamity has to patrol also. Sundance says she's in charge. While patrolling, she and Wolf play and while they're looking at the stars, Wolf asks Calamity to be his mate. Calamity agrees. However, a coyote appeared to take the chickens. They race over, but Wolf hesitates to make the kill.
For not catching the coyote, the two must be scarred. Calamity is protected by Wolf  when she was going to be scarred but the others pin him down while Calamity endures it. They have to sleep in the barn. While she curls up on a hay pile, Wolf tries to go near her but she asks him to go away and Wolf knows that Calamity is blaming him.
Later on, when Wolf decides he can't stay at the Ranch any longer, he tells Calamity, and asks if she would go with him. She reminds him of his promise to stay with her if she will be his mate, and he replies he'll keep it and stay. Knowing he'll grow to hate her for not letting him go, she urges him to leave, and that she will need to sound the alarm after or else if she doesn't they'll do more than scar her. Thinking he left, she sounds the alarm.


  • Calamity shares the same scar with Alpha for failing to succeed in their responsibilities during an assignment.[10]
  • Before being adopted by the Rancher, Calamity lived at a facility known to her as the Training Farm, from which she received her name.[2]
  • Calamity's name is another word for "disaster."[11]
  • Gillian believes that Calamity and her friends are still alive somewhere[12]




Wolf (formerly): Deceased[13]


Unnamed half-wolf pups
Unnamed wolf pups

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"What's your name? I assume you've got one. Mine's Calamity."
—Calamity introducing herself to Dog Alpha's Tale, page 34

"Well I'm not barking Noneofyourbusiness every time I want to call you, so I'll give you a name. I'll call you Wolf."
—Calamity to Dog Alpha's Tale, page 35

"Don't give Sundance the satisfaction of choking yourself, because your Pack isn't worth it. They've abandoned you."
—Calamity to Dog after Graceful's death Alpha's Tale, page 43

"Keep it up and you'll sleep in a proper dog bed tonight with us. Your new Pack! It's warm and cozy, Wolf. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
—Calamity to Dog Alpha's Tale, page 50

"Yes. Even though they did that. Wolf, I am happy here. It's the only world I've ever known. I don't belong in yours."
—Calamity to Wolf Alpha's Tale, page 63

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