They looked like Alpha, but thinner.
Mickey to Lucky on the Coyote Pack in Darkness Falls, page 140

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Alpha's Tale, Moon's Choice, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, Dead of Night

Coyotes are dog-like creatures encountered by the dogs.[1] They have a sharp, peaty odor[2][1] and are sneaky, opportunistic killers, known to eat sharpclaws, and snatch pups from their Mother-Dogs.[2] The coyotes have formed multiple packs seen across the Survivors universe. One such example of the Coyote pack led by Mangles in Darkness Falls. According to Mangles, the Alpha Coyote refers to his or her subordinates/members as "Cohorts."[3]


Coyotes in Survivors are described as thick-furred like wolves, have thin,[1] long narrow legs[2] that look like skin stretched over bone[4] and, large pointed ears.[2] The coyotes have also been described with yellow-grayish[5] fur, yellow eyes,[6] wrinkled muzzles[5] and scrawny necks.[6] They seem to speak with nasal voices.[5] Mickey states that they look like a thinner version of the half-wolf Alpha. They tend to speak in either a broken universal canine-language or possibly speak clearly, as opposed to the coyote found in the cage of The Broken Path.


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

A small Pack of coyotes, led by the coyote Mangles, scent LickGrunt, WiggleLucky, and Mickey as Lucky and Mickey are escorting the pups back to the Pack. The dogs hide their scent by rolling in earth and twigs, confusing the coyotes. The coyotes begin to talk about feasting on the pups, and claim they smell young dogs, but not in the area.
Mangles orders them to follow him in the direction he thought he picked up the pup scent.

The Broken Path

When Lucky, Storm and the others go into the loudcage to save Fiery, a coyote is seen in a cage and has one line of dialogue, "I see we have visitors." Later, the coyote, a rabbit and others are freed.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

Coyotes are seen in the prologue, approaching the hidden Fierce Dog pups and discussing what they'll do when they catch the pups. Mangles is the leader of this coyote pack.
Coyotes appear again while Storm, Lucky, and Twitch are out hunting and looking for prey. They notice a rotting rabbit coming down a river, and then they spot a coyote pack appear.
Earlier in the book, the dogs scent the coyotes, but make no immediate mention of it to Lucky and Sweet.
The coyote pack are lined up on the riverbank behind them, a total of eight coyotes, including one with a missing tail. They are several paw strides away, and smell. There are fleas leaping around in their fur. The coyote leader says that there were no silly spirits to Lucky, looking smug and tossing his head back and baring his teeth. He says the coyotes are not like foolish dogs, and see what is in front. The coyote leader then sneers at Twitch and calls him a cripple when Lucky boasts each dog was worth two of their coyotes, saying that Twitch wasn't even a whole dog.
The coyotes laugh. The coyotes stop laughing to hear Twitch's words, his bluff that he fights, runs and walks better without his leg. The coyote leader mutters that he's a liar, and looks at Twitch as if he was a rabbit who turned around and bit him.
He snarls petulantly that Earth was earth.
The coyote leader stares at Lucky over Twitch's head, and then bares his teeth mockingly at Twitch, turns, and bounds away. His coyote pack follows him at a loping, sideways run as they throw growls over their shoulders at the dogs.

In the Gathering Darkness Series

Into the Shadows

A pack coyote attacks Bella and Arrow and sneers that they should run away and flee. Then Storm and Lucky join in the fight and together they manage to drive out the coyotes.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

In Alpha's Tale, a coyote makes a temporary appearance when Alpha, who at the time is named Wolf, is out night patrolling the Ranch. Wolf seems to observe the coyote is a loner without a pack, visibly worn down with jutting ribs, a disheveled coat, using only three of its skinny legs. In pity, he thinks the coyote is an outcast, exiled from its Pack, alone and hungry.
The coyote snatches a chicken, only to be caught by the other Fierce-Dogs. It is torn until it becomes a limp bloody scrap, dead.

Moon's Choice

Moon's pack is attacked by a pack of coyotes while the pack is weakened by the illness. The Alpha is killed as a result of a swarm of coyotes.

Sweet's Journey

A coyote pack appears when Sweet leaves her guard point in the care of Beta, who then deceives her by allowing the coyotes to come while Moon birthed her pups. The coyotes flee at the sight of the dogs returning.

Coyote Packs

There are several coyote parks that occur in the series.

Notable Coyote Packs

Coyote Pack in Moon's Choice

Moon describes the unnamed coyote pack (MC) as yellow-grayish[5] with yellow eyes,[6] wrinkled muzzles[5] and scrawny necks[6] including 10-12 members[5]; They seem to speak with nasal voices.[5] The Coyote Pack preys on the weak, and so with so many weak dogs in her camp, they immediately aimed for the den filled with the weakened sick dogs.[5] The way the coyotes fought is described as lacking honor in a vicious, mindless struggle to kill or be killed.[6] The coyotes successfully kill the Alpha[7] through overwhelming him with eight[7] other coyotes grouped together.

Coyote Pack mentioned in Darkness Falls

An aggressive coyote pack once entered the city and could only be driven away by longpaws carrying sticks.[8]

Coyote Pack (GD) in Dead of Night

Read more about this pack here.

Coyote Pack (OS) in Darkness Falls

Read more about this pack here.


  • Gillian says that there are no plans to have coydogs in the series.[9]

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