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"My collar? I can’t take it off. I won’t. I’ll do anything else you ask me, but please don’t ask me that. It shows I’m bound to a longpaw, that I’m owned and loved and that I have a longpaw to look after. It’s so important. To all of us."
— Daisy in The Empty City, page 202
Wild Pack[1]
Leashed Dog,[2] Leashed Pack[3]
Westie/Jack Russell mix[4]
Names Patrol Dog: Daisy[1]
Family Longpaws (formerly)
Mother-Dog: Unnamed Jack Russell
Father-Dog: Unnamed Westie
Rank Positions
Rank Scout Dog
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey
Dead N/A

Daisy is a rough-coated,[5] short-legged,[6] small female[7] Westie-Jack Russell[8] with wiry,[9] white[10]-and-tan fur,[11] a short[12] brown tail,[13] small,[14] sharp teeth,[15] a small, fluffy, pointed,[16] hairy,[6] face[17] and dark eyes.[18]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky shows Sunshine and the rest of the dogs how to heal a minor cut on Sunshine's paw without a vet, Daisy exclaims how clever Lucky was.
Later, Daisy goes into her house to wait for her longpaw, and along with the others' homes, it collapses. She and the other dogs get out of their houses in time.
Daisy is sick of hearing the Leashed Dogs fight over Alfie so she heads to her house. She smells a gas leak and decides to follow it to her kitchen. She thinks she can report back to the other dogs once she finds the scent. She becomes so dizzy though that she can't move. Daisy loses her consciousness after Lucky comes in to find her.
Daisy wakes up to find herself surrounded by her friends and out of her longpaw's house. Daisy had been saved by Lucky. Daisy explains why she had left her friends. Daisy decides to go back into her longpaw house. She holds her breath, aware of the danger now. She finds a purse from her owner and takes it with her out of the city.
As the dogs leave the dangers of the city, she sees some strange longpaws in bright vests and black faces, and runs up to them, barking excitedly. One of the longpaws kicks her, and she is shocked.
Daisy does well in the temporary home her friends have made. She catches her prey well, and shows off her catches to an impressed Lucky.
When being confronted by Blade, Mace and Dagger, Daisy does the most sensible thing by rolling onto her back and exposing her throat and belly in submission. Daisy, Alfie, and Bella are then taken hostage by Blade and her gang. When Daisy and her friends hear Lucky distracting the Fierce Dogs, they decide to escape.
Later on, when Lucky manages to escape, she and the others rejoice as they come greeting the survivor. When the patrol comes back to their camp, Daisy gazes adoringly at Lucky as she compliments his bravery at the Fierce Dog Garden. She expresses disappointment like the rest when Lucky admits they have to leave their perfect camp. The next day, Daisy comforts Lucky after he woke up from a nightmare. She respects his privacy by not asking about it. When the dogs get in trouble with the longpaw hunter, Daisy offers Mickey some assuring words provide he leaves the longpaw alone and the idea of his longpaw owners arriving any moment.
When dogs all arrive at the slope of a hill, Daisy and Sunshine bark with recognition at what lay before them as they were at the last of their stamina. Bella confirms their fears: that this world is a different world from whence they came. Daisy whimpers uneasily when she says that the new world needs a new dog.
Lucky breaks the news to them that their longpaws are not coming back at all and Daisy gives a howl of misery as the Leashed Pack begins to squabble. She asks them all to stop fighting, and that she hates fighting. This calms the dogs down as they realize how useless it is to conflict with each other.
While the dogs begin burying their longpaw mementos, Daisy takes longer than the others to dig a deep enough hiding place for her longpaw's purse. After the longpaw things are buried, she joins the others as they all howl for their longpaws.
Daisy is sad to hear about Lucky's decision to leave after, but she understands. After Lucky leaves, Daisy and her Pack encounter the Wild Pack.

A Hidden Enemy

When the Leashed Pack is attacked by the Wild Pack, Lucky rushes back to help his former Packmates, and once he reaches the top of the valley, the Lone Dog thinks of how the territory was ideal, including plenty of shelter for Daisy, Sunshine, and Alfie. Lucky watches as another Pack attacks the Leashed Dogs, and Bella orders Martha to help Daisy. A couple of huge dogs from the opposing Pack snap at Sunshine and Daisy to scare them, but Lucky knows that if the bigger Leashed Dogs helped their tiny Packmates, the rest of the hostile Pack would attack them.
After the battle, which had been stopped by another Big Growl, Daisy licks Martha's torn leg and tells the water-dog that she would be fine but shouldn't move around. The small dog then looks up and catches sight of Lucky, who hadn't interrupted the fight. Daisy's eyes widen and she yelps in fright, which scares the others, but Lucky reassures his friends that it is him and not a Wild Dog. Most of them greet Lucky, and Sunshine and Daisy jump up to reach his nose, but their old enthusiasm is subdued due to Alfie dying in the fight.
The dogs look to Alfie, and Daisy whimpers a sad protest when Lucky says there is nothing they can do. The Leashed Pack are clearly upset by this, and Bella is the first to howl, followed by Mickey and Daisy, then the rest of the Leashed Dogs. They say last words, and Daisy murmurs that she will miss Alfie. Mickey says they all will. Lucky then suggests leaving Alfie there for the Earth-Dog, but Daisy objects that the crows and foxes will eat him, and that they couldn't do that to Alfie. Mickey and Bella agree, and the former offers that they should bury him.
Once they dig Alfie a good hole, Daisy wishes out loud that they had his toy ball he had brought after the first Big Growl; however, they do not have it, since Lucky had made the Leashed Dogs leave their longpaw items. Once Alfie is buried, Daisy whimpers that it felt wrong to leave him, and Lucky agrees. Bella suggests that they stay with him until the next day and the whole Pack agrees.
The next morning the dogs contemplate how to drink fresh, clean water, as the river is poisoned. Once they have an idea, Daisy leaps up brightly, tail wagging. Recalling how they once made an offering to the Sky-Dog, she suggests doing the same for the River-Dog. The white dog points out that if they send her a gift, she might clean out the water for them, and she looks so pleased with her thought that Lucky doesn't contradict her, that if they give the River-Dog a gift, maybe he will clean out the water for them. The dogs discuss what to give, but soon realize that it wouldn't work. When Sunshine's idea of finding food for the Spirit Dog are rejected, Daisy gives her a supportive lick on the ear.
The dogs then take a nap and wake to heavy rain. Daisy howls to Lucky that a storm is coming and that they need to hide. Lucky tries to reassure the panicking Leashed Dogs that it is only a storm. Eventually, he leads the Pack to a ridge that is sheltered from the weather and suggests sleeping. Daisy, who is trembling, questions if it is safe, and Lucky licks her ear with reassurance that it is as safe as it gets. Bella agrees and comforts Daisy not to worry, as they will look after her. Lucky is pleased with his sister, and guesses that after Alfie's death, she would be extremely protective of the smaller dogs.
The next morning, when Lucky wakes up, Daisy cheerfully greets him with a "good morning". The white dog bounds over to him and nips at his muzzle, telling him to come to where the rest of the Pack is, by the river's bank. Lucky questions what it is, but he is happy to hear that Daisy s happy again. She cheerfully trots down to the river and stops right at its edge, then turns to face him again. Lucky asks what it is, and Bruno shows how the water has caused caves in the rocks. The Leashed dogs notice that the water seems clean, and Martha plunges into the water. Daisy and Sunshine happily watch from the shallows, less inclined to get in themselves.
Right after, when Bruno starts choking and drooling poison, Lucky saves him by getting the poison out. Daisy asks what the sickness would have done to Bruno, and Lucky replies that it can kill a dog unless he spits it out. The Leashed Pack eventually disperse, but soon after Daisy, who had wandered away, urgently barks to Lucky and Bella. The littermates come over to where Daisy is inside one of the caves, her head sticking out. The small dog looks a little excited, and she tells them to look themselves, and bring Bruno, as there is clean water. She explains that there is a bowl of rock where rain has gathered, and Bella praises Daisy on the discovery. Meanwhile, Mickey discovers longpaw items, which leads him to believe that the longpaws saved them with good water. Martha disagrees, and Daisy adds that if their longpaws were near, they would probably come to get them. Mickey wonders if they can't come, but are giving the Leashed Pack shelter and water to show that they care for them; yet Lucky thinks it is nonsense, and Sunshine and Daisy give him uncertain looks. Martha declares her trust in the River-Dog, but Mickey growls that their longpaws are protecting them and will come back. This excites Sunshine, and Daisy barks in excitement that it might be true, and the longpaws maybe still want to keep them safe. The two small dogs bounce and yap with happiness.
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Darkness Falls

Daisy is the first to see Lucky and Mickey return, and is also the first to see the fierce dog pups: Lick, Wiggle, and Grunt.
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The Broken Path

When Lucky comes back from a hunting patrol led by Fiery, Daisy bounds up to Fiery and yaps a greeting, not at all intimidated by his size. Lucky thinks that his Leashed Pack friends are truly fitting in with the Wild Pack. Before Nose and Squirm's naming, Martha wonders what the big deal is, and Daisy wistfully agrees that she had been wondering that too, and she squeezes in between Martha and Lucky. During the Great Howl right before the Naming, Daisy shivers beside Lucky as a thrill runs through her, and she whispers that it is as if the Moon-Dog knows. Lucky doesn't silence her, and he murmurs that he thinks that she is right.
As the dogs move territories again, Fiery urges on the slower dogs, and he gently nudges Daisy to go faster. After a break and much more walking, Fiery almost has to drag on Daisy's scruff to keep her going. When the poison rain starts to rain, the dogs huddle together inside a cave, and they see two rats, one of them in pain from the rain. Daisy watches the rats listlessly. Alpha notes to Lucky that they are still not safe, and some of the Pack hear and whimper and mutter in distress. Daisy presses her body low to the ground, trying to hide beneath Martha's coat. She whines that it reminds her of the day that the Big Growl hit, but Sunshine whispers that she shouldn't say that. Mickey argues that she is right, since the ground is shaking and there is the terrible scent in the air.
When the Pack needs to cross a river, the dogs trudge downstream one by one, and Daisy is heard to whimper in fear more than once.When all of the dogs cross and the river flattens out into a board stretch of sandy plane that is vast and exposed, Daisy shivers at Lucky's side as he halts. When they come to a longpaw den, Snap notes that she doesn't like the smell, but Daisy pipes that she does, though Fiery snaps at her to be quiet. Thorn complains that her paw pads hurt from the hardstone surface, but Bruno says that Leashed Dogs walk on it all the time, and Daisy mischievously agrees, saying that Thorn will have to learn to be as tough as a Leashed Dog.
When the Wild Pack find dead corpses of longpaws, Daisy cries that their longpaws are dead, and though Alpha barks at them to be quiet, none of the Leashed Dogs stop. Lucky tells them that those longpaws aren't their longpaws, because they had left the city, and points out that if they hadn't left the city, the same would have happened to them. Lucky asks Daisy if she understands and he nudges her with his nose, explaining that she now knows her longpaws didn't want to leave, but they would have died if they hadn't. In a small voice, Daisy says that she hadn't thought of it like that. The dogs continue moving, and find a Food House, and after sleeping there, the next morning Alpha summons the hunters and Patrol dogs, and tells Martha and Daisy to go with Beta. Daisy is surprised and asks if he is serious, her tail wagging wildly, and almost bursting with pride, and Alpha rolls his eyes, telling her that she was a Leashed Dog and would have a special knowledge. Daisy's tongue lolls and she whines in eager agreement, but Lucky is slightly angered that Alpha left him out of the scouting party. Lucky turns to Daisy and asks her if she wants him to show her how to open a Food Hose door. He adds that he can explain how to pick out edible food from a spoil-box, and Daisy agrees that that is a good point and she hangs her head, her eyes darting left and right. She adds that she doesn't really know how to do those things, but Alpha tells Lucky that he should say any problems he has with the chosen scouts out loud. Lucky asks why he wasn't in the group, and Alpha replies that he thinks that Daisy and Martha will do the job best. Fiery points out that Lucky knows about longpaw settlements and lived along in a city unlike the Leashed Dogs, ad Daisy whines, agreeing that Fiery is right. She pins her ears back and adds that Lucky knows so much.
After a hunting patrol returns with no prey due to encountering Terror, Moon murmurs that they should perhaps move on, but Daisy timidly whines that it is warm, and that they are protected from the terrible rain, though Moon kindly counters that shelter isn't any use without food. Alpha, however, says that they won't leave until at least the next morning, and as the dogs try to sleep, Lucky thinks that Daisy is right, and that it would be hard to leave a place with a roof over there heads, but he knows that with Terror in the woods, they might have to. The next day, a hunting party comes back with lots of prey but they had split up, and Alpha claims that they shouldn't have split up on a hunt. Sweet agrees with Alpha, and says that they can't let down their guard and start acting like Leashed Dogs, and she shoots Martha and Daisy, who are in her eye line, a meaningful glance.
Later, when Alpha announces that they will move on soon, but first hunt, as every dog must be hungry, Bruno whines in agreement, and Daisy gives his ear and affectionate lick. When Fiery challenges Alpha, Martha nuzzles the frightened Daisy. When Sweet announces the details and that it will be that night, the Leashed Dogs look to Lucky in bewilderment, and Daisy whines that she doesn't understand.
However, when a hunting patrol later comes back with news that Fiery is captured, Daisy yelps in horror. Spring wonders if longpaw now eat dogs, and when Alpha snarls that the Big Growl might have changed the longpaws, Daisy miserably yowls that they wouldn't do that, but Snap asks why they would do it in that case.
When Terror's Pack comes to attack the Wild Pack, the Pack doesn't have time to order themselves, but Lucky pushes Daisy and Sunshine roughly behind him to make sure that they are as protected as possible. However, it turns out to be Twitch, with news that Fiery is in the Dog Garden, and Lucky remembers that when Blade attacked them, they were too far from the Dog Garden, and wouldn't have come all the way to retrieve the pups. Daisy shivers wonders who knows what makes sense to a Fierce Dog. Whine adds that a City Dog wouldn't know anyways, and Lucky bares his teeth at him, then gives Daisy a reassuring lick, and tells her that he doesn't think that the Fierce Dogs are at the Dog Garden. However, Alpha says that they will leave and not rescue Fiery, and several dogs join him; including Bruno and Mickey, and Daisy and Sunshine, who creep out too, in the shelter of Martha's body. When the dogs who will rescue Fiery leave the Pack, Snap, Spring, and Daisy yap their good-byes.

The Endless Lake

Daisy is first seen when the group to save Fiery returns to the Pack. Mickey runs to welcome Lucky, who had been part of the group, and Daisy springs after the former with Snap and Spring. Lucky is submerged beneath their happy licks, and they fall back as Sweet approaches. After the welcomes, the group explains what happened and the death of Fiery; in response to this, the Pack is saddened, with Daisy seen gazing at her paws.
Later, Lucky watches his Packmates and notes that Daisy, Dart, and Spring are on patrol. During the Great Howl, Lucky passes out and dreams a Storm of Dogs vision, where the Fierce Dogs force some of the Wild Pack members to walk through the snow. Daisy is seen walking behind Martha, with Bruno and Snap. Lucky tries to run to his Packmates, but the wind always throws him back; meanwhile, the dogs attack one another, and Daisy whimpers with fear. When Lucky wakes up in front of the Pack, Alpha looms over him, while Daisy exchanges glances with Mickey.
The next day, when the whole Pack goes hunting, many dogs have trouble walking over the sands. Bella shows her jump-walking technique that helped her, and several dogs, including Daisy, soon do their best to copy Bella's movements. After a while, when the Pack has caught no prey, Alpha says they will go back to camp and return the next day, but Moon objects that they have caught no food. Daisy nibbles at her fur, and her ears prick up. She yips agreement, and takes a deep breath before stepping forward and telling Alpha that although some members of the Pack who have the best pickings will be okay, other dogs will get hungry. The small dog continues that Whine and Sunshine are getting weak, as will the rest of the Pack if they don't find something to eat soon. Alpha takes a step toward Daisy, towering over her, and snaps that the Alpha must stay strong. Daisy flinches, but keeps her paws planted to the ground, and a murmur of sympathy rises from the Pack. Later that day, when Alpha announces that the Fierce Dogs are in the town and that the Wild Pack will leave at sunup, in a small voice Daisy questions if they will leave again.
The next day, as the dogs travel, Daisy tells the dogs to look and she furiously wags her tail, at the sight of a lighthouse. The terrier barks that they need to go there and she hops on the spot, prancing forward, and turning to the Pack. Mickey agrees that there could be longpaws with food in the house. Sunshine also gets excited, and she soon dashes toward the house, with Mickey and Daisy bursting after her. Alpha orders them to come back immediately, but they don't listen, instead speeding across to the red-and-white house. The half-wolf tells Lucky that he doubts the dogs would find their longpaws in the building, yet says that the Pack can't afford to lose Daisy or Mickey when they are short of capable hunters. Alpha orders Lucky to get them back, and he starts after the three dogs.
The golden-furred dog can't see his friends, and barks their names, warning them to be careful. Lucky finds paw marks in a hardstone road that leads to the house, and he catches the excited barking of Daisy and Mickey up ahead. After finding Sunshine, Lucky, Bella, and Storm continue running and find the Endless Lake to be churning angrily. Bella whines that Mickey and Daisy have woken up the lake. The rest of the Pack appear behind Storm, but stop at the sight of the lake, and Lucky knows that it would be down to the three of them to get Mickey and Daisy back. The three dogs approach the house and call out to their friends.
Mickey steps out of the mist, with Daisy padding behind him sheepishly, and the Farm dog asks why the longpaws didn't come out despite their barking. Lucky guesses that longpaws don't live there, and when Mickey whines that they were stupid to come, Daisy objects if they were. She points out that if even Lucky couldn't explain the house's purpose, he can't be positive that there aren't longpaws in there with good food. The small dog hopefully says that they came far and should at least try to get inside and take a look. Bella scoffs at the idea, snapping that not all longpaws are friendly, but Daisy whines and sadly murmurs that the yellow longpaws are different. However, their discussion is interrupted by the barking, and the Wild Pack races to the dogs, with the Fierce Dogs after them.
The Wild Pack is frantic and scared, and Daisy whines that the water is crazed with anger. She raises her forepaw over a huge puddle that is spreading over the lake road, and Lucky realizes that the terrier is right. As Alpha is frozen in shock, Lucky orders to dogs to find a way into the house, and the Pack scout along its base, with Daisy throwing her paws on the way and looking for a way in.
While some dogs try to open the door to the house, the Fierce Dogs attack other members of the Pack. Large waves cause Alpha and Spring to fall into the Endless Lake and for Blade's Pack to retreat. Lucky then orders the Pack to hurry inside the house, and Mickey and Daisy immediately obey, skidding over the water pools and dashing into the building, their Packmates following them. The dogs run the stairs to the top of the house, and Daisy cries that she wishes she never saw the house, as they are now trapped. Mickey, Snap, and Storm go hunting and return with prey, and when there is no Alpha to take the first bite, even Leashed Dogs like Bella and Daisy hesitate, as they have grown so used to the ritual. After the Pack shares the food equally, the dogs say their words about Spring and Alpha, and when Lucky speaks for the floppy-eared dog, Dart lets out a terrible howl. Daisy goes to comfort her, nuzzling her soft ears.
The next day, when Snap and Moon have a skirmish over food, Lucky orders them to stop, then Daisy steps toward him and clears her throat. She points out that they shouldn't be fighting, but that Moon is right, and not having a leader is a problem. The small dog adds that they won't get far without one, and Bella agrees. Daisy asks if that means dogs need to fight, which is the custom, and her tail drops uneasily. Lucky assures the small dog that there doesn't have to be a fight, and she wags her tail in relief. after Bruno, Mickey, and Bella suggest that Lucky be the Alpha, Daisy yips that Lucky should be leader, with Storm joining in. In the end, instead of picking an Alpha, the Four Paws system is created.
The next day, when the dogs go the the Longpaw city and enter a longpaw house, Daisy finds a soft-hide and hurries toward a fuzzy pelt at the far end of the room. She exclaims that it is very comfy and warm, and the Pack follows her, gathering on the soft-hide. The dogs find small white pellets to eat, and after they wolf them down, they get filled with energy, and Daisy hops on the spot.
When Lucky comes back to the Pack after Storm is captured by Fierce Dogs, he finds that Sweet and Bella are fighting, and it appears that Moon and Daisy are trying to defend the swift-dog. The fight is resulted from Bella thinking that Sweet sent Lucky away to become Alpha herself, but Lucky ends the fight, and when he announces the news of Storm, Daisy barks in alarm. Bella says that they didn't know what was going on and that Sweet wouldn't tell them, and Lucky questions if they voted for it. Bella replies that they did, while at the same time Daisy yaps that they didn't. In the end, Thorn explains that Sweet and Bella both made votes that received four paws, which caused fighting.
In attempt to save Storm, when the Wild Pack walks down stairs in the Fierce Dog camp, Daisy is heard pouncing onto the ground. She presses her nuzzle to his ear and whines that she doesn't like how dark and stale it is, but Lucky assures that they won't be there for long. After Storm is rescued and the Wild Pack heads back to their camp, Sweet announces that Storm belongs with them, and Daisy yips in a small voice that Storm obviously should stay, but she questions what they will do and where they will go. The small dog throws a nervous look over her shoulder, saying that can't stay in their camp, and Bruno agrees. Lucky tells the Wild Pack about his dreams of the Storm of Dogs and how they must fight the Fierce Dogs to win, but Daisy points out that Storm just battled the Fierce Dogs. She asks how he knows that that wasn't the Storm of Dogs itself, as she outwitted Blade. Daisy suggests that it might all be over now, and her eyes are wide with hope, although Lucky says he knows it wasn't the Storm of Dogs.

Storm of Dogs

When Lucky and Storm return to camp after hunting, their Packmates are seen awake and stretching, while Daisy, who had watched over the Pack as they slept, naps in the Patrol Dogs' den. The small dog lifts her head. Later, when the Pack practices fighting moves, Storm explains a technique, and asks Daisy if she can demonstrate on her. The Fierce Dog promises that it won't hurt, and Daisy gives an excited yip of agreement and stands at attention. Storm jabs at her with fangs exposed, and when the wiry-furred dog moves to block her, Storm dives down, dodging Daisy's teeth, and seizing the small dog by her neck. The young dog briefly pins Daisy to the ground, then springs back, and the patrol-dog rolls onto her paws. Storm gives the white dog a friendly lick, then tells the others to try it.
When Lucky is about to have his Beta Ceremony, Daisy is mentioned to be one of the reassuring faces he looks at, before gazing at the rest of his Pack. Later, when Lucky has a dream of the Fierce Dogs enslaving a group of dogs, he sees a fight-dog and a small dog with wiry fur, and recognizes them as Bruno and Daisy, causing Lucky to realize that the Slave Dogs are his old Leashed Pack.
When Lucky, Bella, and Storm come to the camp after the Beta is rescued from the Fierce Dogs, they are greeted by Sweet, who had run ahead, as well as Sunshine, Mickey, and Daisy, who gather around Lucky and offer their help. Daisy licks Lucky's nose, and exclaims that he is very cold.
The next morning, when the dogs wake, the air hums with a faint vibration and the soil smells sour, which is how it felt before the Big Growl, and when Dart mentions how in the past Growl the ground fell apart, Daisy's ears prick up. She states that her longpaws' house shook and shook, and when she barked for them, they weren't there. While several dogs negotiate talk about if they should leave their camp, Daisy is seen hopping in circles. Lucky states that he thinks the Pack should stay, and Daisy steps forward nervously with her tail pointed down to the ground. She asks about the longpaws he saw in town, and exclaims that they are too close to the Endless Lake, and that the Growl will get them. However, Sweet states that that isn't their problem. Lucky suggests leading a group to try to warn the longpaws, and after Sweet gives permission and several members of the former Leashed Pack volunteer to come, Sunshine and Daisy are mentioned to skip excitedly.
Later in the city, Lucky tells his patrol to warn the longpaws of the danger and he bounds down the street, then looks back to see Sunshine, Snap, and Daisy prancing and spinning. Lucky slows down to watch the longpaws reaction, and they at first look amused, but tense when Lucky and Bella start howling.
When the patrol tries to return to camp, a growl occurs and part of the cliff begins to crumble. Mickey says that they will have to find another way up the cliff, but Daisy yips that the water is coming, and she shakes with fear. Lucky eventually finds a path through the rocks and he scrambles up while the other dogs follow him. Daisy is noted to be working hard as she charges up the rock ridge on her short legs. After the Growl ends and the patrol reaches the cliff, they find that the Pack has vanished, and the patrol starts to howl. However, Daisy yaps over them that they should listen, and she asks if they can hear something. The others fall silent, and a barking is heard in the distance, and Daisy bursts forward, tail wagging frenziedly. Lucky orders her to wait and be careful and leads the way, but inside he is just as desperate as Daisy to run to the sound. When the patrol finds the Pack trapped underneath a tree, Mickey and Snap dig at the side of the tree, and Daisy helps them by pushing back the dirt.
Later, when the Pack decides on if they should hand Storm over, many dogs state that she should stay in the Pack, and Daisy says that she can't imagine it without Storm. The white dog asks if they will really give her to the Fierce Dogs, and exclaims that that wouldn't be true to their dog-spirits, as they aren't foxes of sharpclaws.
When Bella suggests to have an alliance with Twitch's Pack to fight the Fierce Dogs, Daisy asks what makes her so sure that the dogs are trustworthy, and she points out that they don't know those dogs. The small dog reminds Bella that they were aggressive when Terror was in charge, but Bella points out that he isn't in charge anymore. Sweet agrees that it might work, and Bella offers that she can find Twitch and his Pack and bring them, and asks if one of the others, such as Mickey or Daisy could come with her. However, sweet says that the Pack must stick together. As the Pack travels toward Twitch's camp, Sweet notices a place that would be a good ambush spot, and Daisy, caught up in her Alpha's enthusiasm, climbs some of the low rocks and tries to scramble onto the higher slabs. There is a creaking sound from the outcrop as the small dog tumbles backward, sending a spray of pebbles down behind her, and the other dogs cringe away from the pebbles. Daisy nibbles the ruffled fur of her flank and apologizes, but Sweet glares at her and exclaims that she must think before acting, and that that is obviously not the way to do it, as the rocks are sharp and high, and they will have to approach them from the back.
As they near Twitch's camp, the Pack splits into several group, with Lucky's consisting of Daisy, Storm, and Snap. They watch as the other dogs peel off on ether side of the tree line, then Lucky leads the way through the trees, and the group advances slowly as the trees press closer together. When a deep, furious roar rises over the forest, the dogs turn to one another with wide eyes, and Daisy questions what it was, though right after they hear a dog howling in pain. Lucky leads the dogs through the forest, to where they find a gray-furred dog cowering beneath a roaring giantfur.
The dog asks for help and the group run to the giantfur and bark at it, but Daisy tries to be heard over the din as she exclaims that they shouldn't do it like that. She reminds them of the giantfur near the white ridge, when the old Alpha sent her out with the three pups, but though Snap and Storm look at the small dog, Lucky can't tear his gaze from the giantfur. The creature's muzzle crinkles with fury as she swings her head and focuses her attention on Daisy, but Daisy prompts Storm that she had been very young, and that things got worse when Fang barked at the giantfur. Lucky suddenly remembers the encounter, and thinks that Daisy is right, and that they appease the giantfur instead of anger her.
Daisy urges her Packmates to keep perfectly still, lower his hackles, and look away, because she thinks they are challenging her.Lucky, Snap, and Storm do as they are told, and Daisy encourages that they no longer seem threatening, and she asks Lucky and Snap to quickly dig the dog out. Disturbed by Daisy's yelps, the giantfur pauses to watch her while the two other dogs work to free the trapped dog. Daisy then tells them to slowly back away, and the giantfur no longer growls as they shrink back toward Daisy. Once the giantfur leaves and the dog introduces himself as Whisper, Snap points out their Beta, Lucky, as well as Daisy and Storm. Daisy asks him if his tail is okay and gives it a sniff. The tail seems to have a strange bend near the beginning, but Whisper says that it may be broken but doesn't hurt too much.
Later, as the two Packs share food and Sweet, Lucky, and Twitch talk, Twitch states that they are welcome to eat, and adds that Daisy's quick thinking saved Whisper. When Twitch's dogs decide that they want to fight the Fierce Dogs with the Wild Pack, Daisy bounds up to Whisper and nudges his muzzle with her own, her short tail thrashing.
After both Packs return to the Wild Pack camp, when Lucky comes back to camp from delivering a message to Blade, Daisy gives a shrill yip, and points out that the rain is falling in white lumps. Storm, Beetle, and Thorn are also surprised, but Moon explains that it is just snow, which will met into water when it gets warmer, and that the Earth-Dog will lap at the rain. Daisy asks why she doesn't do that now, and if it is too cold for the spirit-dog, to which Moon replies that the snow is cold, but that when the snow melts to rain, she will drink it and it will disappear. This seems to reassure Daisy, and the wiry-furred dog breathes slowly through her nose, releasing a cloud of steam. She settles by Martha's side as all the dogs gaze into the snow.
During the Storm of Dogs, right before the battle, Lucky thinks that some of the Wild Dogs have never killed anything large than a rabbit, and thinks of Daisy and Moon's pups. After the battle, when the Wild Pack are in their camp and have caught several rabbits, Sweet shoves a couple of the animals toward Twitch, Bruno, and Daisy, who sit nearby, and says that they will eat together that night.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Sweet suggests telling the Wild Pack a story about the Wind-Dogs, Daisy happily pants that she would loves hearing Spirit Dog stories. Alpha goes into her story and explains that Wind-Dogs are the fastest, but Daisy asks what they do, and Sweet answers that they mainly chase the Golden Deer, who runs at the end of the Ice Wind. Daisy gazes up at her Alpha in awe, and dreamily says that the Golden Deer has begun to run again, and Sweet agrees, cocking her head fondly at Daisy.
When Storm wakes up in the forest from dreamwalking, she knows that where Daisy will be on patrol, and she lays quietly in the long weeds until the small dog passes, sniffing dutifully at the camp's fringes. Storm holds her breath as Daisy pauses, raises her head, and sniffs the air suspiciously, but she shakes her head and moves on, and Storm easily slips away.
When a hunting patrol brings back little prey, Storm finds Daisy chatting with Thorn, and calls to both. Both cock their head toward her and whine greetings, and Daisy asks Storm if there was no prey out there. She notes that her catch doesn't seem so good that evening, and Storm agrees that they were distracted by deer scents. Daisy wags her tail excitedly, and asks if there was lots of deer scent, exclaiming that maybe if she goes back she will catch a deer. Thorn agrees that she was unlucky, and says that she will probably see one next time, and Daisy adds that she might see lots of deer, and licks her chops longingly, her voice fading to a hungry growl. Storm is about to calm their expectations, but is interrupted when Rake, Ruff, and Moon quarrel. Storm pads up to where the hostile dogs are, Daisy at her flank. Rake and Moon argue over who has authority, and Rake asks his former leader to tell Moon that she is underminding his authority, but Daisy bounds forward before he answers, and she yips that he should respect Moon, and adds that they all should, and Beetle and Thorn growl in agreement beside her. After Sweet settles the argument, Daisy and Thorn crouch in a huddle with Moon and her other patrollers, but as Storm approaches, Daisy glances up at her and apologizes that it is patrol-dog business, and asks to be alone to talk. Storm hesitates, but nods at Daisy and slinks away from the patrol dogs.
When Storm wakes from sleepwalking again, she thinks that it had been easy enough to sneak past Daisy and Dart, who had been on night patrol. Later that day, when Twitch is made a Third-Dog, Daisy congratulates him.
When a loudbird is near the camp, Storm tells the Pack that they aren't predators, and only carry longpaws. Daisy frets on what would happen if they land in camp, but Storm interrupts that they must land before hurting them. When the longpaws begin to leave, Daisy exclaims happily that they are flying away, and, in such relief and excitement, leaps off the ground with all four paws.
When Sweet tells her Pack that she thinks the Wind-Dogs are real, but won't force her dogs to believe in them, Daisy bounces onto her four paws and exclaims that she hopes they are real, her tail wagging hard. She says that they could use more Spirit Dogs on their side, since they have lots of mouths to feed, and the more Spirit Dogs that help them, they better they will be. Woody complains that blaming Twitch's old Pack for having too many mouths isn't their fault, since they fought the Fierce Dogs with them and accepted their invitation, but Alpha says that there must be no fights yet Daisy grumbles under her breath that she wasn't pointing at anyone, and was just stating a fact, sand she flops onto her belly. Sunshine asks to hear a story of the Wind-Dogs, and Daisy barks that a story would be fun. More dogs agree, and Daisy bounces with excitement, asking what would happen if a Wind-Dog stumbles. She murmurs that they run so fast after he Golden Deer that they must sometimes fall, and her eyes are full of bright curiosity. Alpha tells Daisy that it certainly happened, and explains that when a Wind-Dog stumbles, there is a powerful gust. When Sweet also explains that the Wind-Dogs practice chasing the Golden Deer in Long Wind, Daisy dreamily fantasizes catching a Golden Deer on the ground. Sunshine tells Daisy that she can't imagine it, and wishes to go and catch a Golden Deer. When Rake argues about the foolishness of the Wind-Dogs, the Pack argues about the Spirit-Dogs, and Daisy yelps that they can see the Sky-Dogs in battle, since they can see Lightning himself jump to Earth.
When Storm shows the Pack the dead fox pup, Daisy creeps forward, her expression unbelieving as she pityingly sniffs at the fox pup. She softly whines that they now know why the foxes were so angry. Later in camp, Daisy is seen yipping that she doesn't believe that the foxes are gone together, and she expresses that she thinks that they will be back, as they had said so, and Woody replies that they still believe that a dog killed the pup.
After Lucky is angry at members of the Pack for fighting over food, he tells them to gather around, and Daisy lays down, her head tilted up toward Lucky, and her eyes full of hope, and Storm thinks that she is clearly not the only one who would want an end to the squabbles. When Lucky explains the new role of a scout dog, he says that ny dog can volunteer, and Daisy barks that she thinks she would be good at it. Lucky agrees that it is settled, and announces Whisper, Dart, Breeze, and Daisy as the scout dogs.
Later, when the Pack is in danger when Storm, Snap, and Lucky are searching for the Golden Deer, Storm instantly recognizes the high yelping yips of Daisy and Sunshine, that are filled with horror, as well as the howling of other dogs of the Pack.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

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In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

Daisy is spotted near the end when Sweet sees her and the rest of the Leashed Pack. She is running beside Alfie, and they are both running alongside Martha. They do not notice the Wild Pack approaching them, and when they do, it is observed as stupid shock on their blank faces. They all panic, spin and try to flee.




Unnamed Jack Russel:[19] Status Unknown


Unnamed Westie:[20] Status Unknown


  • Daisy's longpaw memento was a tattered purse.[21]
  • Gillian Philip has stated that Daisy is completely white,[22] although Daisy has been described as having a brown tail.[13]


"You're so clever! I can't believe you knew that!"
—Daisy marveling at Lucky's intelligence The Empty City, page 93

"Oh, Lucky please! Please don't hurt him!"
—Daisy to Lucky The Empty City, page 199

"Certainly not. If we do, the crows and the foxes will eat him. We can't do that to Alfie!"
—Daisy objecting to leaving Alfie's body A Hidden Enemy, page chapter 3

"You're a Wild Dog now. Sometimes we need to do things for the Pack, like check the forest for new camps. In the future you will hunt or patrol with the Wild Dogs as well. You'll come to love being part of it all."
—Daisy to Grunt Darkness Falls, page 224

"Who knows what makes sense to a Fierce Dog?"
—Daisy about the Fierce Dogs The Broken Path, page chapter 13

"It's true! I know it's not my place to speak... but... it's okay for some members of the Pack, who have steady diet and all the best pickings. Other dogs are going hungry... Whine and Sunshine are getting weak, and the rest of us will too if we don't find something to eat soon."
—Daisy to Alpha The Endless Lake, page chapter 12

Mickey: "You're right; we were stupid to come here. We shouldn't have run off. Alpha must be furious..."
Daisy: "Were we? If even Lucky can't explain what this house is for, how can he know for sure that there aren't any longpaws in there with nice food? We've come this far; we should at least try to get inside and take a look."
Bella: "For heaven's sake! There aren't any longpaws here. And even if there were, why would you think they were friendly, after everything we've been through? Have you forgotten about Fiery already?"
—Mickey, Daisy, and Bella The Endless Lake, page chapter 13

"We shouldn't be fighting. But Moon is right, in a way. We have a problem, don't we? We don't have a leader. We won't get far without one."
—Daisy about leadership The Endless Lake (book), page chapter 17

"We've just had a battle with the Fierce Dogs, or at least Storm has. How do you know that wasn't the Storm of Dogs? She outwitted Blade. Maybe it's all over now?"
—Daisy about the Storm of Dogs The Endless Lake (book), page chapter 24

"You should respect Moon! We all should!"
—Daisy to Rake A Pack Divided, page chapter 5

"I hope they are real! We could use more Spirit Dogs on our side. We have lots of mouths to feed, don't we? The more Spirit Dogs there are to help us, the better!"
—Daisy about Spirit Dogs A Pack Divided, page chapter 10

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