Back down, runt. You can't challenge me when you don't even have a Name.
— Daring to Dog in Alpha's Tale, page 9
Wolf Pack[1]
Wolf Pack[1]
Gray Wolf[2]
Names Member: Daring[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Daring is a female wolf with shaggy,[3] gray-and-cream fur[1] and a scar on her shoulder.[4]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Daring is mentioned initially by Bold and Fleet while they discuss their Naming Ceremonies. Daring and Strident had received their names on a night that wasn't quite as perfect to howl to the Great Wolf on.
Later on, Daring is bumped into by Pup. She snarls, stalking around Pup although he apologizes and asks to be let through. She calls him a runt and says he can't tell them what to do. She faces Pup head on, hackles erect and lips pulled back. She tells him that he can't challenge her without a Name. She shrinks back when Beta interrupts their standoff. Daring scurries away at his command to see to Alpha's bedding.
Daring laughs with helpless hilarity later on when Pup is named Dog, a foolish name by the Wolf Pack but one that fits his heritage.
Later on, when she is subordinate to Dog on a hunting patrol, she is a reliable hunter. She is noted to have been beaten by Dog in a fair challenge, sporting a scar on her shoulder to prove it. However, she disobeys Dog's commands during the hunt and on her own accord, whispers to Brave and charges towards the buck. She rakes her claws on its haunches and lunges at the buck's sides. Daring rakes it again on the shoulders and the buck falls to die by Dog's jaws.
When she is being scolded by Dog, she gives him a sly look and hunches her shoulders, telling him that he told them to attack the buck. She responds to Dog's snarling by growling that the buck was caught thanks to them. She sits back on her haunches and scratches her ear when Dog commands her and Brave to drag it back to camp. Daring tells him that longpaws use dogs for fetching and carrying, so it is his job to carry it back to camp.
Daring rises to her paws when Dog challenges her to defend his honor. She blinks when Dog stares at her in the eyes, and her ears twitch nervously. She gets her composure back when Brave interjects, saying that he heard no challenge being stated.
She agrees that it was their word against Dog's and that no wolf would take his word over hers. Daring barks with laughter and turns to stalk away, Brave at her heels. She calls back for Dog to not forget the buck, voice brimming with insolence.
Back at camp, Dog bites a piece of wood, and when it splinters he wishes it was Daring's guts. Graceful tries to comfort her son, but the half-wolf says that if Daring thinks that she can speak to him like that, it is his fault. When Dog talks coldly of his Sire-Dog, Graceful tells him that all he does is listen to vicious fools like Daring, rather than be proud of his name.
The next day, Dog hunts with a patrol led by Quick, and he is grateful that Daring isn't with them that time. When Dog is captured by the Rancher, he listens to the familiar voices of the Pack, and thinks that he would even be glad to hear Daring.


"The last Howl wasn't such a perfect night, when Strident and Daring got their names."
—Bold to Fleet about Daring and Strident Alpha's Tale, page 9

"Pup started. He'd walked right into a small gang of Packmates, and he'd accidentally shouldered Daring, of all wolves. She had a vicious temper at the best of times."
—Pup's thoughts on Daring Alpha's Tale, page 10

Pup: "It was an accident. Now let me through."
Daring: "Ha. You don't tell us what to do, runt. [...] Back down, runt. You can't challenge me when you don't even have a Name."
Pup: "Back down yourself. That only works both ways."
—Daring and Pup quarreling Alpha's Tale, page 10

Quick: "Now that you're going to get your Name, you can start sending your enemies to the Great Wolf's caverns. Who's going to be first, Pup?"
Pup: "Daring."
—Quick and Pup on Daring Alpha's Tale, page 13

"Daring was... well, she was as she'd always been, but at least she was a reliable hunter."
—Dog's thoughts on Daring Alpha's Tale, page 19

Dog: "How dare you ignore my orders?"
Daring: "You told us to attack the buck, didn't you?"
Dog: "I told you to go for the does, and you know it! We could have had two of these deer!"
Daring: "We only got this one, thanks to me and Brave."
Dog: "Really? Since it's your kill, then you can drag it back to camp. Both of you!"
Daring: "Oh, I don't think so. Longpaws use dogs for fetching and carrying, so that's your job. Go on, fetch!"
Dog: "I challenge you."
—Daring and Dog arguing Alpha's Tale, page 36

"He glanced sideways, but sank his teeth into the wood again, wrenching it to splinters. This should be Daring's guts.'"
—Dog thinking about Daring Alpha's Tale, page 22

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