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"The pups don't seem as angry as the grown Fierce Dogs. Maybe that anger is something the longpaws have to teach them. That means these pups are no different from any other young dogs; they just need to be properly looked after."
Lucky's thoughts about the Fierce Dog pups in Darkness Falls, pages 132
Darkness Falls


The Original Series

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Inbali Iserles[2]

Date Released

Hardcover: September 3rd, 2013[3]
Paperback: June 3rd, 2014[4]
eBook: September 3rd, 2013[5]


Hardcover: ISBN 0062102648[3]
Paperback: ISBN 0062102664[4]

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A Hidden Enemy

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The Broken Path

Additional Information

Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls is the third book in the Original arc. Martha is on the front of the cover, with Lick between her paws. Alpha is to the left behind Martha, Lucky is to the right behind Martha, and Bruno and Fiery are further back and possibly two fierce dogs behind Lucky.[6]


Special thanks to Inbali Iserles
For Isabella Maya

The Blurb

Every dog must stand together—or their new world could destroy them.

After a violent enemy attack threatened both the Wild and Leashed Packs, Lucky knows that the dogs' only hope for survival is to unite. The Wild Pack's Alpha reluctantly agrees to let Bella and the Leashed Dogs join them—but after learning of Lucky's role as a spy, Alpha casts him out of the Pack and orders him to never return.
Lucky tries to be happy to have his freedom again, but the forest and ruined city are treacherous for a Lone Dog. For the first time since the Big Growl, Lucky is desperate to have other dogs by his side. But it might be too late. . . .

The Praise

"Well-rounded characters, deep folklore and difficult problems without obvious answers drive the story. These dogs are not just loyal human companions, but warriors, leaders and friends. Perfectly crafted."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and freedom; risk and safety; and loyalty and acceptance. Wild and wonderful adventure."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Young readers will find plenty to like here, from the fast-moving plot, to the characterizations of individual dogs. A promising start for the many fans of the Warriors and Seekers adventure series."
"Wild and wonderful adventure."
—Kirkus Reviews

Detailed Plot Summary

In the prologue, Lucky, but at this time, Yap, is near his mother, and it's raining. It thunders and the pups whimper while Lucky's mother-dog reassures them. She says that the Sky-Dogs and Lightning are only play-fighting. Yap complains that it sounds like it wasn't play-fighting, but something more. Snip also questions the Mother-dog. She says it's rest time, and Yap's littermates fall asleep before him, and when he sleeps, and wakes up, the storm is done. When he asks that it was more than play-fighting, and if it was bad, his mother-dog says he knows more than a pup should. Yap says they play too loud for play-fighting. But, he also knows that something had upset the Spirit Dogs.
After the fight with the foxes is over, Whine tells the Pack that Lucky has been spying on them to help the Leashed Dogs. Alpha allows Lucky and the Leashed Dogs stay, but because of his treachery, Lucky is demoted to Omega, and has to have a scar on his flank, according to the Law of Dogs. Lucky is saved from an attack from Alpha when they hear a screech and see a black cloud coming toward them. Since Alpha is frightened and doesn't take charge, Lucky temporarily takes command to help the dogs get to safety.
Later on when they're away from the black cloud, Twitch leaves after he breaks his leg. Mickey also leaves when he is convinced that the black cloud was a sign that the longpaws are back. Mickey leaves the pack to return to his longpaws and bids farewell to the Leashed Dogs. He is unconvinced by Lucky to stay. Alpha is back to himself again and takes charge and banishes Lucky as he thinks he is the reason for their bad luck.
After Lucky leaves the Pack, he finds Mickey in the city guarding his owner's home from two dirty longpaws. Lucky helps him defend it, but the house falls down and Mickey is angry and upset with his longpaws.
When Lucky and Mickey leave the city behind they discover that the Fierce Dog's garden is empty. Lucky decides to check it out with Mickey. They find three abandoned Fierce Dog pups, and name them Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle. The three pups are alone, and bound to starve, their Mother-Dog dead. So Mickey and Lucky decide to take the pups back to the pack.
Soon after the pups accepted their names, Lucky and Mickey hear a voice nearby. Lucky scents coyotes, and Mickey orders the pups to hide. They obey, with reluctance on Grunt's part, and after the coyotes fail to uncover the location of the dogs, one particularly tall coyote who is missing most of his tail orders his cohorts to leave. He, called 'Mangles' by one of his fellow coyotes, seems to be the leader of the gang, and the others follow his command, so Lucky, Mickey, and the pups begin traveling once more.
Lucky and Mickey return to the Pack, and Lick can scent fear, and asks why they fear them. Alpha questions them, and reveals a scar he had gotten from a Fierce Dog. Lucky notes that he had never noticed it before. Martha sticks up for the pups, and says that Fierce Dogs were raised bad, not on who they were. Martha also said she would protect these pups with her life, other dogs start trusting her judgment, and Alpha realizes he's outnumbered. He agrees they could stay, and Lucky can too, though Lucky will be in charge of the pups, and will be demoted to Omega.
Later, Grunt attacks one of Moon's pups, and Moon gets angry, and complains. Alpha later on decides to test the pups, and the three pups have an escort, Daisy, that they must follow her orders. Alpha and Lucky spy on them to see what's what. Then a giantfur appears, which was not part of the test. Daisy says for the pups to remain quiet and not bother the giantfur, but Grunt refuses to back down and confronts the giantfur. Lucky fears on what Alpha thinks may be true. He tries to convince the Alpha to help them. Alpha disagrees, but Lucky manages to convince him to rescue Daisy and the pups.
After the giantfur encounter, Alpha holds a meeting with the Pack and discusses yesterday's event. He convinces the Pack the Fierce Pups are dangerous and they must leave. Fang, overhearing Alpha's words, angrily interrupts the meeting and decides to leave. Blade, the Fierce Dog Alpha finds the Wild Pack and traps them. Blade demands the pups be returned to her and she and her Pack leave with them.
When Lucky is in the shadows, Sweet goes up to him, thinking he is going to leave soon. Sweet tells him she'd forgive him if he did. Lucky is angered by this, and when Sweet tries to explain, Lucky interrupts her. He tells Sweet that she acts as if he isn't loyal.
Lucky wants to prove to Sweet that he is loyal to the Pack. So Lucky challenges Snap to a fight, but loses. Sweet says that he did it the Pack's way and was happy. The next day, Lick comes bursting through the entrance, and has scratches all over her. Alpha asks what happens, and she tells the Pack that Blade murdered Wiggle was killed and allows Grunt to stay in her Pack. Upon hearing the news, Alpha decides to let Lick in the Pack again and leave to find a new place.


  • This is the first book to be written by Inbali Iserles, the newest addition to the Erin hunter team.
  • Sire-Dog is mistakenly called Father-Dog.[7]
  • Lucky is listed as a hunter, though he was banished in the previous book.[8]
  • In The Empty City, Bella's longpaw memento is referred to as a stuffed bear toy,[9] though in Darkness Falls, bears are referred to as giantfurs.[10]
  • Instead of saying "out of paw", Martha says "out of hand" mistakenly.[11]

Publication History

  • Darkness Falls (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 3 September 2013[12]
  • Darkness Falls (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book), 3 September 2013[13]
  • Darkness Falls (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), 3 June 2014[14]
  • 黑暗迫近 (CN), 中国少年儿童出版社 (paperback), 1 August 2014[15]
  • Gefährliche Freunde (DE), Beltz (hardcover), 18 August 2014[16]
  • Pimeys laskeutuu (FI), Jalava (hardcover), 18 March 2015[17]
  • Des heures sombres (FR), Pocket Jeunesse (paperback), 21 January 2016[18]
  • De duisternis valt (NL), Manteau (unknown binding), October 2015[19]

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