"I'm going with them. Rake, Ruff, and Woody are dogs I feel I can trust. I know for sure that none of them has sabotaged our prey, or tried to undermine the Pack. I know none of these dogs killed Whisper. And I can't say that about most of the dogs here. I'm sorry. "
— Dart leaving the Wild Pack in Into the Shadows, page 180
Rake's Pack[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Whippet mix[3]
Names Patrol Dog: Dart[4]

Scout Dog: Dart[5]

Family Mother: Unnamed
Siblings: Unnamed
Rank Positions
Rank Scout Dog[5]
Book Appearances
Living A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Dart is a skinny,[6] small,[7] lean,[8] slender,[9] thin whippet-like[10] brown-and-white female chase-dog,[8] with brown legs[11] and wide[12] brown eyes,[13] a mottled coat,[14] sharp fangs,[15] a long,[9] black nose,[16] soft ears,[17] and a slim,[18] brown[19] tail.


In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

When Sweet comes back form a hunting patrol with a deer, Dart breathlessly says that she can't believe that Sweet caught an actual deer. Spring asks Sweet how she got to be so fast, and Dart agrees, requesting her to tell them about the Swift-Dogs, and asking how their legs are so long and thin. Sweet laughs that she will tell them where the Swift-Dogs came, and Dart and Spring sit expectantly on their haunches while a few more of the Pack members gather around.
Later, after becoming Beta, Sweet assists Spring and Dart in tugging a deer's leg back to camp. They grip with their teeth and both look at her, cocking their ears, waiting for her order. Sweet tells them to pull to the left, and she seizes the deer's neck in her own jaws and tugs on it, showing the way. Spring and Dart squat back on their haunches, using the leverage to drag the deer's body farther. Dart thanks the Beta for coming out there to help them, and she lets go of the deer for a moment, panting, and says that the prey is awkward. Sweet points out that they brought it down, and Dart grins, and notes that she never thought they would manage one, but that her training tips were exactly right. She goes on that they don't need to be fast if they have enough hunters to drive it. Sweet voices her pleasure that the training paid off, and Dart hopefully asks if they will do more sparring that evening, since she would like to learn some of her speed-tricks for fighting. Sweet says that she needs to organize tomorrows patrols, but agrees that they could after that. She gives Dart's ear an affectionate lick of her tongue, and says that since she learned a lot from the Pack, she would be happy to teach anything back. Dart says that she loves learning new fighting skills, since it has been a long time since the Pack freshened up their tactics. She comments that Alpha doesn't do anything about hunting or fighting tactics, but only skulks in his den, but Spring interrupts and growls her name warningly. Sweet notes that Spring was one of the dogs who used to bad-mouth the old Beta, but thinks that on this occasion, she is right, as Dart shouldn't show disrespect to Alpha.
Once the dogs have dragged the deer almost to the edge of camp, one of Moon's pups bumps into Sweet's paw, and she laves Dart and Spring to haul the deer by themselves to the prey pile, while she takes the pup back to her mother. However, Snap announces that there is a strange Pack in their territory, and when Alpha calls to his dogs, Dart instantly bounds to his side with Spring, Twitch, Snap, and Fiery, with their tails high and ears pricked keenly. Alpha barks out orders and tears into the woods, his dogs following.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Dart is a patrol dog of the Wild Pack.
Dart and her patrol of Twitch and Spring stop Lucky when he comes to join the Wild Pack. Dart demands what he is doing in their territory, stands squarely in front of him, and bares her teeth. Lucky barks that he wants to talk to his Alpha, but the brown-and-white chase-dog draws her muzzle back in a snarl and asks why. Lucky explains how he knows Sweet and wishes to join their Pack, but Dart disdainfully questions why they would want him. He replies that he is a hunter, but the brown-and-white dog comments that they don't need scavenger city dogs who can hunt. However, Twitch points out that if Lucky knows Sweet, then they should probably allow him to see them. Dart doubts it, observing the city smell on Lucky, and she makes a snide comment about what he can hunt. The three patrol dogs laugh scornfully and then start to advance. Spring attacks, then when Lucky dodges he finds himself in Dart's path. She lunges for Lucky's scruff, sinking her teeth into his flesh. Dart is thrown off by Lucky but she comes back and sinks her teeth into Lucky's neck fur, sinking teeth into Lucky's flesh. Twitch then bites Lucky's foreleg, and the Lone-dog throws Dart off to fight Twitch. The three dogs overwhelm Lucky at once, with Dart biting into Lucky's neck.
However, the patrol is interrupted in their assault when Sweet orders them to released him. Dart barks that he's an invader, and requests to finish him , but Sweet refuses and growls that she knows the dog. Dart lowers her head and tail, looking submissive and clearly unhappy. The beta announces that she will take him to Alpha, and none of the patrol dogs object. Soon after, when Alpha declares that Lucky will become a patrol dog in the Pack, Dart and Twitch's tail both quiver in agreement. Alpha then sends Lucky to go with Twitch and Dart on patrol so they can show him the way things work in the Pack.
On patrol, Dart and Twitch always look at Lucky, to make sure he's doing his job correctly. The new recruit wonders if his patrolmates aren't noticing the odd way he is sniffing his surroundings, and he thinks that neither are as alert as they should have been. when they reach the lake, Lucky observes that the river-poison had not spread to the lake, and Dart confirms this. She adds that it would take a lot of poison to make their amount of water undrinkable, and there is arrogant pride in her voice. She laughs at Lucky's statement about the Leashed Dogs' desperate plight for water and states that it isn't their problem so they shouldn't feel sorry for them.
While Lucky takes a drink of water, Dart and Twitch banter to one another, about Bella's Pack. She says they'll have moved on, if they know what's good for them, then notices that Lucky is drinking. Dart glances at him in horror and snaps that they don't indulge themselves on patrol. Lucky is surprised, and Twitch explains that he may only to have a quick lap. Dart mentions how recent, a member of their Pack found a dead rabbit corpse while out on patrol and ate it himself. When Lucky questions who it was, the chase-dog nervously replies that he's not in the Pack anymore, and they do not mention his name. She gives herself a massive shake before she trots onward.
While Lucky is checking a hillock, Dart and Twitch are sniffing at the air and ground, and he observes that while they do so, their tails stay down. No scent seems to excite them, and he has troubles understanding how they always remain calm. Lucky asks his new Packmates if there is anything specifically that they are looking for, and Twitch answers that Alpha wants to know about threats to the Pack. Dart grumbles that the patrol handles small threats to themselves, but if additional support is needed, she would head back to the camp to gather the hunters. The female patrol-dog explains that there are always at least three dogs on a patrol, since one must run back while the others fight.
Meanwhile, Lucky thinks about the differences in Pack cooperation between this Pack and the Leashed Pack, but, despite the urge, he doesn't confront Dart and Twitch about the savage rules of the Wild Pack that they live by. He then thinks of how he tricked his way into the Pack, and realizes that he can hardly lecture his patrolmates on friendship and honor.
Ahead, Dart has finishes a long lap of the bay and she absently sniffs the length of a driftwood log. She only briefly inspects it before trotting toward a copse of pines. Dart and Twitch follow a set of pawprints, and they stop to scent-mark. She then glances up anxiously at the sun, announces its sun-high, and turns back to the camp. Lucky thinks of how the two aren't doing a good job of their patrolling, since they always follows the same tracks and pass by the same places every day. He also guesses that Alpha's Pack has been in their territory for a long time, as Twitch and Dart are not on constant lookout for natural danger, nor is there much devastation; although a couple fallen trees block their way, Twitch and Dart dismissively bound over them, taking little notice.
Once they reach the top of a sandy ridge, Dart urges Lucky to come on, so he reluctantly follows. As they get closer to camp, Lucky starts to catch a mouse, but a weight slams into him, preventing him from being successful. The golden-brown dog rolls to his feet and glares at Dart hostilely, demanding why she did that. Dart snaps that he had no business to have the mouse, and Twitch adds that they do not hunt on patrol. Lucky is shocked, so Dart scornfully explains that although lone dogs probably hunted alone in the city, the Pack tells them when to hunt, which will be once they have earned the place as hunters. This confuses Lucky, and he argues that all dogs naturally hunt, but Dart replies that patrol dogs don't unless they get promoted to the hunting den because they earned it. She adds that hunting is not their job or right. Lucky looks at his new Packmates, who stare at him with great disapproval.
That night, as the dogs sit down together for Prey Sharing, Mulch and Dart tussle, with the black dog rolling his smaller Packmate over in the dart as she snaps irritably at his paws. When Alpha stalks forward and sniffs the prey, Lucky gets up, but Dart nips him hard on the flank. She bares her teeth in warning and quietly growls at him that it isn't time yet. Lucky quickly backs down and lays beside Dart and Twitch, apologizing. As the Alpha eats, Lucky if they will all get to eat. Dart, eyes glittering in amusement, says that they eat one at a time, and she questions who taught him manners. Lucky grumbles that it was different in the city. Twitch and Lucky talk about the rankings in the Pack, and when Dart is finished eating, the former is relieved that it is his turn.
After, during the Great Howl, Lucky pays attention to how all the dogs around him how to particular Spirit Dogs; Dart lets out a fierce, clear cry to the Sky-Dogs. Once the Howl is over, Lucky heads to the patrol den, where Dart and Twitch are already yawning and reading their ritual circles. Lucky thinks that no enemy could get past the clearing with Twitch and Dart on guard, their ears pricked and eyes shining. When it is Lucky's turn to be on guard, he feels guilty as he thinks about how he will have to betray the Wild Pack. He imagines that Twitch and Dart would miss him on patrol, and wonder what had happened to him.
During a sunup patrol, Dart barks at everyone to stay still, and Lucky watches Dart carefully sniff the wind, her fur prickling and muzzle is curled back. Lucky thinks that it sometimes seems that Dart hopes for trouble just to have something to snarl and fight about, and he notes that she is an angry dog. Lucky wonders what Dart had noticed in the broad, pleasant meadow, and when he asks, Dart answers that she doesn't know. She sniffs that air again, urgently, and comments that it is something strange. Twitch casts around for any scent of what Dart detected, and Lucky follows, hoping that what the patrol-dog picked up has nothing to do with Bella's Pack.
Once Lucky is close to Dart, he stops and notices a hint of the strange scent, then recognizes it as a loudcage. The golden-brown dog tells Dart to stop, and he exclaims that he knows what it is. Dart throws him a doubtful look, then slinks across to her Packmate and questions what it is. He answers that is is a big loudcage, but is interrupted when Dart flinches away, a spark of terror in her eyes. She is surprised to hear about loudcages, but states that they have nothing to do with the Pack, suggesting to continue the patrol. Lucky argues that the ones with great teeth won't threaten them, but they should check it out. Dart disagrees and demands why they should care about loudcages being nearby. Lucky tells her that they can crush a dog, and can outrun one. Twitch comments that he has never seen a loudcage or heard of a giant one, and Dart, very much on edge snaps that he obviously didn't, as he and Spring were born in the wild. Dart recalls that she lived in the city as a pup, and saw the terrible thins that a loudcage can do. The chase-dog begins to say something about one of her littermates, but trails off and shudders. Lucky supposes that Dart might be right, but still insists on a quick look, which persuades the other two.
Dart and Twitch hesitantly follow Lucky, and once he spots the giant loudcage, he growls to them to keep back, though they already are cowering farther back. He tells Dart that she was right, and whatever they are doing isn't good for them. Twitch observes that they seem to be eating the ground, and wonders if they are hurting the Earth-Dog, but Dart says that the Earth-Dog would Growl again if she was hurt. Twitch asks if they killed her, but Dart snaps that she doesn't know. The says that Lucky is right and they should leave now.
When the loudcage roars, the three patrol-dogs crouch low, and Lucky barks that they must get away. Twitch agrees and Dart has already began to scuttle back, her eyes in terror. As they start to leave, a longpaw approaches them, and Lucky, Twitch, and Dart begin to bark. More longpaws come, and when they don't back off, Dart shrieks to bite them. Lucky objects, but Dart points out that they have loudsticks. A howl in the distance distracts the longpaws, and the patrol take the chance to run. Once the three are in the cover of the trees, they slow down. Dart pants with the remnants of panic.
Once they are back in camp, Alpha demands the patrol what happened, and Dart, still out of breath, states that there were huge loudcages. She continues that it was like a house that could run, and adds that Lucky knew what it was. Lucky agrees and explains that these loudcages bite into the earth, which Dart confirms. She adds that the longpaws there were like nothing she ever saw, and Twitch explains that they weren't afraid of the patrol. However, Dart takes a step forward, giving a short, sharp whine, and notes that they were afraid of Alpha. Once their leader has scolded them, Lucky thanks him for saving them, and he, Dart, and Twitch bow onto their forelegs. However, Alpha simply ridicules Lucky.
By now, Twitch and Dart have already attracted and excited circle of listeners and they recall their tale of the longpaws and loudcages. Dart comments that the noise was like nothing a dog had ever heard. Lucky relaxes and watches the Pack life: now Dart trots across to visit Moon, sniffing affectionately at the pups. The largest pup tries to walk, but trips over Dart's paws. The swift-dog noses the pup affectionately. Right after, Lucky challenges Snap. When he defeats her, he is promoted to the rank of hunter, and Alpha tells Mulch that he is demoted, and will now patrol with Dart and Twitch form this no-sun. Once Alpha is done, Twitch, Dart, and Spring praise Lucky.
That night, Lucky leaves his den while the dogs are sleeping to sneak out of camp. He guesses that it s Dart's turn on watch, but knows that she is looking for enemies trying to get into camp; she wouldn't expect an enemy trying to sneak out. He thinks that as long as he stays low, is quiet, and doesn't trip over Dart as she makes her rounds, he will be able to get away from the clearing.
When one of Lucky's hunting patrols comes back to camp with a deer, Twitch congratulates them, and Dart agrees that it will feed all of them, with leftovers. During the prey sharing, after Snap, Twitch, and Dart, it is Whine's turn, and the small dog wolfs down the prey.
During another hunting patrol, Snap stops hunting to look at a dog racing across the meadow toward them and panting in distress. The hunter calls out Dart's name, and the brown-and-white dog skids to a halt, breathlessly barking that the camp is under attack and they must come. Spring demands who is attacking, and Dart replies that it is the Leashed Pack. She explains that they sneaked past Whine, then bolts back to camp, with the hunters following her.
Dart is seen again after the battle with the foxes, and she is one of the dogs seen howling in mourning for Mulch, who died fighting. Snap and Spring reassure Lucky that it wasn't his fault, and Dart adds that Mulch came to help Lucky in fighting for Moon's pups, and he died bravely. The three female dogs resume their mournful cries.

Darkness Falls

Dart is first seen at Lucky's trial, growling when he admits to have been helping both packs. She is quickly echoed by Spring and Twitch though the litter-mates stop as Lucky explains how the spirit dogs had led him to that point. Though most of the Wild Pack relaxes after Bella's submissive speech, Dart's hackles are still raised.
When the dark cloud appears, Dart is scared although she tries her best not to show it. She accuses Lucky of being a traitor when Lucky suggests the Pack leave their camp. However Dart leaves the camp behind in agreement. She and Spring yelp in alarm when they see Mickey slip.
Dart is cowering beneath a tree, spotted by Lucky. She is attempted to be led back by Lucky before she flinches away, worried about the old camp. She is told by Lucky that there will be another camp with fresh air and good water, and she is asked to trust him. Dart starts to follow him, but is concerned about how safe it is in the forest, saying that her mother-dog told her stories about giantfur's with claws as long as branches. She is reassured by Lucky that she'd be fine if she stayed with the Pack. Dart seems to accept this, rising to her full height. She barks and runs to catch up with her patrolmate Twitch. When the Pack finds a place to rest for the night, Dart is seen speaking to Sweet, and both look troubled, although Lucky can't hear what they are saying.
Later, after Lucky and Mickey come back to the Pack with the Fierce Dog pups, Dart is seen standing in a circle of dogs, close to Spring and Bella. When Lucky calls to the Fierce Dog pups to come, Bella, Dart, and Spring fall back to let the pups pass. When Lucky explains that their Mother-Dog died and their Pack left them in the lair to die, Dart asks where the lair is, and her shoulders tremble, but Lucky assures her that it is far away.
Later, when a loudbird comes near the Pack, Dart and Spring follow Snap, who draws closer to the creature, and they huddle close to Lucky, waiting for him to speak. Once the loudbird is forgotten and Lucky goes to collect moss as his Omega duties, he struggles to not dip his head in shame when he passes Dart and Daisy on patrol. Later, when Lucky hears a howl through the woods, he runs and sees Dart and other dogs, and learns that Grunt attacked Squirm. The Wild Pack considers on if they should abandon the pups, and when Fiery is reluctant to let them stay, Dart adds that the black cloud had been an omen, and that soon after that awful day, the pups came. Moon barks in agreement at this.
The day after the Fierce Dog pup's assessment, Lucky walks in the forest and imagines the pups sleeping in the main part of the cave, with Dart watching over them. Lucky remembers how Alpha had ordered her to keep them away from Moon's pups. When the Wild Pack discusses how the pups had recklessly attacked a giantfur, Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle come to the meeting, and Dart trembles behind them, stammering that they heard barking and wanted to know what was going on, and that she couldn't stop them.
When the Fierce Dogs come the the Wild Pack camp, Dart is the first to cry out that they are under attack. When the Fierce Dogs advance, Dart hides her head in her paws, whining helplessly. When, after the Fierce Dogs have approached, Blade circles the wild dogs and says that they are pathetic, causing Dart to whimper in fear. Blade demands to have the Fierce Dog pups back, and Dart, Bruno, and Whine step aside to reveal Lick and Whine.
The day after the Fierce Dogs left, the camp is noted to be silent, and Spring, Dart, and Daisy had gone on patrol. Later, when Lucky wants to challenge a dog in the Pack, he sees Spring and Dart walking side by side, surveying the camp's perimeters, but he thinks that they won't do. When Lucky challenges Snap, Dart, along with many other dogs, comes to watch. The next day, when Lucky gathers moss for Alpha, he watches as Sweet, Spring, and Dart leave the cave and begin to cross the meadow. Later that day, when Alpha chides the Pack for their unorderliness when Blade came, Dart shuffles on her paws and gives a small whine. After Bella suggests having a watch-dog, Daisy disagrees that that dog would be there all alone, in danger, and Dart yelps in agreement.

The Broken Path

When a hunting patrol searches for a white rabbit, Lucky tells Lick that that is what they are looking for, and mentions that Dart swore she saw one around this warren.
As Nose and Squirm's naming ceremony is about to begin, Lucky sees the Leashed Pack among other dogs, and is glad that they are at ease with the Wild Pack, and he notes that Dart continues to keep herself a little aloof from them, but is amiable enough. When Whine attempts to eat early that night, Dart growls, a note of humor in her voice, to Whine that he is to Alpha yet. When, during the ceremony, Squirm chooses to be Beetle, Dart makes a gruff noise that could have been amusement, but it turns into a growl of approval by other dogs.
When Lucky escapes Blade and comes back to the camp, Dart asks him what it is.
Later, when the Wild Pack moves territory again, Alpha tells Dart to make sure that the order of each dog is followed. As they walk, the dogs discuss the Big Growl, and Dart says that she remembers how Snap had almost been buried alive, and she mentions that Whine had almost fell into the earth when it opened.
When the dogs take a break for shelter, Dart argues that they should keep moving and anxiously glances around, saying that she doesn't like the place. Moon naps that they can't be outside when it is raining, and asks Dart if she doesn't know that by now. The Pack shelters in a longpaw house, and Dart is seen sniffing at a jar of flowers. She blurts in astonishment that it is no wonder that the flowers haven't wilted, since they aren't real and sell like the hardstone path. Mickey finds longpaw food to eat, and Dart's eyes widen in surprise when Whine snatches a mouthful of grain from under her nose.
Later, when Moon suggests leaving, Dart agrees with her, and nibbles a paw with her teeth. After traveling, the dogs stop to hunt, since Alpha says that they must be hungry, and when Bruno agrees, Dart woofs in amusement. When Fiery challenges Alpha for leadership, Dart's jaw is wide open as she stares at Fiery.
When the Pack is told that Fiery has been captured, they are very shocked and Dart murmurs to herself, clawing the ground.
When Twitch tells the Wild Pack that Fiery is in the Fierce Dog garden, captured by the longpaws, Dart asks if the longpaws are working with the Fierce Dogs, and exclaims that if that is the case, they don't stand a chance. Alpha refuses to save Fiery and says that he will leave, and after Whine creeps to his Alpha's side, saying that he is the leader, Dart nods and pads over to the half-wolf.

The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

When Lucky comes back to the Wild Pack camp after watching the mysterious dog, Sweet tells him the Dart and Moon have just came back from a patrol, and they saw something strange. Moon says that they didn't see any Fierce Dogs, and Dart adds that is was liked they vanished. She paces nervously next to Moon and gazes beyond the trees to the distant cliffs.
When Sweet finishes her story of how they left the town immediately, Dart's eyes grow wide, and she paws the ground as she asks if the longpaws won't know that they are there after seeing them. Sweet replies that the longpaws didn't follow them, but when Moon says that they are not safe, Dart yaps in agreement. Martha, Mickey, and Sweet disagree, but Dart frets about the Fierce Dogs, and asks what happens if the Fierce Dogs come back to town, and the chase-dog wonders where they are. Sweet insists that they will not move, but Dart worries on if the longpaws come, but is cut off by Sweet, who snaps that they will not go anywhere. Dart is silenced and she lowers her head.
During Lucky's beta ritual, he looks at the reassuring gazes of members of his Pack, including Dart. When Lucky wakes from his dream that night, he decides to follow the mysterious dark-furred dog when he sees that Dart, who is the Patrol Dog to watch over camp that night, is nowhere in sight, and most likely pacing the boundaries of the territory. When Lucky catches the dog, who turns out the be Fang, the young Fierce Dog explains his story, and says that he waited for Dart to go patrol the boundaries before sneaking into the camp.
Later, when the air is felt to vibrate, Snap wonders if they should leave, and Dart runs in a quick, anxious circle, and remembers how the last time, the Growl had torn down trees, and split the ground. The Pack discusses on if they should leave or stay, and when Moon explains why they should stay in the camp, Dart whines and hides her head beneath her paws.
When Lucky begins to tell his Pack about the dreams he has, Dart asks what they are about, and her voice quivers. When Sweet explains that he sees a snowstorm, Snap guesses that it is the Storm of Dogs that Lucky is dreaming about, and Dart whimpers that it is like those horrible stories that her Mother-Dog told her about long ago. She recalls how the Spirit Dogs turned on one another, back in the Dawn of Time.
When Whine says that there is another way, Dart asks what it is, and the little black dog replies that they could give Storm to Blade. Many members of the Pack object to this, but Dart gazes toward the broken cliffs. Sweet allows Whine to use four paws to decide, and Dart steps forward and hesitates before pressing a paw next to Whine's. She apologizes to Lucky, but explains that she never thought that a Fierce Dog belong with them, and says that she thinks that she should be with her own Pack. Bruno joins him too, but silence falls over the Pack, and Dart, Whine, and Bruno stay where they are, paws in the mud. Sweet declares that Storm will stay with the Pack, and Dart shrinks back. When Whine decides to leave the Pack soon after, Sweet asks any other dog if they would want to leave the Pack, and her gaze lingers on Dart and Bruno. Bruno says that he doesn't want to leave the Pack, and Dart shuffles nervously as she agrees.
When the Wild Pack considers asking Twitch's Pack to help them, Daisy wonders if the dogs would still be aggressive, and Dart trods nervously next to Bruno and says that the Wild Pack can trust them. She goes on that Twitch is there Alpha and used to be one of them, and is also Spring's litter-brother. She adds that he has always been brave and strong, and won't let the Wild Pack down if he agrees to fight with them. As the Pack journeys, they come to an area with rocks, and Sweet tells the Pack to make a camp while while she and Lucky try to find a way onto the rocks, and Dart sinks onto her hindquarters.
When Arrow comes to the Wild Pack to warn them that Blade knows where they are, Dart whimpers that the Fierce Dogs know where they are.
After a group of dogs come back from unleashing the giantfur on the Fierce Dogs, Dart murmurs that Blade will be angrier than ever, and she creeps closer to Bruno's side. Sweet tells the dogs to prepare for the Storm of Dogs, and she nudges Dart away from the riverbank with her muzzle, warning her dogs to watch out for the water, as the ice will be thin. Dart shudders and moves even farther away from the edge of the bank.
During the Storm of Dogs, when boulders fall from the rock face, Dart wonders if it is the Growl.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Storm has no sneak out of camp one night, she thinks that it had been easy enough to sneak past Dart and Daisy who had been on night patrol.
Later, when Storm comes back to camp after sleep-walking one day, Dart suspiciously asks what she is doing sneaking around. Storm spins around to face her, but thinks that she can't tell Dart that she walks in her sleep, but knows that if she says nothing and looks guilty, the patrol dog will think that she is up to something. Storm says that she just went for a walk and Dart stretches and yawns, clearly haven't been awake for long. She asks if she was hunting by herself, and reminds the young Fierce Dog that that is not aloud. The brown-and-white dog lashes her jaws with her tongue and yawns again, and tells her that although Beta thinks she is special, Storm can't do whatever she wants. Storm snaps that she just went for a walk, and Dart snorts that she will never understand Fierce Dogs. Storm has troubles not attacking Dart and when she glances down, Dart turns and saunters off toward the camp. As Dart leaves, Bella comes toward storm and gives Dart a curious glance as she passes.
Later that day, a loudbird is near the camp and Storm tries to keep the Pack in order when Lucky and Sweet panic, but Breeze protests that Storm should not be the leader, and Dart snarls in agreement. Once the loudbird leaves, Dart viciously asks Storm who she thinks she is. Lucky scolds his Packmates that Storm was helping the Pack, and Dart looks slightly abashed.
When Sweet suggests telling her Pack another story about the Wind-Dogs, Dart tells Alpha to do so.
When the foxes come to camp, Lucky barks commands, and tells Mickey and Dart to take the sunup of the ranks. After the foxes have left, the Pack discusses how a fox pup was killed, and Dart notes that it is odd since it was abandoned so close to their camp. Breeze suggests that the Fierce Dogs in the Pack could have done it, but Dart says that they know Storm too well to think she would do this, as she grew up in the Pack.
Later, Storm can hear a quarrel, and can see that Breeze, Bruno, and Dart stand around Arrow, snarling, their hackles bristling. Lucky and Twitch go to stop the argument, and the Beta says that he is disappointed in them. Dart objects that Arrow has been sneaking around and is up to something, but Lucky silences her and Dart clamps her jaws shut while Lucky scolds that Arrow saved them from Blade's ambush, and must be appreciated more. Dart hangs her head and ducks her tail, but her expression is resentful. Lucky tells all the dogs to gather around, and Dart and Mickey glance at each other with nervous expectations. Lucky announces that there should be a new rank of Scout Dog, and suggests that Whisper and Dart can be the first ones, since they are fast, and have good eyes and noses. Whisper and Dart exchange a pleased glance, and their tails thump the ground, and when Breeze and Daisy volunteer also, Lucky names Dart, Whisper, Breeze, and Daisy the new scout dogs.
Later, when Storm is annoyed when she is on the first hunting patrol with the scout dogs. She hadn't minded when Dart was assigned to be their scout, and had known that she could handle the chase dog's snide remarks about Fierce Dogs if she did her job properly. However, Dart hadn't been their scout after all, but it was Whisper. Storm voices her complaints about him to Mickey, and wonders why he couldn't let Dart do it. She remembers how Dart had been quick to agree to the swap, and Mickey growls that it is obvious why he couldn't leave Dart to do the job.
Later, when the Pack is in danger when Storm, Snap, and Lucky are searching for the Golden Deer, Storm recognizes the howling of Dart, as well as other dogs of the Pack.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

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  • Gillian's confirmed that Dart is a whippet-like dog.[20]
  • She was mistakenly described as a black-and-tan hunt-dog.[21]
  • Gillian thinks that Dart isn't a bad dog at heart, but has become very tough after the Big Growl, and she knows she has to look out for herself and her Pack. She thinks that that makes her seem callous at times, but that she isn't wicked or mad like Blade was.[22]
  • Dart is described as looking like a smaller swift-dog.[23]
  • Gillian thinks that Dart might have Coonhound in her.[24]




Unnamed:[25] Status Unknown

Unnamed Siblings:

Unnamed siblings:[26] Status Unknown


"I can smell the stink of the city on you. What is it you hunt? Food wrappers?"
—Dart to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 89

"Maybe you hunt alone in the city. But we are a Pack, and the Pack tells us when to hunt. And that will be when we earned our place as hunters!"
—Dart to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 119

"Dart, the brown-and-white patrol dog, let out a cry to the Sky-Dogs, so fierce and clear that is somehow seemed to echo as far as the horizon."
—Narrator about Dart during the Great Howl A Hidden Enemy, pages 135-136

"Sometimes he got the feeling Dart hoped for there to be trouble—so she had something to snarl and fight about. She was an angry dog."
—Lucky's thoughts on Dart A Hidden Enemy, page 151
"Of course [you have not seen a loudcage]. You and Spring were born in the wild. I lived in the city when I was a pup, and I've seen the terrible things a loudcage can do. One of my littermates..."
—Dart to Twitch about her past A Hidden Enemy, page 153

"What does he know? He's a traitor, after all. This is our camp; he can't just tell us to leave it at the first sign of trouble!"
—Dart about Lucky Darkness Falls, page 25

"My Mother-Dog used to tell me stories about giantfurs ten times the size as dogs with claws as long as branches and as pointed as sharpclaws."
—Dart to Lucky about the forest Darkness Falls, page 33

"Last time the Growl tore down trees, and the ground... the ground just fell apart!"
—Dart when the air vibrates Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 8

"Like those horrible stories my Mother-Dog told me about long ago. The Spirit Dogs turned on one another. Lightning fought the Sky-Dogs, Earth-Dog fought river-Dog, back in the Dawn of Time."
—Dart when the air vibrates Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 12

"I'm sorry, Beta. But I've never believed that a Fierce Dog belongs with us. It's nothing personal, she's just... different. She should be with her own Pack. Let them decide her future."
—Dart explaining her reasoning for wanting to give Storm to Blade Storm of Dogs (book), page chapter 13

"Were you out hunting by yourself? Because that's not allowed, remember. There are Pack rules. Beta might think you're something special, but that doesn't mean you can do as you like."
—Dart to Storm A Pack Divided, page chapter 8

"Breeze is right! You're not our leader!"
—Dart to Storm A Pack Divided, page chapter 8

"We know Storm too well to think she'd do this. She grew up in our Pack."
—Dart about Storm A Pack Divided, page chapter 14

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