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Dead of Night


Survivors: The Gathering Darkness

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Rosie Best

Date Released

Hardcover: June 7th, 2016[2]
Paperback: February 7th, 2017[3]
eBook: June 7th, 2016[4]


Hardcover: ISBN 9780062343383[2]
Paperback: ISBN 9780062343390[3]
eBook: ASIN n/a[4]

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A Pack Divided

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Into the Shadows

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Dead of Night is the second book in The Gathering Darkness arc.[5] It was released on June 7th, 2016. Whisper is the dog featured in the center of the cover with Twitch in the leftmost, Rake next to Twitch, and Storm to the right.[6] Far behind, in the center of the cover, is the Golden Deer.[7]



For Jessie, the one who sleeps like the dead.

The Blurb

Darkness threatens the Wild Pack in this thrilling new Survivors adventure! Dead of Night is the second book in the second arc of the bestselling Survivors series, from #1 nationally bestselling author Erin Hunter.

In a Pack, loyalty is everything—but some dogs should never be trusted.

Storm has been troubled by terrifying dreams of fear and darkness that guide her paws while she sleeps. Now a new darkness has struck at the heart of the Wild Pack. Whisper is dead—and Storm is certain that his wounds could only have been done by another dog. Lucky and her pack mates are reluctant to believe her, but Storm is determined to face the truth: Could there be a traitor in their midst?
Survivors’s winning blend of epic action, canine friendship, and animal folklore has earned it rave reviews, including two starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, which praised the series as “wild and wonderful adventure.” This action-packed second arc is perfect for new readers and for existing fans who’ve been howling for more of the Wild Pack![8]

Detailed Plot Summary

The books begins in the forest, where Grunt snarls that a Fierce Dog never hides towards a big golden dog. The three Fierce Dog pups are waiting for the two grown-up dogs to speak. They notice the two grown-up dogs talking in low growls as they walked by their side.
Mickey orders them to imitate his actions as he masks his scent in the mud and mulch. At Wiggle's attempt to clean himself, Mickey warns him against doing so. The dogs hide as a pack of coyotes approaches. Grunt struggles, fighting against Lucky because he refused to believe they should hide. Lucky holds him down and eventually, he stops at sight of the coyote pack. The coyotes talk about the pup-scent they caught, and chatter on how they'd eat them.
As Grunt scrunched his eyes shut, and Wiggle burrows into Mickey's fur, Lick snarls inside her head that she isn't afraid of meeting the Earth-Dog, and that no coyote would crunch her tail, therefore refusing to close her eyes.
Storm can't believe that Whisper is dead. Everyone blames the foxes, but as Storm looks closer, she can see that this is the doing of a dog. Storm catches up to Sweet and Lucky when they're going back to their den to tell them her theory. Lucky talks to her, getting angry and not wanting to face the truth, saying that it was the foxes, scolding Storm. Storm goes back to Whisper, thinking that she should trust Lucky, but when she sees Whisper's body again, she knows that what Lucky said wasn't true. She investigates, finding were Whisper was murdered and dragged into the clearing for the pack to find. 
Storm stays with Whisper, until Twitch gives the order to find a place to bury him. Mickey, Storm, and Rake dug his grave, and then the pack buries him. Sweet then feels that her pups are coming and she, Lucky, and Moon go inside their den. Storm and some other dogs leave to get some prey for Alpha. They are hunting deer, when coyotes come and chase them away. Storm and the hunting party come back empty handed to find out the pups have been born. Storm talks with Arrow, who is worried that one of the pups, a runt, will be kicked out of the pack. Snap, Storm, and Mickey reassure them that it won't happen. At the pups Den Break, Lucky and Sweet introduce their pups Tumble, Fluff, Nibble, and Tiny to the pack.
After coming  back from a hunt one day, Lucky sends out the dogs to track down the den of the foxes. Storm, Snap, Dart, and Thorn find the den. While the other dogs in her group celebrate, Storm is unhappy. She ends up telling them her theory, even though Lucky told her not to. After prey-sharing, Snap reports to Lucky, and Lucky scolds Storm for telling the pack her theory. 
A few days later, Thorn and Beetle report the foxes grouping, and Lucky, Storm and a group of dogs set out to drive the foxes out. They succeed, but Storm is driven to a rage from lack of sleep and energy, from trying not to walk in her sleep, and ends up viciously taking in the entire fox pack herself. After realizing what she had done, Storm goes to the river, trying to clean herself off of the blood, and almost drowns herself. Mickey saves her, and talks to her about the fight. They return to the pack and celebrate. 
Storm goes to help Sunshine with her Omega duties, but keeps hallucinating, due to lack of sleep. When she returns to camp, she tries to take a nap, but the foxes attack the pack, destroying the camp, and wounding Tumble. After the fight, Storm is exhausted and sinks into a deep sleep. After waking up, Lucky scolds her for not sleeping and not being their for Tumble. She then does Omega duties as Sunshine for punishment.
After that, she helps Arrow and Woody guard a fox that Arrow, Bella, and Moon captured while she was asleep. Storm learns, by listening closely, that the fox is pregnant and is horrified. At the fox's trail (whose name is Fox Mist) Storm defends her, saying she is pregnant. This angers Sweet and she sends Mickey, Storm, Bella, and Arrow to scar the Fox Mist. However, Storm convinces Mickey, Bella, and Arrow to spare Fox Mist, and Fox Mist promises that the foxes go away. After coming back to the pack, Storm is sent on High Watch as another punishment, and accidentally falls asleep, dreaming of Whisper thanking her for letting Fox Mist go, and warning her that something bad is coming to the pack.
The next morning, Storm report back to Lucky and Twitch, and after a short nap, goes hunting. The hunting party return with two deer. Before prey-sharing, Lucky apologizes to Storm for treating her so harshly. During the prey-sharing, there is clear-stone in the deer, and Twitch gets seriously wounded. The pack finally realized, that the trouble maker is a dog in this pack, but they think it's either Storm or Arrow.


  • Gillian stated that in Dead of Night, they will have to work out who murdered Whisper before he strikes again.[9]
  • Gillian loves the title of Dead of Night and guarantees that it will keep readers on the edges of their seats.[10]
  • Gillian is almost positive that it is Whisper who is on the cover of Dead of Night.[11]

Publication List

  • Dead of Night (EN), HarperCollins (hardcover), June 7 2016[12]
  • Dead of Night (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book), June 7 2016[13]
  • Dead of Night (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), February 7 2017[14]
  • Soumrak (CZ), Albatros (paperback), March 20 2017[15]



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