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The cliffnotes below detail events in the book as they occur.


  • Mickey and Lucky are speaking in low growls.
  • Grunt protests that a Fierce Dog never hides.
    • Lick agrees with Grunt's anger, knowing that there was something Lucky knew about the strange howls they heard.
  • Mickey orders the pups to mask their scent by repeating what he did, rolling in the mud and mulch.
    • The pups do so, and Wiggle tries to clean it off his fur with his tongue.
    • Mickey orders him not do clean himself no matter what.
  • The coyotes approach.
    • They discuss how they'll eat the pups, and what they'll do when they find them.
    • Grunt, who initially struggles against Lucky who held him down, stops moving and squeezes his eyes shut.
    • Wiggle burrows deeper into Mickey's thick fur.
    • Lick snarls in her head that she isn't afraid of meeting the Earth-Dog, and that she wouldn't let the coyotes crunch her tail.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • The dogs decide to bury Whisper.

Chapter 3

  • Alpha gives birth to Beta's and her own pups. Nibble, Tumble, Tiny, Fluff.
    • Storm begins to pace nervously until Dart orders her to stop.
  • Twitch suggests that Storm leads a hunting party.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

  • Storm sleepwalks and has a dream where she is responsible for Whisper's death.
    • Daisy, who is patrolling, wakes Storm and the Fierce Dog tells her about the dream.
  • The sun still has not risen and Storm goes back to camp and waits outside the den, determined not to sleep.
  • When all of the dogs have woken up, it is time for the Den Break. Alpha and Beta's pups leave the den for the first time and are welcomed by the Pack.
  • As the Pack eats, Lucky learns that the patrols haven't been searching for the fox camp, and he orders them to look for their camp.

Chapter 6

  • A patrol of Storm, Dart, Snap, and Thorn go to find the fox camp.
  • The patrol sees one fox eating a vole before going into the den.
  • Fox Dawn and another fox come and enter the den as well, though they have no prey.
  • The dogs realize they have found the fox camp and start to head back.
  • Storm tells her patrol mates that she doesn't think a fox killed Whisper.
    • She privately wonders if it could have been Arrow who killed her Packmate, as he was also once a Fierce Dog.
  • In camp, Storm tries to nap, but notices that Snap and Dart and talking. As Arrow heads out of camp, Dart follows behind him.

Chapter 7

  • The Pack eats and Snap reports to Lucky about the fox camp.
  • She mentions that she doesn't think that foxes killed Whisper, and Storm agrees with her.
  • Lucky gets angry with Storm and convinces the Pack hat it was foxes who killed their murdered Packmate, instead of dogs.
  • Storm leaves the group of dogs and sits just outside camp while Lucky makes plans for the attack.

Chapter 8

  • Storm the clearing where Whisper was found dead more
    • She becomes even more certain that he was running from camp, and that it was a Pack dog who killed him.
  • Bella and Arrow come and help Storm, and they agree that Whisper was killed by a Packmate.
    • Storm decides to ask Moon, who had been on high Watch during Whisper's murder, questions.
  • Storm goes to High Watch and talks with Moon but gets very little information from the Farm Dog.

Chapter 9

  • Storm comes back from a successful hunt.
  • Beetle and Thorn report seeing lots of foxes near their territory.
  • Lucky decides that the Pack will attack.
  • The attack patrol searches through the woods and eventually finds the fox camp.

Chapter 10

  • Lucky tells the dogs the plan to scare the foxes.
  • The dogs assemble, but when Lucky tells the foxes to leave the area, they refuse and attack the dogs.
  • Storm is tired from lack of sleep but she still fights fiercely.
    • She is too angry to know what she is doing and isn't completely conscious.
  • Storm comes back to her senses when Arrow holds her down, telling her to stop.
    • The whole patrol is staring at Storm warily.

Chapter 11

  • Storm remembers how she had lost complete consciousness when fighting Terror as well.
  • She runs from the attacking patrol and washes off by a stream.
    • Storm puts her head deep under the water as she washes.
  • Mickey comes and makes Storm get out of the water.
    • He convinces her to go back to the rest of the dogs.
  • Later, when the dogs come back to the camp, they give a report of the attack to Alpha.

Chapter 12

  • Storm dreams and sees herself attacking the foxes, and how she continued fighting even after her Packmates had stopped.
    • Next in her dream, Storm attacks Whisper.
  • She washes in the stream and is confused about when she fell asleep.
  • Arrow finds Storm, and she remembers that she is on a hunting patrol with Daisy, Mickey, Bella, and Arrow.
  • Storm and Arrow return to the rest of the patrol and hunt.
  • Later in camp, the Pack is fed, but Arrow shows Storm a moldy rat in the prey pile that spoiled other food.
    • Right after, Bella gets sick from the food, and she throws up the food she ate earlier.

Chapter 13

  • Two days after the discovery of the sick rat, Twitch, Moon, Woody, and Thorn have also gotten sick, although the rest of the Pack is recovering.
  • Lucky brings Storm to see the pups by herself, as she only saw them in the Den Break, but they get scared of her and she leaves.
  • The next day, when hunting with Lucky, Snap, Mickey, Twitch, and Dart, the dogs decide to hunt by the river, to not catch sick prey.
  • In the river, they find a killed rabbit.
    • The dogs turn around to find that a Pack of coyotes has lined up behind them.

Chapter 14

  • The coyotes threaten the dogs, but Twitch and Lucky talk back to them and scare them off.
  • On the way back to camp, the dogs catch a few pieces of prey.
  • At arriving in camp, the Pack is slightly disappointed, but Lucky mentions the coyotes and river, and the Pack calms down.
  • After the Pack eats, Storm listens to Alpha talk to Twitch and Lucky.
    • The dogs talk about if they will need to expand their territory, and about Whisper.

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

  • Storm comes back from High Watch and reports to Lucky
    • She is told to get some sleep, and she rests in the den.
  • Lucky leads a hunting party of him, Arrow, Snap, Bruno, Dart, and Breeze.
    • Storm convinces him to let her come too.
  • In the hunt, the dogs immediately notice a difference, and they realize that there is no wind.
  • Eventually, the dogs pick up the scent of The Golden Deer.
    • The dogs follow the scent without success for a while.
  • Eventually, the patrol finds four normal deer and decide to try to catch them.
  • The group splits into three groups of three, and they catch two of the deer.

Chapter 21

  • The patrol brings the deer to camp, and the Pack is excited at seeing so much prey.
  • Alpha's pups come out of the den and try to talk as they play, while the Pack looks at them.
  • Daisy asks Storm to tell the story of how they caught the deer, and the Pack listens as she recounts the event.
  • Lucky speaks with Storm, apologizing for how harsh he had been to her for the past few days.
    • Storm is so pleased that she tells herself that a dog maybe did not commit the crimes that took place earlier in the month.
  • The Pack settles down to eat, and Alpha and Beta take their share.
  • As Twitch bites into a part of the deer, he howls in pain and he backs away, his mouth bleeding.
    • Storm discovers that clearstone has been hidden inside the deer, where Twitch had bitten.
    • Meanwhile, Snap helps the Third Dog, by taking the shards out of his mouth.
    • The Pack realizes that a dog in their Pack is responsible for the murder of the fox cub and Whisper, Moon being framed for stealing prey, the poisoning of several of their Packmates, and the clearstone.

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