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Alpha's Tale

Elk are animals mentioned, though never appearing, in the Survivors series.[1]


Elk in Survivors are not described.
Elk in real life have varying coats. In the summer, their pelts are tan. In the winter, it changes to a dark brown. Their rump is distinctly buff-colored, with the heads, tail, belly, and neck darker. Most elk can all be characterized by their long head, large ears and wide antlers. Although elk were once found from Europe to northern Africa, Asia, and North America, their numbers have dwindled from overhunting. They are now found mainly from western America, Canada, to the Rockies and New Mexico, areas either protected or remote. [2] Elk are related to deer but much larger as a bull elk can reach over 9 feet. [3]

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When Pup hunts a weasel, he thinks of how in the Ice Wind, he will bring many deer, elk, and mountain goats for his Pack.


  • Wapiti is a Native America word nicknaming Elk as "light-colored deer."[4]

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