"Hide! I'll put them off. But I hope you realize it's because I haven't given up on you. You belong with your real family."
— Fang to Storm in The Endless Lake, page 80
Fierce Dogs[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Pup: Grunt[4]

Member: Fang[5]

Family Mother-Dog: Morningstar

Foster Mother: Martha
Foster Father: Lucky
Brother: Wiggle
Sister: Storm

Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Deceased (killed by Blade)[6]
Book Appearances
Living Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead A Pack Divided

Fang is a large,[7] stout,[8] thickset[9], muscular, brown-and-tan male[5] Fierce Dog[10] with glossy fur,[11] darker fur along his back,[9] a square head[12] a dark[13] face,[14] and a pointed,[15] lighter muzzle;[13] torn,[16] stunted[16] erect ears ragged around the edges,[16] brown eyes,[13] sturdy,[17] muscular legs,[18] and a short, thin tail.[19]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

Grunt is one of the Fierce Dog pups found by Lucky and Mickey. He has a litter brother named Wiggle, and a litter sister named Lick. He seems to be the oldest of the three.
Though his littermates have an immediate liking toward the two adult Lone Dogs, Grunt remains cold and cautious.
Now that Grunt, Wiggle, and Lick have technically been adopted by Lucky, the older dog seems to begin to admire Grunt's courage and the ability to be a risk-taker. But Grunt makes Lucky feel anxious because of the risks Grunt took that could've costed him his life.
As Lucky brings the pups to the Wild Pack, all the dogs are frightened. Grunt is cautious, not liking any of the members as they seem to be dismissive to him on his first encounter. Grunt appreciates Martha giving the pups a chance, forming a strong bond with her.
Grunt and his siblings are to be trained by Lucky on Alpha's orders. Grunt still encourages his younger brother when he loses against Lucky as he has faith that he will eventually overpower Lucky. Grunt seems to show he does have love and kindness inside of him.
Grunt and his littermates are tested by Alpha and sent with Daisy to search for new camp locations. They are followed by Lucky and Alpha. The group of pups encounter a giantfur, and Daisy instructs the three pups to stay still as the giantfur only wanted the honey from a bee hive, but Grunt disobeyed orders and nearly got them all killed. Grunt and the others are kept alive by Lucky persuading Alpha to intervene.
When the Pack is discussing what should happen to the pups, Grunt confronts Alpha, and he ends up hating everyone, including Lucky, and won't forgive his former friend for what he did, even though Lick and Wiggle do. Grunt then tries to convince his littermates to leave the Pack and search for their Fierce Dog Pack, but they're already there.
After the Fierce Dog Pack leaves with Grunt and his littermates, Grunt watches Wiggle get murdered by their Alpha, Blade. Grunt pleaded for Blade to spare him and Blade accepts him. Grunt then watches his Alpha try to kill his sister, who escapes into fog. He and his present Pack are set out to hunt down the Wild Pack.

The Broken Path

Grunt is given a new name from his Alpha, Fang. He also gets his ears mutilated to make him a real Fierce Dog.
One night,  Fang leaves to meet his sister in secret after he and his sister receive a dream. He invites her to rejoin the Fierce Dogs, but she refuses. He and his sister tell Lucky about their dreams when he chances upon them during one of their meetings. It is implied Fang shows guilt over his brother's death. Fang is sent back to camp with a slashed flank when Blade soon shows up. It leaves a temporary scar.

The Endless Lake

Fang moves with his Pack to their new home in a longpaw town near the ocean. Soon, Fang and a couple of his Pack members encounter dogs from the Wild Pack. Fang is not easily fooled when Lucky shows up quickly and tries to trick Fang's Pack. Fang asks his newly-named sister Storm to come back with him. Fang chases after the retreating Wild Pack when Storm refuses again. Fang is convinced by Storm to let the Wild Pack go. He lies to Blade and the Pack about where their enemies went and convinces them. Fang is punished by Blade for his stupidity and is taken away his right to eat for the night.
Fang is set up for the Trial of Rage with Storm after she is captured by the Fierce Dogs. Fang fights with no mercy. Fang is trampled by his Packmaktes while the Wild Pack shows up and distracts the Fierce Dogs. Fang fights his sister again and is defeated by her. Fang angrily tells Storm she should have killed him, saying that he would rather die with her living with the Fierce Dogs than have to live through her weakness and pity.

Storm of Dogs

Fang appears injured in Wild Pack territory, coming to Lucky for refuge. He fakes his sincerity about joining him and escaping Blade, successfully taking advantage of Lucky's pity. Fang leads Lucky to his "temporary shelter" which turns out to be Blade's base. Fang succeeds in tricking a now captive Lucky.
Later on, Fang and the other Fierce Dogs surround Lucky and the others trying to escape. He is killed by Blade, since she believed the Earth-Dog wanted all pups born in her Pack after the Big Growl dead. All dogs are quiet, besides Storm, who gives a grief-stricken howl for his death.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Fang, now Grunt, makes an appearance in the prologue. He assures his two worrying littermates that Blade would return with the Pack to fix their Mother-Dog and her motionless pup. He has an air of superiority and a gruff tone, being the largest of the three pups. Fang eventually loses hope in Blade's return and joins his litter-mates in a volley of howls about their hopelessness and abandonment.
Fang appears in one of Storm's dreams. Telling her of her savage nature, that while she thinks she wasn't as cruel as Blade but not many other dogs could defeat Blade without having savagery in them.
When Sweet tells her Pack the story of the Wind Dogs, Storm remembers how Martha used to tell her, Grunt, and Wiggle stories about the Spirit Dogs, and they didn't know anything because their Mother-Dog had died before she could tell them.
When Storm has a dream that she is Lick again, she asks Martha where Wiggle and Grunt are, and says that she wants to play with them.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

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  • Fang was around 8-10 weeks old when Lucky and Mickey rescued him.[20]




Morningstar:[13] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[21]


Wiggle:[13] Deceased As of Darkness Falls[22]


Storm:[13] Living As of The Final Battle

Foster Mothers:

Martha:[23] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[24]
Blade:[22] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[25]

Foster Father:

Lucky:[26] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"They've destroyed him. If only he'd stayed with us."
—Lucky's thoughts on Fang Storm of Dogs, page 76

"Get out of here! You're no match for dogs! The enemy never wins against a true warrior!"
—Grunt to the Giantfur Darkness Falls, pages 239-24

"I'm not scared of bullies! You never back down before the enemy!"
—Grunt to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 241

"Come on! They don't want us here, and we're better than this shabby Pack. We're going off to find our own kind—-that's where we belong!"
—Grunt to Lucky and Wiggle Darkness Falls, pages 251-252

"We belong with dogs like these—-fierce, brave warriors—not that ragged bunch of scroungers who cower at the sight of a silly giantfur!"
—Grunt Darkness Falls, page 265

"The pup is a natural leader. With a little patience and compassion, he could be a great asset to the Pack."
—Lucky's thoughts on Grunt Darkness Falls, page 194

"You should have killed me. I would have rather died bringing you back to your rightful pack than live through your weakness and pity."
—Fang to Storm The Endless Lake, page 296

"I'm where I belong, and I'm not going to join you and your band of misfits! It's you who should stay here! We belong with our own kind."
—Fang to Storm The Endless Lake, page 282

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