"I knew that for such a big dog, I was fast. I knew it from when I first learned to run I could run almost as fast as Lightning, or so I thought when I was young and arrogant. I watched Lightning in the sky, and thought about how he looked like a streak of flame—and I just knew. I knew instantly that Fiery was my true name."
— Fiery on his past in The Broken Path, page 15
Forests Beyond[1]
Wild Pack,[2] Unknown,[3] Wild Pack[4]
Names Pup: Snail[5]

Hunter: Fiery[6]

Family Mate: Moon

Sons: Beetle, Fuzz
Daughter: Thorn

Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[1]
Deceased (Poisoned by Longpaws)[7]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale, Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path
Dead Storm of Dogs

Fiery is a huge,[8] sturdy, stocky, [9][10] sleek,[11] burly,[12] brown and black male with long ears,[6] glossy,[13] shaggy fur,[6] rippling muscles,[11] massive paws,[14] a blunt,[12] dark face[15] and eyes.[16]


In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Fiery confronts the Leashed Dogs with his Pack. He is mentioned to be larger than Martha. He is also seen listening to his Alpha's and Beta's orders as they tell their Pack-mates how to drive the Leashed Dogs off of their land.
After the battle and the Big Growl, Fiery is introduced as the head hunting dog and Moon's mate. His pups are cared for by Moon. Later when Fiery and his hunters return, he voices his happy barks along with the other dogs. As the dogs settle down to wait for their turn, Fiery and Sweet speak to each other. After the Pack eats and joins together in the Great Howl, Fiery's howl is noted to be rumbling.
Fiery growls as he hears the mentioning of longpaws and loudcages from the reporting patrol dogs Lucky, Dart, and Twitch. Later on, Fiery and Moon watch as Alpha promotes Lucky to a Hunter. He leads a hunt with Lucky, Snap and Spring. He tells them to be ready to do well hunting. As they hunt, Fiery praises the hunting dogs.
Fiery is leading a hunt when Dart warns them the camp is under attack. He and the others race to protect the camp. Foxes attack the camp and Moon's pups while all the dogs work together to fight them off. His pups' lives are endangered by the fox attack, and Fuzz dies.

Darkness Falls

During the Pack's movement to a new camp, Fiery picks up his pup Nose. He and Lucky help some of the dogs who get stuck, fall, or just need help and support traveling. After Lucky's exile, his and Mickey's return to the Pack depress Fiery and Moon, as they felt bad for making him leave in the first place.
When the Pack scent the Fierce Dogs, Fiery stands protectively close to his remaining pups, Nose and Squirm. Fiery said that one of the Fierce Dog pups attacked Squirm, against Martha's reassuring words that the pups could do no harm.

The Broken Path

Fiery is hunting for a white rabbit with Lucky and Lick for his pups' Naming Ceremony. After the dogs come up with a plan, Fiery catches the white rabbit. He returns to the the temporary camp.
During the naming ceremony, Fiery is sitting beside Moon, proud of their pups.
When Fiery leads a hunting party with Lucky and several others, he encounters Terror's Pack. Fiery diplomatically asks Terror for temporary hunting rights, but the Alpha refuses. He is attacked by one of Terror's Pack and calls for the Wild Pack to retreat.
Fiery tells Alpha that Terror and his Pack attacked the team of hunters and that was why they had no food. Although forgiving him, Alpha growls that it was Fiery's fault that the Pack had no food even though it was Terror's fault. Despite the Alpha being wrong, Fiery agrees.
Fiery leads a hunt with Lucky, Bruno, Snap, and Mickey. Fiery agrees with Lucky that Lick could come. While Alpha nips and knocks Lick over, Fiery stops her from being provoked and attacking Alpha. Fiery succeeds in warning Lick to stop. Fiery challenges Alpha when he threatens to punish her harshly.
Fiery claims he respects Alpha, but that he had made mistakes, judged many dogs and been snappy with them. He further states that he thinks that he would be the stronger and better leader and that was why he challenged.
His challenge is announced by Sweet. While Moon denies Sweet's prompt for her own Beta challenge, Fiery is licked by his mate. The two mates seemed to have discussed Fiery challenge before. Fiery agrees to fight Alpha that night and leads a hunt.
Fiery is told by Snap that she would like to have Fiery as Alpha. Fiery happily thanks all of his supporters. As the dogs sniff for food, Fiery growls. Fiery says he was not sure what alerted his senses. The dogs believe it is loudcages and Fiery says there may be longpaws close by. The dogs then see longpaws and once the longpaws approach the dogs, they flee. Fiery tells Lucky to take lead. He states that no longpaw would hurt a dog on his command.
Fiery tells them that they had to turn because they were heading to the Food House, the pack's camp. Fiery said that they could not lead them to the Pack. He takes lead and the hunters follow.
While he was running, Fiery gets trapped. He growls and tries fruitlessly to escape. His hunters Lucky, Snap, Mickey, Bruno, and Lick try to free him but do not succeed. Fiery urges them to save themselves because he needed them safe. The hunters disagree, but Fiery loyally tells them to warn the Pack, and his family. The dogs finally agree, and Fiery is promised by Lucky that they would return to save him. Fiery thanks him.
Later on, Fiery is rescued by Lucky, Moon, Martha, Lick, and Bella. Fiery says that no animal should be forced to drink bad water by longpaws. He informs them that they must free all the animals and they work together to do so.
The group is once again attacked by Terror's Pack. Fiery is killed in the battle when helping saving his friends. As Fiery is dying, he says that his pain was inside him and nothing could be done to save him. Fiery and Moon stay together as he passes on.

Storm of Dogs

Fiery is seen prancing with the others who also have died. He is beside his lost pup, Fuzz.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Fiery's past is revealed by Moon when she speaks to Storm about mates and how she came to love Fiery. Fiery was the only survivor of a sickness that wiped out his entire Pack, something that haunted him from his puphood. He is mentioned to have helped Moon's remaining Pack survive despite Alpha's isolation and orders until the invisible enemy was eradicated.

Red Moon Rising

Coming Soon

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Fiery, known then as Snail, had a mother and father who died from sickness. Later, Snail encounters a giantfur and is cornered next to a tree. He is saved by his future Alpha and the two dogs introduce themselves to each other. Snail calls himself being a good hunter because he catches snails and begs to join Alpha. The two head off together, starting their own Pack.

Sweet's Journey

Fiery is ordered by the Alpha of the Wild Pack to take Sweet to the end of camp and make sure she does not hunt in their territory. Fiery agrees and escorts the swift-dog. Fiery inquires about Sweet's return to the Wild Pack and defends her against Beta by pointing out that Sweet came with a gift: a rabbit.
Fiery is approached by Moon when she says that she was impressed and they could use more hunters in the Wild Pack since she was going to have her and Fiery's pups. This sign of approval by Fiery and his mate allows Sweet's admission into the Pack. Fiery is then practicing how to fight with Sweet, and he encourages her the entire time. He demonstrates with Sweet when Alpha asks them to show him what they were practicing.
Fiery lets Sweet take him down, impressing Alpha. However, Fiery assures Sweet that she is doing great. He warns Snap against her gossiping about her leaders, especially Beta and that there was nothing honorable about that.
Fiery and Sweet are hunting. They find a deer and they both make a plan to catch it. With the hunt successful, Fiery and Sweet are both happy and proud. Later on back at camp, Fiery gives Sweet due credit for the catch when Alpha praises them. Their catch satisfies the entire Pack. Fiery is alerted by Sweet when Moon was beginning to give birth. He thanks her and runs to his mate. Fiery and Moon pridefully name their pups Squirm, Nose, and Fuzz.
Fiery and Moon thank Sweet for getting him and apologize if she got in some trouble for her actions. They show their thanks and appreciation. Later on, Fiery witnesses Sweet being accused for eating by Beta and engaging in a challenge. Fiery and Moon and the rest of the Pack bark their approval when Sweet conquers Beta and gets her to confess her lies and trickery.

Moon's Choice

Fiery is beside Alpha when the Wild Pack approaches Moon's Pack's territory. Unlike his Alpha, he negotiates with the Pack, and say that they'll both help each other as they share the land. He respectfully tells  his Alpha ideas and asks Moon's father about his thoughts. The two Packs agree with Fiery's idea. Later on, Fiery is complimented by Moon's Parent-Dogs. He is also taken to Moon's fancy.
Fiery is met by a distressed Moon who crosses the border to aid her sickly sister. He accepts her apologies for trespassing and admits he was hoping to see her again. Fiery asks for her name. After introducing herself, Fiery gives her hopes that can help her sister, Star.
Fiery races in and rescues Moon when the Pack is overwhelmed by attacking coyotes. He saves Moon and the rest of her Pack.
After the battle ordeal, Fiery aids Moon in recovering from her illness when she gets sick. Fiery teaches her what his Mother-Dog taught him about how to recover from a sickness. Fiery motivates her and helps her out. Fiery prompts Moon to wake up for her leaves and water between resting periods. Fiery stated that he helped her for her Pack when she asks him about his care.
With Fiery's help, Moon continues to wake up and eat. Fiery confesses that he couldn't bear to see Moon in pain, and he begs her to continue fighting the sickness. Fiery helps Moon and she is soon healed.
Fiery sadly tells Moon that his Pack has to move on, that his Alpha said so. He offers Moon to come with him. He is rejected by Moon, who stated she needed to lead her Pack.
With sadness, Fiery respects her decision, saying it was like her to think about her Pack. He confesses his wishes for her to come with him. He is asked by Moon to stay with her Pack, but Fiery said that his Alpha helped him as a pup and he felt obligated to remain loyal.
Fiery and Moon are rejoiced when she, Snap, Mulch, and Omega ask to join with his Pack and are accepted. Fiery is overjoyed when Moon says she is pregnant with their pups. Both dogs bark excitedly.





Unnamed Female Mastiff:[19] Deceased[19]


Unnamed Male Mastiff:[19] Deceased[19]


Moon:[18] Living As of The Final Battle


Beetle:[18] Living As of The Final Battle
Fuzz:[18] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[14]


Thorn:[18] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Don't relax. He will be happy, but we can do better. Let's prove it!"
—Fiery to Snap and Lucky about Alpha A Hidden Enemy, page 201

"Wait. Alpha. In sight and hearing and smell of the pack, I challenge you for their leadership."
—Fiery challenging Alpha for leadership of the Wild Pack The Broken Path, page [20]

"I still miss Fiery. The thought surprised [Storm], and gave her a pang of sadness. The big dog had had such a strong sense of justice and fairness; he might have looked ferocious and brutal, but he had been the gentlest and wisest of dogs. He was one of the dogs who showed me that a Fierce exterior isn't all there is to me. I learned that just by watching him. And he never acted as if my being a Fierce Dog was anything to fear. if he was still here, would I feel more at home in the Pack?"
—Storm's thoughts about Fiery Red Moon Rising, page 131

Snail: "That was the best thing I have ever seen."
Alpha: "That was the stupidest thing you have ever seen. The giantfur could have killed us both. Where's your Pack?"
Snail: "I haven't got a Pack."
—Wolf meeting Snail Alpha's Tale, page 65

"My Mother-Dog got sick and died. So did my Sire-Dog. I'm all alone."
—Snail to Wolf Alpha's Tale, page 65

Wolf: "I've heard some strange names lately, but Snail?'"
Snail: "I like snails. they're tasty. And there's not much else around here."
—Wolf about Snail's name Alpha's Tale, page 66

Snail: "But I could look after you. I'm quote fast for a pup, even my Sire-Dog said so. We could be a Pack together. I could be your lookout. I could find the prey, and chase it to you, and you can kill it!"
Wolf: "I don't know..."
Snail: "I could find you lots of snails."
—Wolf and Snail Alpha's Tale, page 66

"The strong and reassuring presence of Fiery made a huge difference. Without him, Moon might have curled up in a ball herself, and given up hope. Calm and steady, he organized hunts so that healthy dogs wouldn't go hungry, and he searched out more of the fever plant, bringing jawfuls of it back to Moon's Pack until they had a store of it beneath a cool outcrop of stone."
—Moon thinking about Fiery Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

"I like that Fiery. He advised his Alpha without showing him a grain of disrespect. And his plan was a clever one."
—Alpha to Beta about Fiery Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"I like him too. He does seem clever. And gentle. And kind. Perhaps Fiery and I can be friends."
—Moon's thoughts on Fiery Moon's Choice, page chapter 2

"Fiery is what my parent-dogs thought Hunter was. He's strong, and brave, and he's a natural leader. But he's much more than that. He's much more than Hunter ever was. He's the dog my Pack needed in their worst trouble. He's kind as well as brave. He's gentle as well as strong. And he's something Hunter will never be: He's loyal. He's not just the dog my Pack needs. He's the dog I need."
—Moon's thoughts on Fiery Moon's Choice, page chapter 6

Moon: "Fiery, would you consider staying here? I mean... you could stay here. With my Pack, with me. We could lead this Pack, look after them together..."
Fiery: "I can't. Oh Moon, I'm sorry, but I can't. You're bound to your Pack- and I'm bound to my Alpha."
Moon: "The half wolf?"
Fiery: "He found me when I was a pup. He saved me from a giantfur, and he took me in and cared for me when there was no other dog to do it.I know he seems... harsh. But I owe him my life and my loyalty, and I can't abandon him or my Pack. Oh Moon. It seems we're both tied by bonds we can't break."
—Moon and Fiery Moon's Choice, page chapter 8

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