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"'This is Nibble, one of our female pups,' said Alpha. Beta set Nibble down beside Tumble, and she sat completely still, cowering slightly away from the crowd of dogs. Her jaws opened and she gave a high-pitched little squeak. The sound did something strange to Storm's insides-- it was as if the ice that was lingering in her mind after her dream had been melted away and replaced by a warm, soft bundle of fuzz."
— Forest's first moment in her Den Break in Dead of Night, page 70
Wild Pack[1]
Sheltie-Retriever Greyhound mix[2]
Names Pup: Nibble[3]

Adult: Forest[4]

Family Mother-Dog: Sweet
Sire-Dog: Lucky
Sky, Earth
Rank Positions
Rank Hunter[5]
Book Appearances
Living Storm of Dogs, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Forest is a short-haired, tan female[3] Sheltie Retriever[6] Greyhound[7] mix with a long muzzle,[3] a fuzzy narrow body, a large soft head,[2] a long[3] slender muzzle, floppy ears, light-brown eyes.[2]


In the Original Series

Storm of Dogs

Forest is first seen with her siblings in one of Lucky's prophetic dreams. Lucky is in a warm place where he feels content, when he hears a series of high-pitched yaps, and realizes that they are pups. He trots through the long grass to a circle of trees by the pond, and can see four puppies sitting on flat rocks. Two of the pups have sandy fur, one has a deeper tan coat, and one has dark brown fur. Storm approaches the pups, and the sandy, shaggy-furred pup asks what happened next, with the other pups agreeing that she should tell them more of the story. Storm explains that the ground started shaking very hard, and dogs wondered if it was the end of the world. The dark brown pup asks if it was, but the short-furred sandy pup answers that of course it wasn't, or Storm wouldn't be telling them the story. Storm answers that she almost had died, and explains that everything was terrible and went wild. The tan pup has trouble believing this, but Storm clarifies that she was there, and it happened before the Storm of Dogs. Lucky guesses that the pups have heard the term before, because they gasp and beg to hear what happened next.

Storm goes on that the battle was terrible, and not all dogs survived. The dark brown pup asks why the dogs were fighting, and Storm replies that a dog named Blade thought that the world would end if she didn't force the battle, but she thinks that Blade just wanted a good fight. At hearing this, the pups shudder and press close together, and Storm informs them that their Mother-Dog and Father-Dog had been very brave.

At hearing this, the pups admiringly look at Lucky, and the dark brown pup asks if he fought the mean dog. When Storm tells the pups that their Sire-Dog had an important role in the battle, the shaggy-furred pup wonders what it was, and the short-furred sandy pup asks if he killed a bad dog. Storm looks at Lucky, then tells the pups that the told their Father-Dog what to do.

When the pups look at Lucky, he suddenly realizes that their names are Forest, Sky, River, and Earth. The short-furred sandy pup, who Lucky now knows is named Sky, bursts forward and yaps that their Father-Dog is a hero, and the other pups run after her, crowding around Lucky.

River is next seen after the Storm of Dogs battle, when during the Great Howl, Lucky sees four Spirit Dogs; Sky, Forest, River, and Earth. Beside them are the four pups Lucky had dreamed of. The dark brown pup raises her head and stares right at Lucky before fading from view. Before the pack goes to sleep, Lucky wonders if he should tell Sweet that he saws a vision of their pups, and he wishes he could see them again. However, he doesn't tell her, yet is positive that the pups will arrive when Tree Flower comes.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Although Forest is not yet born in A Pack Divided, she and her siblings are mentioned several times.

When Storm comes back from a hunting patrol and sees Lucky and Sweet together, she notes that Alpha's sides are rounded with her and Lucky's pups. Lucky's gaze is a combination of love, pride, and faint anxiety, and Storm is surprised that his first pups should really be so exciting. She thinks it is right that Lucky should be focused on his mate and their soon-to-be-born pups, and she notes that he would be a wonderful Farther-Dog. Thorn and Beetle are seen wrestling in camp, and Beetle tells his litter-sister, who reports of a fox, that if a fox would come near camp, Alpha and her pups would get a new fox-hide bed. As they eat that night, Alpha takes a modestly sized rabbit, and Storm thinks that it is a good choice for a future Mother-Dog, as it is enough for her and her unborn pups, but not too much.

Later, as Lucky and Sweet talk together, the Beta asks his mate what stories he will tell their pups. Alpha laughs that she will tell them about her Spirit Dogs and his, and that she expects that he would do the same. Alpha offers to tell her one of his Mother-Dog's stories, and Lucky accepts.

When a loudbird flies near camp, Lucky gazes at Alpha, and Storm wonders if she can even run very fast while carrying a litter. Storm realizes that he isn't acting like an Alpha or Beta, only thinking of his mate and their unborn pups. After the loudbird leaves, Bella and Lucky discuss how he had been panicking, and Bella sympathizes that it is understandable, as he will be a Father-Dog and is obviously going to worry about his mate and pups. Lucky turns his head away, embarrassed, but Bella goes on that the best way to help Alpha and the pups is to do what they must do it the city.

Right before Moon gets accused of stealing prey, Lucky offers to get Alpha some prey, but Alpha objects that she is carrying pups and not the weight of the Earth-Dog. Later that night, after Moon is punished, Alpha's head is down and her tail droops, and Storm asks her if everything is alright. The swift-dog replies that she is making sure that her legs don't get stiff, and she adds that she needs to stay strong, for both her pups and the Pack.

When the foxes attack the camp, it is noted that Alpha is too heavy with pups to fight, and must be protected. After the foxes leave and the dead fox pup is discovered, Lucky backs protectively against Alpha as if thinking of his own vulnerable pups in her belly. Dogs within the Pack discuss about who might have killed the fox-pup, but Lucky chastises them for picking fight with one another when their Alpha is about to give birth to her first pups.

When there is another squabble among the patrol-dogs, Alpha squirms from her den, and her belly is noted to look heavy and round, as if her flanks can hardly contain the growing pups.

Later, when Storm goes to talk to Alpha about how Beta and Snap went to hunt the Golden Deer, Alpha's silhouette is very distended, and Storm thinks that it can't be long until the pups come. Alpha is concerned for her mate until Storm tells her about the chase that he went on. Later that night, when Storm goes to talk to Moon while she is on the High Patrol and the two discuss the dead fox pup, the farm-dog mentions that she hopes that Alpha and Beta's pups will be safe and happy, and notes that she would hate it if anything were to happen to them. When Storm goes to help catch the Golden Deer next time, she tells her Beta that she thins that the Wind-Dogs are helping them because they want to Pack to have it for Lucky's pups.

Dead of Night

Sweet's pups are ready to come after they have a moment of silence at Whisper's burial. She winced, her strong and noble stance sagging as she bent her nose low to the earth. She looks up, her large eyes wide as she announces that the pups were coming. While Sweet is birthing, an anguished whimper splits the air around the camp. She yowls during the process. Moon is with her to help with the process. Forest is born along with her three siblings. She experiences her Den Break, the pup's first time outside when her eyes are open and they are ready to be introduced to the Pack. Beta goes into the den and comes out carrying a short-haired and tan pup with the same long muzzle and dark eyes as her litter-brother. Sweet announces her as Forest, setting her down beside River. She sits completely still, cowering slightly away from the crowd of dogs. Her jaws are open and she gives a high-pitched squeak.

Into the Shadows

Forest is playing with her littermates when Storm is asked to watch them. Breeze tells the pups a story because Storm can't watch Lucky and Sweet's pups very well. When Storm was healing her injury from the tusknose, Forest comes into her den and says that when she grows up, she will be a hunter just like Storm.

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Red Moon Rising

Forest and Earth play-fight around Storm. She later asks her to tell a story to her and her littermates. Forest dips the tip of her paw into the pond, and along with River she takes deep breaths around the shallow pond. Forest sniffs at the surface and sneezes. She then stumbles and falls into the water. Lucky lifts Forest out of the water. The tan pup shakes herself and trembles. Storm and Lucky argue if the pups should learn to swim or to return to their den. Forest agrees with her Sire-Dog that they shouldn’t have to learned how to swim. Storm wins the argument and takes Lucky and the pups to the riverbank. The pups learn to swim and have fun in the pond.

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The Exile's Journey

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The Final Battle

Forest is kidnapped by Breeze along with the other pups. Her litter-siblings are released, but Forest is brought to the longpaw site to be sacrificed to the Fear-Dog. Storm rescues Forest, who says that Tufty would help her from then on.

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  • Despite being female[3], Forest's namesake Spirit-Dog is male.[8]
  • Forest is referred to as River in Storm of Dogs.[1]




Lucky:[2] Living As of The Final Battle


Sweet:[2] Living As of The Final Battle


Sky:[9] Living As of The Final Battle
Earth:[9] Living As of The Final Battle


River:[9] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



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