Come on. Den time. Long-mice will be lazy later, full of seeds, lazy. Catch one then.
— A female fox reassures Fox Dawn that they'll catch prey soon in Dead of Night, page 81
The Fox Pack is a pack of foxes led by the fox leader, discovered in A Pack Divided.[1]


In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Following the discovery of a fox kit murdered near the Wild Pack's camp, the Fox Pack promptly responds by confronting the dogs. They claim the dogs are killers, savages and fiends for this heinous act. The foxes clash with the defending dogs. One of the foxes holds Beetle's shoulder down, while Thorn begged for the fox to get off him. Once the fox is fended off, reinforcements come to drive off the Fox Pack. Once the two forces glare each other down, one of the foxes hisses how brutish the dogs were. Another fox pipes in that the dogs thought they owned the forest. The leader continues to snarl about how the dogs ruled the prey and do as they like, killing cubs and thinking nobody would retaliate.
The leader demands that the Wild Pack pay for their crimes. Although Sweet tries to reason they had done no such thing, the fox leader growls that there were dog-scents in their camp. They then pointed out that their kit was found near the Wild Pack camp, and that it was proof enough that they had committed the murder.
Sweet denies they could've done such an accusation, and the leader insists they lied. The leader growls that this conflict was not over and it wasn't the last they'd seen of the Fox Pack.

Dead of Night

Lucky orders Storm, Snap, Thorn, and Dart to seek out the Fox Pack camp. They discover it and report back their findings to the pack. Snap is the one to report back.
Later on, Beetle and Thorn return to the Wild Pack, insisting that the Fox Pack was regrouping for another attack. The Wild Pack invades their camp and runs them out. In retaliation, the foxes attack the dogs. The foxes swarm the camp, snarling and snapping at the dogs. Several of them start tearing at the dens, digging out the bedding and breaking off pieces of the bushes that surrounded them. Two foxes approach the Alpha's den, their skinny shoulders hunched.
Sweet cuts off their path, growling and showing her teeth. Storm lunges onto the foxes, and they sprawl under her. One of the foxes howls that they were bad dogs, killing their cubs and driving them from their home. It fixes his yellow eyes on her, saying that they will have their revenge.
The creatures surge forward, sharp teeth bared. The other fox swerves around her, but is blocked by Moon landing on it. The Wild Dog camp is a blur of fangs and fur. A fox Storm drives off is called a Fox Coward by a larger fox. The large fox darts for the pups in the den, crying for revenge. It is stopped by Breeze. As the foxes flee, they steal the Wild Pack's food supply.
Later on, Fox Mist is captured. After deciding whether to kill or punish her, she is sent into the forest with Storm, Mickey, Arrow, and Bella to scar her. However, the dogs let her go on the condition that her pack would not come back for revenge, and would find a new camp far away in peace.
Red Moon Rising
Mickey, Storm, and Daisy are sent on a hunt and combining it with patrolling. They then sent a fox and they cut it off from its escape. The fox is Fox Mist, and though Storm and Mickey try to deny knowing her, Fox Mist recognizes them and spills their secret of letting her go without a scar. Mickey then let's her go.


The Fox Pack is composed of around a dozen foxes.[2] They have thin muzzles, yellow fangs, gray fur[2] with high-pitched nasal barks.[3] They have also been described with red fur.[4][5]


The Fox Pack formerly lived near the glade of the Wild Pack.[6] Around their camp was a scrubby clearing in a forest far from the Wild Pack, a huge fallen tree trunk spanning the open space within their camp. The fox den is dug into the ground underneath a fallen tree, the entrance masked by grass.[7] As of Dead of Night, the pack has been run out of their home, and Fox Mist promised they would find a new home far away from the Wild Pack in peace.[8]


Fox Pack
Members: Fox Leader, Fox Dawn, Fox Ash, Slightly Large Female Fox, Other Unknown Foxes

Former Members: Cub Fire

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