I'm so happy for Alpha and Beta, but I can't help feeling sad when I remember Fuzz and Fiery. Fuzz was so very tiny when he was killed.
Moon to Storm about Fuzz in A Pack Divided, chapter 20
Wild Pack[1]
Wild Pack[1]
Border Collie/Mastiff mix[2]
Names Pup: Fuzz[2]
Family Mother-dog: Moon

Sire-dog: Fiery
Brother: Beetle
Sister: Thorn

Rank Positions
Rank Pup[2]
Deceased (killed by a fox)[3]
Book Appearances
Living A Hidden Enemy
Dead A Hidden Enemy, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

Fuzz is a small[4] male black-and-white[1] Border Collie Mastiff mix[5] with short legs.[4]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Fuzz does not appear in this book. However, Moon announces to Fiery that they are going to have pups, and her mate is surprised, but pleased. Moon explains that she was hopeful yesterday, but now is certain that he will be a Father-Dog, and Fiery promises that he will take good care of her. Moon believes him, and says that he will be a wonderful Father-Dog too.

Sweet's Journey

Although Fuzz does not appear in this book, he is mentioned, unnamed, several times.
When Sweet watches guard over the Pack, she hears an agonized howl, and realizes that it is Moon. The swift-dog guesses that Fiery's mate is about to give birth to her pups, but thinks that something must be wrong from her cry, and she races to camp. When Sweet arrives, her guess is confirmed, and she rushes to tell Fiery, who is out on patrol. When she finds the large dog, Sweet tells him that Moon's pup-time has come and that she needs him, and Fiery rushes back to camp.
When Sweet comes back to camp, there are coyotes in there, but Fiery chases them off. Sweet explains to Snap that Beta promised to patrol for her, Snap says that there was no harm done, but that it was good she was there with everyone distracted by Moon's pup-time. There is a sudden quiet, then Fiery howls in joy, joined by Moon, and Snap barks that the pups have been born. Sweet and Snap go to the den, and Fiery announces that there are three fine pups, two males and a female. Alpha, who has suddenly entered camp, also says his congratulations, noting that three fine pups is good news for the Pack.
That night, Moon thanks Sweet for calling Fiery, explaining that he came in time to see the last of his pups born. Fiery also adds his thanks, and says that although their pups haven't been named yet, one day soon they will, and he hopes they grow up to be as loyal and brave as Sweet. Sweet thanks them back, but Fiery tells Moon that they need to get back to the pups.
Later, when Sweet is seen as the Beta of the Wild Pack, she mentions that Moon is still excused from hunting duty because of her pups. Later that day Sweet talks with Moon and notes that the pups are looking healthy, and the Mother-Dog agrees that they are already getting lively, but their conversation is interrupted when Snap announces that there are dogs in their territory. Alpha orders the Pack for battle, and Sweet checks over the camp to make sure Moon and her pups are safe and well defended, before leaving them with a reassuring bark.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

When Lucky is first brought to the Wild Pack to talk to Alpha, Moon pokes her head out of her nest and complains about the noise, saying that her pups are trying to sleep. Sweet apologizes to the Mother-Dog and tells her to go back to her pups. Moon says that while she is there, since her pups are growing fast, someone should get her food, and the Omega brings her some. When Sweet and Lucky talk to Alpha, Sweet says that Lucky would make a good edition to the Pack because Moon's pups will still be nursing for another journey of the Moon-Dog, and they will be a fighter short until then.
When Lucky goes on his first patrol and Dart explains how it works, she says that before Lucky came, Spring would patrol with them while Moon looked after her pups. Lucky asks if Moon would have normally led the patrol, and he remembers that Alpha had said that Moon wasn't patrolling because she was caring for her pups. Twitch agrees that she was normally a very good tracker, but is now nursing her and Fiery's pups.
Before the Pack eats, all of the dogs but Moon are there, and Lucky figures that she is in her nest with her pups. As the great howl starts, Moon joins the circle with her three pups, and even they open their jaws to whimper to the sky. Although this is Lucky's first time seeing the pups, he still feels a surge of fierce pride and protectiveness, and he hows louder for the Pack's pups. As they Howl, Lucky notes that the dogs howl to particular Spirit Dogs, and Moon's pups do the best to echo their mother's high, silvery note. As he goes to his nest that night, Lucky thinks that no dog would get past him to his leader, the Pack, or the Pack's pups. Moon's pups were almost too young to witness the great howl.
Later, Moon is seen taking her pups outside, and they clumsily crawl around. Dart sniffs at them affectionately, and Lucky notes that their eyes have fully opened. During Snap and Lucky's challenge, one of Moon's pups yap that Snap is very fast. After Lucky wins the fight, Sweet explains to Mulch why he is being demoted, and he says that even Moon's pup Fuzz could understand that.
Later, Lucky is happy with his new status, as Twitch isn't constantly making him watch Moon and her pups. When Lucky goes hunting and Spring brings a deer, Fiery praises her, and says that they should go back to the Pack since the pups are growing fast. At the pride in the huge dog's voice, Lucky feels affection for Fiery and his pups. When the patrol returns to camp and several dogs congratulate them on their deer, Fiery says that Moon will be pleased since their pups are getting big and hungry. In camp, Lucky watches Fuzz chase his tail determinedly, his short legs scrabbling in the dirt, while his siblings wrestle. Moon and Fiery watch their pups proudly.
Later, when Mulch is blamed for stealing food, Alpha gets made at him for having thought that he had the right to eat before Moon's pups. When, Dart warns that the camp is under attack by foxes, Fiery is worried for his pups. As the foxes enter camp, their eyes are fixed on the pups, and Lucky realizes that they want to eat live prey; Moon's young ones. Moon snaps at the foxes, and Fuzz, Squirm, and Nose cower somewhere behind her. Lucky can hear their terrified whimpering and he goes to help Moon defend her pups. However, there are too many foxes, and Lucky sees something gray slink into the den and crawl out with a wiggling black-and-white bundle in its jaws. Lucky realizes that it is a mewling, terrified pup, and he realizes that it is Fuzz, but it is too late. After the battle, Fiery and Moon are seen mourning for their pup, and Lucky feels guilty for betraying his friends and bringing Bella and the foxes to destroy Fuzz and Mulch. Later, the Wild Pack mourns Mulch and Fuzz, and their bodies lie under a brightly flowering bush just outside the camp.

Darkness Falls

When Lucky is discovered to be a spy, he remembers how the foxes had attacked Moon and threatened to eat her pups, and how dogs from both Packs had defended them. Lucky is sorrowful as he remembers that little, helpless Fuzz hadn't made it. Later, after Lucky suggests to unite the Packs, Moon steps forward, and says that if the Leashed Dogs hadn't helped, they would have lost all of their pups instead of just Fuzz.
Later, when Mickey and Lucky hear a coyote, he decides that he can't let those pups end up like Fuzz.

Storm of Dogs

After the Storm of Dogs, during the Great Howl when Lucky imagines seeing dead dogs, he sees Fiery, and a tiny ball of fur bouncing at his side, which is revealed to be Fuzz. He then runs through a lush forest with other deceased dogs.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

When foxes attack the Wild Pack camp and Thorn keeps her distance, Storm remembers that the last time the foxes attacked, her smallest litter-brother, Fuzz, had been killed, and Storm figures that Thorn must be hesitant because of that. When reinforcements come, Storm sees Moon too, and she thinks of how the Farm-Dog must have a bitter grudge against foxes since the killing of Fuzz.
Later, when Sweet, Lucky, and Twitch discuss who might have killed the fox pup, Sweet considers that it might have been Moon getting her revenge, since foxes killed her little Fuzz.
When Storm talks to Moon at night when the Farm-Dog is on her High Watch, she says that she mentions that she can't help feeling sad when she remembers Fuzz and Fiery, since her pup had been very tiny when killed.




Moon:[5] Living As of The Final Battle


Fiery:[5] Deceased As of The Broken Path[6]


Thorn:[5] Living As of The Final Battle


Beetle:[5] Living As of The Final Battle


Beta:[7] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[8]
Unnamed Mastiff:[9] Deceased[9]


Alpha:[7] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[10]
Unnamed Mastiff:[9] Deceased[9]


Star:[7] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[8]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"No, Fuzz, no!"
—Moon when Fuzz dies A Hidden Enemy, page chapter 20

"As if their leader had broken some awful spell, Fiery let out a great baying howl of distress, and Moon lay down, whining with grief and shock."
—Moon and Fiery mourning Fuzz A Hidden Enemy, page chapter 21

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