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Gillian Philip
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Inbali Iserles (formerly)
Rosie Best




Three dogs; two cats; a hamster

Books Written

The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, The Broken Path, Alpha's Tale, Sweet's Journey, Moon's Choice, A Pack Divided

Other Books

Firebrand, Bloodstone, Wolfsbane, Icefall, Darke Academy, Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, and The Opposite of Amber

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Gillian Philip was one of the authors under the pen name, Erin Hunter. She has only written for the Survivors series, along with Inbali Iserles. She lives in the northeast Scottish Highlands with her husband, three dogs, two cats, and hamster. She is also the author to the Rebel Angels series, the Darke Academy series, and young adult novels including Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, and The Opposite of Amber.




  • Rebel Angels series
  • Darke Academy series
  • Bad Faith
  • Crossing The Line
  • The Opposite of Amber


Philip is the author of The Empty City and A Hidden Enemy, the first two books in the Survivors series. She lives in the northeast Scottish Highlands with her husband, two children, three dogs, two cats, and hamster. Philip has toured the United States twice as the face of the Erin Hunter responsible for "Survivors." In addition to Survivors, she has written the Rebel Angels series (Firebrand, Bloodstone, Wolfsbane and the forthcoming Icefall); the Darke Academy series, and young adult novels including Bad Faith, Crossing The Line, and The Opposite of Amber.


  • Her favorite characters in Warriors are Tigerstar and Scourge, and she thinks of Cloudtail as annoying.[1]
  • Her favorite Survivors character is Alpha.[2]
    • She also likes Lucky, Sunshine, Moon, Fiery, and Arrow, with her least favorite being Whine.[3]
  • If she could be any dog breed, she would like to be either a deerhound or a wolfhound, though she'd expect to be a Papillon.[4]
  • Gillian thinks having a schnauzer in the series would be a good idea.[5]
  • Her top five favorite dogs are Storm, Arrow, Twitch, Alpha and Lucky.[6]
  • Gillian stated she would investigate on bringing a coy dog into the series.[7]
  • Gillian anticipates on writing more e-books for the future as of November 26th, 2015. However, there are none in the planning.[8]
  • Gillian likes the idea of Survivors Super Editions and Field Guides, and hopes it becomes a possibility in the future.[9]
  • Gillian sometimes takes a quick look at the Official Message Boards even though the Erins are advised against doing so.[10]
  • Her favorite book is Storm of Dogs and favorite book cover is The Endless Lake.[11]
  • Gillian's birthday is July 2nd, 1964.[12]
  • Gillian thinks that if she was a dog, she would feel most connected to the Forest-Dog[13]
  • Gillian thinks that a pack of fierce chihuahuas would be brilliant.[14] She also thinks that having a schnauzer in the series upcoming books sounds good.[15]
  • Gillian says that she would really like to know Arrow's back story. She says that Terror's story for a novella would also be interesting.[16]
  • Gillian particularly likes the shipping of Mickey and Snap.[17]
  • Gillian says that her favorite book to write was A Pack Divided, because she liked the new point-of-view.[18]
  • Gillian likes Sweet, but worries that her pups will drag her attention away from Pack matters.[19]
  • Gillian said she will bring up the possibility of a gay couple in the Packs with her editorial.[20]

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