"I can't believe you've grown so fast, and so strong. Tonight will be the finest in your young life, Pup, and I already know you'll make me proud."
— Graceful to Pup in Alpha's Tale, page 7

Wolf Pack[1]
Wolf Pack[1]
Gray Wolf[2]
Names Member: Graceful[1]
Family Mates: Unknown Wolf, Unnamed Dog

Sons: Quick, Alpha
Pups: Unknown

Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Deceased (killed by Sundance)[3]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Graceful is a female wolf[1] with shaggy[4] gray fur,[1] and gold eyes.[5]


Graceful meets with a dog and becomes his mate. After giving birth to her dog-wolf pups, all of them pass away within weeks, except for a gray-and-white pup. Her first litter, sired by a wolf who died in a battle with the Far-Cliff Pack, never forgave nor visited her, with the exception being her son, Quick. Graceful shares her den with Pup.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Graceful is hunting and catches a white rabbit for Pup's Naming Ceremony. After the catch, she watches her son, Pup, catch a weasel after he lost concentration during his hunt. After Pup returns to her, she tells him she is proud of him for growing big and strong quickly and knows he'll do well during his Naming Ceremony. She wishes that his father and littermates could be here to watch him receive his new Name. She and her Pup return to the Wolf Pack with their prey.
Graceful lets Pup take their prey to the prey-stone so the wolves could see him contributing to the Pack. She sits by herself, not showing her loneliness, since she had never been forgiven by the Pack for taking a dog as her mate. In her den, she scolds Quick for encouraging Pup to send wolves to the Great Wolf.
After the Great Howl, she watches as Pup waits for his name. She nudges Quick, wanting him to say something when no wolf speaks up. She feels pain and shame when Quick gives Pup his new Name: Dog. She is hurt when Quick speaks badly of her second mate to Dog. Graceful tells Dog he shouldn't feel ashamed about his Name, but she walks away with her head and tail down.
After Dog's capture, the Longpaw Fangs invade the Wolf Pack's territory to drive them off. Graceful lags behind, looking over her shoulder for her pup; Zorro and the other Fierce Dogs catch her, and before she dies by Zorro's jaws, they inform her that Dog was now one of them.




Unnamed Wolf:[6] Deceased
Unnamed Dog (formerly):[7] Deceased[7]


Alpha:[8] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[9]
Quick:[10] Status Unknown Last seen in Alpha's Tale


Unspecified dog-wolf pups:[7] Status Unknown
Unspecified wolf pups:[11] Status Unknown


Unnamed half-wolf pups
Unnamed wolf pups

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"He won't be sending any wolf. That's not the point of a Name, Quick. Behave yourself."
—Graceful to Quick Alpha's Tale, page 13

"You have a Name now. And there's no shame in it."
—Graceful to Dog after he receives his Name Alpha's Tale, page 17

Graceful: "It was not your fault! I could explain to Alpha. I could tell her what happened. Dog this is important-"
Dog: "Important? To let every wolf in the Pack know what a pathetic leader I am? I don't need my Mother-Wolf running to Alpha to tell her all the other wolves are being mean to me!"
Graceful: "I only wanted to help."
Dog: "Help? You've done enough!"
Dog: "What went through your head? Go on, tell me! Didn't you even think twice before you inflicted this on your own pup? What kind of madness got into your brain? You're a wolf, and you mated with a filthy dog!"
Graceful: "Dog, don't. Don't talk about your sire that way!"
Dog: "You're the one who made him my sire. Not me!"
Graceful: "Dog, don't you dare! Your sire was a fine dog, a strong and wise dog. Yes, he was a dog, and he was better than a hundred wolves I've known! You should be proud to wear that Name, yet all you can do is listen to vicious fools like Daring. Well, I don't have to. And I don't have to listen to you insult your sire!"
—Dog and Graceful Alpha's Tale, page 23

Sundance: "Cowards. And we only had to kill one of them."
Dog: "Which wolf did you kill?"
Sundance: "How would I know? Some old she-wolf who couldn't run fast enough."
Zorro: "I don't think she couldn't run. She was dragging behind, that's all. Kept staring back, like she didn't want to leave. So it was her own fault Sundance brought her down. Isn't that right, Boss?"
Sundance: "I had to give a lesson to the others, anyway. And she didn’t even bother to beg. Just kept asking what had happened to her pup. The one who got left behind at the longpaw’s ranch."
—Dog and Sundance after Graceful's killing Alpha's Tale, page 39

"He would never speak to her again, would never curl up against her warm flanks in their den. She would never lie quietly, telling him stories of his lost sire, reassuring him that his Name was a fine one, a Name to be proud of."
—Dog mourning Graceful Alpha's Tale, page 40

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