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"The stars seemed to whirl above him, breaking and reforming into the shapes of running dogs. Not just the stars, though: As if imprinted on the inside of his eyes he saw other dogs, shadow-dogs, flickering across his mind."
Lucky's experience of the Great Howl in A Hidden Enemy

The Great Howl is performed when all the pack dogs howl at the Moon-Dog. It bonds them together as a pack despite being so disciplined.


The Great Howl is a time when the Moon-Dog is at the height of her journey, and all the dogs in the Wild Pack (possibly other packs do this as well, this has not yet been confirmed.) gather in a circle and howl to the Moon-Dog. Dogs feel the power and strength of the Spirit-dogs and the fellowship of the pack, some even feel the presence of a Spirit-Dog.  The Alpha of the Pack starts the Great Howl, followed by his/her Beta, and one by one, every member of the Pack joins, even the Omega and the Pack's pups.


In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

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