"He'd heard others talk sometimes of how, during the Howl, they would feel the Great Wolf lope from the stars to walk among them. How she would listen, and answer, and give help to wolves she favored, wolves who had the courage to ask of her."
Alpha on The Great Wolf in Alpha's Tale, page 12
Great Wolf
Known as
The Great Wolf[1]
Afterlife Caverns, Night Sky[1]
Wolf Pack[1]
Book Appearances
Alpha's Tale
The Great Wolf is a powerful[2] sole god-like entity of the wolves,[1] especially the Wolf Pack. In the afterlife, she shelters wolves in her caverns. She is asked for blessings during the Great Howl,[1] to which is a tribute to allow her to walk among them and in their dreams.[1] She listens to the wolves howl and gives help to wolves she favored. A clear night and bright moon allows for the Great Wolf to hear and answer the Howl clearly.[3]

According to old stories, she comes in the form of a giant starlit wolf bounding from the night sky.[4]


In the Novellas

Alpha's Tale

Bold is discussing the Great Howl tonight with Fleet. One of them says that the night will be clear of clouds and the moon will be bright. The Great Wolf will hear the Wolf Pack's Howl.
When Fleet laments on how much of a pity that a perfect night is wasted on a Pup's Naming Ceremony, Pup overhears and a feel as though the Great Wolf drew a sharp claw across his belly.
When Pup looks to the horizon for the rising moon, he swears to the Great Wolf that he will prove to every wolf that he will never be any wolf's Omega.
Later on, when Pup is joining the others in the Great Howl, he mentions how much he enjoys the moment under the night sky. He mentions how the Great Wolf runs through their dreams. He'd heard others talk that they would feel the Great Wolf lope from the stars and walk among them. Then, the Great Wolf would listen, answer and give help to wolves who brave enough to ask such a blessing from her. Pup asks a blessing of her, to make him a true wolf and a part of his pack.
He notices that each wolf has an uplifted face, as if every one of them had the Great Wolf howling at their side. That night, Pup is named Dog.
When Dog is upset over Graceful's death, he wishes his howls could reach his mother in the sky, but Graceful is running with the Great Wolf and will not hear his howls.
Dog, now named Wolf, asks the Great Wolf whether he is a wolf or a dog. He receives no answer. However, he feels a tug, urging him to the forest although he is trapped.
When Wolf begins to take Snail in his care, he asks the Great Wolf what he is getting himself into.

In the Second Series

The Exile's Journey

The Alpha of the Wolf Pack howls to thank the Great Wolf for their feast.

The Alpha of the Wolf Pack howls to the Great Wolf while Fading is dying, telling her to take care of him before while he dies.

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