This page contains a policy of the Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki. Editors should review these guidelines prior to editing articles.

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Welcome to the Survivors by Erin Hunter Wikia! The following are the community rules in this wiki.
== Pawprint-stickerCommunity Rules ==
  1. Do not attack others for their opinions.
  2. Sharing opinions are okay, but do not spam a character page with the same related opinion/comment in different comment threads.
  3. Extremely opinionated comments may be omitted if they are violent or attacking others.
  4. No political or religious discussion.
  5. Adding onto #4, no discriminatory language. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. We want to keep the wiki friendly to users of all opinions and faiths.
  6. Keep your language PG (This means no profanity). 
  7. For vandalization, see the VSTF wiki to report it. This is most likely faster than reporting to an admin, but you may contact local staff to deal with it.
  8. No advertising. This includes for other wikis. 
  9. Do not spam more than two comments in a row on a comment thread. This does not include replies but entirely new comments.
  10. Do not ask the staff to be an administrator or moderator.
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