This page contains a policy of the Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki. Editors should review these guidelines prior to editing articles.

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Welcome to the Survivors by Erin Hunter Wikia! The following are the image rules in this wiki. Before uploading any images, read the following rules and the naming policy.

Pawprint-stickerUploading Rules

  1. Do not upload fanart or art that you do not own without permission.
  2. Do not upload duplicates of images that already exist.
  3. Do not upload images in comments. If there is a reason that you want to upload an image in the comments, please ask an admin.
  4. There is a limit of three (3) personal images for one's userpage. If you would like to upload more, please ask an admin. This does not affect individuals who have had more than three images on their user page prior to this policy. Personal images that have not been used for six months or more will be deleted. 
    • Regular users prior to this update may keep their current personal images (granted they are being used!).
    • Personal images belonging to users who have not been active for six months or more will be deleted. 
  5. Do not change the main picture for a dog without consulting an admin and them giving permission for you to do so. Images for characters must be official artwork if they are to be added to a dog's page.
  6. Do not upload images that only used once or twice. Copy and paste the URL instead.
  7. No images that are discriminating or insulting are allowed.
  8. Uploading copyright free images is fine to add to term/places/animal articles -- but if there is an image already there, try uploading a new file on top of that file instead of uploading an entirely new picture.
  9. Do not upload .gifs that could potentially cause seizures or eyestrains.
  10. Do not upload inappropriate images.

Pawprint-stickerNaming Policy

  1. The format for uploading a personal image is the following: Username.personal1/2/3/ [Example: ReikoMango.personal1.png]
  2. Character images (used for articles) that are main images or have been used as one point as an image are used in the format: charactername.main
  • Foreign character images are under the format: charactername.extranumber.language abbr. The number is when the image is found compared to the others. [Example: Lucky.extra1.TW]
  • Book file names should be: book abbreviation.w/foreign abbr(if it is). [Example: DF.jpg and]
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