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Inbali Iserles
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Gillian Philip (formerly)


London, England


One dog; Michi, a Japanese Spitz

Books Written

Darkness Falls, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs

Other Books

The Tygrine Cat series, Foxcraft trilogy

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Inbali Iserles is one of the authors who writes under the pen name, Erin Hunter. For the team, she has only written for the Survivors series, along with Gillian Philip. She lives in London, England with her dog, Michi. She is also the author of The Tygrine Cat series and the Foxcraft trilogy. As of The Gathering Darkness Series, Iserles will no longer be writing the Survivors books to focus on other things, such as her Foxcraft Series.[1]




  • The Tygrine Cat series
  • The Foxcraft trilogy


Inbali was born in Israel and moved to England with her family when she was three years old. She has always loved animals, particularly cats and dogs, and was the kid who would greet each passing animal. However, her parents weren't keen on cats, but after many pets, including gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, a guinea pig, and some fish, they bought home a kitten, Jessicat, whom Inbali wrote about and set up a cat club in her honor.
When Inbali was 11, her family moved to Tucson, Arizona for a year. At junior high she was nicknamed "The Cat Lady" because of her love of all things feline, and years later, that love inspired her first book, The Tygrine Cat. Inbali will always love cats, but her gaze is shifting towards dogs, and is thrilled to join the Survivors Pack. These days, Inbali lives in London, and has a Japanese Spitz puppy named Michi to inspire her. Michi has helped her imagine Lucky's world.[2]


"Seeing the world from a cat's perspective seemed very natural to me, because I grew up with cats and have always felt a strong connection with them. Cats are mysterious, thoughtful, independent – there is much to discover in their sparkling green eyes. Shifting my gaze to a dog's perspective was an exciting challenge. As a dog owner, it was clear that they see things in starkly different ways to cats. A dog's world whirs with frenetic energy, with jeopardy, joy and opportunity." [3]

"Spending time with Michi has been incredibly useful for my writing. Watching him closely as he gambols in the park, sniffing deeply, his tail wagging at the sight of his friends, his ears flicking back in excitement, has opened up a world of canine play and communication to me. Dogs have quite established social rules, and seeing these at work has given me lots of material for Lucky and his companions."[4]


  • Her favorite Survivors character is Mickey.[5]
  • The coldest place she have ever visited was Iceland, and the warmest was Arizona. The wettest place she ever visited was an Amazon rainforest, where she had seen a viper and swam with piranhas.[6]
  • She is a fan of hazelnut coffee and is an avid reader.[7]
  • Her first pets were two goldfish named Coffee and Goldie that she got when she was four. She has also had hamsters, a guinea pig, rabbits, degus, and three cats, and currently has a Japanese Spitz puppy called Michi.[8]
  • Inbali loves strawberries and cream; pomegranate, raspberries and Muscat grapes; lemon drizzle cake; mature cheddar melted on toast. Onions, particularly raw; liquorice and corainder make her gag.[9]
  • Travelling is one of her favourite things. The most bizarre and wonderful animals she's seen are the marsupials of Australia and the extraordinary creatures that live on the Galapagos Islands, far off the coast of Ecuador. If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be Madagascar to see lemurs (distant relatives of monkeys that look like tree bears).[10]
  • Her favorite Survivors book cover is probably The Endless Lake.[11]
  • Her advice to aspiring authors is: "Read, read and read: learn to understand what you like and what you don’t like. Honing your taste is an important part of being an author. Write, write and write: be it a journal, short stories or one long novel, try to write every week. Seek inspiration from day-to-day life, and in the wild and wonderful blizzard of your imagination. Edit, edit and edit: once your work is down on paper (or a computer file), re-read and assess it with a critical gaze. Attention to detail will make all the difference. Believe in yourself, be passionate about your story, and don’t give up!"[12]
  • As of The Gathering Darkness Series, Iserles will no longer be writing the Survivors books.[13]


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