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Leashed Dogs. Pampered dogs. Tame, silly, pointless dogs ... They'd let longpaws buckle collars around their necks. They relied on longpaws for food, for fun, for excercise, for a place to sleep. Without their longpaws they were helpless, hopeless... The horror of it was beyond belief. How were Leashed Dogs supposed to survive the end of the world?
Lucky horrified at the thought of Leashed Dogs in The Empty City, chapter 8

Leashed Dog

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Leashed Dog

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Book Appearances

Alpha's Tale, Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake

A Leashed Dog is a dog owned by a longpaw[1] and the dog term for a pet.[2]


Leashed Dogs are usually well-fed,[3] except in instances of neglect and abuse.[4]
Leashed Dogs are viewed as pampered, tame, silly, and pointless.[4] They rely on longpaws for food, fun, exercise and a place to sleep, and are hopeless and helpless without them.[4]
Leashed Dogs, unlike wild dogs, are domestic; a majority of these dogs have collars.[5] Some are for protecting their longpaws. Some are just companions to the longpaws.[6]
Most Leashed Dogs don't know how to survive without longpaws.[4] They don't know how to hunt,[4] scavenge or heal their wounds.[4] They also lack street smarts and common sense. Leashed Dogs usually have very special bonds to their longpaws that is unlike a Pack[7] and look up to them for things like daily meals,[7] and, walks[7]
Usually, Wild Dogs look in disgust at Leashed Dogs. They are also usually well groomed.


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Earlier, Old Hunter mentions his old life as a Leashed Dog to Lucky. He states that he fled and ended up escaping his collar before it choked him. Lucky is surprised at this, given that the dog was an experienced City Dog. Later, Lucky meets a group of Leashed Dogs, led by his sister Bella. He is horrified that they know nothing about survival in the harsh world after the disastrous Big Growl. Noting that they had no way of knowing how to hunt, scavenge or keep themselves healthy, he believes they are doomed without their longpaws. He speaks to Bella, who he hadn't seen since puphood. She apologizes for his rough life abused by his longpaw Alpha, since he admitted to becoming a Lone Dog.
However, he takes the Leashed Dogs under his wing and teaches them to hunt. He begins by showing them how to catch beetles, and gradually, the Leashed Dogs learn to catch bigger prey like rabbits and voles. He teaches them about the Spirit-Dogs, including the Earth-Dog, Forest-Dog, Sun-Dog, and River-Dog.
The dogs learn to be wild dogs, however, they are still tied to their Leashed Dog roots. The Leashed Dogs cannot help but gush over the appearance of any longpaw, in their conditioning that longpaws are supposed to be friendly. Daisy is kicked by a yellow longpaw when she jumps to greet him eagerly. The dogs are shocked, but still pursue a longpaw hunter later on when they believe he will share his deer catch with them. Lucky is impressed with their progress, and in a final act of relinquishing their past lives, the Leashed Dogs sacrifice their belongings for the Earth-Dog to protect.

Darkness Falls

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The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When Alpha is captured by the Longpaw Fangs, he is forced to adopt their way of life with the Rancher and his ranch. He is trained to obey the Rancher, protect and defend the ranch. He ends up fleeing this life, although he could never return to his former life as a wolf.

Sweet's Journey

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  • Dogs are aware of the term "pet," but Leashed Dogs is simply another synonym to refer to these types of dogs.[1][2]

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