Longpaw Fangs! The longpaws use them as weapons."
Wise to Dog on Longpaw Fangs in Alpha's Tale, page 27
Longpaw Fangs is the name of a group of Fierce Dogs that live by the Ranch with their Longpaw Alpha, The Rancher.[1]


According to Calamity, the Longpaw Fangs came from a facility known as the Training Farm.[2] It is there that the Longpaw Fangs were trained, just as Blade's Pack was trained in discipline and rules in a facility prior to their temporary home in the Dog Garden.

The Longpaw Fangs are hired to protect the Rancher's home and livestock from outside forces such as wolves and coyotes during the night.[3] During the day, they herd the sheep.[4]


The Longpaw Fangs live in a rural longpaw area, where a pine-tree forest formerly housing the Wolf Pack is nearby. The land consists of cliffs and plains. The ranch they live on is encircled with a wooden fence.[5]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

The Longpaw Fangs appear to defend the sheep herd from the wolf hunting patrol. They divide the wolves from the sheep with deadly discipline, forcing the wolves into a panic. Dog is attacked by a Longpaw Fang and is fleeing from the incoming Pack with the other wolves.

The Longpaw Fangs seize Quick, tearing him to pieces. Dog barrels into the group of snapping dogs to free his half-brother and help him escape. Dog cannot escape though, as the Longpaw Fangs quickly overwhelm him and take him down. However, the scent of his heritage throws off the dogs and they instead wait obediently for their Alpha, the Rancher, to come and deal with the half-wolf dog.
One of the dogs, Calamity claims to have been born in a Training Farm prior to being adopted by the Rancher. It is unknown if this is the same case with the other Longpaw Fang members: Sundance, Belle, and Zorro.
Although the Fierce Dogs only group with their own kind, the dogs begrudgingly accept Dog, now Wolf, as part of their pack. The dogs train with their newest half-wolf member until they trust him to patrol the ranch at night. However, he fails to terminate an intruder in time, so Wolf is punished with a scar.
The example of the Fierce Dog's cruel punishment system also supports why the dogs are so disciplined, with fear-based punishments rooted in their being.


  • The Longpaws Fangs have been trained to kill wolves without question,[1] however, Alpha's mixed scent of dog and wolf[1] confused them and saved his life.


Longpaw Fangs
Members: Sundance, Zorro, Calamity, Belle

Former Members: Alpha, or "Wolf"

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