Loudcages. You know-- Longpaws use them to get around. They can't run as fast as we can.
Lucky explaining loudcages to Sweet in The Empty City, page 15

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Longpaw Term


Book Appearances

The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, Storm of Dogs

Loudcage is the dog term for a car.[1]


The loudcages transport longpaws to different places.[2] They usually appear as packs in the city.[2] Prior to the Big Growl, they were often seen in an endless row of beeping and whining.[3] Loudcages can range in size and color.[4] Their alarms are described as howls and raucous wails.[5] Usually they live in a shed or shack on the side of a longpaw home.[6] After the Big Growl many loudcages were dead and broken.[3]

To access them, there is a metal lever.[6] Inside a loudcage there is chewy soft hide. They smell of tanned leather, hot metal and the strange juice longpaws feed them.[7]

Types of Loudcages

Yellow Loudcage: Colossal yellow loudcages that churn the earth. They are seen chewing up black chunks of the earth. In the city, they are more massive and aggressive-looking, chewing up whole entire roads.[8] They have a single, massive tooth.[9]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Lucky comes across a loudcage; it is on it's side and not moving, so he assumes that it is dead. Sweet doesn't know what a loudcage is, and asks Lucky, causing him to think her naive. The two find piles of food spilled from a loudcage, and feast. Several times, Lucky remembers what the City looked like before the Big Growl -- when the loudcages were alive and bustling the streets of the City.

A Hidden Enemy

Large yellow loudcages are seen by a patrol of Wild Pack dogs chewing up the earth. Dart snaps her dislike for the loudcages, mentioning that she had seen the terrible things a loudcage could do. She trails off mentioning her littermates. The dogs believe that the loudcages are hunting for the Earth-Dog. The dogs are chased off by stick-wielding yellow longpaws.

Darkness Falls

As Mickey and Lucky return to the city, they see dead loudcages still in the City. They are lined up against the street. Several times, they used the loudcages to hide behind from longpaws. They were seen bleeding the juice that the longpaws typically fed them.

The Broken Path

Fiery is captured and inside a loudcage with other captured animals. The longpaws pursue the dogs inside their loudcages, however, they cannot go into the forest easily within the vehicles.

Storm of Dogs

As the dogs approach the longpaw village, they hear the barks of loudcages. They also see yellow loudcages, as the longpaws seem to be constructing or fixing the damage of the town. As the dogs sense the incoming Growl, Lucky sees the rows of loudcages on the streets, oblivious to the danger. After the dogs send a patrol to warn them, the longpaws scramble into their loudcages and flee. Massive waves devoured abandoned loudcages after the Growl comes.


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