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"Every last one of us has fought against hardships and learned to cope in an altered world. Soon we may have to fight once more, to battle for our very existence, perhaps for the last time. No dog will stand alone. We are the Wild Pack; we are survivors! If the Storm of Dogs is coming, we will meet it together."
— Lucky talking to the Wild Pack in The Endless Lake, page 304
Wild Pack[1]
Lone Dog[2], Leashed Pack,[3] Pup Pack[4]
Sheltie-Retriever mix[5]
Names Pup: Yap[6]

Lone Dog: Lucky[7], Dog
Patrol Dog: Lucky[8]
Hunter: Lucky[9]
Omega: Omega,[10] Lucky[11]
Beta: Beta[12], Lucky

Family Sire-Dog: Unnamed Sheltie

Mother-Dog: Unnamed Retriever
Sisters: Bella, Yip
Brothers: Yowl, Snip
Mate: Sweet
Daughters: Forest, Sky, Earth
Son: River
Foster Sons: Fang, Wiggle
Foster Daughter: Storm
Golden, Tough

Rank Positions
Rank Beta[12]
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Lucky is a big,[13] shaggy,[14] golden-and-cream[15] male[6] Sheltie-Retriever mix[6] with thick fur,[16] strong,[17] long legs,[15] a golden tail,[18] dark eyes,[19] and a graying muzzle [20].


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Yap wriggles and yawns, and gives a small, excited whimper. Squeak clambers over him and sticks a paw in his eye, but Yap shakes his head and rolls away, making Squeak fall off. She squeaks with indignation, so he licks her nose in a friendly manner. Lucky's Mother-Dog stands over her pups and nuzzles each one in order, licking their faces clean, and treading her circle before curling around them to sleep. Squeak tells Yap to wake up, as their Mother-Dog will tell them a story. Mother-Dog asks them if they would like to hear about the Storm of Dogs. Yap is excited, and eagerly says yes, and all of his littermates but Squeak agree to hear the story.

Mother-Dog tells her pup’s the tale of the Storm of Dogs, and when she tells them that their Sire-Dog’s body fed the Earth-Dog, the pups are suddenly solemn, and listen in silence. When she reaches the part where Earth-Dog sends a Big Growl to open the ground in front of Lightning, Yap holds his breath and huddles close to his littermates, despite having heard the story so many times.

Once their Mother finishes the story, Yowl asks if Lightning will always be with the Sky-Dogs, she answers that he will always be there, and licks Yap’s sleepy face, as he can barely keep his eyes open. After Mother-Dog answers all of her pups’ questions on the story, Yap lets his eyelids droop, and thinks that he loves to fall asleep to his mother’s stories. He believes that it will always be her voice, fading as sleep overwhelms him and his littermates. Mother-Dog curls protectively around him, and right before Yap falls asleep, tells her little ones to watch out for the Storm of Dogs.

Lucky is held in the Trap House, along with another dog, Sweet. He senses something dangerous coming. Soon after confiding his fears to Sweet, who agrees with him, the earth starts to shake, making his cage bounce wildly. After the earthquake ends, Lucky is helped by Sweet when her cage broke and Lucky injures his paw helping Sweet. Lucky and his new companion escape from the Trap House, and into the City.

They go in search of food, first taking rotten scraps from the garbage, then go in search of a Food House. Soon the Food House is found, in shambles from the disaster, and after several minutes of begging at the door, they sneak inside. Upon entering they find a dying longpaw, which has been known to feed leftovers to Lucky. Lucky confronts the man as he dies. After the longpaw dies, Sweet declares she doesn't like the city and she belongs in a pack. She gets lost as she tries to find the exit, and Lucky pins her down trying to convince her to stay. Then Sweet tells him he can come too, but Lucky refuses. Sweet runs away upon his denial and he tries to catch her, then decides he is better off without her, for he is a Lone Dog.

After Lucky sees Sweet go away, he wanders around the city. After encountering an unfriendly cat he wanders into the mall and meets up with Old Hunter. He smells food asks Old Hunter for some, and Old Hunter growls at Lucky, saying that he worked hard to guard his meat, as it might be the only food left. Suddenly Lucky realizes that Old Hunter is in danger from a loosely hanging power cord and warns him. Old Hunter is grateful that Lucky saved his life and gives him some meat to take along with him.

Lucky exits the room and goes back to the main mall, where a gang of foxes find him and start to chase him. They keep up the chase until Lucky is cornered. When he finally thinks he will have to give them the meat, a "Pack" of dogs come in and manage to chase away the foxes. Lucky is skeptical of this pack, as they seem nothing like wild dogs. The dog who seems the most like the leader confronts Lucky, and Lucky quickly realizes this dog is his sister. She tells him that her new name is Bella, and Lucky replies that it's a beautiful name. Shortly after meeting the Pack, Lucky finds out they are Leashed Dogs and is horrified. Lucky moves past his disbelief and tells Sunshine how to treat her injured paw. The Leashed Dogs are amazed and beg him to stay with them at least for the night. Lucky reluctantly agrees and all the dogs bark happily. Lucky sleeps next to Bella in a chair for the night with the rest of the "Pack".

Bella tells Lucky the story of Omega Wind and the Forest-Dog to Lucky, since he had told her that he had forgotten. Once the story is finished, she tells him that he reminds her of that story.

When the next day arrives, he notices that the Sky-Dogs have destroyed the clouds and that it was good. The dogs think that they may return home, but Lucky tells them that they can't. They invite him to come along, and he decides that he would stay for a little while.

Bruno begins explaining to Lucky about how they were long before the Big Growl. The dogs start telling him about the dog parks, wondering if the sandpit was still there. Martha invites him to come with them when their longpaws return. He tries to not allow his muzzle to curl, and he questions if it's exactly like a Pack since they are friends.

Sunshine tells him it wasn't like a wild Pack, but Bella explains how it's like a Pack, but to Lucky, her thought on a Pack is wrong.

As the Leashed Dogs are wishing one another farewell and happy dreams, Lucky stares around in confusion. He hesitates in following Bella into her home, however she convinces him otherwise.

Lucky whines once he is inside the house, unable to sleep. Bella tells him that nothing would happen. But when Lucky and Bella sense something is amiss, they decide to leave the house. Right after that, the floor starts to ripple beneath their paws, and the two dogs bolt out of the house for their lives. Before they can warn the others, the rest of the Leashed Dogs are seen running from their homes. Lucky takes charge of the situation and orders them to stay where they are.

Bella tells her brother that a dog named Alfie is trapped inside a house. The Leashed Dogs start talking as if the dog is already dead, but Lucky says that he's still alive. Bruno says he would go with Lucky to save him, which Lucky responds that Bruno would make a good Pack dog.

They are successful in saving the young dog, which Lucky starts to speak with Bella about it. Before he can say a word, she tells him that she was thinking about every dog. He tries to sound kind when he tells her that she's making excuses, but she bristles.

She tells him that she wasn't making excuses, and if he got hurt, it would've been his own fault. He replies that he can always look after himself, as he is a Lone Dog. The littermate's argument is interrupted by Sunshine, who gives a wailing whine, saying that Daisy has gone missing. Lucky wonders of what trouble Daisy has gotten herself into. He finds Daisy's house and sees the small dog. He snatches her collar, and returns her to her friends, beginning to lick her face fiercely. Lucky orders the dogs to get away from her, thinking she might die.

When Daisy awakes, Lucky is relieved that she had lived. He demands why she left, and she responds that she disliked the fact that her friends were having battles, so she got scared and left. Lucky tells her to not do it again, which she agrees.

Lucky tries to persuade the Leashed Pack to leave the city. Bella is reluctant to do so, though Lucky and her argue over this matter until Lucky finds a logical reason to win the argument. After this, the dogs leave the city behind in search of a new home to reside.

The dogs are in desperate need for water, when at last a river comes into view. Alfie happily runs off to go and drink some, though Lucky knows that the River-Dog has been sickened and the water is unwell. Lucky quickly dashes after Alfie, thankful for that his legs were longer. He pins the pup down, explaining to him that he couldn't drink the water as the River-Dog was sick and unwell. Bella tells the younger dog that he shouldn't be so impulsive, making Alfie apologize to the elder dogs.

Right after this event, Bruno scents longpaws, causing all the Leashed Dogs to grow excited. Lucky knows these aren't regular longpaws, so he begins to protest, when Daisy runs off to greet them. The longpaws kick her away, and she is shocked and saddened on this. Daisy tries a second time, though Lucky rushes over to her and stops her. Once she obeys, she is told about the bad longpaws. Mickey states that he had never seen a longpaw be so terrible to a dog, which Lucky replies darkly that he had, as his longpaw had abused him.

Bella shows slight sympathy toward him, though she is more concerned about Daisy at the moment. Lucky tells the pack that they needed to get further from the longpaws as quickly as possible, and the sooner they were gone, the sooner they'd be.

As they continue onward, the dogs begin to complain. Lucky keeps trying to encourage them, though he is getting irritated with their complaints. Mickey begins to complain himself, much to Lucky's dislike. He tells them that they needed to keep going. Alfie protests about this, and Lucky says that just because a dog was tired or had a slight injury didn't mean that a dog had to just stop moving. Bruno agrees with him before they resume.

The dogs encounter another river, and Alfie questions if this one was poisoned. Lucky says no, and orders that they use their noses to see its condition. All the dogs join into the water, splashing and playing around. Lucky warns the dogs to be careful, as the River-Dog could be tricky.

When they got out, Sunshine checks her paw and say it doesn't hurt as much, he advises to clean the paw again. Alfie exclaims that he can't believe Sunshine has a battle scar. When the dogs are hungry, they look at Lucky. He knows he doesn't have any food, and so, teaches him how to hunt.

When Lucky wonders where Bruno is, and hears a heavy splash. It seemed like Bruno was struggling, Bruno going in deeper. Martha jumps in, and saves him. They are concerned about Martha, and Bruno. Lucky compliments Martha's swimming. Lucky thinks that she is a good fighter. Bruno was struggling to stand, licking Martha's chest with gratitude. Lucky then knew that one day, he'll be a lone dog once again.

When the dogs are asleep, Lucky has a dream about the Storm of Dogs. He heard whimpering, and he wondered why it had to go on. Thinking that he was a coward, when he thinks for a moment if the dogs were drowning, he wanted to beg to the Sky-Dogs. They were trapped in rubble, caught, crashed because the Trap-House had fell. Lucky heard Sweet's voice, saying to come on. He ran after her, knowing other dogs coming. He fled, but when he looked back, there was nothing but darkness. It was the Storm of Dogs, or so Lucky thought.

As he calms down, he assesses where he and the Leashed Dogs chose to camp, in a low hollow by the river. The other dogs are sleeping. He is flooded by shame at the thought of being fooled by his own dreams. Although he feels discouraged by the challenge of teaching Leashed Dogs to survive, he realizes that he could help them survive, after failing to help any of the dogs in the Trap House. Lucky thought that maybe the bad dreams would stop if he helped Bella and her friends. But even as he considered this, he knew it was too simple. The dreams weren't just bad dreams. They were messages. He had to look after them because something bad was coming. The Storm of Dogs.

After awhile, Lucky awoke the others. Sunshine said she was hungry. Lucky pointed out that if anyone wanted food, they were going to have to catch it. Lucky taught his friends the basics about hunting.Mickey was catching on quickly. After some time, Lucky saw that they weren't getting anywhere. He called them together and decided to change tactics. He suggested that they start with bugs and beetles. Sunshine freaks out and wails in horror. Lucky tries to calm her down and adds that she doesn’t have to eat them if she doesn’t want to. The dogs practiced with bugs for awhile. Later that day, Mickey came to Lucky with an idea on how to catch a rabbit. Lucky was impressed and said it was worth trying. They tried Mickey's idea. The rabbit almost got away, but Daisy caught it! Bruno finished the rabbit off. All the dogs congratulated Daisy. Lucky was proud of Mickey for having this great idea. Mickey was listening to his dog-spirit, and if the others followed his example, they had a chance of becoming a true wild pack.

The next morning, Lucky and his friends find a new camp. It was a hollow by a river. Sunshine said that it was the perfect camp. Mickey added that it wasn't too far away from the longpaws, and that they would be able to go back to the city easily if the longpaws came back for them.

Lucky suggested that they gather some leaves for bedding. After they found enough leaves, Lucky decided that they should organize themselves based on talent. Sunshine said sadly that she didn't have any talents. Lucky said that wasn't true and that she has sharp eyes and a good nose. He said that she, Daisy, and Alfie could scout for dangers. Mickey and Bella could hunt. Bruno and Martha could stand guard. Lucky said they should get started.

Alfie suggested that they could go back to the field where they saw the longpaws. Lucky said maybe not in that exact direction as Daisy shivered nervously. Lucky, Sunshine, Daisy, and Alfie decided that they would take a wide circle around it to see if they could find anything useful. They found an old loudcage. They worked together to open the door. Alfie went inside and began tearing at the seats. Lucky pointed out that they couldn't eat the seats. Daisy said that the seat skin was very comfy to lie on. They also found a soft-hide in the back.

The dogs brought their haul back to the others. Bella said that they had had a successful hunt. They found a squirrel and a rabbit. Bella led him to the river-bank. There was a sort of cave that Mickey and Martha dug out. They could store extra food inside, like a longpaw cold-box. After that, Mickey and Bella divided the prey into equal parts. Before they ate, Lucky offered some food to Earth-Dog. After they ate, there were two haunches left over. Mickey said they should put it in their cold-box, but Lucky suggested they call it their river-store, which sounds more doggish.

Suddenly, Lucky felt rain fall on his ear. The Sky-Dogs started growling and the dogs crept into their den. Being huddled up reminded Lucky of his Pup Pack. The storm was soon over, and the dogs came out of their den. Lucky barked happily when he saw fresh water puddles. The dogs all went jumping into the puddles, drinking it up. While they were drinking, Lucky thought that when these dogs learned to take care of themselves and listen to their dog-spirits, he could leave and be a lone-dog again.

A few days later, Daisy wakes Lucky with a start. The previous days, Daisy awoke him to show off her beetle. But this time, it was a mole. The whole pack congratulated Daisy on her wonderful catch.

Suddenly, the dogs heard Sunshine barking. Sunshine came running into camp. She told them that Mickey was being strangled by his collar. Sunshine leads the dogs to an undergrowth of thorns and tangled branches. Eventually, Lucky helps Mickey slip out of his collar.

After awhile, all the leashed-dogs help Mickey put his collar back on. Lucky was mad that they were trying to put Mickey's collar on. He told them that if one of them got into a fight, they didn't stand a chance because of their collars. Bruno protested and said he was a fight dog and nothing would change that.

Lucky fought Bruno to prove that their collars were a setback. Lucky pinned Bruno to the ground. He asked the others if they understood now, that collars were death traps. Daisy tentatively stepped forward and told Lucky that they can't take off their collars, and that it was a part of them. Lucky was surprised by such a firm speech from a pup. After what Daisy said, the leashed-dogs helped Mickey put his collar back on.

Suddenly, the Lucky heard Alfie barking and yelping in the distance. He sped toward the sound, but realized that they weren't cries of distress- Alfie just couldn't find the Pack. When they found Alfie, he told them that he found something incredible. He found more dogs. And food. Lots and lots of food.

Sunshine and Mickey are excited to go to the place that Alfie found, but Lucky is skeptical. He asks Alfie what kind of dogs they were, but Alfie doesn't know. Bella thinks that Daisy, Lucky, Alfie, and herself should check out the camp. All the dogs except Lucky are in favor of the idea. Bella tells Lucky that if they have any trouble with the dogs, they'll immediately come back to camp. Lucky agrees but still has a bad feeling about Bella's plan.

Alfie led the party for awhile, but they stop to rest. They got back to following Alfie .After awhile, Lucky and the rest stop where Alfie told them to. Lucky can smell a dark and bitter dog scent. They look through the bushes and see a valley dotted with longpaw buildings that are shorter than normal, with smaller, dog-sized doors. They have metal bars where the clear-stone should be. They are less damaged then the other longpaw houses, with only a few cracks running up the sides. The sight gives Lucky a bad feeling and he wanted to run away, but he could smell food. The food smells like meat, unlike other longpaw food. A few seconds later, they hear a click and food and water pour out of holes in the walls. Bella is amazed, and the others begin to poke their noses under the fence, trying to find a way in. Lucky thinks it is quiet enough, yet something inside of him tells him to run. Then, Alfie finds a hole, and Lucky approaches more slowly, wary of the dog-smell. When Daisy tells him to come, he shakes his head and admits that it doesn’t feel right. Bella snaps at him, but he is worried about the size of the dogs, based off the size of the bowls and the amount of food. He is nervous, and is regretting bringing his pack here. The place is giving him a bad sensation, and he pleads Bella to not go in. Bella loses her temper and declares herself alpha of the pack. He bares his teeth at her and tells her she doesn’t know anything about being an alpha. Bella and Lucky begin to fight, until Lucky tells her that she doesn’t have any dog-spirit. It was his worst insult, and he immediately feels guilty. Lucky gets nervous, thinking about what happens to dogs who lose challenges. It was like their dog-spirit was slashed and their essence, bravery, and courage would fade. Lucky barks that dog-spirit is inside of all of them and that it protects them, but then he gets frustrated and tells her that she doesn’t understand it.

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Lucky and the rest of the leashed dog pack find a nice spot to stay and rest. There Lucky realizes that he has done everything he can to protect them and now he must head back to the city to become a lone dog once more. He tells the pack the plead with him to stay and he reluctantly agrees to stay for the rest of the night. They tell Lucky to stay where he was and rest as they all went out to hunt in preparations of a feast in honor for all that Lucky did to help them. While eating, he becomes even more reluctant to leave, but feels as if he is supposed to. The next morning he bids them farewell and heads towards the forest. On his way back to the city he hears yelps of distress coming from his pack, and races back to help them realizing that it was not over and that they needed him.

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A Hidden Enemy

In the prologue, Yap paws at a shiny green beetle, and thinks that the bug won't defeat him, as he is Yap the Hunter, Yap the Swift, Yap the Brave, the fierce warrior of Lightning and the Sky-Dogs. He paws at the bug, but when he hears an eerie howl, the fur on the back of Yap's neck pricks and he cocks his head, shivering. The beetle vanishes under the white fence but Yap forgets about it. He tumbles back to the shed, where his littermates welcome him back with yipping. He squeezes in among them beneath his Mother-Dog's belly, and asks what the noise was, and if they heard it too. The other pups all agree that they did hear it, and one exclaims that it was a scary dog. Mother-Dog tells her pups that it wasn't a dog, but was a wolf, but it won't come there. The word 'wolf' sends fear down Yap's body, and his siblings are just as nervous. Mother-Dog reassures them that there is nothing to worry about, because wolves are similar to them, but are wild and crafty. However, she mentions that wolves cannot be trusted, and the pups must always keep their distance with a wolf. Yap asks why and is confused, and his Mother explains that a wolf would bite him the moment his back was turned. She reminds them of the story of Nuzzle.

When distant howling is heard again, the pups cuddle even closer together, but Yap feels relaxed, as Mother-Dog's would protect them. He squirms closer beneath her foreleg and guesses that even if the wolf came, they would be all right. Squeak reminds him that a wolf can't get us there, and Mother-Dog agrees that they are safe. Yap tucks his nose under his paw and fees cozy and comforted, though his ear twitches at the howl of the wolf as it fades into distance. He thinks that he will be smart and stay away from wolves. He feels safe and warm in the Pup Pack, and thinks that this is how things should be.

Lucky is running back to the Leashed Pack, only to discover they are in combat with a wild pack. He is surprised to learn that the Alpha is part wolf, only to be distracted by Alfie. The young dog notices Lucky, giving him the courage to attack the Alpha. Lucky is shocked when Alfie is injured.

The battle ends when another Growl occurs. A tree falls, resulting in a crack in the ground. While he falls in, he recognizes another dog. Lucky notices the dog is an old friend of his, Sweet. As he helps his friend out of the crack, she offers him a position in her new Pack. He declines, but comments on her role. She admits on how she advanced quickly. As Sweet offers him a position one last time, Lucky explains that he is still a Lone Dog. Sweet is upset at his decision, but allows him to remain a Lone Dog.

Lucky is able to locate the Leashed Pack, only to discover how poor of state Alfie is in. Sunshine is insistent to help her friend, but he reluctantly proclaims that they cannot help him, as the Earth-Dog is already claiming him. Together, Bruno and Lucky bury Alfie.

After the burial, Bella speaks with her brother, discussing a plan she has to drive the Wild Pack out of the territory. Since he was not in the battle, she decides that Lucky is to join their Pack and spy. Lucky doesn't want to do the plan, but he wants to help his sister, so he agrees.

While he is on his way to join the Pack, three Patrol Dogs meet up with him. He orders them to bring him to their leader, but they refuse to do so. Lucky refuses to leave their territory, and they attack. He is greatly outnumbered, since all three are quick and lethal. Before any serious damage can be made, Sweet stops the dogs. The dog were submissive to her, much to Lucky's confusion. He is also brought upon a new title, as the dogs now refer her as "Beta".

Sweet brings Lucky into the Pack's camp; where he's allowed to join the Pack, all do being made a Patrol Dog, he stills gets called "City-Dog" or "Lone Dog" commonly and is yet to be truly accepted into the Pack. Once this is done, Lucky goes through some rather pessimistic thoughts- such as what would happen if, (or when) Alpha found out about the mission. He was not only worried about himself, but Sweet; for she was now an important member of the Pack, and if Alpha thought she too was part of the mission that she'll most likely either be exiled, killed or become an Omega - all respectfully horrible.

After this, Lucky goes on a patrol with the other Patrol Dogs, where he learns a bit more about the territory and gets several harsh scoldings from Twitch, one of the dogs that attacked him when he first arrived at the territory. When he joined, Lucky got Twitch's spot as second lowest ranking dog in the pack, after Omega - an oddly shaped black dog with a wrinkled face.

During this journey, Lucky finds a good way for the Leashed Dogs to get fresh water and food supplies from the other Pack, knowing there was no chance that such an arrogant and fierce dog such as Alpha would share.

When the Moon-Dog rise, Lucky waits impatiently for food at the camp. He goes forwards to get a gopher, but gets told off by Dart, another patrol dog. Dart then explains that every dog eats in turn from highest to lowest ranks, when it finally comes time for Lucky to eat; he tries to leave some food for the Omega to eat, but gets a scolding from Beta, being told that he should not pity Omega. This event made Lucky think whether he belonged in the Pack; or any Pack at all.

After the meal, Lucky gets introduced to the Great Howl - a ritual where every dog in the Pack howls to the Spirit-Dogs, mostly being Earth-Dog, Moon-Dog or Sky-Dogs. The Great Howl made Lucky feel loyal towards his new Pack he never imagined possible. Once every dog finishes howling, Lucky make his way to the Patrol Dog den and sleeps.

A few days later, Lucky is asked to guard the camp at night and he sneaks out to meet Bella and Mickey. He tells them how to get fresh water for the Pack. After his eagerness to go back to the Leashed Dogs, Bella orders him to stay with the rival Pack.

The next morning, after Dart scents something weird, Lucky recognizes it as a large loudcage. After a short-lived argument, he and the other Patrol Dogs head towards the loudcage to investigate, finding a few longpaws with sticks. Narrowly escaping the longpaws, they reported back to Alpha, who was both impressed and displeased. Gossip spreads around the camp about what longpaws were doing in the forest.

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Darkness Falls

In the prologue, there is a storm outside and it is raining. Yap buries his face against his Mother-Dog's belly with a whimper, and Mother-Dog comforts her pups that there is nothing to be afraid of. Yap lifts his muzzle and feels safer at the sound of his voice, but after another flash of lightning his neck fur prickles, and Mother-Dog scoops her pups toward her with a paw and pins them down, washing them confidently. She reassures them that though it might sound frightening, it is only a storm, and is only a game between the Sky-Dogs and Lightning. Yap asks Mother-Dog if they won't hurt each other, remembering how his Mother urges him and his littermates to play gently. However, she answers that they are just having fun and won't harm each other.

Despite the pups' frets, Mother-dog urges her pups to rest, and her voice makes Yap look into her eyes, but she avoids his gaze and turns away to look through the clear-stone. Yap wonders if he saw doubt in her eyes, or if he was imagining it. At the sound of his littermates' snuffles and snores, Yap's head grows heavy, although he wants to ask the Mother-Dog more questions about the Sky-Dog. However, he is too tired and he falls asleep.

When Yap wakes up, the storm has mellowed down and it is still no-sun. His littermates sleep around him, but he realizes that Mother-Dog is gone with a jolt of panic. Yap sniffs for her and locates her watching the rain patter against the clear-stone. Mother-Dog's tail wags slightly as yap approaches, and he is positive that there is worry in her eyes as she turns to welcome him. Yap guesses that it isn't just play-fighting, and assumes that something bad is going on. Mother-Dog lowers her head and tells Yap that he notices too much for a pup. They both turn their faces toward the clear-stone, and Mother-Dog explains that unlike other storms she has seen before, the air feels tighter and the Sky-Dogs howls feel deeper for this one. She wonders if they are really playing of perhaps are angry. Yap asks what and who they are angry with, but Mother-Dog sighs and responds that she is unsure, explaining that possibly a dog did something to upset them. Yap asks asks if Lightning would ever turn on them, and Mother-Dog responds that Lightning and the Sky-Dogs are there to protect them, and no one has sharper instincts than the Spirit Dogs. She predicts that they could have sensed a threat and be howling to warn them of danger.

Yap protests that she said everything was okay, and asks why she told them that. She responds that she was only guessing and found no point in worrying them over what is probably just the wind and rain. Mother-Dog leans over, licking her pup's face. Yap pulls away and catches her eye, countering that it would be better if they knew that there was something to be scared of so that they could protect themselves. Mother-Dog replies that fear doesn't do any dog any good, and that they Sky-Dogs would always protect them.

The wind rises again and Yap hides his face between Mother-Dog's front paws. She comforts him not to fret, and says that the Sky-Dogs are probably just play-fighting. Although her words are empty to Yap now, he doesn't challenge her, but rather comments that they are loud when they play-fight. Mother-Dog noses her pup and says that they would be, as might Sky-Dogs can't play quietly. She nudges Yap gently toward his littermates and trods her sleep-ritual circle. Yap settles next to Squeak, and the wind howls loudly outside. Yap's hackles rise as he shuts his eyes, and trembles as he recalls his Mother-Dog's fear that the Sky-Dogs may be howling in warning. He briefly wonders what could be bad enough to alarm the Sky-Dogs before he falls asleep.

Lucky is demoted to Omega for siding with the leashed dogs. According to the Law of Dogs, Alpha has to scar Lucky permanently so all will remember he is a traitor. Right before Alpha marks Lucky with the scar, a black cloud appears and the dogs leave their home to avoid the strange cloud.

After Lucky is leading the other dogs away from danger, they all sleep. When he wakes up, in the early morning, he hears Sweet and Bella arguing about Twitch. They say, that he left. When Alpha pads over to them, he banishes Lucky, saying that he's bad luck. When Lucky sets off, he scents another dog, Twitch. He first follows the trail, but stops, and sets off toward the city. Trying to find Mickey, when he does. Mickey is hiding in an alleyway, while longpaws are taking stuff out of his house. Mickey wants to scare them, Lucky shows him how, he says how longpaws don't know what a dog's thinking. Telling him to curl his lips, they do so, and the longpaws are frightened and run away. Lucky hears that Mickey is giving up on his longpaws, and thinks that he should let It out.

Lucky and Mickey set off again, and have to go toward the fierce dog garden. When Lucky scents a few dogs, he and Mickey go in. Finding nothing but pups, Lucky says we can't abandon them. They take the pups, and name them, Grunt, Lick, and Wiggle. When they scent danger, they take shelter. Lick accidentally gets stuck in a hollow, Mickey and Lucky helps her. Leaving once again, going toward Wild Pack.

Finally there, Alpha confronts them. Asking why they have come back, they answer and are allowed to stay, in the condition that Lucky must be Omega.

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The Broken Path

In the prologue, Yap watched a longpaw cub playing with something with a strange scent. As the scent bothers him more and more he started barking frantically, which brought the longpaws' attention. He was afraid that he would get in trouble, but he saw the female longpaw crying and hugging the longpaw cub, and a male longpaw cub was holding him. Then attentions shifted to him and he heard the longpaws saying "lucky" over and over. He wiggles out of the longpaw cub's arms, feeling uncomfortable, and walked over to his mother-dog. His mother-dog said she was proud of him and that he had received his new name. After being very unfair to Storm and him, Fiery had challenged Alpha for his position. Soon after on a hunt he got trapped and the hunting patrol came back without Fiery. When the dogs grieved for Fiery, Lucky noticed that Alpha doesn't look like he was truly grieving for him. Then after Alpha did not allow them to search for Fiery, Lucky promised Moon that they would search for Fiery. They had found Fiery later when they were searching for him, caged in a loudcage with many other animals. The search party had managed to rescue all of the animals there, but Fiery was very weak. When they were coming back they encountered Terror's Pack, who had been troubling them a lot. There was a vicious battle, and Fiery was killed. Then Storm fought Terror and ripped his lower jaw. Lucky was horrified when he noticed a slight change in Terror's position, and wondered if Storm had felt the need to kill him for sure. In The Broken Path, Lucky is promoted back to hunter from omega.

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The Endless Lake

In the prologue, Yap and his siblings wrestle to be the first outside. Yap presses his paws against the clear-stone, watching a longpaw walk through the room and growl in amusement. Yap immediately pulls back when his Mother-Dog reminds the pups that they are not little pups anymore. Yap looks up at the Sun-Dog, contemplating his new name—Lucky.

Lucky and the other dogs are sheltered beneath a bush, trying to get out of the cold. Lucky looks around at the others, who are resting peacefully. His stomach clenches when he thinks about Storm’s choice of name. He fears that it is an omen of some sort. He thinks about how peaceful she looks, but then he remembers the savagery she had shown while fighting Terror’s Pack. Lucky begins to recall the Dog-Garden again, and the strange black-faced, yellow-furred longpaws, and how they poisoned Fiery.

Lucky gets up quietly, careful not to disturb Moon, who is still grieving over her deceased mate. He steps on Twitch’s tail and emerges from the bush. He walks around the bush, gazing out at the fields. Then, he turns back to the river and begins to walk towards it.

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Storm of Dogs

Lucky experiences a horrible nightmare about him and Sweet's experiences in the Trap-House. Lucky wakes from his nightmare, frightened and shaken. He turns to look at Sweet curled next to him. He notes that he and Sweet were mates now. Lucky leaves the den and walks around the camp. He watches Storm twist, and growl in her sleep. he wonders if she's dreaming about her brutal fight with her brother Fang, that took place in The Endless Lake at Blade's command. Lucky has a dream of the Wild pack losing the Storm of Dogs.

Later Lucky watches Storm teach combat moves to Beetle and Thorn, and marvel's at what a natural fighter the young Fierce Dog is. After which, Lucky goes for a walk in the woods.

When Lucky returns, he finds the pack gathered around Sweet. and goes to investigate. We learn that Dart and Moon were on patrol near the Endless Lake. and discovered that Blade's pack has strangely vanished. Dart and Moon also report they hear longpaw activity. Lucky wants to go see what the longpaws are doing before doing anything else.

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In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

Lucky is briefly mentioned in the prologue as he and Mickey find the abandoned Fierce-Dog pups from Lick's perspective. In Chapter One, when Storm's patrol does not catch much, he is seen comforting Storm. When the pack eats, he is seen eating beside Sweet. When the loudbirds come, he jumps in front of Sweet to protect her. Afterward they go hunt, Bella points out that Lucky froze up when the loudbirds attacked. She says it is all right and that it's normal for him to care about his mate and pups.

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Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

When Bella is accused of standing up for her mate, Arrow, with the Pack claiming that her word couldn't be trusted, Lucky stands up for her. He tells the Pack that Bella wouldn't have taken Arrow as her mate if he was bad. When Alpha dismisses the Pack, Lucky follows her to their den.

The next morning, Storm is relieved when Lucky does not look angry at her. She asks him for the story of Bella's reckless attack on the former Alpha, and Lucky tells that to her. Storm gets angry that the Pack trusts Bella more than Arrow, despite her foolish past. Then she calms down and asks if he is on a hunting patrol. Lucky is relieved, and asks her to watch his pups while he and Alpha go out for a run. He is angry, though, when he returns and sees that Breeze is watching the pups and not Storm, and is very disappointed.

After Daisy sounds the alarm on High Watch, Lucky orders Breeze to stay with the pups before following Alpha towards the cliffs. Storm, Mickey, Moon, Thorn, and Beetle aLso join them. After reaching High Watch, Daisy tells the pack that she saw a longpaw floatcage on the lake. The dogs are suspicious, and wonder why the longpaws are catching so much fish, so Lucky informs them that longpaws don't eat that much at once, and instead store their food in cold-boxes to eat later. He also says that there might be many different types of longpaws, and some are friendlier than others. The other dogs, however, don't believe him.

Later, when the floatcage leaves, the dogs conclude that the longpaws probably didn't mean any harm. Lucky decides to organize a hunting patrol consisting of Storm, Bruno, Arrow, and Mickey, with Dart as their scout dog.

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

Lucky is mentioned by Arrow while Storm is with him and Bella. Arrow states that him and Sweet were trying to be good leaders, but were failing. Lucky first appears when Storm comes back to the Wild Pack. He is on a hunting patrol with Mickey and Snap. Storm then finds Breeze. And Breeze admits she's the bad dog, and taunts Storm. Breeze then bites herself, and cries for help. Lucky tells her to hold on and that he's coming. Lucky skids to a halt between Breeze and Storm. He looked at Breeze and then at Storm. His eyes went wide when he saw her. Lucky said nothing but simply stood there. There was a look in his eyes like he was seeing something impossible. Mickey howls the word no! Breeze pins her ears back against her head and says that Storm attacked her. Snap and Mickey then pin Storm. Storm pleads with Mickey, saying it's not here and that it's Breeze. Mickey is confused and looks at Lucky. Storm knows that Mickey and Lucky have to let her go. Storm then looks up and sees Lucky, his tail between his legs. Storm remembers when she thought of him like a Father-Dog, when he and Mickey rescued her from the Dog Garden, and fought for her and her brothers, and how they comforted them, and taught them to survive. Storm notes that they used to look at her in pride, and now all she saw in Lucky's eyes were fear and sadness. Storm says that Lucky has to listen to her and believe her that Breeze bit herself, but made them think that Storm attacked her. Mickey states that there's blood on Storm's face. Storm says that Breeze put it there and that she was the traitor, and Storm had come back to warn them. Breeze says that she doesn't understand, and she walked up to Lucky with trembling legs. Breeze tells him that Storm came out of nowhere and just attacked Breeze. Storm wonders if Breeze is faking the pain, or if she really is in pain. Breeze slightly leans against Lucky, putting her muzzle close to his neck. Storm twitched, fighting the urge to take down Breeze, before she hurt Lucky. Storm pleads to Lucky to believe her. He looks at her and asks what kind of motive Breeze had. Storm starts that it has to do with Terror and the Fear-Dog, but Breeze cuts her off, saying that Terror is dead, and that Storm saved them from him. Breeze then looks at Lucky, her eyes full of pain and confusion. Storm's heart sinks. She realizes that if she hadn't known better she would believe Breeze too. Storm notices the look of fear and heartbreak on Lucky and Mickey's faces. Snap asks what they should do with Storm. She says that they can't let Storm go. Lucky asks what Snap is saying. He then says that they should keep Storm here living in the pack with them. Snap says that they can't watch her day and night. Storm then thinks Snap wants kill her. Snap says that she doesn't want to kill Storm, but it seems like they have to. Lucky is furious and he rejects Snap's suggestion. Lucky says that they won't just kill her like a piece of prey. He says that Storm deserves better than that. Storm thought that she should find comfort in his words, but what use were they? Lucky still believed Breeze's story. Lucky then says that they will bring Storm to Sweet.

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The Final Battle

Lucky is first seen in the clearing of the Wild Pack camp when Sweet decides what to do with Storm. When Breeze pretends to attack Nibble, and Storm attacks Breeze, Lucky throws himself in front of Storm. Lucky asks Storm what she was doing, eyes blazing with fury. Lucky along with Mickey and Moon force Storm into the den. Breeze then claims that the pack shouldn't blame Storm because she says Storm is mad. Storm pleads Lucky to believe her and that she saw Breeze attack Nibble. The next night Storm has a dream that all of her Packmates were dead. She says that Lucky's broken body had been flung across a low branch. When she wakes up she hears a commotion outside. Daisy tells her the pups were gone as well as Breeze. Sweet says she will take Mickey and Moon to look for them and that Lucky will stay behind to organize more patrols. Lucky's and Sweet's eyes lock as they share a look of determination. Storm then tells them that Breeze had planned this. She says that Breeze knew the pack was closing in on her so she took the pups. Lucky just stares at her. He opens his jaws as if wanting to say something, but closes them again. Storm realizes that Lucky is realizing that she was right all along. Snap steps toward Lucky, assuring him that Breeze just probably took the pups out to play. Beetle then suggests that Storm did something to Breeze and the pups. Sunshine jumps to Storms defence saying that Storm is innocent. Lucky agrees with Sunshine that Storm is innocent and that Breeze took the pups somewhere against their will. He says that he and Moon stood guard last night and Storm didn't move. He then bares his teeth in fury as he states that they all have to stop pretending that they are right. Rake's pack then comes out of the forest. Dart demands to see Storm, believing that she killed Ruff. Dart says that some savage tore her throat out. Lucky then comes forward. He says to Dart that Ruff was a good dog and he was sorry for her loss but that Storm did not commit the crime. Dart growls that Lucky was just saying that because Storm was his foster daughter. He meets Dart's eyes steadily and says that the Wild Pack had their own suspicions about Storm, so they kept her prisoner. He then states that he and Moon stood guard last night and that Storm didn't even leave the den. Lucky says that she couldn't have killed Ruff. He asks Snap to sniff around the den to see if Storm left. Snap obeys. He asks Dart if she will trust Snap's word. Dart nods. After Snap finishes she goes to Lucky and says that Storm's scent doesn't leave the den. Lucky asks Dart if she is satisfied. Dart doesn't reply. Storm then growls that they were wasting time and that Breeze and the pups are getting farther and farther away from camp. Lucky asks if Dart, Rake, and Woody will help them. Rake agrees to help. Lucky explains that they will form separate search parties so they can cover more ground. He puts Snap, Chase and Dart in a group. He then says that Rake and Woody will come with him. Finally, he puts Storm, Daisy, Thorn and Beetle in a group. When Storm, Daisy, Beetle and Thorn come back from the patrol Thorn was fatally injured with a loudstick. Lucky is then seen again while Thorn is getting treated. Sweet is exhausted as she stares at Thorn's leg. She asks what is going on and Lucky rushes over to her to tell her what happened with Rake's pack while she was on patrol. Lucky and Sweet trot into the center of the clearing. Sweet asks if Storm found the pups. Storm shakes her head and explains the how they found the pup's scent and how the longpaws hurt Thorn. Sweet asks again if she found Breeze's scent. Storm nods and says that the trail was a little confused but they found it. Sweet and Lucky exchange a look of tormented, desperate hope. Lucky asks if they can pick up the trail again. Daisy says she's sure they can. Sweet says that she will find her pups and she takes a step toward the forest. Storm stared at Sweet. Her eyes were brilliant and eager but her legs were shaking uncontrollably and her flanks were heaving. Storm shoots Lucky an alarmed glance. But he had already noticed. He tells his mate that she's in no shape to go. She replies that she doesn't want to but she has to. Lucky begs her to let him go instead because he isn't nearly as tired. She hesitates before letting him go. She begs him to find her pups. Storm volunteers to come with Lucky. She says she should come because all of this was her fault. Sweet's head jerks up as she says that the only dog's who's fault this is was Breeze. She says to never forget that. Storm feels a burst of sympathy for her former Alpha. Every dog was looking at her with guilty, remorseful, apologetic expressions. As well as trust. Storm promise's to find Sweet and Lucky's pups. Rake says that he will come to. Daisy volunteers as well. Lucky says nothing to welcome the other hunters who were coming with him; he was already gazing fiercely into the forest. He howls the signal for them to start searching. As they ran no one spoke. Lucky was a racing blur of gold. Storm led Lucky up the small ridge that overlooked the meadow. When they reached the top they halted. Lucky says that his has changed. Rake's ears were pinned back in shock. The longpaws had left. 

At the end of the book, Lucky is so very grateful for Storm and she noticed that he had a graying muzzle.

In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

Lucky is mentioned all throughout the book in Sweet's thoughts.

At the end of the book when the Wild Pack and Leashed Dogs have a clash. There she sees Bella, though not mentioned by name. She is painfully reminded of Lucky. Then when the fight starts, in the corner of Sweet's eye, she sees a flash of golden fur up the slope, thinking she's seeing things, but from the movements he was making as he was running down the slope, she knew that it was Lucky.


  • Lucky and Sweet are the first two dogs introduced in the Survivors series.[21]
  • Lucky was called "Lucky" by Alpha even though he was still Omega.[11]
  • Gillian Philip has said that Lucky will take a more minor role in the second arc.[22]




Unnamed Retriever:[6] Deceased[23]


Unnamed Sheltie:[6] Deceased[24]


Yowl:[25] Status Unknown Snip:[26] Status Unknown


Bella:[6]Deceased As of The Final Battle :Yip:[25] Status Unknown


Sweet:[27] Living As of The Final Battle


Sky:[28] Forest:[28] Earth:[28]



Adoptive Daughter:

Storm:[29] Living As of The Final Battle

Adoptive Sons:

Fang:[29] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[30] Wiggle:[29] Deceased As of Darkness Falls[31]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"I like being on my own. I mean, I'm sure a Pack’s best for some dogs, but I've walked alone since I left my Pup Pack. I can look after myself."
—Lucky to Sweet The Empty City, page 18

"At least I'm not a coward! It was not me who was scared of a dead longpaw, was it? You may be impressed with yourself now, but back in the city you were a different dog... you were terrified, helpless... pathetic."
—Lucky to Sweet Darkness Falls, page 213

"I knew Lucky in the city. He was my only Pack when I escaped from the Trap House, and I would be dead if it was not for him. Several times over. He is loyal, brave, strong, and smart. He would be a fine member of this Pack. In fact I asked him to join us before. He said no. If he has changed his mind, that is a piece of good fortune for us. You should welcome such a dog, not chase him away."
—Sweet about Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 102

"You don't need to worry about me! I can always look after myself - I'm used to it."
—Lucky to Bella The Empty City, page 132

"What nonsense. Of course it isn't! You're the bravest, cleverest dog I know. Alpha's just intimidated by you, scared of any challenge to his leadership. He's not half the dog you are! Some dogs would have left the pups in the Dog-Garden, but you didn't. Being with you gives me courage. You'll just have to reason with Alpha. You'll manage it, too - you could charm the rabbits out of their burrows!"
—Mickey to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 151

"They don't have to grow up that way. No dog is born vicious. Just like I wasn't born streetwise. The Fierce Dogs are taught to be aggressive... their lives make them what they are."
—Lucky to Alpha Darkness Falls, page 171

"It's a good name, Yap. [...] It's a name that will keep you out of trouble, little one- and I get the feeling you might need that. Look on it as a gift from the Forest-Dog."
—Mother-Dog to Yap The Broken Path, page prologue

Lucky: "I'll stay because I'm a Pack Dog now. Haven't I proven myself enough for you? I'm surprised you're even speaking to me. Isn't it beneath a Beta to talk to the Omega? Are you taking cover behind the mist, so no dog will see you?"
Sweet: "Don't be like that, Lucky. I didn't mean to offend you-"
Lucky: "But you have offended me, Sweet. You make me sound like I change my mind every sunup; like I'm not committed to anything, or any dog. Haven't I shown that I can act in the interests of the Pack? Even when it meant letting the pups go? I've tried so hard to do what's right by the Pack - not that you've noticed. Tonight I'll sleep out in a draft, just to remind you and the other high-ranking dogs that I'm the lowest dog, less than nothing. Even though I know there's another way to live, that dogs don't need to be punished and controlled by rank, I'm going to live like a Pack Dog - because that's what I am now."
—Lucky and Sweet Darkness Falls, page 272

"You disgust me! You despicable traitor. You turned on your own Pack after they mourned for you, taking you for dead! Dishonorable beast! Even now, you show contempt for the laws of the Spirit Dogs! Blade promised that Storm could go free if she passed the Trial, that she would not be harmed!"
—Lucky to Alpha The Endless Lake (book), page 295

"I see visions of packs clashing, as though every dog in the world has come together for a terrible fight. I don't know when it will happen or if it will happen. But I have realized something. The Fierce Dogs will never leave us alone as long as things aren't settled between the packs. Eventually we will have to stop running. We will need to make a stand, to fight the Fierce Dogs and win!"
—Lucky to the Wild Pack The Endless Lake (book), page 303

"Run away and never show your face again, not here, or our camp, not in the forest or by the banks of the Endless lake. If you promise to disappear for good, I will let you live."
—Lucky to Alpha Storm of Dogs (book), page 253

"The Big Growl taught us that every dog fears something. I was once afraid of Trap Houses, and Fight Dogs, and losing my independence. But I also learned it's important to face your fears—to look them in the eye and challenge them. And facing my fears is how I survived and found the Pack."
—Lucky to his pups Red Moon Rising, page 39

Mickey: "I admit it, Lucky. That was one of your best ideas ever."
Lucky: "All my ideas are the best ever."
—Lucky and Mickey Darkness Falls, page 153

"He had a territory of his own now, and his friends were all around him. It was all he really wanted."
—Lucky's final thoughts Storm of Dogs (book), page 271

"Sunshine is right. I stood guard on Storm last night. Moon and I were both outside the whole time. She didn't come out. She didn't move. We heard her whimperig in her sleep. for the Earth-Dog's sake! It's time to stop pretending we were right, Beetle!"
—Lucky to the Pack The Final Battle, page 52

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