"Don't worry, Blade. We'll get the truth out of them. They'll be sorry they ever tried to steal from us."
— Mace to Blade in The Empty City, page 229
Fierce Dogs[1]
Fierce Dogs[1]
Doberman Pinscher[2]
Names Beta: Mace/Beta[1]

Member: Mace[1]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Beta[3]
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs
Dead Storm of Dogs

Mace is a burly,[5] bulky,[6] thickset,[5] huge,[1] glossy,[7] sinewy[8] black-and-tan[1] male Fierce Dog[9] with pricked ears, broad shoulders,[5] one in which has the fur torn off of,[10] a pointed snout, a jagged wound on one[11] of his sharp cheeks,[8] and a muscular, thick,[12] dark, lean body.[13]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

As Lucky, Daisy, Bella, and Alfie are trapped by the Fierce Dogs for stealing food, a big male snarls at Bella, and speculates that she stole their rations. He calls them impudent rats, and the Alpha agrees, ordering Mace to bring them. The male dog opens his jaws and barks, loud and threatening, making Lucky cower. Bella, Alfie, and Daisy huddle obediently together and duck their heads.
After Lucky has escaped from the Fierce Dogs, he sees three of the Fierce Dogs come out of the big house, and when one suggests killing them, the second, who is Mace, agrees that they should leave their bodies by the fence, so that no one else would trespass. He adds that they are too much trouble. After Dagger adds that they eat a lot and waste rations, Mace considers giving them a beating and sending them on their way, as a warning and so that they would spread the word. Blade growls that they are not going anywhere, and says that she does not believe their story, asking if Mace does. Mace assures her, saying that they will get the truth out of them, and make them regret trying to hide it. When Lucky is surrounded after taunting the Fierce Dogs, Mace snarls, asking him to decide who was clever now. However, the escape of the Leashed Pack is announced, and Blade orders Lucky that he will either tell them where his friends are hiding, or die. Mace snickers at his leader's side.

Darkness Falls

As Blade searches for her supposed pups, Grunt, Wiggle, and Lick, Lucky spots the Beta of the Fierce Dogs. Mace howls that the pups were there, as it appeared Lucky had brought them, and Blade congratulates Mace on his good work. He barks back that he did as she commanded, his sour breath on Lucky's face. Lucky notices that he has grown sinewy, and there is a sharpness to his cheeks and a wiriness to his muscles that hadn't been there when he had encountered him in the Dog-Garden. Other than the longpaws' food, he had gone lean and hungry, causing him to be more fearsome.
When Blade is about to take the pups, Mace orders Dagger to come. He marches forward with Dagger, and the Wild Dogs fall back to let them pass. When the Fierce Dogs leave, Blade is noted to be in the lead, and Mace at the rear, with the pups trapped in the middle.

The Broken Path

Mace does not formally appear in The Broken Path but is listed in the Pack List.

The Endless Lake

When Lucky, Moon, Storm, and Martha are on their way back to the Wild Pack, they encounter the Fierce Dogs. Fang helps them escape, but he is later scolded by Blade for letting them escape. The young dog whimpers that he won't let them escape again, and Mace growls that he had better not.
After returning to the Pack, during the Great Howl, Lucky passes out and dreams a Storm of Dogs vision, where he sees Mickey launching himself at Mace. In his dream, the Fierce Dog grips him by his neck and throws him against the snow, and Mickey lets out a howl.
When the Fierce Dogs later find the Wild Pack again, Blade tells Lucky that he won't get out of it, and Lucky recognizes Mace and Dagger at the leader's side, their fur glossier than ever in the damp air. Lucky tells Bella and Sweet that they must find a way inside the lighthouse and he runs forward, but the Fierce Dogs begin following. Lucky fakes that he will spring at Mace, and the Fierce Dog rears up, flashing his fangs. However, as he pounces, Lucky rolls out of reach and slides through a pool of salt water, kicking it into the Fierce Dog's eyes. Mace stumbles back, forcing the front line of his Pack to the far side of the lake road and toward the crashing waves. One of the attack dogs snarls for him to be careful, but Mace growls back, angrily asking how she dares to talk to him like that.
However, Lucky later hears Alpha calling for help as his forepaws hang over the stone and he begins slipping down the cliff, but Blade orders her dogs to get the Alpha. Mace bounds toward the dog-wolf, baring his teeth. Lucky tells his Alpha that he is coming, but the half wolf does not seem to hear him as he looks from Blade to Mace. Alpha cringes away from the Fierce Dog deputy and slips farther off the lake road before the water splashes over him and he falls into the endless lake.
Later, when a group from the Wild Pack go the the Fierce Dog camp, Lucky thinks that they must distract the Fierce Dogs long enough for Martha to get Storm to safety, but he notes that it won't be easy, as Mace is already pounding toward him. The thickset dog snarls that he will get the City Rat, and Lucky darts around a row of seats. Mace appears at the end of the row, blocking Lucky's exit, and the burly Fierce Dog starts shunting his way between seats, using his broad shoulders. Lucky is trapped from the other side by Dagger, and he springs over the top of a seat to escape. Mace howls that Lucky won't escape him, addressing the latter as 'Mutt', and he bounds after the golden-furred dog. The huge attack-dog throws his paws on part of a seat, and it swings down beneath his weight, sending him tumbling onto the other side of the row. The Fierce Dog smacks his muzzle and thumps onto the ground, whining in pain. Lucky is satisfied, remembering how the deputy had called him Mutt.
Lucky, in between Sweet and Blade, is told to get out of the Swift Dog's way, but knows he can't go the way he came as Mace is on the other side of the aisle, snarling with Fiery. Lucky instead vaults over the next row of seats. At the far end of the row, Mace manages to clamber over the previous row, prompting Sunshine to yip at Lucky to come that way. The thickset dog now jumps up and down behind the seats, barking furiously. the attack-dog's mouth is bleeding where he had hit it on the seat back and one long fang hangs at a painful angle. Mace, voice gurgling with blood, spits that he will get the mutt, while he bounces up and down. Lucky darts toward Sunshine, but Mace takes a step toward Lucky, exclaiming to the Wild Pack dog that he will be sorry. The huge dog presses onto his haunches, about to pounce, and Lucky bolts toward the stairs. Mace is just behind him, snapping at his tail, and just as Lucky reaches the top of the stairs, he throws himself against the balcony wall. Mace, moving too fast to stop, lurches down a couple of stairs before spinning back.
The Fierce Dog's eyes blaze with contempt, and he tells Lucky that he is blocked, calling him an Idiot Mutt. Mace's lips wrinkle back and his bloody teeth are noted to look monstrous in the half-light. Lucky stands over Mace at the top of the stairs, and questions if that is true. He jabs his paw at Mace's eyes, causing the Fierce dog to blink rapidly, head jerking back. Mace snaps at Lucky's paws, but isn't quick enough to catch it. Lucky has the advantage, as he is standing above Mace, and he again jabs at Blade's deputy, this time daring to smack his nose. Mace chomps at the air but can't land a bite. He snarls at Lucky to fight fair, and exclaims that he is a cheating rat. Mace is taunted by Lucky, until he is distracted by Storm. When Storm howls at Fang to come with her, every dog's attention is turned toward the litter-mates, and Mace is forgotten by Lucky. Blade barks to the Fierce Dogs that they have been tricked, and orders them to go back to camp immediately. Her dogs bound toward the stairs, and as he turns to join the rest of his Pack, Mace spits at Lucky that he will be back to finish him off. The Wild Pack follow them to prevent them from catching Storm, but when they reach the bottom of the stairs and come to the base of another short set, Dagger looms over Sweet, snapping at her ears. Lucky knows from his recent experience with Mace that this time, the Fierce Dog has the advantage.
Soon after, when Blade explains how Storm's Trial of Rage will work, she mentions that if shows herself to be a Fierce Dog, she will have to fight Fang to the death then belong to the Fierce Dogs. Mace and Dagger to howl at this. During the Trail, while Fang attacks Storm, but she does not fight back, Mace goads that her litter-brother is weak. He urges her to prove that she is strong by putting an end to it.

Storm of Dogs

When Lucky sees Fang, who is injured, and asks what happened, Fang responds that Mace attacked him when he tried to leave Blade's Pack. Although Fang got away, Mace still gave him a good bite. After Lucky is ambushed by the Fierce Dogs because of Fang's trap, Lucky is confronted by Blade, who is flanked by Mace and Dagger. The Fierce Dogs surround Lucky and obey Blade's orders for her deputies to take him. Mace and Dagger march toward Lucky, and though he expects them to bite him, the Fierce Dogs shove him roughly along the edge of the cliff. Mace and Dagger shove Lucky toward a jumble of black rocks, and the golden-furred dog spots the opening and enters the cave, which is the Fierce Dog's new lair. Mace snaps at Lucky's flank as he enters the lair, drawing him deeper into the cave. The deputy snarls at him to hurry up, and slams Lucky's flank with his forepaw, smacking him into the wall. Lucky slows down as pain shoots through his shoulder, but Mace harshly snaps at him to move forward. Lucky slows again when he sees a dark pool and thinks that Mace and Dagger will push him into it, but Mace breaths on the back of his neck, muzzle close to his ear, and orders him to move forward. Blade presses alongside Mace as they prod Lucky onward.
As Lucky dreams, he sees Fierce Dogs march side by side along the broken streets. He hears an angry bark, and notices Mace and Dagger behind a group of dogs whose heads stoop and hang their tails low. Mace snarls at them to keep moving, and snaps at their legs.
Later, when members of the Wild Pack come to rescue Lucky and the earth starts shivering, Mace shrinks against the wall. Blade barks that the Earth-Dog has spoken and will send the Big Growl to destroy them if Storm escapes, and Mace is seen sniffing the ground, tail clinging to his leg.
After the Wild Pack decide to keep Storm, and discuss strategies, Bella suggests isolating the leaders, but forgets Blade's deputies' names. Lucky remembers Mace and Dagger, who are always at their Alpha's side, and spits their names. Bella remembers, and thumps her paw, beginning to say that they could isolate them, although Whine interrupts then and leaves the Pack.
When Twitch decides to team up with the Wild Pack and Lucky decides to take Storm's challenge's message to Blade, he thinks that Blade will follow him, because her deputies will have already explored their camp and know they left.
When Lucky goes to the Fierce Dog Lair, Blade is seen with Mace and Dagger standing right behind her. When Lucky offers that Storm has challenged her to a fight, Blade sneers and mocks that the pup couldn't defeat her, and Mace, along with Dagger and the rest of the Fierce Dogs, bark in agreement.
When the Wild Pack use a giantfur to attack the Fierce Dogs, Mace's voice is heard saying that the giantfur is coming back.
Right before the Storm of Dogs, Blade is seen coming through the blizzard, with Mace and Dagger behind her. It is noted that Mace has a jagged wound on his cheek, and the fur hangs off his shoulder, revealing a hunk of pink skin, likely from the giantfur as noted by Lucky. When Sweet says that Twitch's Pack has joined them, Blade says that Sweet is desperate for teaming up with a Pack led by a cripple, and Mace and Dagger bark with cruel amusement. When Blade calls Arrow a traitor, she howls that she will kill him, but when Sweet snarls that he might kill her first, Blade's hackles rise, and Mace and Dagger flank her.
Once the battle begins, Mace blocks Lucky from helping Arrow way, asking if he is going somewhere. Mace prevents Lucky from passing him, springing at the golden-furred dog, snapping and snarling with spit on his teeth. The dogs tussle, Lucky bucking and leaping out of Mace's reach. Mace's frenzied attack is barely fended off even with Bruno's aid. He bears down on them, shoving them back toward the river. As Lucky is distracted upon seeing Bella help Arrow, Mace takes advantage of this and rips open the scar along Lucky's leg where Alpha had bitten earlier in the cave. Mace is then pinned by a mass of dogs, and is pulled away from Lucky. Whisper, Bruno, Rake, and Moon press against Mace, holding him back.
After the fight of the Storm of Dogs, Dagger leads the Fierce Dogs into the forest, but Mace stays behind. He has a bloody wound on the side of his neck and sways on his paws for a moment before rolling onto his side. Mace's eyes gaze blankly into the sky as his breathing stills.
Later, after the Wild Pack is back in their camp, when Arrow says that he will show loyalty to Sweet and Lucky, Bella assures him that their beta, Lucky, is nothing like Mace or Dagger.


  • Mace has mistakenly been described with a thin tail.[14]


"Steal our rations, would you? Impudent rats."
—Mace to Bella The Empty City, page chapter 18

"The male dog opened his jaws and barked. It was the loudest, most threatening sound Lucky had ever heard from a dog, making him cower in his hiding place, and he wasn't surprised when Bella, Alfie, and Daisy huddled obediently together and ducked their heads."
—Lucky thinking about Mace's bark The Empty City, page chapter 18

"They're here, Alpha! This mutt has brought them to us."
—Mace to Blade Darkness Falls, page 258

Unnamed Female Fierce Dog: "Be careful!"
Mace: "How dare you talk to me like that!"
The Endless Lake, page chapter 14

"You won't escape me, Mutt!"
—Mace to Lucky The Endless Lake, page chapter 22

Mace: "Now you're blocked, Idiot Mutt."
Lucky: "Oh really?"
Mace: "Fight fair! You cheating rat!"
Lucky: "Afraid of being beaten by a City Dog? Look at the big, scary Fierce Dog. We should call you Dumb Dogs!"
—Mace and Lucky The Endless Lake, page chapter 22

"Your litter-brother is weak. Prove you are strong by putting an end to all this!"
—Mace to Storm during her Trial of Rage The Endless Lake, page chapter 23

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