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"Some of us lived with longpaws. They looked after us, they fed us, they even loved us. Don't misunderstand me, I'm a Wild Dog now, we all are. I don't want to join the longpaws or wear a collar ever again. But we should make sure the ones in the town know that the Growl is coming back. Otherwise they'll be killed. Whatever you think of the longpaws, it feels very wrong to leave them to that fate."
— Mickey to the Wild Pack in Storm of Dogs, page 91
Wild Pack[1]
Leashed Dog[2], Leashed Pack,[2] Lone Dog[3]
Border Collie[4]
Names Leashed Dog: Mickey[5]
Patrol Dog: Mickey[1]
Hunter: Mickey[6]

Lone Dog: Mickey[7]

Family Longpaws (formerly)

Mate: Snap

Rank Positions
Rank Hunter[6]
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Mickey is a thick-furred,[8] sleek black-and-white[2] male Farm-Dog [4] with long fur,[9] huge,[10] dark[11] brown eyes,[12][7] black[13] pointed ears,[14] a long[15] black-and-white snout[16][17], a fluffy tail,[18] and black-and-white paws.[19]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Mickey is one of the dogs that trains under Lucky, and eventually helps form the Leashed Pack. Mickey is with the others when they rescue Lucky from the foxes, and when he first meets Lucky, he's observed to be intelligent.

Mickey springs to his feet when Sunshine is injured, but says nothing. The black-and-white Border Collie continues to remain silent when Lucky helps Sunshine, looking impressed with Lucky’s knowledge.

The dogs stay at the mall, deciding to play. Mickey begins playing tug-of-war with Bruno when Lucky decides to stay. Afterward, Mickey is engaged by Lucky in a chase.

Once the dogs are exhausted with playing, Mickey rests with Sunshine on a silk cushion. Mickey begs through his eyes for Lucky to stay alongside the rest of the dog pack. Mickey adds that they all played in the same dog parks, while Daisy explains how they all lived on the same street.

Mickey explains that even their longpaws were in a pack on their own. Later on, when thunder and the rumbling of a falling longpaw house frightens the Leashed Pack, Mickey gives a frightened growl.

When the dogs panic and try to find out how to get Alfie out of the wreckage, Mickey whines bleakly that they cannot do anything to save Alfie. When the dogs finally rescue Alfie, Mickey defends Bella for being against trying to rescue Alfie in the unstable longpaw house, as it seemed like the logical decision to make.

When Daisy disappears and the Leashed Pack set off to find her, Mickey tries to herd the dogs around Lucky. When they find her location, Bella and Mickey are both behind Lucky, unwilling to hesitate to rescue Daisy like they did with Alfie, obviously feeling guilt at trying to leave Alfie behind. They finally find Daisy, and Mickey licks her nose. Later on, the dogs retrieve their mementos from their longpaw houses, while Mickey stands by Lucky's side.

Mickey doesn't need to go finding a memento, for he kept ahold of his longpaw’s leather glove from the start. Lucky urges Mickey to follow him in the rear when they begin their trek into the hills. The dogs come across yellow longpaws, and Mickey joins in joyously howling with Martha and Bruno.

Mickey is part of the group when Daisy is shaken by the yellow longpaws, and the Leashed Pack surrounds her, trying to console her and figure out why the longpaw had acted that way. Mickey exclaims in shock that he'd never seen a longpaw try to hurt a dog. The dogs leave, hurrying to flee this bad place, but Mickey does not leave with them.

He tells Lucky that he feels there's something behind what the longpaws are doing. He asks why would they choose to be with the bad water and yellow foam. Mickey is distraught, wondering where the other longpaws left and why these bad ones were left behind. He's finally convinced by Lucky to leave into the wild and away from the city.

Mickey asks Lucky for more rests while they journey into the wild, taking side with Sunshine on the matter. When Lucky thanks him for herding everyone in the back, Mickey returns the favor saying that's what he does. Mickey thanks Lucky in return for leading them. When Lucky insists they would do better without the longpaw things, Mickey replies that he can't leave the glove, as it was his young longpaw's. The black-and-white collie says he just knows the longpaws didn't leave him on purpose.

Mickey then says he knows about Lucky's longpaws and how they don't sound like the longpaws he knows. He then explains everything the longpaws did to him, much to Lucky's growling responses.

Later on, when the Leashed Pack is hungry, they insist that Lucky should teach them to hunt. Mickey adds that they'll copy him. When Mickey is learning to hunt like the others, Lucky notes he's getting the hang of it.

Later on, when the dogs leave with the city in their sights for the last time, Lucky asks them to leave their longpaw belongings behind. The rest of the dogs leave their belongings, but Mickey holds onto his, saying he'll carry the memories for the rest of the pack.

The dogs find their perfect territory, and Lucky assigns Mickey in charge of finding food with Bella and other dogs. They all praise Mickey for being the best hunter. On the hunt, Mickey manages to catch a squirrel. Mickey then has the idea to store the food in a cool prey-store.

When the dogs celebrate later in the sprinkle of fresh water and sunshine, Mickey is observed to be most in tune with his dog-spirit. Later on, however, Mickey is trapped by his collar when he is hunting by some thorn bushes. They free him by tugging his collar loose, but, much to Lucky's disdain, Mickey insists they put the collar back on him.

Lucky notices how much Mickey has improved as a pack-dog, and how well he is doing.

Mickey is with the others when they smell the other dogs and go to investigate. They also smell food. Sunshine yaps that they should go, and Mickey tells her that that is a great idea. When Bella challenges Lucky, Mickey steps in and agrees with her.

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A Hidden Enemy

Mickey is seen by Lucky as he is trying to drag Alfie’s body to shelter after the Growl occurs.

Mickey agrees with Sunshine that the Leashed Dogs need their longpaws. Mickey rushes forward to greet Lucky along with the other dogs, except for Bruno. Mickey asks Lucky if there is anything the Leashed Dogs can do for him. Later, he joins in on a mourning howl and wishes Alfie a safe journey.

Mickey objects to Lucky’s suggestion of leaving Alfie. He explains to Lucky that when a dog died, longpaws buried him and sometimes put flowers and stones on his grave. Mickey believes that it is a good idea to guard Alfie’s body during no-sun. He licks Sunshine’s neck fondly, then scratches at the earth three times. He touches it with his nose, telling the Earth-Dog to take care of Alfie. Then he lifts his muzzle and begins to howl for Alfie.

The next morning, Mickey licks desperately at a muddy rain puddle until Lucky nudges him away. Mickey lowers his ears but reminds Lucky that there isn’t any fresh water, and drinking from the puddles is a better solution than drinking from the poisoned river water. Lucky realizes that Mickey has a point, but he is still worried. Mickey looks over to Martha, who is wounded. He tells Lucky that she can’t travel far because of her wound.

While the dogs are discussing what to offer to the River-Dog, Mickey is resting with his head on his longpaw glove. He suggests that they offer the River-Dog a toy to play with. When Bella asks him how it would help, he replies that all dogs like fetch, and that the River-Dog might like a stick. He is noted to look enormously pleased with himself. He raced towards the trees, searching for fallen branches and twigs.

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Darkness Falls

When he notices the dark clouds hovering over the sky, he quickly assumes that it's a sign that the longpaws are back and tries to persuade the other Leashed Dogs to come with him and go back to their homes.

He is secondly seen in the book, when Lucky goes back to the city. He is hiding in some alley when longpaws are taking stuff out of his home. He sees Lucky, and tells him that he's watching them. He keeps watching, then when the longpaws start taking his stuff out of his home, he convinces Lucky to stop them. Later, Mickey and Lucky find three abandoned Fierce Dog pups, along with their dead Mother-Dog. The pups were dying. They were later saved by Mickey and Lucky, and were brought back to the Pack.

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The Broken Path

Mickey is first seen when him and Snap join the circle of dogs to watch the young pups, Squirm and Nose, earn their names. Mickey decides he wants to bury a dead longpaw pup because he noticed it was similar to his own former owner.

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The Endless Lake

Mickey is first seen greeting Lucky when Lucky, Storm, Moon, Martha, and Bella return to the Pack. He touched noses with each dog, while wagging his tail fiercely. He was the first to spot Martha.

Even when Alpha said Storm must be still called Lick, Mickey called her Storm. He spoke her name quietly and fumbled his words though.

Mickey had his head down when it was time to eat, since the hunters caught nothing. Lucky whispered to Mickey, asking him if that was it. Mickey said that was all they could find.

Mickey was in Lucky's vision fighting the Storm of Dogs, where Mace beat Mickey and threw him against the snow.

When Lucky woke up from being passed out, Mickey and Daisy exchanged looks.

When Storm mentioned how her name wasn't Lick, and no other dogs had a problem with that, Mickey looked at Snap.

When Alpha left after he said they would all hunt the next day, he shoved himself between Mickey and Martha.

When Bella showed the dogs how to prance on the hunt ,Mickey tried it too.

As the dogs were taking shelter from the rain, Lucky squeezed in next to Mickey.

Lucky, Snap and Mickey are sent to hunt when the dogs didn't catch anything. Later, when Lucky was talking to Storm, Mickey asks if Lucky is coming. The hunters duck behind a rock to see what they could catch. Snap sees a bird and Mickey warns her to go slow. The hunters attack it and Mickey held it down so that Snap could kill it. Mickey also caught a mountain rat.

During Nose and Squirm's Naming Ceremony, Alpha orders Mickey and Snap to hold down the rabbit as Alpha rips off its pelt.

Daisy and Mickey see a longpaw house, and wonder if there was food there. When Sunshine runs toward it, so do Mickey and Daisy. Lucky goes looking for them, calling their names.

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Storm of Dogs

Mickey, Martha, Bella, Lucky, Sunshine, and Snap attempt to rescue the longpaws at the endless lake. One of the longpaws is trapped and about to drown. Mickey talks Lucky into saving the longpaw, although the longpaw is afraid of Mickey, hitting him with a stick. Mickey does not back off, and saves the longpaw's life, getting a pat on the head in return. When the longpaw offers to take Mickey with him, Mickey decides against it, choosing to stay with the pack.

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In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Mickey is briefly mentioned in the prologue as he and Lucky find the abandoned Fierce-Dog pups from Lick's perspective. Mickey talks to Storm about Whisper, and Mickey is later chased down by a giantfur trying to steal food.

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Dead of Night

Mickey is seen in the prologue speaking to Lucky in low growls about the approaching coyotes as the three Fierce Dog pups wait. He then orders the pups to do as he does, throwing himself on the ground and rolling in the mud and mulch to mask his scent. He rolls until his fur is thick with the forest floor.

As the pups coat themselves in the mud, Mickey scolds Wiggle against cleaning himself. He warns that the pups must resist the urge to clean themselves. He then says that they did well, and they now needed to be quiet and very still. Mickey crawls under a bush, followed by Wiggle and Lick.

Wiggle burrows himself in Mickey's thick fur as the coyotes approach. Alpha asks Mickey to lead a patrol to leave a mark on Fox Mist, and puts Mickey in charge. Storm tells Mickey that she should not scar Fox Mist because it is not the right thing to do. Mickey listens to Storm, and tells Fox Mist to leave scarless. Lucky waits for Mickey to come back and ask him what happened. Mickey lies to Lucky saying Storm did her duty to scar Fox Mist.

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

Mickey is mentioned by Lucky about him or Snap being the murderer, but the idea is dismissed.

The Exile's Journey

As Storm waits to confront Breeze, Mickey is out hunting with Snap and Lucky while Breeze scouts ahead. After Storm confronts her, Breeze bites her own shoulder and howls for help. Mickey, Lucky, and Snap hear her howl and come running. Breeze lies, and tells them that Storm is the bad dog. Snap believes this and hurls herself at Storm. Mickey joins her later. He then helps the others bring Storm to the pack for judgement, wary of her, which Storm finds hard to believe, giving he helped raise the young Fierce Dog. Later, when in the Pack's camp, Breeze suggests that they blind Storm. Mickey cries out that that would be too cruel, but Alpha decides to consider that option.

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  • His longpaw memento was a leather glove that belonged to his longpaw pup.[2]
  • Gillian Phillip stated that there may have been a low-key attraction between Bella and Mickey at one point.[20]
  • Gillian particularly likes the shipping of Snap and Mickey.[21]



Mate: Snap[22] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"But they never meant to, Lucky. If my longpaws left me, it was because they had no choice. I know that."
—Mickey to Lucky The Empty City, page chapter 13

"I don't care if I don't longpaws just now. I'll find them again, if I have to learn to fight better, that's what I'll do- but I will put my collar back on. I won't give up on my longpaws."
—Mickey to Lucky The Empty City, page chapter 16

"I can’t give up my faith in the longpaws. I understand that we can’t rely on the longpaws to help us anymore. But one of us has to remember. One of us has to carry the memories for the rest of the Pack. I’ll do it."
—Mickey's speech about his longpaws The Empty City, pages 258-259

"If a Leashed Dog like me can adapt, then pups certainly can. Dogs aren't born bad."
—Mickey about the Fierce Dog pups Darkness Falls, page 173

"Why did you leave me? I would never have left you! Why did you go? You let me come upstairs, you gave me treats... You took me to the big garden, we played together... I waited for you when I was alone in the house... I thought about you all the time. Why didn't you take me with you?"
—Mickey venting about his longpaws abandonment Darkness Falls, page 90

"I thought they'd come back. The other longpaws, the bad ones... we challenged them, we scared them with our growls and teeth. I could smell their fear-scent. That's not how it used to be. I've never threatened longpaws before."
—Mickey to Lucky about his longpaws Darkness Falls, page 91

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