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"We've all done foolish things. We've all made mistakes. And we'll make many more in the days to come. Look how the world has changed! Who's to say who will make the next deadly error? We need to stick together, live together. It's hard enough for dogs to survive in the world of the Big Growl without turning on one another."
— Moon to Alpha in A Hidden Enemy, page 264
Wild Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[2]
Border Collie[3]
Names Patrol Dog: Moon[1]

Alpha: Moon/Alpha[4]

Family Mate: Fiery
Sons: Fuzz, Beetle
Daughter: Thorn
Mother: Beta
Father: Alpha
Sister: Star
Rank Positions
Rank Lead Patrol Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey
Dead N/A

Moon is a silky, long-haired[5] black-and-white female[1] Border Collie[3] with dark[6] clear,[7] striking,[8] sky,[9] ice-[10] blue eyes,[11] black-and-white paws,[12] long,[13] pointed[14] black-and-white ears,[15] and a white muzzle.[13]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Moon is watching the Moon-Dog when her litter-sister Star tries to play with her. Moon focuses on relaxing, urging her to stop bothering her. Her response prompts a conversation between the two sisters. Star stops bothering her, and the two of them talk for a bit.
Moon sees Hunter, who is supposed to be her future mate. Hunter is talking to Moon's Father-Dog, and he criticizes some of the other hunters for not being fast enough to catch some animals, Star points that out to Moon, but Moon ignores it and states that Fly does not look well.
Star says that they went on a long hunt and he must be tired and hungry, but Moon is still unsure.
Moon and her Pack line up to eat happily. Moon's Pack had a good hunt and they are happy.
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Sweet's Journey

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In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Moon is lead patrol dog of the Wild Pack, but is forfeiting her duties while she nurses her and Fiery's pups: Nose, Squirm, and Fuzz.
Near the end during the fox battle, the foxes kill her pup Fuzz although Nose and Squirm survive.
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Darkness Falls

Moon is seen talking about why they should give the Fierce Pups a chance. When one of them attacks Squirm, she is seen snarling at Martha.

The Broken Path

Moon is by Fiery's side as he dies. She says that since he fought Terror off so bravely, why can't he fight off the sickness. He says it's inside of him, and he couldn't do anything. Storm had killed Terror. Moon grieves at Fiery's side as he dies. Fiery is buried by Moon and the rest of Fiery's rescue party.
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The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

Moon hears Beetle ask Lucky what type of bird is the bird he caught, Moon walks over to her pups and Lucky and tells them that they are geese, with a twitch of her ears.
Later, Dart and Moon go on a patrol, and they come back and tell Sweet that they had found out something. Sweet then told Lucky (who had just gotten back from a walk) that they had found something. Moon then tells him that her and Dart were patrolling the perimeter of the town by the Endless Lake. Lucky then warned them that that could have been dangerous because in the town was the Fierce Dog camp. Moon then states that they did not smell any Fierce Dogs. Dart then said it was as if they vanished, and she creeps closer to Moon. Moon then growls, lips peeling back, her ears flat with agitation and she said that they saw longpaws. Moon looks to Sweet and told her it sounds like a lot of them and thought they should ask Sweet what will be the next move.
Sweet asks if they were the longpaws that killed Fiery, and Moon growls saying they did not get close enough to see, but if the yellow ones that killed Fiery had dared to come back she will get rid of them. Her pups bark and snarl their agreement. Sweet says that they're not going anywhere during a cold night, because she said that she, Lucky, Bella, Moon, Mickey, Martha, and Sunshine will go patrol the next day.
The next day Moon and the rest of the patrol go to the town. Once the patrol gets closer, they hear the longpaws loudcages and Moon whimpers quietly and lets her tail droop. When they got closer to the longpaw town, Moon states that they did not sound like the longpaws that killed Fiery, and it seems that the Fierce Dogs have left. Bella said that it may be a good idea to stick around and see if there was something worth stealing. She said that longpaws were very smart. Moon was uncertain, saying that longpaws were dangerous. Mickey defends them, telling her they were not all bad.
After Sunshine got excited about knowing longpaws were around, the longpaws saw them and the dogs had to retreat. No dog got hurt or caught. Sweet tells Sunshine that she needs to learn better self control and walks away with Mickey and Moon following her.
Later when Sweet told the Pack what happened, Dart whimpered thinking the longpaws knew the location of the camp. Sweet calmly told them that they did not. Moon then said that they were still too close, that if they could bring down a strong dog like Fiery, they could do it to any of them, and how what if they wanted their town to be bigger and they came to the camp.
Then when Sweet said that the Pack will have a ceremony the next day, a ceremony to mark Lucky as her Beta, the original members of the Wild Pack bark in excitement and Snap and Moon start explaining to the formal Leashed Dogs how it works. Moon patrols with Bruno, Mickey, and Snap.
Later, the Wild Pack senses a Big Growl coming, and Lucky says that they had to leave, and get far away. However, Sweet say that at least their territory was in a clearing, so the trees can't fall on them. She said it would be a good idea to stay in a clearing, which Moon agrees with. They agree to stay there for now, then Daisy asks what will happen to the longpaws. Sweet said it was not their problem, but in a sweet voice. Moon says that the longpaws think they're so smart and should just let them figure it out.
Lucky then tells Sweet that if she allows it he will lead a group of dogs to the town to try to warn them. Sweet agrees and lets Mickey, Bella, Sunshine, Daisy, and Snap volunteer to go with Lucky, and then Beetle steps forward, Moon snaps at him and tells him that longpaws killed his Father-Dog and he owes the longpaws nothing. Sweet tells the dogs who are not going with Lucky to get ready for the Big Growl and tells Moon and Bruno to go and hunt. Moon and Bruno dip their heads and go toward the trees when Moon looks back to Beetle and gives him a warning look, whitch makes Beetle back away from Lucky.
Later after the Growl, Sweet goes over to take a look at the cliffs, but Moon warns her how dangerous it could be. Sweet walks back to the Pack and tells Moon that she and her pups were wise. Sweet warns the Pack that they will all have to be wise, since Blade will come and say that she predicted the Growl and she will be there soon, Moon questions what she means.
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In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

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Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

When Storm comes back to the Wild Pack and tells them her theory about Breeze Moon mutters something about it all being ridiculous.
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  • She was mistakenly been said to have yellowish-brown eyes.[16]
  • On The Endless Lake cover, Moon is illustrated with blue eyes. However, on the Tales from the Packs cover, she is shown with brown eyes.
  • After Fiery's death, Moon confesses she will never take on another mate after him.[17]
  • On the Alternate American Cover of The Endless Lake, Moon is depicted with brown eyes and black markings above her lips.[18]




Beta:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[20]


Alpha:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[21]


Star:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[20]


Fiery:[3] Deceased As of The Broken Path[22]


Beetle:[3] Living As of The Final Battle
Fuzz:[3] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[23]


Thorn:[3] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Well since I'm here...I'm very hungry; the pups are growing fast. Someone get me some food, please."
—Moon to Sweet and Fiery A Hidden Enemy, page 96

"When she's on patrol, nothing escapes her. She could be a hunter, but she's so good at tracking and scenting - the best in the Pack"
—Twitch about Moon A Hidden Enemy, page 115

"Moon was weak from nursing, but she was as fierce as Alpha ever had been, clawing and snapping at her tormentors."
—narrator about Moon protecting her pups from the foxes A Hidden Enemy, page 250

"I think that's true. Under the Pack's influence, we can teach these puppies how to work gently and effectively together. They don't need to be violent and aggressive like their parents. It's like Lucky said—if the Leashed Dogs have been able to learn wild survival skills, why can't these pups learn to be honorable?"
—Moon about the Fierce Dog pups Darkness Falls, page 173

"We weren't close enough to see them, but if those yellow longpaws have dared to come back, I'll get rid of them!"
—Moon's bitterness towards the yellow longpaws who killed Fiery Storm of Dogs (book), page 18

"Don't plan out your life too carefully, Storm. You never know what might come along to change your path."
—Moon to Storm about mates A Pack Divided, page 263

"Are you calling me a liar, Breeze? I'm sick and tired of not being believed! It's like being accused of prey-stealing all over again—which I still didn't do, by the way!"
—Moon to Breeze Red Moon Rising, page 61

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