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Moon's Choice



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Gillian Philip[3]

Date Released

eBook: May 5, 2015[4]

Preceded by

Alpha's Tale

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The Empty City

Additional Information

Moon's Choice

Moon's Choice is an e-book featuring Moon.[5] Moon is the dog featured on the front of the cover.[6] It is one of three novellas combined in one paperback, Tales from the Packs.

The Blurb

A digital original novella set in the world of the bestselling, action-packed Survivors series by Erin Hunter! This prequel story gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at Moon's past, and how she came to join the Wild Pack.
Long before the Big Growl struck, Moon belonged to a different Pack. But when that Pack was threatened by a terrible danger, Moon found unexpected help—and a difficult choice—in a newcomer called Fiery…
Survivors: Moon's Choice also includes a sneak peek at Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #1: A Pack Divided! [7]

Detailed Plot Summary

Moon is looking up the Moon-Dog, which is half covered in shadow. Next to her, Star is jumping around playfully, trying to get Moon to entice in a fight-game, but she says that they are adults. Star says that the patrol went on a long hunt and Hunter must be tired and hungry. It hurts Moon more than she thought. By that time the hunting patrol with Hunter, Rush, Meadow, Fly, and Mulch had returned to the camp. Moon welcomes Hunter and he hums in response. There's a fat rabbit in his teeth. Then Hunter runs up to Alpha and asks about the hunting. He says that the hunting was good, though some of it was too fast for the rest of the patrol. Moon is surprised by this fact, because Rush and Meadow are able hunters. Alpha says they did a great job anyway and praises Hunter. Moon sees and tells Star that Fly looks bad. Star blames it on fatigue and hunger. Star says Hunter has a high option of himself and asks Moon if she really wants to be mates with him. Moon says that it doesn’t matter and that the Pack needs strong leaders. Star gets upset and quiets down. Moon wonders if she was destined to be Alpha of the Pack, would she choose Hunter.
The second part begins with how Moon in Fly's den. She offers him a drink, but he is unable to move his head. Meadow brings the brown-white dog affection, but then Fly cannot eat. Moon and Meadow discuss the disease of Fly, and Moon implies that he ate something bad. Meadow denies it, saying that the prey was eaten by the whole pack. Moon hears barking in the camp and runs outside, and Meadow remains with Fly. Pebble reports about strange dogs on the border and Alpha decides to go to them. On the border of the creek, they meet a Wild Pack. There is an Alpha, and there is a Beta next to him, along with a huge black and brown dog. Moon's Father-Dog asked what brought them to the border, another says that they want more territory and that it looks right. The Alpha of Moon's Pack says that this is their territory, and that they have lived here for a long time. The red Beta growls at them and says what they will take as much land as they need. The to packs are ready to engage, but their verbal duel is interrupted by big brown dog Fiery. He offers to hunt on the same territory and divide the spoils. Moon's Father-Dog tells him that they will discuss the proposal. The packs split up and head back to their camps.
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  • The illness that plagued Moon's Pack is canine distemper or an alike illness.[8]
  • Although Moon's eyes are shown to be blue on the cover of Moon's Choice[9], they are yellow on the cover of Tales from the Packs[10].

Publication List

  • Moon's Choice (EN), HarperCollins (e-Book), 5 May 2015[11]
  • Tales from the Packs (EN), HarperCollins (e-Book), 5 May 2015[12]




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