The cliffnotes below detail events in the book as they occur.

Chapter 1

  • Moon watched the Moon-Dog begin to rise
  • Her packmates were finishing their last duties of the day
  • Moon heard Alpha and Beta talking, and knew she one day would be Alpha
  • Star tried to engage in a play-fight, and Moon say play-battles are for pups
  • Star say Moon's no fun anymore, and Moon realizes that accusation stung
  • Moon watches the hunt patrol enter camp, and her heart skips a beat when her eyes meet Hunter's
  • Moon rises to her paws, and Star snorts
  • Moon dips her head in greeting, and Hunter replies with a low whine
  • Moon is glad her parents chose Hunter for her, and wonders what it'll be like running the Pack with him
  • Moon was sure she'd make her parents proud, and she didn't care what Star thought
  • Alpha exited the den, and waits expectantly as Hunter places a plump rabbit in front of him
  • Alpha praises Hunter, and says the hunt was good
  • Hunter says it was good, but that some prey was too fast for the rest of the patrol
  • Moon is surprised, and silently notes that Fly is swift, while Rush and Meadow are also capable hunters
  • Moon notices Fly is looking odd, his eyes are dull and he walks stiffly
  • Alpha doesn't notice Fly's condition, as he's busy admiring Hunter's rabbit
  • Moon whispers to Star that Fly doesn't look well, and she frowns and says he's probably hungry and tired
  • Moon wasn't sure about that
  • During prey-share, Moon thinks she could forgive Hunter's arrogance
  • Star asks Moon if she really would want Hunter for a mate
  • Moon growls to Star, and Star sighs
  • Moon sees how connected her Parent-Dogs are, and she wonders if she would really choose Hunter as a mate

Chapter 2

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

  • Fly, Star and Beta are buried after dying from the sickness.
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Chapter 5

  • Alpha (MC) after being weakened by the sickness, is killed by coyotes.
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Chapter 6

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Chapter 7

  • Pebble dies from the sickness.
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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10

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