"You're not trying to trick me, are you, City Dog?"
— Mulch to Lucky in A Hidden Enemy, page 221
Wild Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[2]
Black Spaniel mix[3]
Names Hunter: Mulch[1]

Patrol Dog: Mulch[2]
Omega: Omega[4]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Omega[4]
Deceased (killed by foxes)[5]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy
Dead A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

Mulch is a long-haired male[1] with shaggy,[6] shiny[7] black fur, and long ears,[1] one which is torn.[8]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Mulch is first seen with Snap, checking the border where a protective thorn bush has blown down in the last storm.
Later, Mulch is seen racing into camp with Snap and Pebble, hackles up and fur bristling. The black-furred dog is trembling as he slithers to a halt in the dry leaves, and he barks that there are strange dogs sniffing around their territory. The Pack goes to see the dogs, and Mulch and Pebble are heard growling low and constant. After the Alpha of the other Pack offers an alliance, Moon's Pack gathers and discusses, and Mulch agrees with Moon, yelping that as long as the dogs don't enter their territory, it seems to be the best way for both Packs.
After Beta's death, the healthy dogs bury her, and when Moon stops digging and looks at her mother's limp copse, Mulch and Snap also stop, and watch her. Moon whines that she can't bury her, and Snap give Mulch a glance, and he nods, agreeing that they will cover her with the earth. Mulch adds that they will make sure she is completely with the Earth-Dog, and tells his Packmate to go back to the Pack. Late that day, Alpha tells the Pack that Moon will take over as leader of the Pack until he recovers from the sickness, and the dogs yip their support, with Mulch adding that Moon is their Alpha until he recovers.
The day after Hunter, Rush, and Meadow have abandoned the Pack, Moon reflects on how damaged her Pack is, and notes that Mulch had fallen ill only yesterday.
After the sickness passes, Moon notes that the Pack is weak, but that she, Mulch, and Omega had recovered. However, Pebble had not, and Moon glances at the limp body beside the grave, noting that the hole she, Mulch, and Snap had dug for their deceased Packmate was next to Star's. Mulch respectfully licks the mud from his claws before gripping Pebble's body and rolling it toward the hole.
When Hunter asks to come back to the Pack, Moon thinks that it is lucky that Mulch had just arrived back from patrol, as she might have bitten Hunter otherwise. The black dog stares at Hunter too, his eyes without an expression of welcome. When Hunter says that Rush and Meadow died, Mulch, voice dry and with an undercurrent of laughter in his tone, growls that that is funny, since the other day on patrol, he ran into Rush and Meadow, who were looking very well despite being 'dead'. He states that Hunter must have been taking better care of them than he though, and Hunter begins to say something, but Mulch cuts him off, and adds that they told him that they decided to leave Hunter and snuck away in the night because they didn't like being bossed around like pups by a dog who never led a Pack before, and recalls that Rush referred to Hunter as a control wolf. Hunter decides to pretend Mulch doesn't exist and he continues telling Moon that he can be the Pack's Alpha.
However, Moon becomes furious at this, and she says that Snap, Mulch, and Omega are her Packmates and she is their Alpha, but that she does not choose for them. The Farm Dog admits that they might think she is a fool too, and gives permission for the three to follow Hunter, her voice faltering slightly as her gaze moves to Mulch then Omega. She goes on that they must make their own choices, and the three glance at one another, but Snap states that she will never follow Hunter, and Mulch springs forward to Snap's side. Without even looking at Hunter, and keeping his gaze focused on Moon, he says that he is with Snap, and that everything she said is true. The black dog tells Moon that she is his Alpha, and that he will follow her and no other dog as long as she wants him in her Pack. Mulch slants his eyes at Hunter, and adds that they are better off without a false dog. Hunter and Moon argue more before Moon finally lunges for him. He dodges the attack, but Snap and Mulch fly at him from each side, snapping at his flanks and barking their fury. Hunter flees for the trees and Snap and Mulch run after him. Hunter vanishes into the undergrowth, and Snap and Mulch trot back, eyes shining with glee.
Later, while Moon tries to sleep, she thinks of how she doesn't regret driving Hunter away, she reflects that she, Mulch, and Snap are still not the biggest or strongest of dogs, and that they probably would not survive. Moon goes into the forest, and on a knoll she can make out Mulch's outline, since he had been on guard through the night. The black dog stretches and yawns, then turns to Moon when she barks softly to him. He approaches his leader, ears quizzically pricked, and she tells Mulch to come with her. After rousing Snap and Omega, Moon tells her Pack that she must talk to all of them, and Mulch tells her to tell them and tilts an ear. He says that she can ask them anything and they will follow her, as she is their Alpha. Moon murmurs that she has a proposal for them.
Later, on her way to request to join the other Pack, Moon crosses the boundary with Mulch, Snap, and Omega behind her, sharing nervous glances. However, Moon doesn't look back at them, and tells them to follow her.
After the Packs have merged, Mulch is seen comparing hunting tactics with Twitch, who demonstrates his techniques for pouncing.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Mulch is a hunter, Omega, and Patrol Dog of the Wild Pack.
Mulch was very unwelcoming when Lucky joined the Wild Pack. He tries to convince Alpha to get rid of him, to no avail, and is punished instead. He always antagonizes Lucky. He hates Lucky, and is against what his Alpha has said. He wants to become Alpha and ban Lucky himself- or rip him to shreds.
When prey arrives, Mulch decides to steal some prey from his Pack, thus breaking the order of his Pack. However, he is caught by Sweet and she punishes him. He is threatened to be demoted if he tries to steal food again.
Mulch soon becomes demoted to a Patrol Dog after Lucky takes his place. He is not happy with this and protests, with his suggestion ignored. Later, Mulch is shocked when he is falsely accused of eating the deer carcass the hunters brought back to camp and his hairs found on it. He is attacked by Alpha and Sweet and is demoted to the rank of Omega. After the feast, Omega is confused when Lucky secretly brings him some food. Omega is suspicious at first, but he accepts the food thankfully.
Omega defends the camp when the Leashed Dogs and foxes invaded. When he sees Moon and her pups endangered, he tries to fight the foxes off. Omega fights bravely, but in the end, he is killed. Alpha calls Omega by his true name: Mulch. It is also hinted that Alpha truly did care for Mulch.

Darkness Falls

When Lucky is revealed to be a spy, he remembers that dogs from both Packs had fought to defend the pups, starting with Mulch and Daisy. Lucky looks at Moon and her pups, and remembers that Fuzz hadn't made it, but nor had poor Mulch. He is about to cry, but he holds back his tears. He goes over to Moon and the pups and they exchange greetings.
When Alpha decides to allow the Wild Pack and Leashed Dog Pack to join, he tells Lucky that he will be the new Omega, and Lucky thinks of Mulch, who had been blamed for being eaten out of turn, and was framed by Lucky and Whine, to get him demoted. He recalls how Alpha had attacked Mulch, and how Sweet bit his wounds, and how everything went wrong. He is still sad to this day.

Storm of Dogs

After the Storm of Dogs, Mulch is seen running through a forest of lush trees with other deceased dogs. These dogs watch him, running through the forest like it is a test. These dogs are guessed to be the Star Pack.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Moon is framed for stealing prey even though she didn't do it, Lucky confesses to Storm that he once framed a dog for something they didn't do, and explains that Mulch, a dog of the old Pack, had always hated him, and Lucky didn't like him back either. Lucky explains that Whine wanted a promotion, and forced him to frame Mulch so that Mulch would be demoted. Lucky confesses that he probably would have done it even if it had been another dog, but that Mulch being his enemy made it a little less difficult. He summarizes that he stole prey and made sure that Mulch was blamed for it, and he lied to Alpha. He confirms he was guilty, and shouldn't have done it. He said he regretted his choice.
Storm is surprised that Lucky lied to Alpha, but Lucky replies that he had to protect the Leashed Dogs and didn't want to be killed for being a spy, and had to punish Mulch severely instead. He goes on that Mulch was innocent. He says Mulch had no idea he did it, and he is sad. He wants to apologize; he says he was a bad dog at the time.


"I'm with Snap. Everything she says is true. You're my Alpha, Moon. I follow you, and no other dog, not as long as you want me in your Pack. We're better off without this false dog."
—Mulch to Moon Moon's Choice, page chapter 8

"Tell us, Moon. You can ask us anything and we'll follow you. You're our Alpha."
—Mulch to Moon Moon's Choice, page chapter 9
"Throw him out, Alpha! He smells wrong. He stinks of longpaws and stone and metal. Chase him away!"
—Mulch to Alpha about Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 100

"We have rules here. We're not greedy scavengers."
—Mulch to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 124

"Thank you. Though I don't know why you'd help an Omega dog. Especially when I didn't exactly welcome you to the Pack."
—Mulch to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 221

"You never met Mulch, but he was a dog of the old Pack, and he always hated me. I didn't like him, either. Whine- that nasty little Omega before Sunshine- wanted a promotion, and he wasn't capable of earning it himself. He knew something about me, something terrible, and he forced me to frame Mulch so that Mulch would be demoted. If it had been any other dog... Oh, I confess I'd probably have done it anyway. The fact that it was my enemy made it a little less difficult, that was all. But yes, I stole prey and made sure that Mulch was blamed for it. It was deliberate and cruel, and I lied to my Alpha."
—Lucky to Storm about Mulch A Pack Divided, page chapter 11

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