A Name isn't everything, Dog. You of all wolves should know that.
— Noble to Dog in Alpha's Tale, page 21
Wolf Pack[1]
Gray Wolf[2]
Names Member: Noble[1]

Pup: Unknown

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Noble is a female wolf with shaggy[3] brown-and-gray fur.[1]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Noble goes on a hunting patrol with Dog, Daring, and Brave to hunt deer, and Dog thinks that she has lots of experience and skill. He flicks an ear at Noble and glances at the buck, and she nods. However, Daring and Brave attack the buck before Dog gives the signal, and he orders her to go after the does, in hopes that she might get a calf. Noble nods and springs after the deer. Noble returns, preyless, to where the buck is struggling, and she quickly helps to finish him off.
Dog and Daring argue, but when the half-wolf challenges Daring, Noble says that he is already the superior of Daring, has nothing to gain, and everything to lose. After the two young wolves leave, Dog stared at Noble, and Noble looks at the ground. When he is going to take the buck back to camp, Noble offers help but Dog responds that she should leave it, stating that he's the dog, and therefore should carry the prey. Noble protests, but Dog interrupts that she isn't noble, unlike what her name suggests, because she heard the argument but kept quiet. Noble takes a pace back and lowers her head, and sadly meets his gaze and tells him that a name isn't everything. She runs and slowly heads back toward camp.
Back at camp, Graceful tells Dog that Noble spoke to her and told her what happened. She tells her son that he must tell Alpha.


"Off to his left, Noble stalked through the scrub. She'd played with his Mother-Wolf as a pup, and she had plenty of experience and skill."
—Narrator on Noble Alpha's Tale, page 18

Noble: "Dog, you're already Daring's superior. you've nothing to gain, and everything to lose."
Dog: "This isn't about gaining or losing. This is about honor. She's not going to get away with that talk. She'll accept my challenge, or I'll make sure she's branded a coward."
—Noble and Alpha Alpha's Tale, page 20

Noble: "I'll help."
Dog: "Leave it! I'm the dog. I'll carry the prey."
Noble: "You know that isn't-"
Dog: "Noble? They called you Noble? That's a joke. You heard what I said, and what they said, and you kept your jaws shut. Noble, hah!"
Noble: "A Name isn't everything, Dog. You of all wolves should know that."
—Noble and Dog Alpha's Tale, page 21

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