"You probably saved my life, that's true. But we have to keep on surviving alone, like we always have. Understand? It's every dog for himself."
— Old Hunter to Lucky in The Empty City, page 71

Old Hunter
Lone Dog[1]
Leashed Dog[2]
Terrier/Mastiff/Bulldog mix[3]
Names Lone Dog: Old Hunter[1]
Leashed Dog: Unknown[2]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Lone Dog[1]
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake
Dead N/A

Old Hunter is a big, stocky male[4] bull mastiff[5] with a blunt muzzle,[6] powerful legs,[7] and missing fur hidden around his neck.[8]


Old Hunter was once a Leashed Dog, when he was a pup. One day, his owners abandoned him and he decided to live on his own. It took him several days to get his collar off, since he knew it would kill him eventually.
Old Hunter meets Lucky several years later and the two become friends.

The Original Series

The Empty City

Lucky recognizes his old companion, which Old Hunter doesn't, and he lunges for Lucky's throat. He then realizes who it is, and releases him. He has some meat, but he is protective over it. The two former companions speak to one another. Lucky saves Old Hunter from a power-snake.
Old Hunter tells Lucky about his life as a Leashed Dog when he was a pup. He has a mark from his collar, which it took two days to take it off. His longpaws abandoned him when they moved, leaving Old Hunter to fend for himself.
Lucky asks Old Hunter if he can have some meat, which he won't give any, saying many dogs had came around and it was hard to protect it. Lucky is upset about this, and tells him how they couldn't let the Big Growl change them, and adds that he had saved his life from the power-snake. Old Hunter concedes that it was true, and though he saved him, it was every dog for himself.
As the two continue to talk, Old Hunter finally admits that they shouldn't let the Big Growl change them, and gives Lucky some meat before wishing his friend good luck.

A Hidden Enemy

Lucky remembers that Old Hunter had seen many storms, and lone trees were always attacked by Lightning.
Old Hunter is remembered by Lucky again when he tells the Leashed Dogs about the way to help a dog who swallows poisonous water, but he does not appear.

Darkness Falls

Old Hunter is thought of by Lucky when he remembers his warning about the coyotes.

The Broken Path

Old Hunter does not formally appear in The Broken Path, but is listed in the Pack List.

The Endless Lake

Old Hunter does not formally appear in The Endless Lake, but is listed in the Pack List.


  • On the Survivors website, Old Hunter is mistakenly called a "Long Dog" instead of a "Lone Dog" on his page.[9]
  • Old Hunter is probably a mixed breed.[10]


"Times change, Lucky."
—Old Hunter to Lucky The Empty City, page 64

"We don't have to. We're both survivors. We always have been! You and I, we're tough. You're tougher than any dog I know."
—Lucky to Old Hunter The Empty City, page 65

"Lucky's best hunting tips had always come from Old Hunter."
—Lucky on Old Hunter The Empty City, page 68

"You have to be wily. Play friendly for a rabbit: make it think you're not a threat. Be calm and uninterested, no matter how hungry you are. And then, when it's in paw-range, pounce fast!"
—Old Hunter telling Lucky how to catch rabbits The Empty City, page 68

"Go on, take it. I won't miss it."
—Old Hunter giving Lucky a piece of meat The Empty City, page 72

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