"I care about food and my friends and my Pack. I gave you a Name, didn't I? You should be grateful someone spoke up. Don't take yourself so seriously."
— Quick to Dog in Alpha's Tale, page 16
Wolf Pack[1]
Wolf Pack[1]
Gray Wolf[2]
Names Member: Quick[1]
Family Mother: Graceful
Father: Unnamed Wolf
Siblings: Unknown Wolves
Half-brother: Alpha
Half-siblings: Unnamed half-wolf pups
Rank Positions
Rank Member[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Quick is a male wolf[1] with shaggy[3] gray fur, yellow eyes,[1] and a bushy tail.[4]



Quick's father was killed in a battle with the Far-Cliff Pack. He is the only half-sibling of Pup who still came to visit him and his mother after she took a dog as a mate.

In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

When Pup greets Quick, he reassures Pup that with his Name, he can start sending enemies up to the Great Wolf's caverns. When Graceful warns him sternly on the true meaning of a Name, Quick replies that there is no fun if he behaved himself.
He licks his mother's ear, commenting that he has a deer leg in his sights and he wants to get going. At the Great Howl, Pup tries to match his pitch with Quick's.
Later on, when Pup is receiving his Naming Ceremony, Quick offers the name "Dog" which ultimately becomes Pup's name in the Wolf Pack. He's praised for his quick thinking on the perfect name by the other wolves, much to Dog's protests.
When Dog confronts Quick about his name, Quick defends himself by saying that he is supposed to say the first name that comes to mind. He points out that he isn't even Dog's true brother, since he is a half-dog. Graceful seems hurt by his words, giving Quick a side-long glance. The young wolf is unaffected and walks off to join the other young wolves.
On the day of Dog's capture, Quick is leading the patrol of wolves to steal a couple of the Rancher's sheep. He assures the wolves that the only dog there to protect the sheep is an old one. He digs a hole under the fence, allowing the patrol to sneak in. He warns them to move fast to get the easy pickings because of the Rancher and his loudstick, which can shoot from a distance.
Quick slows his pace and flares his nostrils as he approaches the sheep. Dog interrupts him, warning him that he smells something very wolf-like and asks him if he can scent it too. He growls and urges him to be silent. Quick gives the signal to attack the sheep, disregarding Dog's warnings.
As the sheep scatter, Quick barks that this will be easy. Suddenly Fierce Dogs come to attack the wolves. Quick was wrong about the old dog protecting the sheep. The young wolf shouts for the others to retreat. As the other wolves flee through the fence, Quick is trapped by the Fierce Dogs. Dog barrels into the Longpaw Fangs, preventing Quick from being mauled to death and allowing him time to escape. As a result, Quick is able to flee with the others although Dog is captured for his sacrifice.
Later on, Quick is expected by Dog to come and rescue him. However, Quick lets Dog down because he never comes to rescue Dog.


  • According to Gillian, Quick might have some full siblings in the pack still. However, most of the older males definitely have left.[5]
  • Gillian has said Quick often does think about Alpha. She hopes he feels remorse for letting the Pack treat Alpha, or "Dog" the way they had.[6]




Graceful:[7] Deceased As of Alpha's Tale[8]


Unnamed Sire-Wolf:[9] Deceased


Unspecified siblings:[9] Unknown


Alpha:[10] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[11]


Unspecified half-wolf pups:[12] Deceased


Unnamed half-wolf pups
Unnamed wolf pups

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Quick was different, though. He still came to visit Graceful and he didn't wear a permanent sneer around her lone half-blood offspring. What was more, thought Pup, he was fun to be around. Quick was named as much for his wit as for his speed in the chase. His remarks could be a bit too smart, but at least he wasn't mean or scornful."
—Pup's thoughts on Quick Alpha's Tale, page 12

Graceful: "He won't be sending off any wolf. That's not the point of a Name, Quick. Behave yourself."
Quick: "If I behaved myself, Mother-Wolf, I'd never have any fun."
—Quick and Graceful Alpha's Tale, page 12

"That was Quick: always thinking about his belly. But his half-brother was as patient as any of the Pack when the wolves gathered later that evening to share their prey."
—Pup's thoughts on Quick Alpha's Tale, page 13

Quick: "DOG."
Unnamed Wolf: "'Dog!'"
Unnamed Wolf: "Quick, you devil wolf, that's perfect!"
Unnamed Wolf: "Yes! His name is Dog!"
Unnamed Wolf: "Quick has spoken!"
Unnamed Wolf: "Dog! Dog! Dog!"
—Quick naming Dog Alpha's Tale, page 10

Dog: "How could you? How could you betray me?"
Quick: "Betray you? What? Look, calm down, Pu-Dog. I said the first thing that came into my head. That's what you're supposed to do."
Dog: "You called me Dog! I have to carry that Name till I go to the Great Wolf!"
Quick: "Sky-Pack help us, it's just a Name! Somebody had to say something. Anyway, it's true. I'm not your brother; can't be. You're not a real wolf. Your father wasn't a wolf at all."
Dog: "Does nothing matter to you? Does no wolf matter?"
Quick: "I care about food and my grands and my Pack. I gave you a Name, didn't I? You should be grateful somebody spoke up. Don't take yourself so seriously."
—Quick and Dog arguing Alpha's Tale, page 17

"I'm more a grown wolf than Quick. I feel a hundred moons older than him. I'm right: Quick cares about nothing and no other wolf."
—Pup's thoughts on Quick Alpha's Tale, page 17

Dog: "Quick will come."
Calamity: "Quick, whoever he is, has turned tail and fled. He's left you here with the Rancher and us."
Alpha's Tale, page 40

"Quick was never going to come for me. He truly doesn't care and he never has."
—Pup's thoughts on Quick Alpha's Tale, page 40

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