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The Empty City, The Broken Path

Sharpclaw is the dog term for a cat.[1] Dogs view cats as mildly troublesome for their sharp claws and hisses.[2]


The only sharpclaws encountered in the Survivors universe so far have been described to have stripes,[3] black fur,[4] and pointed ears.[3] However, all of the cats share their characteristic sharp teeth,[3] needle-claws,[3] and low threatening growl.[3]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

While Lucky is on his own, he encounters a hissing sharpclaw. The two animals face off. The sharpclaw makes a nimble jump on a loudcage, causing the alarm on it to go off, or "growl to life." Lucky and the sharpclaw flee from the loud shattering noise.
Lucky comes across another sharpclaw on the way. He jumps on the sharpclaw to scare it off without conflict.

Darkness Falls

When the Wild Pack are forced to leave their camp due to the black cloud, Bella and Sweet stay near the back to look out for hazards like foxes or sharpclaws. As they walk, Dart frets about how her Mother-Dog used to tell her stories about giantfurs with claws as pointed as a sharpclaw's.
After Mickey and Lucky have saved the Fierce Dog pups and see some coyotes, Lucky remembers that Old Hunter had told him that coyotes are sneaky and are known to eat sharpclaws.
Later, when Lucky goes to do his Omega tasks after returning to the Pack, he gets mad at Bruno for acting like a sharpclaw and sneaking up and attacking.

The Broken Path

A sharpclaw makes a brief appearance in the loudcage, imprisoned and captured like several other animals. Lucky and the others free the sharpclaw.

The Endless Lake

Although no sharpclaws appear in The Endless Lake, they are mentioned several times.
When Lucky recalls how Fiery had been trapped in a loudcage, he remembers that there were other sick animals, including even a ginger sharpclaw.
When the Wild Pack sees a River Rabbit, Lucky thinks that it's round face and short muzzle look more like a sharpclaw's than a rabbit's.
Later, when the group returns to the Wild-Pack and say that Fiery has joined the Earth-Dog, they explain that they found him caged by the cruel longpaws, who captured other creatures too, including a sharpclaw.
After Lucky wakes up from his dream of the Fierce Dogs, it is noted that his head screams as if a couple of sharpclaws are fighting in there. When Sweet nuzzles Lucky's neck, he thinks that the fighting sharpclaws in his mind grow still.
When Lucky sees the Fierce Dogs torturing a rabbit before killing it, he thinks that it is barbaric, and something a sharpclaw would do.

Storm of Dogs

Although no sharpclaws appear in Storm of Dogs, they are mentioned several times.
When Lucky first sees Arrow, he notes that the Fierce Dog has ears that are pointed like a sharpclaw's.
When the Wild Pack discusses on whether they should fight for Storm or drive her out of the Pack, Daisy says that they can't just give her up, as that isn't true to their dog-spirits because they aren't foxes or sharpclaws. After the decision is made that Storm will remain in the Pack, Whine decides to leave the Pack, and Lucky thinks that he is a fool, and even with all his venom could never beat a sharpclaw kit in a fight.
When Lucky goes to the Fierce Dog lair to send the message of Storm's challenge, white water-birds swoop over the endless lake, and they are noted to screech like angry sharpclaws.


  • While a sharpclaw means a cat in dog terms in the Survivors series, in the Warriors series, another series by Erin Hunter, there is a character named Sharpclaw[5] and a rank of cats called sharpclaws also.[6]

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