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"Now we're even."
— Snap to Lucky in Darkness Falls, page 278
Wild Pack[1]
Moon's Pack[2]
Beagle/Terrier mix[3]
Names Hunter: Snap[4]
Family Mate: Mickey
Rank Positions
Rank Lead Hunter[5]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Snap is a small,[1] stout[6] tan-and-white female[1] Beagle/Terrier[7] mongrel[8] with sharp white fangs,[9] wiry fur,[10] a short,[11] wiry,[12] stumpy tail,[10] a wiry muzzle,[13] narrow snout[14] and bright eyes.[15]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Snap was one of the survivors in Moon's Pack when the invisible enemy attacked, wiping out most of the Pack. She later joins the half-wolf's pack.

Sweet's Journey

When Sweet practices battle training with Fiery and Snap, watched over by Beta, she notes that it is hard to practice fighting techniques with a large dog like Fiery and a nimble and lithe hunter like Snap. When Sweet is first unsuccessful at a move with Fiery, she later gets it right, and when Fiery tells her that she could do it, Snap happily agrees that she obviously could. However, Beta intimidates Sweet, leaving Snap and Fiery to look away, unwilling to interfere between Sweet and their Beta. Alpha comes and asks to see the move, and when he praises Sweet, Beta leaves. Fiery presses against Sweet, and Snap sidles closer to her, giving her Packmate's ear a reassuring lick. Fiery assures that Alpha likes her, and Snap agrees that Beta should watch her hindquarters. Sweet takes a step back and meets Snap's eyes, asking what she means. Snap tilts her head and cocks an ear, explaining that every dog knows that Alpha and Beta haven't been agreeing recently. She wonders if Sweet is what is needed in the Pack, but Fiery interrupts Snap and growls at her to not gossip about her leaders. Snap gives a dismissive hunch of her shoulders, but Sweet turns toward the tan-and-white dog with horror. The Swift Dog says that she doesn't want to cause problems in the Pack, but Snap, despite Fiery's warning glower, mutters that she isn't sure Beta would give her much of a choice.
Later in camp, after a hunting patrol where Sweet helps catch a deer, Fiery retells the story to the Pack, and he tells Snap that he never would have thought of it. Spring and Dart demand Sweet to explain to them how she became so fast, and Snap cocks an ear. The tan-and-white dog tells Sweet to go on, and says that she wants to hear it too.
During Moon's pup-time, when Sweet leaves her watch duty to tell Fiery, they return to camp to find Snap standing with her back to the camp and her muzzle peeled back as she faces down a pair of hungry coyotes. Fiery scares the coyotes away, then Snap rounds on Sweet and demands where she was. Sweet answers that she had to fetch Fiery, and Beta said she would patrol for her. The Swift-Dog justifies that Beta must have been called away, but through clenched jaws Snap grunts to Sweet to not worry. The small dog is getting her own breath back after the panic, and admits that there was no harm done, though it was good that she saw the coyotes herself, since everyone was distracted by Moon's pup-time. Sweet asks how Moon is, and Snap, glancing grimly toward the soon-to-be mother's den, states that she doesn't know. The tan-and-white dog says that there is obviously a problem, since she was in pain, but then she cuts herself off, and there is a sudden quiet. Snap and Sweet stare at each other, and Sweet knows that the hunt-dog is as afraid as she is.
The silence is broken by Fiery's howl of joy, joined by Moon's voice, and Snap pricks her ears. She exclaims that the pups are born and bounds toward the den with Sweet. As they reach it, Fiery is just emerging, and announces that there are three pups. Alpha pads toward the den, saying congratulations, then he turns to Sweet and Snap and tells them and Beta to come with him. The three dogs follow the half-wolf, and a rabbit-chase away from the other dogs, Alpha sits and asks how coyote got into the camp. Beta lies that they got in from the direction Sweet was supposed to be guarding, and Sweet argues back, but eventually Alpha glares at Snap and Beta to leave. Snap shoots Sweet a sympathetic look, and Sweet swallows as their paw steps fade into the trees.
Later, when Sweet defeats Beta in a challenge after being accused of stealing Pack food, the red-furred dog confesses that she lied, and Snap growls that Beta is sneaky, and that she had always said one couldn't trust her, causing Fiery to give the small dog a sidelong frown of disapproval.
Afterwards, once Sweet has become Beta, she and Moon talk about the pups, but their conversation is interrupted when Snap bounds into the clearing, barking sharply and urgently. She exclaims that there are dogs approaching, and a strange Pack is in their territory. Alpha orders the Pack to prepare for battle, and Snap, Spring, Dart, Twitch, and Fiery instantly bound to his side, tails high and ears pricked keenly forward.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Snap is a hunter of the Wild Pack.
Snap is first mentioned when the Wild Pack attacks the Leashed Dog Pack. When another growl strikes again, she and the other dogs retreat in the forest.
Lucky shows up to join the Wild Pack, she is somewhat nervous of his presence. Once Alpha tells the Pack that Lucky is a new member in their pack, Snap starts treating Lucky with more respect.
Later on, Snap is challenged by Lucky to a fight in order to rise to the next level and become a hunter. At first, Snap seems to be winning against Lucky; but Lucky eventually beats her using his City-Dog tactics. Although Snap lost the fight, Alpha doesn't demote her from being a hunter to a patrol dog. Instead of doing this, he demotes Mulch, much to his dislike. Afterward, Snap isn't hostile to Lucky; she politely questions him to teach her some of his City-Dog tactics, when he agrees, asking her to teach her how she is so swift. Snap agrees with Lucky.
Later, Snap is followed by Lucky as she walks with Spring to the Hunter's Den. Snap kindly tells Lucky how they could use some of his quick moves for hunting. Snap sleeps with Fiery and Spring.
The next morning, Snap is sleeping against Lucky's back as he wakes up. Then Snap, Fiery, Lucky, and Spring leave to hunt. Fiery tells the dogs to stop as he begins to stalk, Snap and Spring watching over him patiently and trusting. Fiery says that Twitch saw a few deer so they should be ready as Lucky and Spring follow him. Snap slinks quietly off to the side, and soon she disappears into the undergrowth. Spring helps Lucky and Fiery by springing at a deer. Once they take down the deer, Fiery congrats Lucky, then Snap and Spring. Snap said that Alpha would be happy with it, but Fiery said that they could do even better and that they will prove how good they can be.

Darkness Falls

Snap is grinning when the Wild Pack and Leashed Dogs are calming down and relaxing.
Mickey asks why hunters like Bella and Daisy have to wait to hunt, Snap calmly and happily says that they must have order and rules to help the Pack.
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The Broken Path

Coming Soon

The Endless Lake

Coming Soon

Storm of Dogs

Snap is first seen when Storm shows the Wild Pack fighting techniques, and she and Mickey do their best to mimic the Fierce Dog's move, outstretching their paws.
Later, when Sweet explains to the Pack of how her patrol saw longpaws in the city, Dart asks if the longpaws know where they are, and Snap stiffens, the fur on her wiry muzzle bristling. After the Alpha finishes telling her Pack about what happened, she announces that the next day, there will be Lucky's Beta ceremony, and Snap's tail wags as she turns to the former Leashed Dogs, who are confused. The small dog explains that every dog except the Beta needs to find something they can offer to the Spirit Dogs. That night, Sweet wakes Lucky and tells him to follow her, and as they edge out of camp, Mickey and Snap are seen curled up beneath a low bush, a short distance away from Bruno.
The next day, as Lucky is about to have his Beta Ceremony, Snap is mentioned to be one of the reassuring faces he looks at, before gazing at the rest of his Pack. When Sweet announces Lucky as her Beta, Snap is the first to step forward, and she places her gift, the bones of a small creature that had recently been caught and killed, in front of Lucky. Small lumps of red gristle still cling to the curving ribs, and after Lucky sniffs the offer, he looks up at Snap. As their eyes meet, she solemn says that she brought him the gift so that he will lead successful hunts and make sure that the Pack never goes hungry. Snap reaches forward to touch the new Beta's nose, then steps back to rejoin the ring of dogs.
Later, after Lucky is held hostage by the Fierce Dogs and rescued by a patrol, when he comes back to the Wild Pack camp, Sweet barks at Bruno and Snap to go and get him something to eat. The two hunt-dogs dip their heads and bound toward the trees.
The next morning, when the air hums with a faint vibration and the soil smells sour, the Pack is heard barking, and Snap yaps that they can all feel it. She asks if they should get out. After the Pack calms down and it is decided that a patrol will be taken to attempt to warn the longpaws, Lucky is surprised when Snap runs up to the Leashed Dogs who prepare to leave for the Endless Lake. She yips that she will come, and when Bella objects that she was always a Wild Dog, Snap says that she wants to be useful, and flicks her ear dismissively. Mickey thanks her and tenderly licks the small dog's ear. She looks up at him with a softness in her eyes, and Lucky realizes that Mickey and Snap are mates, surprised that he had missed it.
While in the city, when the dogs notice that the lake's rhythm is broken, Snap whines that she doesn't like it, but Mickey pads to her side and rests his muzzle against her cheek, comforting her that they won't stay long. The patrol gets closer to a group of longpaws who drags sticks with bushy heads along the streets, and Snap guesses that they don't get it. She tells the others to look at them, and notes that they haven't sensed a thing, but Bella explains that the longpaws aren't like them, and don't have the Spirit Dogs to help them. Snap asks what they will do and how they are supposed to warn them. Sunshine says that her longpaws always knew something was wrong when she ran around in circles and yapped, and suggests trying that. After ideas from Martha and Bella as well, Lucky tells the patrol to do whatever they can to let the longpaws know they are in danger, and Snap and Daisy imitate Sunshine who skips in erratic loops and yips, by prancing and spinning. However, as the Endless Lake begins to pull away from its bank, Lucky orders the dogs to get back to camp. Mickey still growls at the longpaws in hopes of scaring them away and Snap hurries to her mate's side with a snarl in her throat. One of the longpaws wrenches free a long piece of wood and waves it in the air, and Snap hesitates, fore paw raised.
Eventually the longpaws notice what is happening, but one of them falls the pit, and when Mickey wants to save him, Snap agrees with Lucky, who had protested. She points out that the longpaw struck him, and isn't his friend, but Mickey argues that he was scared. After Mickey pleads more, Lucky agrees to try to save the longpaw, but when the ground jerks from the Growl, the dogs start panicking, and Bella and Snap scramble against each other, trying to run in the confusion. When the longpaw is eventually rescued and climbs up the strip of fur dangling from one of the giant birds, he beckons to Mickey to come with him, causing Snap to whine with her tail between her legs. However, Mickey decides to stay with the group.
The patrol heads back to the Lake Road, and Lucky leads the way up the incline, with Bella, Snap, and Mickey right behind him. After the Growl has finished, the patrol still can't find their Pack after a while of searching, and soon after Sunshine starts to whimper, Mickey, Snap, and Bella whine and yelp. However, Daisy yaps at the frantic dogs to listen, and they fall silent. The dogs hear barking and follow the sound to where their Pack is trapped under a fallen tree, and Mickey kicks away the sodden earth at the side of a tree. Snap hurries to help him, and digs easily with her short, powerful legs. Daisy helps the two by pushing back the dirt, while Sunshine yips encouragement and shouts that they are almost there.
When Lucky and Sweet explain to the dreams that the Beta has been having to the Pack, and Sweet mentions that he has seen a snowstorm and a battle between Packs of dogs, Snap murmurs that it is the Storm of Dogs. Here ears flick back and she asks Lucky if he is still dreaming about that. Dart whimpers if it is like the horrible stories her Mother-Dog told her, and Snap crinkles her nose in concentration, and she murmurs that she remembers something. Snap asks if it wasn't a fight between to the death between dogs, where only one Pack was left standing, and Moon confirms that it was.
Later, when Whine tries to use the Four Paws technique to hand Storm over to Blade, Sweet eventually tells him to stop, and Snap is seen leaning against Mickey's flank. She asks what they will do, and says that they know Blade will come for Storm, and it won't take her long. Snap goes on that the Fierce Dog Alpha will take the recent Growl as a sign of the Earth-Dog's anger. However, as the dogs discuss how the beat Blade, Whine leaves the Pack.
That evening, Bella mentions that it might be easier to defeat Blade if they had more dogs, but Snap cocks her head curiously, and points out that dogs don't grow on trees. She goes on that she can't think of the last time they saw any dogs who weren't in their Pack and weren't Fierce Dogs, but Bella points out that they might be able to convince Twitch's Pack to join them. Sweet agrees that the whole Pack can travel to Twitch's camp and on the journey, when Bruno almost looses his footing by a river, Snap barks at him to be careful.
After resting for a night, the next morning Sweet barks to Snap to lead a hunting party, and tells her to take Mickey and Bella. The Alpha notes that she knows it is tough in the Ice Wind, but that she can smell prey, and she suggests that Snap tries to find something quickly. Sweet goes on that they will move on after eating, and adds that they should watch out for hazards since the Growl, and Snap obeys, her body erect. She trots down to the riverbank with her tail held high, Mickey and Bella following, and they soon disappear from view. When the hunters return, Snap and Mickey have rabbits, and Bella has caught a pigeon. The dogs gather around them to eat.
After the Pack sets off again and nears Twitch's camp, they split into several groups to find the Pack, and Snap, along with Daisy and Storm, is in Lucky's group. They watch as the other dogs peel off on ether side of the tree line, then Lucky leads the way through the trees, and the group advances slowly as the trees press closer together. The dogs find a gray-furred dog cowering beneath a roaring giantfur, and Lucky barks at the large creature. Snap takes her cue from the Beta and charges toward the giantfur with a volley of barks. Daisy protests that they shouldn't do it like that, and Snap and Storm turn to look at her. Daisy explains how they need to appease the giantfur, and Lucky stoops to the ground and drops his gaze, with Snap and Storm copying his movements. Daisy encourages them to continue, and asks Lucky and Snap to quickly dig the trapped dog out. Lucky and Snap fall back and furiously dig to free the dog, who gives a whine of gratitude. Daisy then tells them to slowly back away, and soon after the dog is freed, the giantfur retreats into her den. Snap starts to clean her wiry coat, and remembers that giantfurs sleep through the Ice Wind and hates the cold. The small dog predicts that the Growl woke her, and the tree fell in front of her den, then tells the gray dog that it meant he was in the way too. The dog introduces himself as Whisper, a member of Twitch's Pack, and when he asks if Snap knows their Alpha, she replies that he used to be in their Pack, and introduces her Beta, Lucky, as well as Daisy and Storm. After the dogs talk a little bit more, they hear Sweet's howl rise over the forest, calling for Twitch, and a second later a bark is heard in reply. Snap, tail lashing, yaps to Whisper that it sounds like she found his Pack.
Later, when the two Packs have united and they wait to ambush the Fierce Dogs behind a rocky outcrop, Snap and Moon are seen clambering over the hardstone, looking for the best place to launch an attack, and discussing strategy with Twitch's dogs.
After both Packs return to the Wild Pack camp, when Lucky comes back to camp from delivering a message to Blade, Mickey and Snap are seen pressed next to Splash. A Fierce Dog named Arrow comes to their camp, and when Bruno says that one can never trust a Fierce Dog, Arrow counters that Storm is in their Pack. Snap insists that Storm is different, since they have known her since she was a pup, and she starts to say what he is, her muzzle crinkled with distaste.
Soon before the Storm of Dogs, when the Fierce Dogs are coming, Lucky tells the Packs what they must do, then urges the stronger fighters to front the Pack, and Mickey, Snap, and Bruno come forward.
During the battle, Lucky sees a flash of gray fur right before hearing Snap yowl in pain, and sees that the half wolf had taken his former Packmate by surprise, sinking his long jaws into her back leg. Snap fights wildly, scratching the former Alpha's face, but she can't shake herself free. The small dog gasps that they were in the same Pack, and that she followed his orders and was loyal to him, but the dog-wolf snarls that loyalty means nothing, and bites harder. Mickey bounds forward and surprises the Alpha with a thrust from his forepaws, causing the Fierce Dog Pack's omega to release his grip on Snap's leg. Later in the battle, Snap and Mickey are seen fighting back-to-back, protecting each other, but surrounded.
After the Storm of Dogs, when the Wild Pack are together after their win, Mickey exclaims that he can smell prey and he and Bruno start to dig. Snap leaps at the widening hole, wiggling her small body through the gap, and a moment later, her head appears and she gasps that there are rabbits. She digs furiously, her agile body burrowing deep into the soil, and howls in triumph as three plump rabbits burst out of the hole between the trees.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

Snap follows Lucky and Storm on their hunt to catch the supposed Golden Deer. She and the others fail to catch it. When Snap returns with Lucky and Storm, they see the Pack in panic and Whisper dead.
More Coming Soon

Dead of Night

Coming Soon

Into the Shadows

Coming Soon

Red Moon Rising

Coming Soon

The Exile's Journey

Coming Soon

The Final Battle

Snap is first seen when Storm watches the Wild Pack territory, waiting to confront Breeze. After her confrontation, Breeze howls for the hunting patrol, when Lucky, Mickey, and Snap come running. Snap and Mickey pin Storm, when accused for hurting Breeze, by Breeze herself.
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  • Gillian Philip believes there is some terrier in her.[16]
  • Snap is revealed to admire Lucky.[17]
  • Gillian particularly likes the shipping of Snap and Mickey.[18]
  • She has been mistakenly said to have dark eyes.[19]



Mate: Mickey:[20] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"I too value loyalty in a leader. And if my Alpha is true to me, I will give that loyalty back till the day I go to the Earth-Dog. I will not follow Hunter, and I won't submit to him. He's proven himself a coward and a betrayer. You are my Alpha, Moon."
—Snap to Hunter and Moon when he wants to come back to Moon's Pack Moon's Choice, page chapter 8

Fiery: "Don't worry, Sweet. Alpha likes you, that's obvious. And that counts for a lot."
Snap: "Yes. And Beta had better watch her hindquarters."
Sweet: "What do you mean?"
Snap: "Huh. Every dog knows Alpha and Beta haven't been seeing eye to eye recently. Maybe you're just what's needed in this Pack to-"
Fiery: "That's enough, Snap. Don't gossip about your leaders. There's nothing honorable about that."
—Fiery and Sweet about Beta Sweet's Journey, page chapter 5

Snap: "Where were you?"
Sweet: "I-I had to fetch Fiery! I thought Beta was patrolling this area! She said-she told me she'd cover for me. Something must have happened. She must have been called away, Snap. I-"
Snap: "Oh, don't worry. No harm done, in the end. Just as well I was here, though. With Alpha away on patrol, and everyone distracted by Moon's pup-time."
—Snap and Moon about coyotes entering the camp Sweet's Journey, page chapter 7

"Beta's sneaky that way. I always said you couldn't trust her."
—Snap after Beta admits she lied Sweet's Journey, page chapter 9

"You won't rise too far. But every dog is free to try."
—Snap to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 168

"Do you give up, City Dog? You might be big, but you're very naive."
—Snap to Lucky during a challenge A Hidden Enemy, page 171

"Because we must have order. It's not about whether you like it - a Pack can't work without order. That's how it's always been."
—Snap to Mickey Darkness Falls, page 16

Snap: "One more bite and you're a dead dog!"
Lucky: "Don't speak so soon. You're half my size!"
Snap: "And twice your speed!"
—Snap and Lucky during a challenge Darkness Falls, page 276

"Sweet the swift-dog and Bella the hunter both challenge for leadership of the Pack. The decision is in the paws of the Spirit Dogs now. Choose wisely, guardians of the earth and air. May our true leader win!"
—Snap announcing the challenge between Sweet and Bella The Endless Lake (book), page 257

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