"I didn't know Spring very well. But she was always a good, loyal dog who put the Pack first. She never shirked her responsibilities and was quick to help and defend others. She was brave until the end."
Lucky to Twitch on Spring in Storm of Dogs, chapter 16
Forests Beyond[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Spaniel/Beagle mix[3]
Names Hunter: Spring[2]

Patrol Dog: Spring[4]

Family Brother: Twitch
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[1]
Deceased (Drowned in The Endless Lake)[5]
Book Appearances
Living A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake
Dead Storm of Dogs

Spring is a tan female hunt-dog with black patches,[4] white fur,[6] and floppy,[7] long black and brown ears.[8]


In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Spring is first seen when Moon's Pack see the Wild Pack on the edge of her territory. She and Twitch are much smaller than the other dogs, and Moon guesses that they are littermates.
When coyotes attack Moon's Pack, Fiery comes to their camp, Twitch and Spring behind him, and the three howl furiously, teeth bared as they attack the coyotes. With their help, the coyotes flee, and Twitch and Spring bark as they follow them.
At the end of the book, after the two Packs have merged and reached their new territory, Moon notes to Fiery that Spring looks uneasy, but Fiery reassures her that she was complaining about some bad feeling in her fur, where her bones were buzzing. Moon tells Fiery of how she is expecting his pups and both are very happy, and Moon thinks that some mysterious pricking in Spring's hide and bones won't change that.

Sweet's Journey

When Sweet comes back from a hunting patrol with a deer, Dart and Twitch are excited, and when Twitch yelps that they will have deer every day, Spring teases that he will get even fatter. However, Alpha glares at the younger dogs and growls that he had said it was a fine catch, but that they mustn't get too comfortable, as there won't always be stray deer. Spring asks Sweet how she grew to be so fast. Sweet says that she will tell them, and Spring and Dart sit expectantly on their haunches while more of the Pack members gather around. Sweet tells the dogs the story of the Wind-Dogs and the Fastest Hare, and when she is done, Spring is amazed, and says that she hasn't heard that story before.
When Moon's pups are going to be born, Sweet barks that someone must get Fiery, but Spring nervously growls that he is out on patrol. She tells Moon to hold on, and comforts her that it will be over soon.
After Sweet beats Beta in a challenge, and it is revealed that Beta lied about the rabbit, Twitch whines that he never believed Sweet would lie, and Spring agrees that she wouldn't after carrying the rabbit all the way to camp.
After Sweet is Beta, she is seen bounding ahead to where Spring and Dart tug at a deer's leg, straining to drag it back to camp. They grip with their teeth and both look at her, cocking their ears, waiting for her order. Sweet tells them to pull to the left, and she seizes the deer's neck in her own jaws and tugs on it, showing the way. Spring and Dart squat back on their haunches, using the leverage to drag the deer's body farther. Dart thanks Sweet for teaching them the tips to catch the deer, and Spring proudly says that even Twitch contributed. She explains that the leg holds him back, but he followed Sweet's advice and stayed out to the flank, and the deer would have gotten away if he hadn't been in that position. Dart hopes for more fighting tricks, and begins that Alpha doesn't really do much, but Spring growls her name in warning. Sweet shoots her a dry look, since Spring was one of the dogs who would have had her ears nipped by Fiery for bad-mouthing the old Beta, but at the moment, she is right that Dart shouldn't be showing disrespect to their Alpha. Once the dogs have dragged the deer almost to the edge of camp, one of Moon's pups bumps into Sweet's paw, and she leaves Dart and Spring to haul the deer by themselves to the prey pile, while she takes the pup back to her mother. However, Snap announces that there is a strange Pack in their territory, and Alpha when calls to his dogs, Spring instantly bounds to his side with Dart, Twitch, Snap, and Fiery, with their tails high and ears pricked keenly. Alpha barks out orders and tears into the woods, his dogs following.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Spring is a patrol dog in the Wild Pack.
When the Wild Pack attacks the Leashed Pack, a dog orders Spring to watch her side. One of the Wild Dogs, presumably Spring, leaps to her right, heading Sunshine off from escape.
When Lucky decides to try to join the Wild Pack to benefit the Leashed dogs, she is a part of the patrol that finds him, along with Twitch, and Dart. When Lucky enters the territory, Twitch and Dart are the first to question him hostilely. Lucky says that he wants to talk to their Alpha because he knows Sweet, but Spring sneers. Lucky notices how similar she and Twitch look, and wonders if they are littermates. Lucky continues to insist to see their Alpha, and as they argue, he remembers that he saw the female long-eared dog in the fight, following the Alpha's orders. The dogs on the patrol begin to advance on Lucky, and Twitch tells Spring to take him. She charges for his neck with speed, but Lucky hardly manages to leap sideways. Dart and Twitch begin to attack him, yet once Lucky throws Dart off, Spring is back. She seizes a mouthful of his neck fur and gives it a fierce tug. However, Sweet comes and stops them and demands that Lucky comes to camp.
Back in camp, Sweet tries to persuade Alpha to let Lucky join their Pack, and she points out that with Moon nursing her pups, Lucky could take her place on patrols and Spring could go back to hunting. Alpha asks the Pack what they think, and Spring mutters something Lucky can't hear, shaking her head a little. Lucky is admitted into the Pack, and he goes on patrol with Twitch and Dart. While they explain the Pack rules to Lucky, they mention how Spring had to do patrolling for a while with Moon looking after her pups, but with Lucky in the Wild Pack now, she can go back to hunting, and the whole Pack could have more food.
That night in the camp, after the patrol, Lucky watches the hunting party return. Spring has a rabbit in her jaws and drops it in the prey pile. She pants that it was a slippery one, but Snap gives Spring an affectionate lick on the ear and tells her Packmate that she caught it anyway. The hunters join their friends, and Spring trots over proudly to Twitch to tell him about the hunt. He listens appreciatively, eyes wide with admiration.
During the prey sharing, when it is Spring's turn Sweet commands her to go on. The hunt-dog steps up hungrily and begins to eat. Lucky asks Twitch if she is his litter-sister, and Twitch nods, but complains how she wasn't born with a useless paw like he was. He explains that that is why she is higher than him in the Pack.
That night, Lucky has a shift in guarding the camp, but he uses this time to sneak out and talk to the Leashed Pack. He returns to his post by the clearing entrance in the Wild Pack just in time to see Spring stretching, rising, and yawning. Her long ears dangle and her nose twitches as she picks up the scents all around them, then she trots up to Lucky and licks his ear. The brown-and-black dog quietly asks if he had any trouble, and when he answers that he didn't, Spring tells him to go and get some sleep. She sits down in his place, eyes sweeping the forest, and offers to keep her nose out for any danger. Lucky asks if there is any danger, and Spring replies that there isn't much, as only a foolish dog would try to take them on. Lucy agrees as Spring bounds off.
Later, on a sunup patrol, Dart, Twitch, and Lucky see a large loudcage and Twitch notes that he never saw a loudcage before. Dart snaps that he obviously didn't, since he and Spring were born in the wild. The patrol is scared by the loudcage and Dart and Lucky want to leave, but Twitch insists on finding out more. Lucky wonders if he is desperate to impress Alpha, but thinks it is unlikely since he is slow, and even Mulch and Spring, who are inexperienced, have nothing to fear from Twitch.
Once the patrol is back in camp, they tell Alpha what happened, and when Dart explains how the giant loudcage was like a house that could run, Twitch glances quickly at Spring. Lucky guesses that the wild-born littermates are clearly wondering what 'house' meant. Soon after that day, Lucky challenges Snap and beats her, meaning he would get promoted. Alpha tells Mulch that he will move down to the rank of patrol-dog, and the black dog is angered. He tells Alpha to demote Spring, since she is lower than him, and Lucky hears her give a faint rumble of anger. However, Spring keeps her head bowed and eyes low, since she knows better than to interrupt another dog's argument with Alpha. Fiery, Dart, and Spring then go to congratulate Lucky on his win, and Lucky licks them in return.
That night, as Lucky goes to the patrol den to sleep, Spring asks him where he is going and reminds him that he won't sleep in that den anymore. Lucky retreats from his old den and follows Spring and Snap to the larger hunters' den. Lucky settles down to sleep and thinks how Snap and Spring, who sleep beside him, had welcome him into the hunting division with some warmth. Snap had said that he would be good at hunting, and Spring had wagged her tail in agreement. Lucky falls asleep but wakes from a crow outside, and he sees Snap and Spring heaped against each other, their flanks rising and falling with the steady rhythm of deep sleep, while Fiery snores on Lucky's other side.
Later, Lucky reflects on his new position as a hunter, and he thinks of how he is the first to Fiery's side; when Snap and Spring join them, they all trot out of the camp with enthusiasm. Lucky thinks of how Fiery, Snap, and Spring prowl like three paws of a single dog, and realizes that he is the fourth paw. During the patrol itself, Fiery commands the patrol to stop, and Spring, Lucky, and Snap halt and wait. Fiery sniffs the air, and Snap and Spring watch him, patient and trusting. Fiery glances back and tells them that Twitch had reported a few deer in that area. Lucky and Spring follow Fiery, and Snap slinks to the side. Spring disappears into the bushes to Lucky's left, leaving Fiery and Lucky on the main trail. Lucky and Fiery take their positions, and suddenly the deer are alarmed. They flee from Spring at the far side of the clearing, and run toward Lucky. Lucky and Fiery chase after them and grab one of the deer, trying to hold it down. Snap and Spring join them, piling onto the prey, and when the deer goes limp, Fiery praises the members of the patrol. Fiery then says that they can do better, and will go to the gopher meadow next. He orders Spring to guard the prey. The others head off and are successful in catching more prey. Even as they return to Spring and the deer, Snap is able to catch a weasel.
Once the three are back, they find that Spring is still dutifully guarding the deer. She barks a greeting as her Packmates trot back to her with her haul and summarizes that she had no trouble. Fiery is pleased and tells Spring that he knew he could count on her. Spring's chest swells with pleasure at the large dog's compliment.
During the hunt the next day, Fiery catches one rabbit while Spring plays with another almost like a well-fed sharpclaw. She tosses it into the air and catches it, then slaps her rabbit to the ground with a paw as she yelps that it was good hunting today. Lucky barks his agreement and goes to chase another rabbit. He is distracted when Snap lets out a cry as Dart races toward them in distress. Fiery and Spring have also frozen and they stare at the brown-and-white dog as she skids to a halt. Dart barks that the camp is under attack, but Spring questions who is attacking as she bounds toward her Packmate, dropping a squealing gopher that skitters away. Dart answers that it is the Leashed Pack, then she races back to camp, with the hunters following her. The hunters come to camp to find the Leashed Dogs along with a group of foxes. Bella gives them the order to attack the Wild Pack, and Mickey and Bruno are seen taking on Snap and Spring.
In the battle, the foxes turn on the Leashed Pack and attack all the dogs, but eventually they run away. With the fighting over, members of the Wild Pack, and Leashed Pack, mourn for Mulch and Fuzz, who were killed in the battle. Snap comforts Lucky that it wasn't his fault, and Spring, who is at his flank, adds that Lucky did all he could. Dart agrees with them, and the three females resume their mournful cries.

Darkness Falls

When Lucky confesses to the Wild Pack that he has been helping both them and the Leashed Pack, Twitch and Spring growl and glare at him fiercely, hackles raised. When Bella defends Lucky, Twitch and Spring seem more relaxed. Although Alpha decides to let Lucky stay in the Pack, he says that he will become Omega and receive a scar, but Spring, along with Martha, Daisy, and Twitch, protest, and Lucky whines in gratitude.
Later, when the dark cloud approaches the camp and the Pack considers leaving, Mickey says that it is not safe to stay, but Spring angrily growls that Mickey can go where he likes, but that they will not abandon their territory. Lucky argues that the Pack should leave, as the cloud is bad, and he asks Twitch and Spring, who have the best noses, if they think the same thing. All of the dogs turn to the floppy-eared siblings and wait for their response, and Spring breathes deeply and winces. She agrees that it is definitely bad, and asks if they can’t smell the unnatural scent. Twitch decides that it is dangerous. Lucky leads the dogs away and runs away from the camp, with Sweet, Spring, and Snap right behind him. As they leave, Mickey looses his footing on the hill, and tries to hold on and not fall into the ravine, and Dart and Spring turn to where he is and yelp in panic upon seeing the Farm Dog. Once the dogs reach a marshland and Twitch injures his paw, Lucky sees Twitch limping, and Spring barks beside him.
When the dogs continue moving, Spring offers to help Twitch, who limps, but he snaps at her to keep away, and Spring takes a few steps back. The Pack travels farther and reaches a lake where they rest, and Spring laps at a gash in her tail. She glares at Martha and snarls that it was her work. Sweet says that it has been a difficult journey, but Spring yelps in frustration, and says that it would have been easier if they hadn’t been carrying extra weight. Spring accusingly looks at Sunshine and Whine who stand together, and she explains that the two are too small to be useful. Spring suggests leaving them behind, as they are only burdens. Sweet snaps back that they will not leave any dogs behind, and when other dogs agree, Spring narrows her eyes. Sunshine is still angry, however, and growls at Spring for calling her a burden, saying that she hadn’t been fighting courageously with the foxes. The small dog goes on that Spring was only making a lot of noise, but is interrupted when Spring angrily howls and leaps toward Sunshine with bared teeth. Sweet moves forward and blocks her, ordering them to both stop. Spring falls back, hackles raised, but she dips her head and apologizes to her Beta. Beyond the rocks, Alpha walks toward them at stares at Spring, saying that it is a pointless squabble. Then Alpha walks off and Sunshine is silent, glaring at Spring, but the floppy-eared dog looks somewhere else, and asks where ‘’he’’ is off to. The dogs see Whine slipping out of camp, and Spring accuses him of running away, calling him a coward, and other dogs in the Pack agree.
Later, when Lucky, Mickey, and the Fierce Dog pups see Daisy as they come back to the Wild Pack, the small dog explains that after they left, Alpha sent some dogs out to explore, as there is little prey, and she explains that Spring thinks that the ground around there is too rocky for rabbits to dig their tunnels. She adds that they moved to a new territory. When Daisy brings the dogs back to the camp, a circle of dogs surround Lucky, Mickey, and the pups, and Spring is seen standing beside Dart and Bella. When Lucky calls the Fierce Dog pups over, Bella, Dart and Spring fall back to let the pups pass.
Later, when there is a loudbird that comes to the forest, several dogs, including Spring, huddle close to Lucky and wait for him to explain what the loudbird and longpaws are doing.
After two dead pigeons are found outside of camp, Lucky is called to Alpha, and in camp, Lucky notices that Spring isn’t anywhere to be seen, and he figures that she is watching the Fierce Dog pups.
A day after the assessment of the Fierce Dog pups, Lucky looks at the Pack and sees Spring quietly talking to Snap. He makes out the words 'aggressive' and 'untrustworthy'. When Alpha calls a meeting and says that some of the Pack must have heard about the giantfur, Spring asks if he really saw a giantfur, and if they really exist. Daisy explains that story, and when he reaches the part where Grunt chased the giantfur, Spring is shocked, and Lucky glares at her. Alpha declares that Fierce Dogs can't be trusted, and Lucky looks around at the dogs to see who is on his side, and he sees that Spring looks fiercely angry. When Alpha considers killing the pups, Moon says that killing is brutal, and suggests leaving the pups behind, but Spring shakes her ears, and says that they will come after them, and seek revenge, hunting them down. Lucky has trouble believing that Spring truly would think that the pups might seek revenge.
When the Fierce Dogs come to the Wild Pack camp to take the pups, the Wild Pack panic, and Spring paws back and forth on the spot. When the Wild Pack assumes that Blade is the Mother-Dog when she demands to have the pups back, Spring notes that the pups should go to their Mother-Dog.
The day after the pups are given to the Wild Pack, Lucky thinks to himself that the camp has been quiet since the Fierce Dogs left, and he notes that Spring, Dart, and Daisy have gone on patrol. When, after doing his Omega duties, Lucky decides to challenge a dog, he sees Spring and Dart walking side by side and surveying the perimeter of the camp, but decides that they wouldn't do. Lucky challenges Snap, and as dogs from the Pack gather around, Spring is noted to be one of the familiar faces that emerge from the mist to watch. The next day, Lucky rests by the river and watches as Spring, Sweet, and Dart step out of the cave and begin to cross the meadow. When Alpha announces that the Pack might leave again, Spring is shocked, and exclaims that they just arrived.

The Broken Path

When Lucky asks Lick if she has seen a strange pup around, the young Fierce Dog denies it and says that she thinks Spring wants her. Lick shoots off toward a small group of dogs, but Lucky hesitates, as he hadn't heard Spring call Lick, and can't even see her black-and-tan hide in the huddle of dogs into which Lick had vanished.
Later, as the Pack gets ready to eat before Nose and Squirm's Naming Ceremonies, Bruno joins Spring in the center of the glade, obviously keen to be at her side. As the Pack eats, Beta yaps at Spring that it is not her turn yet, and the black-and-tan dog apologizes, though right after she exclaims to Whine that he still can't sneak in. During the Ceremony, after the white rabbit is brought to the flat rock, Alpha tells Snap and Spring to come forward. The two dogs clearly know what is expected of them, and each place their forepaws on the rabbit; Spring on its front legs, Snap on its hind legs. Then, Alpha skins the rabbit. After the Ceremony, Lucky is surprised to see Sunshine bury the skinned rabbit, and Spring catches sight of his expression. She steps close to him for a moment, and quietly explains that they don't eat the white rabbit, instead leaving it as a gift for Moon-Dog and Earth-Dog so that they will approve of the pups' choice. The floppy-eared dog then moves off to give Thorn a long, hard lick on the ear.
Later, when the Pack is about to find a new territory, Alpha tells the dogs the lines in which they are to walk, and he orders Snap and Spring to stay at the back and look out for any dogs following them. He adds that they must leave no obvious traces, and bury their waste if they make any. After a while of traveling, when it starts to rain, the dogs find shelter in a shallow cave. Snap and Spring are the last in, and they have barely whipped their tails beneath the rock shelf when the rainstorm explodes in earnest.
When the Pack enters the longpaw town and have to walk on hardstone, Spring's voice echoes as she asks what it is, and she glances anxiously up. Fiery growls that it isn't stone, and adds that she should keep her voice down. Lucky reassures the wary Wild Pack by mentioning that there is always food they don't need to catch around the longpaws, which seems to improve the Pack's mood: Snap and Spring look brighter already, exchanging optimistic glances as they trot along with their paws lifted higher.
Later, after finding a city with dead longpaws, a storm approaches and Alpha suggests sheltering in a clear-stone panel set in a solid wall. Spring agrees under her breath, adding that it is starting to rain. The dogs find themselves in a Food House, and while the dogs eat, Spring tells Lucky that he was right through a mouthful of half-frozen meat. She adds that Food Houses are useful places.
When Fiery's hunting patrol comes back with no prey due to encountering Terror, Bruno protests at traveling on empty stomachs, but Spring snaps that she can't see any immediate way of filling them. The next morning, Alpha barks to Spring that he is sending out hunters and putting her in charge. He orders her to choose a patrol and find food before the Pack leaves. Spring cheerfully trots over to Lucky and announces that they will take Thorn and Beetle. She explains that the more hunting experience they get, the better, and the two pups happily join Lucky and Spring. Lucky notices Lick appearing sad behind them, and he asks Spring if the Fierce Dog could join. Spring agrees and calls to Lick that she should come too. Lick eagerly joins the group.
As the five dogs exit the Food House, Spring tells Lucky to lead on, since he has experience with longpaw places. It is noted that there is no contempt in her voice, and Lucky shoots the black-and-tan dog a grateful look as he leads the patrol. The golden-furred dog tells Spring that he will do that, though expressing his doubts at what they will find in such a deserted place. The hunt-dog wryly agrees, but states that it is worth a look, adding that it gives the young ones a chance to stretch their muzzles.
Lucky thinks that Spring is right, and notes that it was wise of her to choose the younger dogs for the patrol, for both experience and to distract them from their hunger. As the three pups wrestle, Spring doesn't scold them, but only glances at them indulgently. Lucky quietly tells her that he is glad that they got on so well, despite Lick not having her name yet. Spring sighs agreement, and says that growing up is so complicated for pups, even among the same litter. She goes on that it is all about learning to cooperate like real Pack dogs and begins to remember what Twitch and she did, but her voice trails off wistfully. Lucky nudges Spring gently with his nose, and reassures her that Twitch is all right and has found a new Pack to shelter him. Spring shakes herself and explains that she can't help worrying, since she doesn't want her litter-brother to come to any harm, or catch the madness from the others. Lucky reassures her that he seemed sane at first, and that Twitch tried to warn them that Terror was coming. The hunter adds that he is sure he wouldn't stay with him if he felt endangered.
After a few moments of silence, Spring sighs and asks how his leg is. Lucky realizes that he hadn't told her about the stump in place of Twitch's leg and the hairless skin that he grown over it. He stammers, causing the floppy-eared dog to prick her ears alarmed and ask if it is worse. Lucky says that it isn't worse, but he trails off, and Spring demands him to tell her. The golden-furred dog reveals that Twitch doesn't have his leg anymore, as it has been chewed off. Spring halts, shocked, and questions why, and if he is all right. Lucky assures that he is really fine and licks his Packmates ear, adding that he thinks Twitch is better without it, as the bad leg always gave him trouble. Spring wonders how he manages and hunts. Lucky promises that he can run, and adds that if anything he gets around better than he did before. Lucky adds that she should have seen him chase their patrol with the others, and Spring is surprised, tilting her head hopefully and lifting her ears. She says that she is glad if that is true, then hastily adds that she isn't pleased that Terror's Pack chased him. Spring raises her voice in a bark and calls to Beetle, Thorn, and Lick to stop fooling around. She exclaims that they are supposed to be hunting.
It is clear that Spring doesn't want to think about Twitch anymore, which relieves Lucky, as they must find food for the Pack. He picks up food scent from behind a building then explains this to the other dogs, and Spring agrees that it is worth a try. Lucky takes a few steps toward the house and mutters to Spring that he smells rats, to which she responds that he is right. The floppy-eared dog's eyes brighten and she compliments Lucky on scenting it. Beetle notes that there is a flap hole at the bottom of the door with a flap, but Snap tells him that it is too small for even him, as it is for the sharpclaws who use to live there, and they will have to find another way in. Lick suggests that she could try to break it, but Spring is doubtful and points out that doors are hard to break. Lick agrees, embarrassed, but Lucky tells Spring to let the pup try. Spring agrees doubtfully, but she takes a pace back from the door. After a few tries, the Fierce Dog breaks the door, and Spring stares at it, then praises Lick, her whine full of admiration. The hunt-dog then says they should go.
Inside the house, the dogs begin to kill the many rats, but Spring gives a high howl of panic when a rat fastens onto her throat with its teeth. Lucky turns to help her, but a rat bites his own leg, preventing him from doing so. The other dogs in the patrol also have trouble with the small creatures, while Spring is heard howling and yelping in distress. Lucky orders Lick to quickly help Spring. A huge number of the rats have piled onto the brown-and-tan dog, with one clinging to her muzzle, eyes furious, as it bites her face. Lick reaches her Packmate in a moment, but as fast as she flings the rats off Spring, more attack. Lucky frees himself and barks to Beetle and Thorn. As soon as the pups see Spring's distress, they race to her and tear rats off of the female dog's back and haunches. Lucky sinks his jaws into the rat that clings to her face, ripping it free.
With the help of the young dogs and Lucky, Spring at last shakes herself free of the squirreling rats, and, maddened by their bites, plunges into the fleeing mass and attacks them, flinging small bodies aside. When the last living rat has fled, the five dogs hunch panting in a small pile of the dead creatures. Beetle barks that it was fun, but Spring tosses her head violently, as if a rat still hangs there. Her muzzle and ears are bleeding from the deep marks, and she shudders, telling the young dog that she is glad he enjoyed it. Lick asks Spring if she is all right, and the floppy-eared dog responds that she is, thanks to their help. She adds that rats are nasty things, but Thorn yelps that they are nasty but tasty. Spring barks in laughter and notes that Alpha should be pleased with them. She suggests that they get them back to the food house. By the time Spring and Lucky have divided up the spoils for each dog and left the house,the sky has cleared. As the dogs walk, Spring limps slightly, but her wounds don't look too deep and her eyes are bright with the pleasure of a hunt well executed. Lucky is happy that Lick had truly proved herself to Spring, and pleased that the Pack will have lots of prey.
As the group passes through the center of the longpaw settlement, they come to a pool and Lucky glances at Spring, then they drop their rats and sniff the water's edge. Spring hoarsely mutters that the water seems to be all right, and she notes that there is so much of it that the rain can't have been enough to poison it. Lucky agrees and laps at the water, then Spring follows his example. She sighs with pleasure that it is much better, then licks her chops and says they should go on.
Lucky picks up a familiar scent and tells Spring to catch up with the others, while he checks something. Spring mutters that he should be quick, and glances in the direction of the Food House. The brown-and-tan dog seizes her rats and trots after the younger dogs. Lucky finds Mickey, who is trying to bury a dead longpaw pup. Lick, Beetle, and Thorn find them, and Lick explains that Spring caught up with them and told them that Lucky had scented a dog and went to check it. Beetle adds that they wanted to make sure their Packmate was alright. Lucky asks about what they did with their rats, and Thorn responds that they left them where they can pick them up later, then Beetle says that they thought it was more important to come after him, as Spring said it was all right. When the hunting party returns to camp, as Spring had predicted Alpha is in a much better mood.
The next day, when Alpha doesn't let Lick go on a hunt, both get hostile, causing Spring to give a low woof of unease.
Later, when Fiery is captured by longpaws and the patrol he was on brings the news back to the Pack, the dogs are in panicked chaos, and Spring barks over and over again with frustrated rage. She then exclaims that she doesn't understand, and the floppy-eared dog asks Snap why the longpaws would hunt dogs. She questions if the longpaws now eat them, but Mickey yelps that that is obviously not the case. The Pack argues about what should be done about Fiery, and when Moon declares that she will find her mate herself, there is quiet, until Spring twitches her nose and she draws in a breath; every dog then notices a dog-scent. The dogs try to get in order for attack quickly, but the dog reveals himself to be Twitch, and Spring gives a growling sigh of relief. The former Wild Pack member informs them that Fiery has been taken to the Dog-Garden by longpaws, and Dart wonders if the longpaws are working with the Fierce Dogs. Spring howls if they can imagine that, and is horrified at this possibility. Alpha tells his dogs that they are moving on, and Snap and Spring look at each other, hesitant. They take a few paces, pause again, then follow Alpha who leads the way out of the Food House. As the group who will save Fiery leaves, Snap, Spring, and Daisy yap their good-byes.

The Endless Lake

In the beginning of the book, as the group who left to save Fiery heads back to the Pack, Lucky reflects on how Twitch, who is temporarily traveling with them, should be in the Wild Pack with his litter-sister Spring. Soon, they encounter Twitch's Pack, and the hunt-dog decides that he will stay with them. Moon pleads him not to go, adding that Spring would be very disappointed when she hears. Twitch hesitates, then murmurs that although they were so close as pups, they've drifted apart. Lucky thinks that it is a bit cruel of Moon to use Spring like that. Twitch decides to stay with Terror's Pack, but before the Wild Pack members leave, he becomes the Alpha of the Pack. After that, as Alpha's Pack says their farewells to Twitch, he asks Lucky to tell Spring that he is sorry. The floppy-eared dog says that he hopes to see her again one day.
As the traveling dogs get close to the rest of the Pack, Lucky thinks that it would be great to see his Packmates again. He thinks of members of his Pack, including Spring. After even more traveling, the group is so near their Pack that Lucky can distinguish the scent of the dogs, including Alpha, Spring, and Sweet.
Once the group finally catches up with the Wild Pack, the Pack dogs rush to greet the members of the group. Daisy, Snap, and Spring are among those who welcome Lucky back. Moon shares the news of Fiery's death, and upon hearing this Snap and Spring whine in grief, their heads lowered. Lucky then announces how Terror is dead, and that his Pack is now longer a threat. Spring steps forward, shaking her ears, and questions what happened to Twitch. Her eyes widen and her tail gives a cautious wag. Lucky pauses to face her, then states that he is strong and healthy; Moon adds that he helped them fight Terror. Spring wags her tail, then notices that her litter-brother isn't among the traveling dogs, and she questions why he didn't come back with them. Bella answers that he is now Terror's Pack's Alpha, and Spring's eyes widen in amazement upon hearing this. She yaps in disbelief that her litter-brother is an Alpha, and Lucky tells her that they all respect him. Spring voices her regrets about not being more welcoming to Twitch back at the longpaw town. She states that she should have been proud of him then, but now is. The floppy-eared dog hopes that he is happy in his new Pack and wishes to see him again one day. Dart trods over to Spring and licks her friend's nose, murmuring that she will.
Lucky then explains that the Fierce Dogs' new camp is in the longpaw town, and Spring tenses when she hears this, but Lucky reassures the Pack that it is good news because they now know the enemy Pack's location. Finally, Lucky declares that they gave Lick her adult name, Storm. Snap is the first to congratulate the young dog, and Spring follows her Packmate's cue, welcoming Storm to the Pack. Mickey and Bruno add their praise, but Alpha is infuriated that they performed a Naming Ceremony, and he orders that she will still be called Lick.
That day, Lucky rests in camp, and he watches the Pack. Spring is noted to be on patrol with Daisy and Dart. That night in camp, Spring and Dart are talking to Sweet, their muzzles tense. Spring mentions how Lucky had said that the Fierce Dogs are in town and could get to the Wild Pack camp quickly. Sweet states that they can defend themselves, but Dart voices her fears loudly, drawing the Pack's attention. The dogs start barking, but Alpha orders quiet, and he says that although Dart and Spring are right to be worried, but because of Lick being in their Pack. The half-wolf explains that the Fierce Dog can't be trusted, and he turns to Dart and Spring, asking if it wouldn't be nice to live without fear.
Later, as the whole Pack goes hunting, Sunshine complains about how hard it is to walk on the sand and Spring agrees with her. Dart pauses next to the floppy-eared dog and points out that the rocks above are hard on the paws but easier to walk on. Bella shows her Packmates a way to make it easier to walk by prancing and jumping. Spring is one of the dogs who tries to imitate Bella, but Alpha snaps at them to stop.
When the Fierce Dogs attacked, Spring and Bruno splash salt water on the Fierce Dogs. Spring is ordered by Lucky to go into the longpaw house.
Spring is taken by the ocean, along with Beetle and Thorn. Spring drowns and loses her life. The Wild Pack holds a ceremony for her, being acknowledged as brave, devoted, and loyal.

Storm of Dogs

When Bella suggests persuading Twitch's Pack to help them, several dogs are doubtful. However, Dart tells the dogs with a sad whine that Twitch used to be one of them, and that he is Spring's litter-brother. Lucky winces, remembering Spring, who had fought the Fierce Dogs so courageously down by the lighthouse. He shivers as he remembers that battle, recalling that Spring hadn't made it. The memory of her death cuts sharply beneath his fur, and he pictures the floppy-eared dog drifting on the current, distancing herself from the land. One of her ears had bobbed on the surface and the other had curved over her eye, as though in sleep. Lucky shakes his head and pushes the image away.
Later, when Twitch's group comes to see the Wild Pack, Twitch looks among the dogs, then notices that Spring is gone and turns to Lucky and Sweet, asking where his littermate is. That evening, as the dogs eat, Sweet apologizes that they came with bad news about his litter-sister. Lucky admits that although he didn't know Spring well, she was always a good, loyal, and brave dog who put the Pack first. He goes on that she never neglected her responsibilities and was quick to help and defend the others. Twitch whines and says that he was sorry that a distance had formed between them since he left their pack, and expresses his belief that he doesn't think she ever forgave him. He says that he is glad she was happy there, but he had his own Pack to think about.
During the Howl after the Storm of Dogs, Lucky pictures Spring running through a forest of lush trees with other deceased dogs.


  • Gillian stated that Bruno was not in love with Spring, but blamed the Fierce Dogs as a breed for the death of a fellow Packmate.[9]
  • Spring is described as black-and-tan in Moon's Choice.[10]
  • Although she died in The Endless Lake, in A Pack Divided, when Lucky gives commands for the lines of dogs when the foxes attack their camp, he tells Spring to hold the center with Woody, Snap, and Chase.[11]




Twitch:[4] Living As of The Exile's Journey 



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Of course, she wasn't born with a useless paw. But that's luck for you. That's why she's higher than me in the Pack."
—Twitch about Spring to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 127

Spring: "Any trouble, Lucky?"
Lucky: "None."
Spring: "Go and get some sleep, then. I'll keep my nose out for any danger."
Lucky: "'Is there any danger?"
Spring: "Not really. It would be a foolish dog who tried to take us on."
—Spring and Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 149

"No trouble. A fox liked the look of this deer, but I made him change his mind!"
—Spring about guarding the deed deer A Hidden Enemy, page chapter 16

"Go where you like, Leashed Dog! This is our territory and we're not about to abandon it!"
—Spring to Mickey Darkness Falls, page 24

Beta: "Spring, it's not your turn!"
Spring: "Sorry, Beta! Whine, hey! That doesn't mean you can sneak in."
—Spring and Beta during the prey sharing The Broken Path, page chapter 3

"You were right, Lucky. Food Houses are useful places."
—Spring The Broken Path, page chapter 7

Spring: "Growing up is so complicated for pups, even ones of the same litter. It's all about learning to cooperate like real Pack dogs. I remember when Twitch and I..."
Lucky: "Twitch is all right. he's found a new Pack to shelter him; that's the main thing."
Spring: "I can't help worrying. We didn't always get along, but he is my litter-brother, and I don't want him to come to any harm. Or catch this madness from the others."
—Spring and Lucky about Twitch The Broken Path, page chapter 9

Spring: "How is his leg? Did it look bad?"
Lucky: "Oh. Twitch's leg, it's..."
Spring: "What? Is it worse?"
Lucky: "Not worse, he..."
Spring: "What? Tell me!"
Lucky: "His leg... he doesn't have it anymore, Spring. It's been chewed off."
Spring: "What? But why? Is he all right?"
Lucky: "He's fine. Really, he is. Actually, I think he's better without it. That bad leg always did give him trouble."
Spring: "But how does he manage? How does he hunt?"
Lucky: "He can run; I promise. If anything, he gets around better than he did before. You should have seen him chase us with the others!"
Spring: "Really? Well, I'm glad if that's true. Thought I'm not glad that Pack chased you."
—Spring and Lucky about Twitch The Broken Path, page chapter 9
Moon: "Please don't go... Spring will be so disappointed when she hears."
Twitch: "I don't know. We were so close as pups, but we've drifted apart..."
—Moon and Twitch about Spring The Endless Lake, page chapter 2

Spring: "What happened to Twitch? He's in that Pack, isn't he? Is he okay?"
Lucky: "He helped us when Terror attacked. He fought alongside us."
Spring: "But he didn't come back with you?"
Bella: "He stayed with his new Pack. He's their Alpha now."
Spring: "He's their Alpha?"
Dart: "But how... He was so badly injured when he left the Pack. We all thought... I'm glad he made it, really glad, but the Alpha?"
Lucky: "He's a remarkable dog. And he proved something to me. There are different forms of strength. You don't need to be just like everyone else to succeed in this world."
Spring: "My litter-brother, and Alpha!"
Lucky: "They all respect him, Spring. He'll make a great Alpha. He's a good fighter and he's fair and loyal. We wouldn't have made it without him."
Spring: "I'm sorry I wasn't more welcoming when Twitch found us in the town. I should have been proud of him. I am now. I hope he's happy in his new Pack, and I hope I'll see him again one day."
Dart: "You will."
—Spring about Twitch The Endless Lake, page chapter 9

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