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"The future lay before the Pack like the sweeping valleys of the mountains: full of struggle and conflict and companionship and joy. And if her friends needed her to lead them through it, Storm would lead with gladness and courage. It was life in the wilderness, life as a free dog, life with dogs who knew no longpaw master, dogs who protected and sheltered one another. It was the life of the Wild Pack."
— Storm reflecting on the struggles of the Wild Pack in The Final Battle, page 317
Wild Pack[1]
Fierce Dogs,[2] Lone Dog,[3] Leashed Dog,[4] Bella and Arrow's Pack[5]
Doberman Pinscher[6]
Names Pup: Lick[7]

Hunter: Storm,[8] Savage[9] Lone Dog: Storm[10] Leashed Dog: Storm[4]
Omega: Storm[11]
Member: Storm[12]
Unknown: Storm[13]

Family Mother-Dog: Morningstar

Foster Mother: Martha
Foster Father: Lucky
Brothers: Wiggle, Fang
Foster Sons: Golden, Tough

Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[13]
Book Appearances
Living Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Storm is a scarred,[14] lithe,[15] long-legged,[16] muscular[17] thickset,[18] brown-and-tan female[19] Fierce Dog[20] with big paws,[21] shiny,[22] glossy fur,[23] a sharp head,[24] a slender, pointed,[25] broad,[26] dark[27] tan face;[28] a light[27] beige muzzle;[29] small,[29] floppy ears,[6] one of which is torn;[30] long,[14] needle-sharp,[31] white teeth;[32] dark[25] brown eyes,[33] and a long thin tail.[6]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

Lick, Grunt, and Wiggle, nameless and without a mother, are found by Lucky and Mickey in the Dog-Garden, with their Mother-Dog dead.

Lucky, Mickey, and the pups settle down for the night after traveling a while to try to find the Wild Pack.

Lucky and Mickey give the pups names. They name the female pup Lick. Lick is pleased with her name.

When the dogs hear the coyotes, Lick asks if they had smelled them. She later on comments about how Wiggle is not used to walking this far when he falls behind. But she and Grunt also start showing signs of weariness when they rush away from the coyotes. Mickey gives the idea to hide their scent. They precede to mask their scents and hide in mulch and leaves when the coyotes draw near.

Lick asks Lucky who the Forest-Dog is, her dark brow was wrinkled in thought as Lucky taught them about the Spirit Dogs.

Lick starts chasing a squirrel and attempts to follow it into it's hollow, but fails and ends up getting half of her body stuck inside. She struggles to get out but starts to fall limp and Lucky realizes she can't breathe. Lick is able to come free and starts gasping.

Lick and her brothers are brought into Alpha's Pack by Lucky and Mickey. However, they are mistrusted by a majority of the Pack, especially Alpha who evaluates the pups harshly due to their Fierce Dog heritage. Despite this, the dogs agree that the pups should at least be given a chance.

Alpha wants to test the pups to see what they'll do when commanded by a adult of a different kind. He assigns Daisy to lead them out of territory and to places that the dogs have already seen. When a giantfur appears, Lick and Wiggle hurry behind Daisy while Grunt barks furiously at it.

Once it's revealed that Alpha and Lucky have been spying on them, they're upset, but Lick and Wiggle forgive him, while Grunt doesn't.

When Blade and the Fierce Dogs come to take the pups, Lick and Wiggle are reluctant to go. Unfortunately, Lick is taken against her will and leaves with the Fierce Dogs.

Soon, Lick watches Wiggle be slaughtered by Blade while sparing Grunt. Lick's life is threatened by the Fierce Dog Alpha, but she escapes into appearing white mist. Lick comes back to the Wild Pack with injuries and tells them what happened. Lick is then accepted by Alpha into the Pack.

The Broken Path

Lick is out hunting for a white rabbit with Lucky and Fiery for Nose and Squirm's Naming Ceremony. During the hunt, she asks Lucky about naming ceremonies, which Lucky doesn't know much about.

When Lick is eavesdropping on Bella and Lucky, Lucky smells her and barks at Lick. She goes to the two littermates. She apologizes for eavesdropping and tells them that she wishes she had her littermates beside her and that they should be grateful to still have each other. Lick goes back to camp with her tail dropping and her shoulders slumped. After the Naming Ceremony, Lick tries to ask Alpha to do a Naming Ceremony for her, but he growls and snaps at her. 

Late at night, Lick is discovered by Lucky to be playing with her brother, Grunt, now named Fang. Her time with Fang is interrupted by Lucky. Lick tells him that she had a dream about meeting Fang and is jealous that he had a naming ceremony.

Lick is angrily reminded by Lucky that it was Grunt who was partially responsible for Wiggle's death. Lick's head droops, disappointed because she still does not have her true dog-name.

Lick decides to secretly follow Fiery's rescue party, and Lick is spotted by Lucky.

Lick does not believe Lucky when he tells her that the Wild Pack would be mad. She confesses thinking that they may think they're better without her. Lick listens as Lucky says that she has to follow every command.

After they encounter Terror, Lick kills him, which unsettles Lucky. Lucky suggests that they hold a special ceremony, Lick's Naming Ceremony. Lick renames herself Storm.

The Endless Lake

Storm is traveling back to the Wild Pack with her Packmates and Twitch.

Storm argues with Martha, disagreeing on which way they should go. She attacks Martha, which shocks the whole pack. Later that night, she sneaks away and finds the Fierce Dogs, tired of running away from them. She is outnumbered, and they tear off a piece of her ear. When the pack arrives to help her, Storm is seen to be battered and wounded in many places. She agrees to do the Trial of Rage so that the Wild Pack doesn't have to fight the Fierce Dogs. At first, she seems to be losing, and is exhausted and seriously injured, while Fang is strong and healthy. However, she gains energy when the Wild Pack cheers her on and fights back. She temporarily submits to the rage when she pins Fang down and is about to kill him. However, she calms down and doesn't kill him, sparing him because she loves him nonetheless. Blade lets her go and the Wild Pack returns to the camp. They settle down for the night and Storm is accepted into the pack. Soon after the traveling dogs enter the camp, Alpha and Beta come toward them. Once they hear the news about Fiery, Alpha starts to make more excuses about how Storm is bad luck, and outraged when he is told Storm already had a naming ceremony without his approval. Alpha starts to call Storm her pup name, Lick. During the time when they start to sleep, Mickey and Dart still call her Storm

A few days passed and Alpha wants a white rabbit for Storm's official naming ceremony. Storm is angry, and tells Lucky that she'd want to rip Alpha's throat out so she didn't have to listen to his complaining again. She becomes disappointed and mad when she doesn't have a rock to sit on and a full white rabbit. Alpha says her name can't be Storm, but Storm keeps insisting for it to be Storm, Alpha decides her "stubbornness" can not be tolerated, and names Storm Savage, because of her heritage with the fierce dogs.

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Storm of Dogs

Storm is first seen sleeping and waking up snarling from a bad dream. She snarls, spinning around. Once she realizes it was only a dream, she sees Lucky and calms down. Storm is asked by Lucky how she is feeling from her battle from her litter-brother Fang the day before. Storm said she felt much better, showing him that she can walk on her paw which had been injured in battle. Storm is later seen fighting Blade, and takes it to the ice. She says Blade is no prophet, but a fake, and says that she is the true daughter of Earth-Dog and River-Dog. She slams her paws on the ice, and her and Blade both go down. She is seen fighting Blade under the water, then a sinking, bleeding shape is seen under. Lucky worries the shape is Storm, but is proven wrong as Storm broke the surface. She then struggles out of the water. Lucky turns, but when he turns back to Storm, she is still struggling to make it to dry land. She sinks back under, but later makes it out.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Storm, now Lick, is back in the Dog-Garden in the prologue. She is with her brothers, who all are alone after the death of their Mother-Dog. She wonders if their Mother-Dog would ever wake up, as well as Blade's deceased pup. The three pups debate over whether Blade and her Pack would return, but they eventually resort to howling pitifully in their abandonment. As foreign dogs suddenly appear, and the pups retreat to their soft-hide beds to hide, Lick wonders if the dogs would help them or kill them. Later Storm, Mickey, Woody, and Whisper are chased by a giantfur and escape. Storm goes with Lucky and Snap to catch the golden deer and fail. When they return Whisper is dead, and Storm sees that the claw marks were made by a dog. Later that day she tries to explain to Lucky that the claw marks were made by a dog. But Lucky doesn't listen and says she's just being a foolish young pup.

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Dead of Night

When Lick hears Grunt's growls that a Fierce Dog never hides, she understands his anger. She knows that Lucky and Mickey are talking in low growls, and that they must think that the pups couldn't hear them or smell their growing fear-scent. Lick stares up at Lucky, and she shudders from her ears to her drooping tail. She believes he's a big brave dog, and that if he was afraid of the strange howls in the night, it must be very bad.

When Mickey commands the pups to do as he did, rolling in the mud and mulch, Lick repeats him. She rolls in the forest-floor, thinking that she would normally enjoy rolling around with her litter-mates and new friends. But the occasion wasn't a time to have fun. She gives Wiggle an encouraging nudge with her wet nose, helping him cover himself.

Lick and Wiggle then follow Mickey under a bush. Lick wants to burrow her face into Mickey's fur like Wiggle, but knew she wanted to see what was coming. She wishes her Mother-Dog were there, saying she was big and strong and she could send the creatures away. But their Mother-Dog had gone away.

Lick hopes that the Earth-Dog takes care of her Mother-Dog, who they buried back in the Dog-Garden along with the still pup. Lick's ears press against her skull and she suppresses the urge to whimper. She could smell the stronger, sharper scent of the approaching monsters. Lick believed the two grown-up dogs' promises to protect them.

Lick tenses her haunches, ready to pull Grunt back under the bush when he refuses to hide. As the coyotes' words come closer, and are heard, Lick peers out between the twigs to see the coyotes. As her siblings hide and look away, she snarls in her head that she was not afraid of seeing the Earth-Dog, and that she would not let any coyote crunch her tail.

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Into the Shadows

Lick imagines that she is a grown dog padding in a forest of tall grass. Lick then stops thinking about her imaginary adventure and focuses on the one with Martha and her littermates. Martha shows Lick the River-Dog's territory and teaches the pups how to swim. Wiggle is frightened by the water, but Grunt and Lick swim in the river. After a wave had cascaded over Grunt, Martha rescues him and begins to pump all of the river-water out of him. Lick thanks the River-Dog for keeping her litter-brother alive and swears that she will respect the River-Dog forever.

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Red Moon Rising

It is found that Storm let the fox go. Then Mickey and Storm are banished to high watch, they see Beetle and Thorn sneak away but don't tell. Then when Thorn and Beetle are missing, she says she saw them. Then all four of them are banished. Two at a time. Then on thin ice, Storm sleepwalks to the Longpaw camp. Then she sleepwalks with Tiny and tells her to hide. When she comes back, Alpha, Beta and, Twitch talk. Storm says that they don't need to say anything. She was going to leave. She sees the Golden Deer but doesn't catch it because she can't bring good fortune to a pack that is no longer hers.

The Exile's Journey

Lick is seen running through the forest, looking for her Pack, the Wild Pack. She reflects on how Blade killed Wiggle, by grabbing the back of his neck and shaking him. How Grunt promised he was a real Fierce-Dog. Lick had run into the fog, worrying that she might lead the Fierce-Dogs right to her Pack. She suddenly scents the Wild Pack, and smells the fresh scents of Lucky, Martha, Mickey, and Alpha. She finally sees them, and runs and buries her nose into Mickey's leg. Then into his chest, and ignores the dogs as they ask her questions.

Storm has just failed on trying to catch a cliff-bird, and reflects on how she had tried to climb the rock.

Storm finds a rabbit picking at dandelions, and starts to chase it, only to meet a wolf named Thoughtful. He has caught the rabbit. He asks her a few questions, and offers to share. They share, and he asks why Storm is alone. She says that she left and doesn't want to talk about it.

Weeks later, she starts to spy on the Wolf Pack. She sees a few wolves carrying back a buck, and sees the Alpha howl to the Great Wolf, thanking her for the feast. As they dig in, she notes how different it is from her Pack, eating in order. It is also stated that she sees an old, frail dog. She thinks it's the Omega, but then sees how Thoughtful and another female wolf are bringing him pieces of prey. She remarks how they put it up to his nose, as if he needs to sniff it before eating. She asks herself if he is blind, or just old.

Storm catches a squirrel, and brings it to her den. She thinks about how she misses her Pack, and pictures the dogs eating in order in her mind's eye.

A few days later, Storm wakes up in the middle of the night to hear wolves howling. She rushes to the wolves's camp, and sees them marching out. Even the little pups were marching out. She follows them to a huge white rock, and the old, frail dog steps onto it, struggling. The Alpha says a few words about him, how he's going to the Great Wolf. The Pack then starts to howl stories and memories of him. When the Pack is finished howling, they leave without burying him. Storm can't stand it, and when the Pack is gone, she goes up to bury him. They have a small talk. When Storm asks him what his name is, he replies his name is Fading.

Storm wakes up, and it is noted that Fading had died just before the Sun-Dog came up. She tries to go bury him, but is seen by a wolf patrol. They chase her, but she dives into a thorn bush and evades them. After they say they know she's been here before. Storm worries about this and wonders if there are other Fierce Dogs around. As Storm is hunting for prey she comes across Dagger and Pistol. She is able to trick them and get away. Not long after that she smells more Fierce Dog scent. She follows it and eventually finds Arrow. Arrow is overjoyed to see her. He tells her about the territory. They then hear a dog howling Arrow's name, and realize it's Bella. Arrow and Storm race back to the camp and find Bella on her side, her swollen flanks heaving. Arrow tells Storm that Bella is about to give birth.

It had been a long time since Bella had gone into labor, and Storm starts to get excited as Bella's howls begin to fade, but Arrow comes out telling Storm there is something wrong. Storm panics and she finds herself with only one option, find Thoughtful. Storm runs into wolf territory only to meet the wolf Alpha, who gives her an injury and a warning. Storm is about to give up when she hears Thoughtful, she tells him all about Bella and he brings his sister, Peaceful to her. Peaceful tells Storm she is the 'healer' of her 'pack' and she could help Bella. Still terrified for her packmate, Storm leads Peaceful towards Bella's camp. Once they arrive, Arrow blocks Peaceful from entering the den, like any other dog would if they saw a wolf trying to get to their mate, especially at a time like this. Storm explains to Arrow that Peaceful is there to help, not hurt. Still cautious, Arrow moves out of the way with no other option.

With the help of Peaceful, Bella had given birth to two, healthy pups, both males. Their sister, Tufty, had sadly passed away from getting stuck during the situation. Arrow thanks Peaceful, then burry's Tufty's body. After Tufty is buried, Arrow thanks Storm for bringing Peaceful. Alone, Storm asks Arrow if he missed the Wild Pack, and Arrow with hesitation, responds that he doesn't. Storm questions Arrow and he tells her small things that bothered him while he was still with the pack. Arrow then mentions Breeze perhaps being the traitor and Storm immediately tells him that the harmless, gentle dog that cared for Sweet and Lucky's pups would never do such cruel things. But Arrow explains that while he was still with the Wild Pack, he spotted Breeze carrying a live, bleeding rabbit. Insisting that Breeze wasn't the harmless dog she looked like, Storm of course believes him. They begin putting together clues and Storm becomes more fearful of Breeze. What will she do with the pups?

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The Final Battle

Storm is held captive by the Wild Pack after the 'Breeze incident'. She is soon brought out to be questioned, but Storm makes a mistake by lunging at Breeze when she fakes biting one of Sweet's pups. She is being held as a prisoner in Alpha's den. Storm uncovers a hole in the back of the den. Tempted to escape, she knows she would just get caught again, so Storm claws it back into place. Storm then is questioned by Twitch, and she later dreams of howls. She wakes up outside the den and finds out that the pups have disappeared. Alpha sends out many patrols to find her pups, but they come back empty-pawed. Later on, Bella and Arrow come with Nip and Scramble, keeping their promise to come within 10 journeys of the Sun-Dog. They send out a patrol again, and they find a scene trail and blood to a cliff. They hear Tiny's calls down there. So they all scrabble down the cliff, Storm injures her paw while doing so. When they manage to get Tiny and go back to camp. Sweet was overjoyed, licking and nuzzling Tiny. They ask Tiny about Breeze, and Tiny tells them that Breeze tried to kill her and took the other pups, Tumble, Nibble and Fluff somewhere else. The pack hears the howls of Fluff and Tumble, but they can't find them. Soon, Storm follows Whisper to a hole in the cliff. Storm calls to the pack that they had found them, and Nip and Scramble move the stone away. Storm and Lucky go in and get the two pups out.  Later, Tumble and Fluff told the wild pack that they don't worry so much about Nibble because a little  golden pup told them that it'd be all right. Meanwhile, Storm goes with Lucky, Bella and Arrow to find Nibble, heading over to where Storm killed Terror. They meet three guard-dogs on the way and they all go into the place after giving helps of disagreement.  They find Breeze in there, but Storm tells Bella to go hold Breeze off while she rescues Nibble. So while Breeze and Bella are fighting, Storm manages to get Nibble down to safety. Bella leans down and asks if they are okay, and Breeze comes up behind Bella, combining into her haunches. Storm let's out a terrified howl as Bella drops down to the ground, her body shattering against the earth. Infuriated, Storm chambers up the hill to Breeze and fights down the Longpaw building, and Breeze manages to get a hold of Storm, getting white sticky stuff stuck in her fur. Storm then noticed that behind Breeze were red eyes, and that it was the Fear-Dog.  The Watch-Dog was behind Storm. Storm then gets the courage and sinks her teeth into Breeze's neck, killing her. They bury Bella and head back, and Storm sees Bella, Tufty, Whisper, Bruno, Alfie and the others who had died, too. Whisper murmurs something and their image fades. Storm sees that the four pups choose the names Sky, Earth, Forest and River, in honor of the Spirit Dogs. Storm then becomes a foster mother of Tough and Golden, Sweet recalls that Storm may be alpha one day.


  • Storm was mistakenly described with a black tail.[34]
  • The Gathering Darkness series will be from her point of view.[35]
  • Storm was around 8-10 weeks old when Lucky and Mickey rescued her.[36]
  • Gillian believes Storm will find a mate one day, even though she isn't very keen on the idea.[37]
    • Gillian suspects that the right mate for Storm may be a new dog, although she says Storm would be more patient with dogs she already knew.[38]
    • When asked what type of dogs Storm would be interested in taking on as a mate, Gillian replied that Storm is probably unsure, as she is very confused and doesn't ever see herself as having a mate.[39]
    • When asked if she had a small crush on Woody, Gillian replied that "I don't think Storm really has crushes at this point in her life - she's determined not to get romantically involved and possibly have puppies that would interfere with her hunting! But I'm sure a lot of male dogs in the Pack admire her...."[40]
  • When asked how Storm felt after the half-wolf Alpha fell off Lake Road, Gillian said that Storm, probably had very conflicted feelings about Alpha, and must have felt guilty for deciding not to save him, yet torn about whether the impact his death would have on the Pack would be good or bad.[41]
  • Sweet implied that Storm will become Alpha of the Wild Pack one day.[42]



Mother: Morningstar:[43] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[44]

Brothers: Fang:[45] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[45] Wiggle:[46] Deceased As of Darkness Falls[46]

Foster Father: Lucky:[47] Living As of The Final Battle

Foster Mother: Martha:[48] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[48]

Foster Sons: Golden:[49]Living As of The Final Battle Tough:[49]Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"The female pup had learned and grown up so much in such a short time. With her bold, fearless nature she could have been a great asset to the Pack. But now she would be brought up to be aggressive and savage - she would have no choice but to become the dog that Alpha feared."
—Narrator about Lick Darkness Falls, page 264

"She will be a valuable Pack member. She won't harm these dogs. One day she may protect us all with her courage and passion. There is nothing to fear in letting her stay."
—Lucky to Alpha about Lick Darkness Falls, page 289

"Why don't they like us?"
—Lick to Lucky about the Wild Pack Darkness Falls, page 171

"You're my Pack. You've always been my Pack. I am not one of them. I am no Fierce Dog. This is the only place for me, and I'll do whatever it takes to fit in."
—Lick to the Wild Pack Darkness Falls, pages 288-289

"I won't grow up to be like Blade. I don't want to! I want to be a good warrior and a good Packmate—not a savage killer. I want to be a good dog!"
—Lick to Lucky The Broken Path, page 298

"I have been longing for this moment. It is time for you to pay for what you did to my litter-brothers-time to avenge Martha, my Mother-Dog, and all the other dogs you killed without a moment of remorse."
—Storm to Blade Storm of Dogs (book), page 24

"You're wrong! This has nothing to do with the Earth-Dog! You claim to be in touch with the Spirit Dogs, to speak for them. You're not a prophet—you're just a mad bully. I am the true daughter of Earth-Dog and River-Dog. Earth-Dog has seen plenty of blood already. She has had enough—we have all had enough!"
—Storm to Blade Storm of Dogs (book), page 255

"Anyway, that's not how I'm going to live my life. It's not the way for me, I'm afraid. I mean, I'm not afraid. It's what I want. To be my own dog."
—Storm to Moon on mates A Pack Divided, page 262

"Arrow has never done anything like that, and neither have I! We've never done anything so terrible, but there are plenty of dogs in this Pack who'd trust Bella before either of us!"
—Storm to Lucky Into the Shadows, page 31

"I wish they hadn't left, too. Arrow was– well, he wasn't a brother to me, like Bella is your sister. But he was the only Fierce Dog I really knew, the only one I ever got to talk to. It would have been fun to see Fierce pups grow up—but this time, raised by kind parent-dogs. I'd have liked that. And it would have been so good for the Pack, too—to realize that it's a dog's parents and friends and Pack who make them what they are, not their Fierce Dog blood."
—Storm about Fierce Dogs Red Moon Rising, pages 43-44
"There’s something I want to say, Alpha. With my walking mind and body, I would never, ever do anything to harm this Pack. I’m sorry I kept my sleep-walking a secret; that was a mistake, and I’m sorry. I know I don’t have it in me to harm any of you - least of all the pups. But you don’t know this. You have no way of knowing it, and I can’t prove it. So I understand why all of this makes you so nervous[...] I also want to say that I still think there’s an enemy dog waking among you. And it isn’t me, however bad this situation might look. Telling a pup to hide, putting him in danger without know I was doing it - that looks terrible. I’m sorry I scared Tumble. I never meant to cause him harm. But picking up a pup in your sleep is one thing. Telling him to hide is one thing. Murdering a Packmate is another. But even though I didn’t mean to, I did put Tumble in danger. And that’s why I can’t stay in this Pack any longer. I’m leaving. It’s the only way."
—Storm deciding to leave the Wild Pack Red Moon Rising, pages 274-275
"This is what I feared. You were closing in on her, so Breeze made her move. Nibble, Fluff, Tumble, and Tiny are now in terrible danger."
—Storm to the Wild Pack The Final Battle, page 51

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